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Computer For kids

Computer Components

:Done by
Ameera Ba-omar
Bayan Al-Rawas
Ikhlas Al-Saadi
The Target Learners
This software is offered to the
.Especially for 1 to 5 grade
*Provide basic knowledge about
computer components.

*Identify the devices of


*Help teachers to present in

efficient way.
Teacher’s Roles
• Guide students to use this
• Help them to keep software’s
• facilitate the using of this
Student’s Roles
• Follow the software instructions.
• Don’t copy the software without
• In order to learn efficient way,
they have to follow the right
sequences of icons.
• they have to listen carefully to
the assistant.
Technical Features
Has appropriate visual and audio elements.

We can control the sound level.

Provide video that support the content.

Has colorful and motion pictures that

attractive learners.

Provide audio feedback for exercises.

Pedagogical Features
Easy to use in self study.

Provide assistant to help learners.

Meet the individual differences of learners

i.e. the blinder can hear the sound and the
deaf can see the visuals.

There are some practice that examine the


Show some important websites that relate to

the programme.
The weakness

• We can control only the video’s

sounds but not control the assistant
• The exercises are limited