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 Oscar buying twice a week chocolates for your girlfriend  The students of ESIME every-Friday haven´t English class, but if they have their most classes  Mexico has won never the world cup  Enrique works sometimes weekends  I always go to school by bus.

WHICH IS THE RIGHT WORD  Do not eat meat ______ (every / all)Fridays in Lent  Oscar has _____(never / always) eaten in the cafeteria 1  Peter and Paul ______(often/seldom) carried his grandfather to the cemetery  Carrizo _______(always/rarely) does your homework of english in class  ______(every/seldom) Monday I have gym .

 I cry never.FOUND ERROR  I am play soccer always.  My uncle rarely cry is.  We in sometimes watch tv.  They are smoking wed al most always .

COMPLETE THE SENTENCE WITH THE CORRECT WORD  They always _________ mexican food  I never say _________  Carrizo _______ studied  I __________ play soccer  She __________ take a shower .