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Planetary Exorcism

Planetary Exorcism

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RTRRT & Academic Zodiac towards year 2012.
RTRRT & Academic Zodiac towards year 2012.

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Published by: Academic_Zodiac on Dec 15, 2008
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First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2008, www.lulu.com/astrology.

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για τον ∆ιάβολο KLAUDIO ZIC
Academy for RTRRT and Scientific Astrology

The Academy of Scientific Astrology is based on astronomic principles confirming to the IAU convention. The calculations are performed on the HORIZONS integrator by Jon Giorgini of NASA JPL, Pasadena CA.
Subject headings: solar system – Academic Zodiac, astronomy – precession, religion – planetary exorcism Online material: www.lulu.com/astrology http://youtube.com/astrology2012 http://youtube.com/RTRRTV

Mat 4:1 Then Jesus was carried up into the wilderness by the Spirit to be tempted of the devil: 1. MOTIVATION The devil might be the prime motive beyond every action, from greed to blind ambition, that is the central motivating force of the western world, as we know it. It could even inspire false religion, blind faith in superstition as well as death itself. Some of the currently dominant religions have the concept of the devil as a mysterious living force against man and God. In trying to determine this diabolic force, we propose to refer to our own experience apart from our main reference, the Holy Bible. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT The psyche can not explore the psyche. Freud’s false ego made him think that he was exploring the psyche. Whoever will try to think this world out will meet with a wall, the end of the psyche, precisely as portrayed in Dark City the movie. The false mind is constantly stirred towards activity and it will surely thwart any attempt at investigation. While false thoughts are stirred towards their turbulent rush hour, true mind is silenced into sleep. The beauty sleeps while the beast rages. The world problem is the mind itself in its turbulent insistence in thinking it all out. A walled enclosure within an open space is the mind frame of the paranoid parasite. Its parasite function is to intervene into every thread or initiative, in proposing a better solution in an impromptu creation of a false world and theory where everything is given as given. False ego is the all-knowing divulger of false knowledge. It will retrieve any set of theories in order to trample down a pregnant woman in a marketplace area and live free of repudiation ever after. The devil is its own best advocate. It will find an excuse for almost everything, and if there is none, it will be invented. A lawyer bad enough can find allegedly legal excuses for most crimes. As diabolos stands for the devil, dual or binary democracy can not but represent selfglorification of the right of the slave to vote yin or yang. Tao knows neither yin nor yang. 3. APPROACH TO DEFINITIONS (Matthew 16:25) For whosoever shall desire to save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it. In this abstract, we largely made use of standard definitions as pertaining to the world of Carlos Castaneda and Reality Rendering as well. • The devil, even personal counterdemon, is an inorganic, that is normally invisible being, as pertaining to a parallel world but nevertheless existing in this world per his install, psyche. The devil is interested in fresh human energy on which it feeds, weather as baby food or spurs of emotion. • Through mind install, the psyche, the devil influences world events to maximum excitement, that is emotional energy release. • We have largely called false ego the foreign install, which is Castaneda’s definition.

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Other definitions have it psyche, binary mind, yin yang, default ego or daily mind. In Zen, this parasite mind is called the little ego. Tao knows neither yin nor yang. True mind or MENS VERA (veramente vera mente, truly true mind) is the sleeping beauty in all kingdoms of humankind. No one can stop thinking, meaning that no one can easily shake off the installation by oneself. That is precisely the meaning of true guru, the one who really is able to liberate the disciple from false ego, since he has none himself. NEMO is MAGISTER TEMPLI, one who has lost false ego. That is the only meaning of true Masonry: pure loss of false ego. Of course, true Masonry has nothing to do with most lodges that you may come across. As you see: the role of Masonry is not at all building; it is precisely the bringing down of the tower of Babel. Yoga means loss, not gain. (Matthew 10:39) He that finds his life shall lose it, and he who has lost his life for my sake shall find it. One who got rid of the installation can help others getting rid of it. Man does not do the thinking, as the installation is one for all. There are no separate types of psyche at all. Thinking is the plague that Adam paid upon his fall. Thinking has that one who does not think at all does the thinking. The angler afloat above all duality has no thought at all. Lodges are full of thinking and yoga classes are full of stressing thought. Go fishing! Genuine initiation starts with not thinking. In refusing to think, one refuses the devil. Zen meditation is such a refusal. Baptism is such refusal. The word for meditation is an awkward choice and surely sabotage by the devil, since it precisely applies to lack of meditation, one being one with the subject and object of the alleged meditation. Thus, paradoxically the meaning of meditation is not meditation. Not thinking or non-thinking would be apt terms, but western language lacks appropriate terms for this peculiar nonaction. Rebellion is something alien to the western mind. Here we use the term western mind in a poetical sense since by definition there is one psyche only as shared by humanity enslaved.

