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The Physical Confidence Program What Women Really Think Developing a Powerful Foundation Instant Attraction Lance's Story The Secrets of the Naturals What If You Can't Dance? The Perfect You Attraction Triggers The Core of an Attractive Man The Lance Mason Dictionary

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Let's Get Physical Breaking The Rules Creating Total Transformation Is This Seat Taken Take a Stand Standing: Put Your Foot Down Walking: Strut YUR Stuff Explosive Opening Own The Room

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Your Body Says It All True Confidence Building a Connection Below The Surface Reading Between the Lines Talk is Cheap Push Your Comfort Zone She Wants You! Women Revealed Empathy: The Sixth Sense Mindreading 101

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One Step at a Time Breaking The Rules Try This At Home The Center of Attention Unstoppable Confidence The Lifestyle of Successful Bursting The Bubble Close But Not Creepy Be Careful Who You Listen To The Perfect Experiment

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The Perfect Coach The Answer Within Making It Your Own The Coolest Guy in the Room The Magic Touch Creating a Physical Connections A Moment Alone Power of the Hand Test

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Facial Expression Fake It 'Til You Make It How To Practice The Power of Confidence Reading the Situation Audience Q&A Custom-Made Confidence Size Doesn't Matter

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Girl Code The Unforgettable Kiss Status Battle Aces High: Card Status Game Reading Women Calling it Out Leaning Back Follow the Leader

One Size Doesn't Fit All Claiming Your Space 3. Be Her Teddy Bear 4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 5 Knowing Your Body 6. Unspoken Attraction 7 Step-By-Step Plan B. The New You


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THE ART OF ATTRACTION PROGRAM 'V"ol ..Zach Schwartz The Physical Confidence Workbook © Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved.Daniel Johnson Creating the "Cool You" Character . rn..e I -" I Table of Contents The Step By Step Plan Effortless Attraction . ..Ken Robertson Mastering the Body Language of Champions .. Mason Communications. LLC.

\. The Step-By-Step Plan Your Guide to Ultimate Physical Transformation .

Commit the next 6 weeks to follow this plan. watch the DVDs and make notes in the workbook and you will be amazed by your results. figure out what would be the best most amazing outcome. What results can you safely assume you will get. I would be happy to: 3) Second. write out your goals for the next 6 weeks. First. . designed to help you change every aspect of your life while giving you more confidence. You can even make a copy of this workbook for your friend so that he can follow along too. Week 1 Step 1 . Mason . it is important to actually practice the new body language and behaviors that are presented in this program. Write their name here: 2) Together with your friend. you aren't just doing it for yourself. What results would make you wildly happy beyond your greatest dreams? If you could have anything imaginable in the next 6 weeks what would it be? I would be blown away if I: 1 © 2006 Copyright. Some of the exercises will require a partner. figure out what would be a satisfactory outcome.Find Your Wingman . another person will be supporting you in your progress. and there is nothing more valuable than the feedback of another person. better relationships. and the women you want. 1) Make a commitment with your friend that you will do the exercises in this program and give yourself fully to it. Do the exercises. at least find one other person in your life who you can make a commitment to. Find a friend to be your Physical Confidence Wingman.How To Use This Guide This is our recommended 6 Week Program. and you can easily achieve. If you can't find a friend to do the exercises with. Set two different goals. Tell them that you will be working on a body language program and making changes. Since we are talking about physical change. step-by-step. This way.

• DVD2: DVD3: DVD4: 2 . Get together with your friend and discuss the material. List out for each DVD the most important thing you learned and one way in which you can put it in practice in your life right away. DVD 1: k . Share your list with your friend. Take notes in the spaces provided. And follow along with the slides provided in this binder.Week 1 Step 2 .Begin Watching the DVDs 1) Watch DVDs 1-4 with your friend.

DVD5: DVD6: DVD7: DVD8: 3 . read through the bonus articles that come with this binder. Again.Finish Watching The DVDs 1) Watch DVDs 5-8 and the bonus materials. Share with him the biggest change you've made in the last week. Discuss the material with your friend and list out the most important thing you learned and one way in which you can put it in practice in your life right away. My biggest learning or development was: Step 2 .Discuss Your Results With Your Wingman 1) Look back on the last week and discuss any changes you've experienced or new learnings you've had with your wingman.Week 2 Step 1 . follow along with the slides in this binder. Once you've completed the DVDs.

