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Published by Caroline Jolley

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Published by: Caroline Jolley on Apr 16, 2012
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Caroline  Jolley   Ms.

 Caruso   English  1102   14  February  2012  




A Day In The Life of a Slave: Underground Railroad Imagine as if you were a slave who had been mistreated and used for far to long. One day you decide to run away and become a free person but you are scared of the consequences that come with possibly getting caught. You have heard about an escaping resource called The Underground Railroad, but do not know enough about it to pursue your route for escaping. The Underground Railroad was a secret escape route developed particularly for slaves to be able to escape and become free. The railroad operated before the Civil War ended freedom, between 1861 and 1865. (Pathways to Freedom) The Underground Railroad provided runaway slaves with hiding places, food, and transportation. The people who helped slaves to become free were called “conductors” and the slaves themselves were usually called “passengers”. The conductors provided safety for the passengers by hiding them in their homes and providing them with food and shelter. The conductors were risking their safety by doing this. Slave hunters would go the extra mile and knock on doors asking if people had seen or were hiding the runaway slaves. The Underground Railroad was not a real railroad nor was it necessarily underground. There are different myths about how the name came to be. “It got its name because its activities had to be carried out in secret, using darkness or disguise, and because railway terms were used by those involved with system to describe how it worked. (history)

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Comment: You  can  start  by  doing  an   introduction  and  tell  us  what  you  want  to  talk  in   your  paper.  

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Comment: Very  short  paper.  You  should  give   more  details.  Think  about  the  audience,  we   should  learn  more  about  your  paper.  You  have  a   interesting  paper  but  did  not  explore  all  part  of  it.   Remember  this  is  a  college  research  paper,  it   should  be  more  elaborated.  Having  more  sources   should  help  you  illustrate  your  paper.  

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