How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My 2 minute title sequence is representing many social groups, as it refers to people who exercise. Some people who exercise only exercise to take the stress out of them. My film is targeting some people who may go to the gym or go for early morning/ late evening runs. The picture below represents a different age group however, similar activities taken. The difference between the two is one does it for fun and the other does not. One has someone to talk to and the other is all helpless and lonely.

The film is also targeting young social groups; I am looking in to more depth here, the ones that get bullied; as they are the ones whose lives are being turned in to a misery everywhere they go because others find it funny. However, as being a young male, the film later is about reversing time and finding out what caused this young male to commit suicide. So he will be attending school, therefore showing different social groups in school as well. The pictures below represent social groups created by us humans that are not needed. As you can see the 3 young females in the back are bullying the girl and making her life a misery. Moreover, could be a spark to commit suicide.

As you can see he is not liking the way his life is being treated trying to cover his face, and hoping it ends.