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Michael E.

Porter Publications

The Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, led by Michael E. Porter, Bishop William Lawrence
Harvard Business Review, University Professor, studies competition and its implications for company strategy; the competitiveness of
June 2004: nations, region and cities; and solutions to social problems. Based at Harvard Business School, the
Institute is dedicated to extending the research pioneered by Professor Porter and disseminating it to
scholars and practitioners.

Competitive Strategy National Competitiveness Economic Development

in Inner Cities
Industry Structure Clusters and Cluster Development
and Structural Change Environmental Quality
Competitiveness of States and Competitiveness
Strategy and the Internet and Regions
Redefining Competition Antitrust and Competition Policy
in Health Care Location, Internationalization, Innovation and Innovative
and Global Strategy Capacity Competition in Health Care

Upcoming event: Solving the Corporate Level Strategy Strategy for Cross-National Capitalism and Social Progress
Health Care Conundrum: A Regions
Conversation with Michael Porter Competition in Health Care Strategy for Philanthropic
The Microeconomic Foundations Organizations
NY Times: The Missing Rivalry in Company and Industry of Economic Development
Health Care Financial Performance The Competitive Advantage of
Economic Development Corporate Philanthropy
Neal Peirce: Health-care Rx: in Inner Cities
New: Competitiveness in Rural
New from the Institute for Regions
Competitiveness & Prosperity:
Canadian Cluster Data

Dallas Business Journal: Texas

Touts Cluster Concept

Rural Policy Research Institute: Cluster Mapping Project Microeconomics of Competitiveness: Firms,
Harvard on Rural Clusters and Economic Development

Boston Globe: Research is battle Cluster Profiles

Teaching the course at other universities (pdf)
cry in bid to save military bases

South Carolina op-eds:

Competitiveness panel aims to
boost S.C. wages, and Auto
research park proves state is
globally competitive

Press release: Harvard's Michael

Porter Honored by Academy of

Harvard Business Review:

2002 McKinsey Award Winner:
"The Competitive Advantage of
Corporate Philanthropy"

Press release: Accenture Study

Yields Top 50 'Business
Intellectuals' Ranking (pdf)

Academy of Management
Executive: Retrospective: Michael
Porter's Competitive Strategy

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