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Ramon Jacoby

CJ100: 8 Skills

Unit 2 Kuder Work Values

Kuder Work Value Assessment Results & Definitions

Challenge 64

The Challenge value involves a job that tests what I already know and keeps
me learning.
Co- 63
The Co-Workers value involves having co-workers that are helpful and
trustworthy and that I enjoy working with.
The Variety value involves a job that is not routine, and allows me to do many
different things.

After reviewing the results of my Kuder Assessment I realized that my top 3 three profile

strengths were challenge, co-workers, and variety. Having a challenge is important because I do

not want to be bored at work every day. I don’t want to fall into a routine and I want to stay

sharp. I also think that it is important to have people that work with me that I can get along with.

I am not really a people person but as long as my coworkers are focused and helpful when need

be then the work place will be better for everyone. I also need a job that is not limited in its


As a Ccrime Sscene Iinvestigator I believe that all of these work values will have room

for implementation. Not only will I be able to see different things every day but I will also only

need to communicate with others (relating to work) when necessary. In terms of variety I don’t

think I could have made a better choice since everyday on the job will be different and

Ramon: Nicely done; I see how they relate well to your potential profession. Good job.

A minor correction; most job titles are not capitalized unless they precede a proper name (Officer

Jones). 10 pts./10. Bill Forbes, Prof.