In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products


Title of the film: Our title of the film appears half way through our title sequence, the title was made on final cut express using the font ‘amcap eternal’. We thought this was quite edgy and gave a childish, cartoon like effect. We used the colour red for the super good after our surveys suggested that the majority of people associated the colour red with the heros. We then used the colour yellow for the badies as it was a contrast and bright to attract our audience and the colour yellow makes it more fun and child like. Setting/ Location: I have chosen a picture of a corridor for my setting and location, out of the clips I feel that this best portrayed where the filming took place. The still frame is of one of our characters throwing a cone down the corridor this shows that is it set in a still as the corridors are long and typical for a school. Our title sequence is set mainly in a school and during a normal school day so to be authentic we decided to film in our school to try and keep the theme as much as possible. Costume and props: This frame shows some of the props that we used such as caution tape to act as a head band and you can tell that we used dark makeup and dark leather to give her a dark yet sexy look. Super hero films rely heavily on costumes and props to represent what team they are on, we’ve mainly brought in colours and common themes such as the tape for the badies to try and portray and constant theme. Camerawork and Editing: I have chosen this screenshot as it represents the editing

and camera work by the way that we edited the tilt shot showing them getting ready, instead of it being slow on there own we decided to use a jump cut and increased the speed of the shot in order to increase pace. Title font and Style: This frame shows a RMH film and by watching the title sequence you can see that we have changed the colour from white to black to try and show the contrast from the two teams, we used the ‘amcap eternal’ font, which shows character and has relevance to our genre, as it is a comical font. Story and how the opening sets it up: This frame shows how after the title has been introduced how the films starts a the two teams walking past each other in the corridor and glaring as each other. It shows rivalry in the two sides and the audience has got the impression that they are enemies. Genre and how the opening suggests it: The beginning of our title sequence first is the marvel ident this straight away informs the audience that’s its going to be based on super heroes as they have funded, spider man, x-men and Iron man. Then you can tell by the frame of Kyle wearing the mask that the film is going to be based on dressing up and superheroes the mask shows a hidden identity and maybe he has a different side to him. How characters are introduced: The frame shows that after we show each character their name and their characters name is shown in a colour that is specific for their side for example good and bad. However the audience knows straight away who is who and what their names are in the film. Special FX: We have used many special effects in our title sequence only one of them is that we changed the colour and brightness after we poterized each clip so that they could look like cartoons and make it look like a comic strip. We had to change the brightness on each shot as some were darker than others and you couldn’t see them. This was one of the few special effects we used that contributed to our final piece. 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups? I think our media product represents certain social groups as we used 2 males who had defined muscles this is a stereotype of what superheroes and superbadies look like their muscles show strength and that they may over power the other team. This is very typical in social groups as the popular, cool groups are normally ones they ay be part of a sports team and are usually physically fit. The makeup we used on Bella was very dark and mysterious making her look quite gothic again this is very much associated with social groups as people sometimes see Goths as strange or out of the ordinary. However the makeup we used on Sophie the supergoodie was very natural making her face look pure and that she has natural beauty and innocence

about her.

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? The media institution we have chosen to distribute out media product is marvel, by looking into what marvel produce and the productions they fund we think that our product fits in with this best. They have funded films such as Captain American, Spider man and X-men all these films have similar qualities to what our film does. Marvel the most likely production company to distribute super hero films. We decided to put our film as a 12 as there some shot where the characters are not wearing many clothes so we think this would be most appropriate.

is is

4. Who would be the audience of your media product? The audience for our product who be mainly teenagers that can relate to school life and know that there is some bullying going on an every day basis. It’s a 12 rating as some parts may show body parts that some young viewers may find offensive and some characters may be represented in a sexual way. Anyone ages 12 and above could be interested in our film as it a light hearted comedy that can attract a wide range of viewers. In our surveys it became clear that younger audience are more attracted to comedy and animated films.

5. How did you attract/address your audience? We tried to make our title sequence interesting and pace to attract our viewers and persuade them to carry on watching the film. We’ve used indie /rock music to fit in with the pace and the style of the title sequence. The fact that our font and title of the film will attract younger people straight away because it looks childish and younger people are interested in animated and carton like films. The 25-word pitch is quick and edgy giving and I want to know more’ feel so that they will go out and watch the film. 6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? I have learnt how to use a camera effectively and get steady shots from using a tripod and using tilts to get a full body shot. By using final cut express and editing on there by

changing certain things to make our final piece look as affective as it could be, i've learnt how to edit and crop down shots and jump cut and bind them together to create a creative, imaginative piece. After getting the hang of final cut express it made it easier to change the order of things so it was less boring. 123456Final Cut Express- Editing Google – Finding images Copy right free music- We got the soundtrack of this Using a camera and tripod- Filming Vimeo- Transporting work so we can upload it to our blog Blogger- Ti keep track of our progress and updating our final work

7. Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product? I feel that I have leant a lot from doing the preliminary task. At the time when editing the preliminary idea I think our group felt like we had done a good job. This may have been because we hadn’t experienced any other form of filming or editing. Whilst we were filming our main task I think we understood that it was going to be a lot harder than we thought, but we had planned it before which made it run smoothly. I feel that we didn’t really have enough time to plan for our preliminary project and went into it not really knowing what was involved, we planned our main project with costumes, props and story boards so we knew exactly what we had to do. We even took test pictures in the locations we may use to make sure lighting was ok and availability to the area. So I think we prepared more for it and knew how long it was going to take us to edit it all and I feel that our skills and knowledge over this period of time improved so our final piece was far better than our preliminary.

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