Step 1 . All Rights Reserved. Practice the Status Battle and Aces High exercises with your wingman. Chapter 7. My biggest indicator of lower confidence is: 2) Throughout the week.. Step 2 . You can also watch this again every week for the next four weeks to stay motivated.) Begin to bring the most confident version of yourself into every interaction.Set Your Intentions 1) Discuss with your wingman what is your one biggest indicator of lower confidence. Have fun with this and write down the one most powerful thing that you learned: 2) Discuss with your wingman the places in your life where you are most confident. with friends.Week 3 Before you continue. Chapters 3 & 4. . your favorite hobby . and remember to be totally honest with yourself. with family. pay attention to when you take on this lower confidence body language. List out where you already play the role of "Ace": 4 Mason Communications. U. Have your wingman help by pointing it out when you don't notice. re-watch with your wingman the Step-By-Step Plan on DVD 08..Practice "Aces High" 1) Watch DVD 06. Make sure you both agree. (example: at work. The next 4 weeks will follow these guidelines.C.

conferences. book club. If you do. It is important that you feel the freedom to try anything. be sure to allow your wingman the full opportunity to practice his new self. yoga class.and a place with at least a couple cute women. 2. This should be a place where you think you can soon become one of the coolest guys there .Week 3 Step 3 . etc. social party club.) List out the top three social groups in your area that you would like to join: 1. church group. co-ed sports.Find A Completely New Environment 1) Find a new environment completely free of your current peers. The gym. dance class.. however. 3.. 2) Decide to join your number one social group and sign up today! Introduce this new environment to the New You. 5 . You mayor may not choose to enter the environment with your wingman. (ie.

1. Practice the demonstrated exercises on sitting standing and walking with your wingman. . Ail Rights Reserved. be sure to use a mirror to observe your body language.Practice The Body Language Fundamentals 1) Watch DVD 3. and feel free to use a mirror (or even video tape. If you aren't practicing with a wingman. Be sure to practice in a safe environment.C.9 and DVD 4 Chapters 1-3. Make notes on the what is your greatest strength and your greatest challenge in the following exercises: Sitting: Standing: Walking: 6 1. Chapters 4 .L· Week 4 Step 1 .

Remember. 1. List out everything that you want to work on in this new environment: (Examples: Dress better. etc . 2. U. AU . you can be anyone in this new environment because nobody knows you! Make sure to be the most social guy in the environment.Solidify Yourself as a Character 1} Set up the right first impression.C. walk slower.) L-- Step 3 . better eye contact. Mason Communic. smile bigger.L· Week 4 Step 2 .Create The New You 1) Discuss with your wingman the qualities you most want to bring into your new environment. laugh louder. 7 © 2006 Copyright. take up more space. Focus more on being social than the activity of the social group.zitions. choose the three things you will practice this week in your new social environment.. Become the coolest guy! From the list above. 3.

practice a super cool look. Write down your favorite attractive facial expression: (and if you've seen Zoolander. Once people have locked you in to what they expect from you. now you can lock it in. Enjoy the new you! Write down your biggest success from the past week: 8 . Start over and join a new social group. As you continue in your new social environment. then start over. However. Chapters 1-3. if you've started out correctly and made a strong first impression. Get in front of a mirror with your wingman and practice facial expressions. it's very difficult to change. but haven't been able to create a new identity in your new environment. Don't be afraid to exaggerate.Lock In Your New Social Habits 1) If you've made it this far. people will come to expect this social character from you. practice a "puppy dog" look.Practice Facial Expressions ) 1) Watch DVD 7. Play around with it and have fun. Smile as wide as you possibly can. you can even give it a name) Step 2 . Practice a surprised look.WeekS ~ Step 1 .

Bring More To Your Group Now it's time to keep expanding your influence in the group.) 9 . page 8) 1.L· WeekS Step 1 . Write down three more things that you want to try in your new environment: (from the "Create the New You" exercise. Take the next step. organize an event. "secret handshake" or "inside joke" etc. introduce a new game. 2.write down one fun new activity that you can introduce into your new social group: (throw a party. L Become the leader .

then you've probably begun to experience massive changes in your life and with the "new you". take a friend from your new social group and have work with him. Mason Communie:wtions. U. Ail ~ights ~©served. Center Of Attention: 10 © 2006 Copyright. so if you don't have one by now . Now. and DVD 4 Chapter 8. Write down one thing you learned from each exercise: Explosive Opening: Kino exercises: ! ~ .. Practice the Explosive opening exercise.. it's most important to have a partner to practice with. different about you?" ..c Week 6 Congratulations! If you haven't been skipping ahead (we know who you are). . Kino exercises and Center of attention exercises. Now it's time to practice with another person.Practice It With Others 1) Watch DVD 3 Chapter 8. You may even have friends commenting "is there something .C.This is a good thing! Step 1 . and DVD 5 Chapter 5.

