Oe Kenzaburo: His nobel prize speech, “japan the ambiguous and myself” Born in Ehime prefecture 1935 Studies

French literature at univ. of Tokyo ; influenced by Jean-Paul Sartre’s existentialism Publishes his first novel while at college: awarded the akutagawa prize (1958) 1963) : His son Hikari is born with disability; he later bcomes a composer Hiroshima notes 19994 awarded novel prioze in literature 2001 puterbuagh fellow ; visted OU Absurdity is related to this movement responded to many writers. Existentialism \ His works Nip the buds, shoot the kids (1958) A personal matter (1964) Huroshima Notes (1965) The Siklent Cry (1967) The pinch Runner Memorandum Rouse up O young men of the new age! A healing Family Somersault 1967 >>>>> the Changeling “most of these zen poems are concernd with the linguistic imposiblity of tell the truth. Words according to such poems are confined within closed shells, and the reader cannot expect them ever to emerge, to get through to us. 112 Prize Stock (1958) Aka “the catch” Oe awarded akutagawa prize Adopted as a film in 1961` Rithy Panh cambdoian director 2011

Village gets separated from the town, because of a flood. When a landlslide cueshed the suspension bridge, Fatheris a hunter, Outer skin talk 118

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