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FROM CAFES EPECIALES FAK NO, :2352119 Oct. 07 2028 OS:44PM PL Specinity Coftes Association of America Green Coffee FOB, C & F, CIF Contract Contact rismber: _ 2945S, Contest Number: OOTET Seter Fed nacionai de Cafetaoa de Buper, Coopenative Coles inc Colormbie Gabe T3 No. 8-13 BOE. Lamar Se, Tome 8, Piso Americus, Oa 21709 USA Boge, D.C, Combis Tat 514-907-9853 ext 3 Fax, 97. 2EOT IE Fax +220-024-8250 PNE xc tara FLOR 138 Fondo Paez FLO 3278. All pastes reprosent inet they are fron with tha provisions, tenes and condisens of the conirsctivol the SCAA in affect al the dake hateot. ‘Date: August 4, 2008 * Coverity Ouaity Weight Bake “Two tian ani Fy (250) Bags of FO Kilogram Her Gach (Total Gt 17500 Mogren: SABO pe enctalt Euro Peap (EP) Winghed Gentin Catton Fondo Paez “Matue: Nyersawrest’ Curmat hares — cepenic rateithons! oottes, Chee Spectaty Grpan, Fined ok solid option ny the frst dary of ship month Dawed pn KY C” December 2008 Contract + 30 quality ‘BWhatenick + 10 Fase Trad promigma = Dec is + 48 (or) Widen icto9 of eeeenped ‘nergsenine Plow 7 ket = 0 o1 USSi4E per pounet- whichever is baghex. Conese closed afi Adldot in in Alone vte. FOB Cefombiian Port Het Sotoping Welapt et cath woh Rect of Decwmenn ‘toxdlp, covered by Soler From Siip to: Now Yost, secburd of bayer. ‘Oclober, From seaport of Bueno. ‘Tae: Yo, HY 1, This notte wise traded soteritg to intoenaonas Far Yeaede criteria 00 eanatlited by FLO. 2 seating Callas Cars 3 Preahiprient Sample Required 4. Ceridict of Diigia documents requaiend. 5. Bags marked Fale Teade’ wan the Cooperative ‘Cofnnen ond Nyathewenh Wijns Fonds Paez Cooperative Coffees, tc: en iat ted ayy 2 2008 tay, i min ei ee Re Nit @60.007.538-2 calle 73 No.8-13 Tel. :3136700 Fax:2171021 Federacién Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia BOGOTA D.C. COLOMBIA a lied to Party Invoice SOOPERATIVE COFFEES Fondo Nacional ot Cato boo w. Lamar st. suite = ee, . soos erigus. GA 31708 RC COT eS SA. . Payment information Doe. No./Date: 12-00028961: 120872008 cuneney usp Invoice Amount 48,287.09 onions Payment CASH AGAINST DOCUMENTS UPON FIRST Wott - Quantity Net Wein ramaeKs Quantity 178 Shipping Detalls:Departure tam Buenaventura Vessel HENRIETTE SCHULTE 0836 12/06/2008 jrveice Detais tem Description Quantity Base Qty vatua Pricing Conditions Price 00001 EXC PAEZ CONVENCIONAL S015 12228 KG 835 CURR 25 CLEAN COLOMBIAN COFFEE Lo3.01-0676 Marks PAEZ FLO Price tats uso 100 UB, 48,287.09) FNC Reference 28985 Customer Reference COTSI 527134056112/06/2008 FLO ID EXPORTER: 2728 FLO ID PRODUCER: 3276 FLO ID IMPORTER: 341 AKG = 2204615, Total Inveice Amount 48,287.08 IGHT THOUSAND nero gov: Fatracin iol ox Caer Catania NT 500075982 1SPONSARLE DEL vs AQENTE RETENEDOR DEL WA.GRAN CONTRBLYENTE.SOMOS ALTORETENEDORES SEGLN RESOLUCION No4A7 OE ABRIL 28, 1987 XPEDIDA POR EL livery FOB Incoterms 2000 riorty PIER HOUSE. IMSTERIO OE HACIENOA (> MAERSIC EINE scar conarox ocrnmanaron ax ae] FFeL: 91 3136600 FAX: 91 2170015 \coorenarive correes 302 W. Lamar St, sute E JAmericus, GEORGIA 31709 USA TreL: 12299242466 FAX: 12295246250 remerreSoware (oe ‘OR MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT om 527134056 FEDERACION NACIONAL DE CAFETEROS OF Ss7s7ae [COLOMBIA NIT: 6600075382 leona ‘cans IEL 73 No.8-13 BOGOTA 0.C. 271658 EXCELED TRABING LP ATT: GEORGE TSIATSIOS 17 BATTERY PLACE, STE 1711 NEW YORK, NY 10004 TEL: 212-344-6002 FAX: 212-344-8723 FE.UU. 1 PARTICULARS FURNISHED BY SHIPPER. 175 BAGS DESCRIBED AS CLEAN COLOMBIAN COFFEE EXC PREZ CONVENCIONAL SCi5 B 35 CURR 2,5 /BASC CERTIFIED [SAE No, 6027501246131 DEL 2008/12/01 Order: 29988 St.1.:448619 Customer RetscoTen His. 09,0134,90.00, TOTAL NET WEIGHT: s2.2z6 ‘SECOND NOTIFY: COOPERATIVE COFFEES EE UU. TEL: 12209242468 FAX: 12299246259 3-01-0576 X 175 BAGS MsKU5183851 aw. 12,401 KGS Naw 12226 KGS Paez Fo FNC COLOMBIAN SPECIALTY COFFEE FAIRTRADE NAF TEWES SCREEN-15 RELATIONSHIP COFFEE [FONDO NACIONAL DEL CAFE 3-03-0576 ‘aot aoaemenatine” | Bogote Tpece(s) rt ara] oar WY 2008-12-10, 2THREE 2008-12-06 302 W. Lamar St. gute € Americus, GEORGIA 31709 USA ' — | 2401.00 Kes | 20,0000 CoM Sartre aie AP tear Sb ae Ryne Maersk Colombia S.A,