List out the three biggest changes you've made in the last 6 weeks. 1. Mason Communicatic:ms. . 3. All Rights Rwserved. etc) List out three everyday environments where you will bring your new identity: 1. Acknowledge the hard work by discussing with your wingman all the improvements you've made and can now share with the world. the grocery store. Practice your confident powerful body language as you go through your day (at work. 3.Week 6 'Step 2 . Step 3 . LLC.Celebrate! 1) Take a moment to congratulate yourself on all the changes you've made. 2. 11 © 2006 Copyright.Bring The New You to Other Environments 1) Take your new identity and introduce it to the world.

An Rights Reserved. Mason Communications.r I Daniel Johnson Senior Instructor and Workshop Leader . LtC.~)2006 Copyright. " .

LLC. So.Stop Trying To Tl)' Effortlessly attracting women sounds nice.AI1 Reserved. Always take action and take responsibility for your situation. Stop and listen to a woman and she might appreciate it. "Creepy" comes to mind. So. it's not only a luxury. but without turning it into a struggle. as you go through our Physical Confidence Program. . you'll be reminded again and again that women instantly sense in their bodies whether or not you are that attractive confident man that you want to be. we want to drop all that and just let go. And. Ask a girl what she thinks of a guy who "works" to get her. So. It doesn't mean that you aren't taking action.. "Try hard" also pops out. what will you do? Well. I'm not going to tell you about some technique to work on being relaxed.. when we're meeting women. then? And if you stop trying. Remember. and our movements become mechanical. But. Like .. why will effort hurt you? Because it's in your body. What Does It Mean To Be Effortless? Meeting women effortlessly means that you aren't struggling and you aren't forcing anything. above all. You're not going to force yourself to be comfortable. Working and trying and stressing to meet women never works. There's many simple ways of doing this. One thing that many guys forget to do is: shut up every once in a while. it's a necessity. attraction is physical. probably a bunch of questions come to mind.. our voice gets muffled. . our muscles tighten. what am I going to tell you. Effort and attraction don't even belong in the same sentence together. And you can't fake a natural flowing ease. I'll tell you. Hmmm . So first step: stop trying and stop trying to try. Effort is a physical thing. © 2006 Copyright. When we are exerting effort. It's just not going to work. Mason Communications. right? Well.

Let me make a quick point about persistence. I'm not talking about laziness. For each guy. Sometimes it means stop fidgeting. I was happy with myself. It is the most crucial element for attraction. And. This guy walked straight up to me and said very clearly "You're done. yet he was so effective. Until another guy showed up who clearly was with one of them. but I knew that next time it would be me leading the girls away by the hand. Sometimes being effortless means relaxing into your body and being comfortable. every moment of everyday doing everything." Then. Al] Rights Reserved. after all. it's not hard for us to imagine being effortless. the girls were cute. he took the hand of his girl and led them away from me to go sit in a cushy couch at the back of the bar. There was no effort what so ever. When Can I Be Effortless? It is a great goal to be effortless at all times.But. Before I ever found PickUp 101 I was out at a bar hitting on two girls. or flashing nervous smiles. Sure. But. In fact. Laziness will get you nothing but a beer belly. Be careful when reading this not to get lazy. Having strong intentions and being dedicated are still very sexy. . being without effort essentially means that you are calm. We can buy a cup of ~) 2006 CopyrightMason Communications. Perhaps being effortless means giving her physical space. It might mean to take a step back. or maybe just lean back. there will be a different way that they exert effort. Yes. A woman likes a guy who acts on his desires and goes after what he wants. I want to focus here on what you do with your body. Sometimes it means letting go of that tension in your shoulders and neck. yet in that instant I saw how easy it could be. Things were going pretty well. comfortable and in control. in the next moment I witnessed greatness. My head was spinning. LLC.

We just want to be our most attractive self. god bless them. you might have so much fun paying attention that. Observe how her body responds. And. But. The more her body will tighten up in resistance. as guys. The old advice "Be yourself' actually makes sense. You will notice it. All Rights Reserved. they will notice because they feel it in their bodies. We can go to the bathroom without effort. ~) 2006 Copyright Mason Communications. in fact. if you pay attention. right? The more your body puts effort into the chase. Do you start talking faster? Asking more questions? Do you lean in or comer a girl? Do you stand "at attention"? Do you have unwavering laser beam eye contact? Do you get tunnel vision and ignore everything else in the bar? Whatever it is that you do. LLC. And. sure enough. I said this was physical. Do you do it around all women? Do you do it around only the hot ones? Do you do it more when you think you might get rejected? Do you do it more at bars and clubs? Or more in your social circle? Pay attention! Figure out when you start to tense up and struggle with a situation. She will physically go on the defensive. And they won't notice consciously. Does she cross her arms? Does she walk away? Does she squint a little? Does she start looking around the bar for someone else? Women are amazing. what happens when we meet a woman? All of a sudden we forget everything and start acting like someone else. . and it feels like just another day of life. we often get so goal oriented thinking about "how can I get her in bed" that we start to try really hard. And. It's most important that you notice when you do this and how you do it. They give instant feedback through their body reacting to ours. girls will notice.coffee without effort. We can do all sorts of things. you stopped trying so hard! Congratulations. then figure out how you do it. And. that's the other thing you should watch for.

