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Montgomery County Public Schools

Retirees Association
P. O. Box 4367
Rockville, MD 20849-4367

Testimony in Support ofMC 906-09

Fred S. Evans, President, MCPSRA

December 11,2008

Good evening, my nrone is Fred Evans and I am the President of the MCPS
Retirees Association. I want to be clear that I am speaking for 10 melnbers of
the MCPSRA Board of Directors in favor ofMC 906-09. At our last board
meeting on December 4, 2008, we did not have a quorum of our 20 member
board, but those present expressed their support for this legislation.

MCPSRA has over 2700 members representing all employee groups ­

supporting services, adluinistrators and teachers. One of the organization's
objectives, other than enjoying our retirement, is to protect our retirement and
health benefits as we nlove into our golden years. Based on our review and
analysis, we support the Split Rate property tax proposal as outlined in this
bill. MrolY retirees live on fixed incOlues and IUUSt rely on cost of living
increases through their retirement plans and/or social security. Given the
current national, state and local economic conditions, we believe that it is
important to examine a variety of strategies to assist our members and the
citizens of Montgomery County. MB Bill 906-09 is one of those strategies.
We do not see this bill as the only solution, but we do see it as a way to
generate operating funds for the county in a more equitable way. According to
the recent County Council Working Group Report, county taxes paid by non­
residential properties and business declined from 21% to 16% in recent years.
Passage of this bill will give the county council the authority to adjust the
property tax rates if it becomes necessary.

Thank you for the opportunity to speak in support ofMC 906-09.