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Why do employers use PRECARE?

PRECARE, Inc. is the leading provider of onsite treatment, RTW Job Coaching and injury prevention services for large
employers. PRECARE providers bring the expertise and necessary equipment right to the worksite. This saves on
travel for the employees, improves compliance and reduces cost. PRECARE works with employers such as Costco,
Fairmont Hotels, Comcast, Kraft Foods, Lockheed Martin and the United States Postal Service.

What are the onsite treatment savings?

The results are outstanding:
• Employees are discharged in an average of 7.5 visits
• Total PT costs are over 50% less
• Re-injury rate is less than 5%.
• No show rate is less than 3%.
• Employee and client satisfaction is very high.

What are the onsite injury prevention savings?




28% 35%
Savings Savings

Base Year One Year Two Year Three

After first year, strain/sprain claim costs decrease 20%, second year 28% and third year 35%. This decrease in costs
far exceeds the expense of the prevention services. Our ROI for employers on prevention is calculated at 184%.

What are the RTW job coaching results?

86% of employees are returned to full duty before or upon the third and final session.

What are the productivity improvements?

With travel time, waiting time and treatment time, clinic-based treatment requires at least two hours of lost work time
per treatment. Half of this downtime is avoided with onsite PT. PRECARE averages 35 days before discharge, while
clinics average 70 days before discharge, again a 50% improvement.

Schedule an introductory meeting with a PRECARE representative:

CALL TOLL FREE TODAY: 866 996 1735 or email us at:

1151 B ro a d w a y S u i t e 2 0 1 , S o n o m a , C A 9 5 4 7 6 p 866 996 1735 f 707 935 8177

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