then you won't be able to keep her. Go ahead... and makes you just feel peachy. doesn't it. let's take it one step further. ifby some chance you do manage to score a girl by trying hard. His answer was so simple and elegant. I told you about the importance of paying attention. "". in Siberia. He simply said "ask yourself three questions. And." And." And someone asked him a question about his advice for when you find yourself struggling through life. wasn't that nice. take my advice and take a deep breath.just by the fact of asking yourself this question. really that is the end goal of all this. . releases endorphins. And. Ahh .. Personally. I told you about a man who was effortless with his girlfriend. I'd rather go run a marathon . LLe. do it now ... If you can't be that attractive guy all the time you are with your girlfriend. On and on. you will be less aware of how other people's bodies are responding to you. [low Do [ Get Effortless Attraction? Well. You must breathe! And. your muscles will tighten... then he listed off the questions.. 1) Am I breathing? This is the cardinal rule of body language. So.In the above story. (~)2006 Mason Communicetious. author of "The Way of The Peaceful Warrior. Breath is one of the key components of good body language because if you aren't breathing. you will be less expressive.11 Rights Reserved. It eases so much tension. I once had the pleasure of meeting Dan Millman. good luck not getting exhausted with the work. right? Well. you will automatically take a deep breathe.

Grab a seat on the couch next to her. and I just leaned back onto the couch and took up a ton of space. so I came in to be his wingman. This puts them at ease. are you relaxed? Chances are. isn't it. you're probably not as relaxed as you could be. they get squeezed or bumped or they have to lean . See? Much better. this demonstrates another great point. figure out how to get what she's got. spread out. Mason Communications. even right now. If you're sitting down.get comfortable! I see guys all the time talking to women. . If you aren't comfortable . when there was a seat near by the whole time. you're one step ahead. If you're not comfortable. and we were off into a lively conversation. go fmd a nice soft couch to go relax in.. they squat while the woman lounges. well then kudos. take up some more space. I wasn't really thinking about getting the girl. Take a second. Girls want you to relax and take it easy.. Instantly. find your way of getting comfortable. Maybe you have to pull up a chair. and they stand while the woman sits. And." \l') 2006 Copyright. Lean back into the couch. the woman relaxed and leaned back to. I' If you've been standing for twenty minutes over a girl. Whatever it is. If you're lying in bed reading this. What is going on here? Here's a good rule: If you look at a girl and she looks more c comfortable than you. All Rights Reserved. reading this. I remember one girlfriend who I met during an Art of Attraction workshop. this is what she said: "I just felt like I'd known you forever. Or. Or. lean back. Stop it. You are being awkward. When I later asked her what she first thought of me. in fact.2) Am I relaxed? Ask yourself. Maybe you need to find a wall to lean against. One of our clients was talking with her friend. LLC. all while the woman sits in heavenly rest.

2006 Copyright. Am I buying a cup of coffee in a cool way? Am I typing on the computer in a cool way? Am I doing it gracefully? If you don't know what it means to move gracefully.L· Why did she say that? Well. again you can ask yourself anytime while doing anything.. Don't worry. And. and even more so when we talk to women. This not only makes you more attractive.. All Rights Reserved. everyone goes through this. Whatever it is that you're doing. it was a good conversation. It was because she felt so relaxed around me. you know what girls think about fun. (~. And perhaps. It means that you are in the flow and without struggle. LLC.. And. but that wasn't it.Let's Get Comfortable \_ . Sometimes. it will make you feel younger and healthier. Another variation of this question is: Am I doing it cool? And. Perhaps it is the way you walk. you'll fmd all sorts of new ways of being more graceful in your life. right? (if you don't. ask yourself and find out just how much more graceful you can be. or Tai Chi. then perhaps you should take a dance class. All you have to do is keep asking yourself: Am I breathing? Am I relaxed? Am I comfortable? And . When you check in. go ask Cyndi Lauper. Would you be more graceful if you slowed down? How about smoothing out those swinging arms? Perhaps it's the way you turn your head when someone calls your name.. we forget. ..) OK. or something that helps you get into your body.. Mason Communications. it might even make life more fun. she felt totally at ease because I was at ease. I know that you are going to read this and probably still go out and stand hovering on one foot holding three drinks and getting bumped by dudes named Bronc. She felt totally at ease. 3) Am I doing it gracefully? Grace is just another word for ease..

