What Is Risk Management?

Risk management for nightclubs and special event venues
Training and education includes: Note Taking, Reports and Evidence Search Techniques and Powers of Observation Conduct of Security – This includes Customer Service and Public Relations Trespass to Property and Liquor Licence Act

Risk management ensures that an organization identifies and understands the risks to which it is exposed. Risk management also guarantees that the organization creates and implements an effective plan to create a safe and secure environment for patrons and staff and mitigate liability. A risk management plan includes strategies and techniques for recognizing and confronting these threats. Good risk management doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. Risk management provides a clear and structured approach to identifying risks. Having a clear understanding of all risks allows an organization to measure and prioritize them and take the appropriate actions to increase safety and reduce losses. Risk management has other benefits for an organization, including:
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Protecting the reputation and public image of the organization Preventing or reducing legal liability and increasing the stability of operations Enhancing the ability to prepare for various circumstances. Reducing liabilities

An effective risk management practice does not eliminate risks. However, having an effective and operational risk management practice shows that safety and security is paramount to your organization.. Having an effective and operational Risk Management Plan shows that your organization is committed.

An effective risk management plan includes:
Altered and Counterfeit ID training Club and Concert Drugs Bottle Service
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Venue walkthrough to identify potential risks Meet with house staff to review house policies Discuss mitigation of liability with ownership.

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Design and implementation of AGCO risk based licensing plans Create house policies and procedures with meaningful consequences Comply with all legislation regarding alcohol.

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Onsite seminars and Training with materials Training provided by industry leading experts in nightclubs and special events Expertise at integrating security training with house policies

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