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4 Dickson 4Przybylski 4 O’Donovan 4 Dickson 4 Przybylski

Silver Packages Cobweb Christmas Cobweb Christmas Cobweb Christmas Chipmunks

Book  Finish greeting card Finish greeting card Finish greeting card Christmas
print print print Book 

5 Barkve 5 Girard 5 Bliss 5 Barkve 5 Girard

Fold me a Poem Night Before Night Before Night Before Chipmunks
Book  Christmas Quiz Christmas Quiz Christmas Quiz Christmas
Fold origami pages Word process Word process Word process Book 
quotations/print quotations/print quotations/print

1 Gaddini K 1 Theissen 1 Gaddini K

Christmas Trolls Christmas Alphabet Cinder Edna Cinder Edna Max’s Christmas
Kidpix coloring Book Look Book  Book  Disappearing Bag
page Smart Board Book 

2 Anderson 1-2 Thimjon 2 Maderich 2 Anderson 1-2 Thimjon

Horrible Harry and Whose That knockin Horrible Harry and Horrible Harry and Max’s Christmas
the Holidaze on Christmas Eve the Holidaze the Holidaze Disappearing Bag
Kidpix coloring Book  Book  Book  Computer coloring

3 Allen 3 Opatz 3 Gibson 3 Allen 3 Opatz

Jolly Christmas Christmas Alphabet Christmas Alphabet Christmas Alphabet Chipmunks
Postman Pop up page Pop up page Pop up page Christmas
Computer lab Book  Book  Book  Computer lab