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Published by: Jake Mayfield on Apr 16, 2012
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F O O D F O R E L E C T I O N -Y E A R T H O U G H T !


Now that Mitt Romney has been selected as the de facto republican nominee, it's time to decide who to vote for. I'm going to avoid the bulk of the issues being contested this election cycle and focus on one that directly impacts my life. Like most people, I would like to one day marry the person I love and start a family. This is not currently an option for me in the United States because I am gay. Even if I am married in a state with equal rights, the Federal Defense of Marriage Act prevents the US government from recognizing that union. In effect, I am a second-class citizen.! Mr. Romney, a sometimes social conservative, is campaigning on his opposition to marriage equality. He has sided firmly with groups such as the 'National Organization for Marriage' (NOM), which exists solely to inhibit all efforts to end discrimination against the LGBT community. In fact, Romney donated $10,000 to the campaign to eliminate marriage equality in California and has signed the NOM pledge to amend the US constitution to limit marriage to straight couples (pictured below).!

I know that politics --- especially politics involving religious convictions --are a touchy, and complicated subject, but I hope that you take this into consideration. Mitt Romney represents an extension of the policies and mindset that have marginalized LGBT Americans and, by extension, have marginalized me.

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