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Weaving Project Record Sheet


Warp Yarn: Yards

Weft Yarn:
Heddle Size:

Number Warp Yarns:

Width of Project: (inches)
Draw in/shrinkage (10%) 0 Evaluation:
Total Width on Loom 0
Sett (EPI)
Number Warp Yarns 0
Yarn Requirements:
On loom:
Warp: Length inches
Take Up
(10%) 0
Off lom:
Loom Waste 18 inches
Total Length
in inches 18 inches Washed:
Divided by 36
Total Warp
Length in
Yards 0.5 Yards Notes:
Number of
ends 0
needed 0 Yards

Weft: Width 0
Weft Rows per inch
Weft Yarn
Required 0 per woven inch
Length of
Project 0 inches
Total weft
required in
inches 0
Divided by 36
Total weft
required in
yards 0 Yards

Total Yardage Estimate: 0