Among the various names for devil or the devils, the Chinese term “thunders” can be set aside as significative. In centaurean skies, some of the reptilian centaurs, like Pholus, have thunderous characteristics. The representations vary from flying manta to bat-winged shadows. In this abstract, we are concentrated on the effects of binary thinking, rather than form and artistic expression, even representation of the devil through the ages of man. Conversely, most of the representations were designed in order to avert attention from the main issue: that it is the devil itself that redesigns the devil.

4. RESULTS The results of our research are enlisted as follow. The devil is an inorganic entity that enslaves man through its psyche. The psyche is installed at an early age. The age of installation was by age of three until recent. In our immediate racial past we make effort in making a child compute even before reaching age two. Children see the devil, only to grow up like sensitive artists who in turn instinctively feel the burden of the install, thus “at the tender age of three I was hooked to a machine” as Thomas Dolby informs us in Hyperactive. True mind lives as exile in a world as ruled by the devil and psyche. You are its food, even devil’s breakfast and will surely be diverged into not paying attention to whatever saints and mystics have to say. The sad issue of missions is that they become marketplaces of false ego. Figurines and gadgets serve to support lack of faith as well as to bury true mind deeper in its grave. True mind is magical even when unleashed for a timeless second. Reality rendering is impossible without true mind. One needs at least a little gold to make a golden palace. At least a spark of true mind is needed in an initiate. A terrible fight will issue in that false ego will try and crush rebellion along with plenty rational arguments. Planetary exorcism starts with the introduction of the true positions of the natal stars in every horoscope. The introduction of the NASA ephemeris wil stir the devil as nested in the corrupt minds of alleged astrologers.

5. DISCUSSION In Demonology of European Astrology, we proposed the true precessed positions of the stars as leverage against the devil in destroying one of the main assets of the inorganic pest that is Satan: superstition. For more than 15000 years, humanity was enslaved in belief of a fixed sky with a fixed set of ascendants, which rise as zodiacal constellations. Thus, absurd negation of precession, evolution and God persisted to this day, albeit the commandment made to the people of Moses. One shall not adore fixed skies. In an effort to bring humanity or at least the 144000 towards planetary exorcism before year 2011, we devised Reality Rendering and the Academic Zodiac on sound scientific principles. As the devil is not a great mathematician at all, our leverage is NASA. Of course the asinine enemy of man will protest even against NASA in its dark quarters where superstition holds sway: corrupt western astrology. Superstition will fight for its alleged right to take hold of their victims, even at the price of wrong organs being cut out, dating the wrong person or divorce. In diabolic terms, one will rather die than be illuminated with a simple truth: that he has been fooled all along. The self-proclaimed astrologer will refuse

to take a look at the real position of the Sun. Weak minded people often fall as prey to superstition, even and especially in the field of pseudo-occultism, where fast results are promised along with alleged personal gain. All the stakes are in the hands of the devil, but the victim really thinks aggression and greed as part to one’s own imagined “personality”. In the case of alleged astrologers, they are inanely used in order to adore stellar positions that were never there. Many of them died in thinking they had such improbable ascendants as “Capricorn”, even at the present epoch. With the loot shining as promise before their blind eyes, many have found total annihilation where diabolical paradise marked the exit of the shopping mall. In inspecting the degree of the devil’s control over humankind, nothing is more illustrative than popular superstition, even anticipation of wrong political choice as presented in popular movies years before the choice materializes. The psyche knows its own choices. After all, it is a mere static parasite program, quite incapable of any magick. False ego has no choice. One without options is hardly a messiah. It can film yours, if you are per chance in possession of false ego, years ahead. A battery has its living deadline.

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