Use the material you learn throughout The Physical Confidence program. from one body to another. Relax and enjoy! -. .Now. you're ready to go out into the world. This is no exaggeration. But never forget to check in with yourself and see if you can remove the struggle and the effort. People flock to the one person in the room who is most at ease. And. put in the hard work. Relaxation leads to more relaxation. i\'J 2006 Copyright-Mason Communications. Check in and ask yourself the three questions: 1) Am I breathing? 2) Am I comfortable and relaxed? 3) Am I doing it gracefully and cool? And remember the great joy that comes with being truly comfortable. AJl Rights Reserved. What in life could be easier than getting comfortable and relaxing? We've been doing it since we were children. LLC. we may also find that everything we were struggling so hard for is now falling into our lap. when we truly become a master. do the exercises. until everyone around you feels like they've known you forever. For others it is a breath of fresh air.

r Ken Robertson Senior Instructor r .r !III! I .

for several reasons. but. I'd say I'm not the only one. it's well known that his portrayal of Captain Jack was inspired by Keith Richards (and lesser known that the cartoon character Pepe Le' Pew was also an inspiration).. But let's face it . The other reason is that the only people who generally care about the details of the acting process are other actors. Johnny Depp always turns in great physical performances though . t) 2006 Copyright.the character everyone loves in those films is (say it with me) Captain Jack Sparrow. all the cool guys would have been hanging out in the library for a few hours and then swaggered out like Colin Farrell.. Mason Communications.Sexy Bltch Does anybody else like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Considering that Google has over 2 million results when you search for "Jack Sparrow" AND that the combined worldwide box-office ticket sales for the first 2 "Pirates" movies is almost 2 BILLION dollars.his characters always move. A lot of actors don't like talking about their process. Johnny Depp did a masterful job creating this role. look and sound very different from Depp himself. we're missing a few steps in the process between being inspired and making it come to life in our own body. One reason is that they like to keep their process a bit of a mystery .. Great.. Obviously.. and was even nominated for an Oscar for it..sounds cool.makes what they do more exciting. For Pirates. um . Depp has said in interviews that he starts taking notes right away when he reads a script. how? If turning physical changes were as easy as being inspired and taking notes. and uses those to build his characters. starts getting images and ideas as he reads it. .:: 1 :: L· Captain Jack Sparrow .. LtC. All Rights Reserved. .

but it's been a long time since he was performing (he died in the late 80's)... Larry was the man! Why? Because this guy was amazing at creating roles where you didn't see him . In his day.you may have heard the name.: Fortunately.. But you might not know he's often regarded as one of (if not THE) greatest actor of the 20th century.he recreated himself from the ground up for each new role. That's why a lot of people don't know what he looks like .. right? In Oedipus he played a swaggering buff alpha Greek hero wearing a toga and sandals. and a restoration comedy named "The Critic" by the famous author Richard Sheridan.. you might have heard the name in passing..fPhysically Different Characters Remember Laurence Olivier? Probably not . even though they'djust been staring at him for 90 minutes in the first show.: 2 .. Mason Communications. . Even if you have no idea what he looks like or saw him in a film. Olivier once performed a stage repertory (two plays back-to-back for each show) of Oedipus Rex (a Greek tragedy). The Godfather o. '~J 2()06 Copyright. he played a fop (think of it as a super-peacocked screamingly feminine metro sexual). For example . so what. Big deal . Johnny Depp didn't originate this process -and there are actors in the past who were much more eager to explain the details of how they created their roles. LLC AU Rights Reserved.... In The Critic. And people had to look in the program to figure out which role he was playing. you saw the role.

