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GANESH # HOT / EOT Cranes (Single Girder type / Double girder type) We are manufacturer of Single Girder HOT/ EOT e1ane up to 20 M.T. capacity and Double Girder HOT/EOT Cranes upto 60 MT Capacity Our equipments are designed and Manufactured in accordance with STD 1.S. Specifications 18.807; Code of Practice for Design, Manufacture, Erection and Testing ( Structural Portion) of Cranes and Hoists. 18.3177 Code of Practice for Design of overhead Traveling Cranes and Gantry cranes other than Steel Mill Cranes. 18.4137 Code of Practice for Design of Steel Mill Duty Cranes. ‘Oureranes are consists of following Ganesh Engineering Co. is one of the leading manufacturers material handling equipments; we are Design and Developer a manufacturer of Double Girder EOT Crane, Single Girder E Cranes, Jib Cranes, Wire Rope Hoist, Ele. Winches, eng. Spar andafter sales service for our equipments. Range of Our products: ‘Single Gitder HOT/EOT Crane (up to 10M.T. capacity) Double Girder HOT/EOT Crane (upto 60 M.T. capacity) Jib Crane (up to 5M..T, Capacity) Goliath Crane (upto 60 MT. capacity) Ele, Operated Wire Rope Hoist (up to 10M.T. Capacity) Ele. Operated Winch (up to 60M... capacity) Goods Lifts (up to 5 M.T. Capacity) Gearboxes Alltypes of Crane Accessories Seeaaeee Ss 1) Structural Parts of Crane: Structural Parts of the Crane's are fabricated from rolled ste ‘section or plates i) Main Girder: main girders are of plate fabricated welded be type construction or rolled stee! section type as p requirement in design for single girder crane and double gird crane,Design to sustain all stresses arising due to vertical lateral forces with impact to which they are subjected, Th maximum deflection of the main girder is limited to 1/1000 th span of live loads including the weight of the trolley. ii) L.T. End carriages: Long Traveling End Carriages a fabricated from rolled steel section or plate fabricated type « per design and capacity of crane iii) Crab Frame: Crab frame is fabricated from rolled ste sections or plate fabricated type as per requirement in desig and capacity of crane iv) Platform: M.S. Checkered plate/anti skid plate's ft length platform shall be provided one side of the bridge gird. in double girder Crane and two small platforms shall b providing in single girder crane at drive end side. Wheel Assemblies: The wheel of the trolley & the end carriage will be used forge steel conforming to IS 2707 GR.II duty spin hardened to 30 BHI orstee! cast EN-8, material, double flanged straight trea type fitted with antifriction type bearings mounted on 'L' typ bearing supports or Section type desired by crane capaci and its span. Gearboxes: All gearboxes, which are used in Hoisting, L.T. and C.T., ar helical type with M.S. Fabricated Housing or Graded © housing. Pinions and output shaft are supported on antifri.:i0 type roller/ Ball bearings. All Gears and Pinions are of tn-8 En-9 materials precision machined and teeth cing b hobbling machine duly hardened to with stand ‘he heav loads. Rope Drum: . The rope drum is of mild steal fabri suit the hoisting ropes. The drum: - wound. And its mounted on selfaligned type Motors: . All motors which is used in crane are foot mounted motor or slip ring type specially designed and manutactured areused, : Brake: “ae = Electro hydraulic thruster type or Electromagnetic Shoe type or Electromagnetic disc type brak in the Hoisting L..& C.T. as per crane capacity required torque and design, Of reputed make thi automatically released when the motor circuit is on and is applied the motor circuits off. Wire Rope: 6 * 36 construction special plough hemp core flexible stee! wire rope, having sately factor of 5 for class ll and 7 for class Il duty, 1s provided on the hoist. Galvanized and other construction of rope can be provided for special application. 8.) Bottom Block: Bottom Block Assembly consisting of forged steel hook of En-8 materials as per IS 3815 mounted on thrust Ball Bearings, with required diameter rope sheave and hook plates made out of ste! Controls: All crane have provided with a control panel comprising of Siemens/L &T/ BCH or parties approval make heavy duty, direct-on line reversing type air brake contactors, transformers and fuses or MCBs. All these are housed in dust proof M.S fabricated sheet metal panel box. The pendant push button station is provided at adequate height duly suspended by steel chain or wire- Tope, operating at 110 volts to avoid shock, 10.) Limit Switches: In the hoisting one number shunt type geared limit and in the L.T & C.T Motion one number lever type limit switch for each motion of reputed make is provided to prevent over lowering, over hoisting, and over motion of L.T. & C.T. #Jib Cranes These cranes are useful where critical space to handling a materials and lightweight these cranes are used in engineering unit, store, and where handle a lightweight in critical area Jib cranes are consist of following 1) Structure Jib cranes mast is from seamless pipe or fabricated from rolled steel section as per capacity of the crane. And its cantilever beam is from rolled steel section with triangle construction to give rigid strength. And its cantilever beam is mounting with mast by taper roller bearing and roller bearing. Taper roller bearing is suitable for horizontal and vertical load and roller bearing is for vertical load. 2) Lifting device Ganesh engineering make Wire rope hoist or wire rope winch is used as lifting device in the jib crane. a hc a a Det a A