And then he'd work at matching the picture in his head..creating the role with his body before he created the emotional life of a character.. Larry wasn't known as a major stud. posture.: You think this guy had control of his body? Heck yeah! So how did he do it? He actually was very clear on his process.:: 3 . When he moved and sounded exactly like that person without having to work at it. Unlike a lot of American actors. he preferred to work from the outside in . 2006 Copyright.. Mason Communications.. LLC. but he'd also picture how someone who sounded like this would look and move. right? Well..one little key that opened the door to the character. He'd practice until the sound. So . . or wearing corrective boxer shorts. so he didn't do too badly . From there he'd work on creating that voice. and movement were second nature. but what's useful about Larry's process? It shows how anyone can tap into their cooler self quickly and seamlessly without years of mantras. He would read the script over and over until he started to hear the character's voice in his head. and he'd find that the character's emotional life was just there. he did marry Scarlett O'Hara l (Vivien Leigh). That was where it all started . All Rights Reserved.. therapy. he started feeling and seeing as that person as well.

after all. Marilyn Monroe reportedly worked in getting that perfect breathiness in her voice. it's pretty obvious which ones he perfected for the character '~J 2006 Mason Communications. Watch him in your mind doing everyday things (walking into a room. I guarantee there are lots of people in the world today who practice their mannerisms until they're perfect .... LLC. etc) until you notice some detail .something you can do rather than the jaw line or eye color you don't have . The important thing is to keep at it over and over and over again until it becomes second nature. practice the pacing all the time. not a static physical detail (like hair style. getting coffee.. practice it every time you pass a mirror. practice as often as you can. but they didn't start that way.a guy with so much presence that women want him and guys want to be him..just one . Just make sure it's something in motion and active. c· :: 4 :: four nelV "Cool You" Character Think about that "cool you" character . especially to people who want to believe having this sort of presence is beyond their ability. The more you practice. . Kennedy practiced duplicating James Dean's facial expressions..but they won't admit to it in public because it DOES seem like cheating. All Rights Reserved.. eyes. Now practice that until you have it down . A lot of charismatic people throughout history have practiced and perfected parts of their physicality to the point where they LOOK natural. his voice .the one that turns everyone's head when they walk into a room . something. driving his car... isn't this suppose to be natural? Au contraire! John F. a facial expression. If it's a facial expression. the speed at which he moves. we're working on physicality. down the street. While we don't know which details of Keith Richards Johnny Depp started with in creating Jack Sparrow. the faster it will become part of you. a gesture.r. not selling plastic surgery). etc . Ifit's pacing. height. It may seem a little like cheating .

watch some footage of Keith Richards (there are some Rolling Stone's concert videos out there for rent). AJl Rights Reserved. Rumor has it that for this scene Hoffman (who was very dedicated to the principles of "method acting" and living the part) stayed up for 4 days straight without showering. so learn to enjoy the practice and focus on progress instead of perfection. Mason Communications. Hoffman. not performance. and then watch some of Jack Sparrow's scenes. Conclusion In 1976. This can be a first step towards your new cooler physicality.:: 5 :: when you see them back to back. Olivier worked with Dustin Hoffman on a film called "Marathon Man". but start with this one item and see what else pops up. etc that come to mind when you're practicing? Make note of them . . You'll be practicing this for the rest of your life. about an escaped ex-Nazi war criminal who's trying to steal some priceless diamonds.whether you got results or not. postures. In a climatic scene.remember this is practice. Don't try to change everything at once (you'll just be overwhelmed and have trouble trying to concentrate on everything). and it will never be perfect. Congratulate yourself for working on those details . who plays an obsessive runner graduate student. Are there any other gestures. Notice how you feel when you practice this. the results will come. If you can. LLC. stances. You'll notice an amazing number of similarities in the eyes. Give yourself permission to screw it up . If you feel good about working on it. the vocal patterns and pace of speech. and forced himself to run 5 miles right before the shoot to mirror what his character was supposed to have gone through leading up to this ''<~J 2006 Copyright. the facial expression. is being tortured by Olivier (who plays the Nazi) who's favorite method of torture is extracting teeth from someone without anesthetic.try a few out.

. LLC.. Mason Communications..see if working on the cooler guy outside brings out the cooler guy inside . try acting my boy . it's much easier".. 2()06 Copyright.it's much easier than hoping your inner cool guy will burst forth without a little help..: 6 . Steps Embodying the "Cool You" character • Picture the "Cool You" character in action • Notice one active detail • Practice that detail over and over as often as you can • Enjoy the practice • Don't try to change everything at once !l'.. All Rights Reserved... Olivier leaned over him and said: "Next time.: scene (and Hoffman was NOT a runner at the time). You try acting too . As he lay there in the dentist's chair. a smelly physical wreck.

. • Zach Schwa!rtz Senior Instructor I .........""""\...... ..

you ask? Body language and physical confidence. and transferable indicators of confident body language: Anytime. Choosing Teams I'm sure you can remember those days back in summer camp when teams were being picked for Kick Ball and there was this new crop of people that you had 'e 2006 Copyright. However. we all possess this awareness and understanding of the value placed on confident body language. I go golfing and am paired with golfers with whom I have never played before. Mason Communications. who is an athlete and who is not. we are often more likely to accurately comprehend this phenomenon in the arena of athletics. but also in the game of athletics. I can instantaneously tell who will be gunning for par and who will be spending time searching for their ball in the woods. predictable. On some level. Allow me to use one of my favorite sports to elaborate upon the subtle. you know in the blink of an eye. Once your antennae are up and you are focused on the body language in sports. and I mean anytime. In the same way that a woman can evaluate if you're cool or not before you've ever spoken a word. Specifically. . the body language of the golfer's SET UP when merely standing over the ball. because most men grew up playing sports and not practicing coolness with beautiful women. LLC.:: 1:: Watch and Learn Body language never lies. An Rights Reserved. I can tune into the body language of golfers and unconsciously recognize the subtleties and nuances of a good golf set up with just a quick glance. How can I accurately evaluate this BEFORE ever seeing a golfer's swing. not just in the game of pickup.

Just watch him walk down the fairway. not for too long). you have probably WATCHED Tiger Woods play at least a little golf on television. received golf instruction. SET UP to hit a golf shot. to determine if you will be chosen for a woman's proverbial team. when you are standing up against the wall at the bar (hopefully. Does this sound anything like what a (i':) 2006 Copyright. or have seen a picture of a golfer in a magazine (I know. you know the importance of starting from the ground up and getting set up for the swing. unless you've been living under a rock during the past 10 years. she can size you up injust a heartbeat. . talk to his caddie and at the most fundamental level. but as the captain. read a putt. So.::2:: J never seen before. based simply on your body language. BOlly Language of Athletes For those of you who have ever played golf. Guess what. you might struggle to put a finger on or articulate this difference. you had to choose who you wanted on your team-was it really difficult to tell who was going to be up at the top of the order and who was going to be riding the bench? Of course not. All Rights Reserved. you knew instantly and intuitively who the best players/athletes were just by the way they were standing up against the wall and waiting to get picked for the team. while you would probably feel a visceral difference between him and Tiger Woods. However. Just look at golfmg greats like Tiger Woods and Ernie Els standing over the ball and you will likely be able to tell that they are the body language golfmg equivalents to James Bond. if 1 also showed you a picture of the SET UP of an average golfer. Mason Communications. LLC. he just LOOKS like the best golfer on the course and I'm not even talking about his actual swing. you don't see them in Maxim very often). Time and time again.

you KNOW he is going to make the shot. The same could be said for Derek Jeter when he calmly steps into the batter's box in a clutch playoff situation. his inner body radiates poise and you KNOW that he will come through with a hit. based just on the way he walks back onto the court. this same body language confidence could also be applied regarding athletic success across all sports. His nickname is the Big Easy and it has nothing to do with New Orleans and everything to do with the relaxed and flowing nature with which he gracefully moves on the golf course and in life. LtC.::3:: woman might say when she is asked to observe the difference between a man with confident body language and one with ordinary body language? Another great golf example of body language is Ernie Els who carries himself in a different kind of confident way. you could instead be the smooth and effortless Ernie Els/George Clooney type. . athletic golfer's SET UP and how it relates to powerful and winning body language with women: Steps to All-Star BOlly Language i. While we have looked at the sport of golf to this point. All Rights Reserved. Enough talk about athletes and celebrities. When seeing Michael Jordan come off the bench after a timeout at the end of a game. so even if your personality and body language doesn't necessarily reflect the dominant and aggressive Tiger Woods/Colin Farrell type. let's get down to the nuts and bolts by dissecting the finer points of the confident.. 2006 CopyrightMason Comrnunications. Good body language transcends sport and can come in all shapes and sizes.

LLC. making solid eye contact with the ball and be sure not to fidget or shake with any part of your body. (Golfing legend Ben Hogan used to say that he could actually tell how good a golfer was by looking strictly at his hands and how he placed them on the ~ • club). Additionally. jaw relaxed. you should have a tallness in your legs with a slight flex in the knees so that you're your lower body feels relaxed. you should be standing tall and taking up space with a nice wide stance (if you are hitting the driver) whereby. Next.. your chest is out and your shoulders are back. naturally knowing what to do or even understanding them from looking at a picture in a magazine? Probably not. ideally. • From there. Once in this position. From there. softness with your hands to further ensure that you are tension-free. would any new golfer be able to tune into these intricate details. you must have your weight balanced and evenly distributed between your heels and toes. your head neck and back should be in alignment and at a slight angle. .::4:: • First. Does this description of the confident golf setup seem like it could slightly resemble alpha male body language with women? I think so. 'D 2006 Copyright. you should keep your head still. Mason Communications. yet dynamic. But. when gripping the golf club. All Rights Reserved.. • • Moving right along.. there should also be a strong. Your hips should be open in a vulnerable position. the arms should hang naturally at your sides and be fully extended without any signs of tightness. your feet are slightly wider than shoulder width apart. you could stand this way for hours and always feel ready to hit the ball down the fairway at a moment's notice .

a woman doesn't need to be super-socialite Paris . attractive overall body language. any betting man could predictably determine the likelihood of a negative result or performance in the athlete. pecking and leaning in incessantly when talking to a girl). before he actually swung it. After watching this body language disaster (reminiscent of the guy at the bar who is anxiously swaying from side to side.c ::J:. discomfort and doubt. - The same goes for men learning the art of self-assured. Butch Harmon to ascertain the golf confidence level of Sergio Garcia. Fortunately for guys who weren't always great with women. the flip side of the coin should also be considered. On a practical level. nervously gripping and re-gripping the club over and over again for periods of 30-60 seconds. do you really have to know ANYTHlNG about golf to predict that Sergio wasn't going to win any golf tournaments until he got this significantly noticeable physical quirk fixed? Of course not. In the same way. I now understand that this bodily form of everyday confidence is a learnable skill that can be conveyed through practice and awareness. Confidence is manifested through the body and you don't need to be golf instructor extraordinaire. Bad body language can often be easy to spot and once this kink in the armor is detected. Conclusion In examining the importance of body language in athletes. Once observed. professional golfer Sergio Garcia went through a rough patch in his game when he would literally stand over the ball. like me. we then intuitively interpret this bad body language as revealing feelings of insecurity. just by looking at him.

. . So. until the day arrives when you are ready to play your game. These skills will often feel uncomfortable or awkward at first because they are new to you. men or women?" to tell how cool he is . Mason Communications. it won't matter if you are on the tee at the 18th hole of the Masters with a one stroke lead or you are talking to Heidi Klum at a fashion show. the office. they can be learned and practiced (in the mirror. eventually. positions and movements will become fully internalized. But. but once you are more aware of them.is 2006 Copyright.::6:: Hilton to detect if you are a man who has confident body language-Rosie O'Donnell could tell just as easily . unconscious and automatic.. Hopefully. or even on the driving range). LtC AU Reserved. now you can see why I don't need to see a golfer take a full swing to know how good he is or why a woman doesn't need to hear a guy say to her "Who lies more. over time these postures.. whereby you are not used to consistently using your body in this way. at the bar. your body will be confidently prepared for any situation. . It's always appeared difficult to hone in on the many subtleties of both solid body language in sports and solid body language in pickup.. at the bookstore.


C Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 01 Notes: Overview • Give you a Real-World Understanding how Physical Interest is Generated in Women • Show you techniques to build your Physical Confidence • Show you how to Build Your Intuition • Give you a specific program to achieve greater Physical Confidence in One Month Is Attracting Women Hard? • I'm talking about Physical Interest • First and foremost we want a woman to be interested in us physically -1© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .

is it Who he is. or What He Did? • Ask Ladies • If ten guys employ the same strategy do they get the same results? • If one guy could somehow employ ten reasonable strategies. on the same girl under the same situation.2© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . that he felt comfortable with. the more powerful the result will generally be .Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 01 Notes: If a Guy Attracts a Woman. would he get generally similar results? VVhen Seeing a Real PickUp • The great ones happen very quickly and that's how attraction works • Other stages of courtship work the same way • The less 'Techniques' used to get your result.

. not just Study • Physical Interest is based on micromovements. and can not be articulated in a non-emotional medium My Story • Worked on this alone for seven years with very simple strategies • Eventually learned and developed more sophisticated techniques and started teaching • Techniques worked for me and some others. 2006 Mason Communications LLC . not four years .3€. but not everyone • Most "Cool Guys" I met who were good with women didn't have many techniques • Exercises did work • Takes four months.L· Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 01 Notes: Knowledge Won't Do It! • We want Physical Interest from Women • Becoming Attractive is a Physical Change • A Physical Change Requires Exercise.

Who here has spent hours reading/thinking about/practicing what they might SAY when they meet a member of the opposite Sex? • What about the girls? .Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 01 Notes: "Naturals" Communicate Attractiveness Through PERFECT Mechanisms • Body Language • Facial Expression • Voice Tonality • Use of Psychological Space • Use of Friendly Touching Contest . your posture or the way you perform certain movementswith grace and composure? .Experts Agree that these non-verbal mechanisms accounts for 80 .95% of all communication .How many you have spent time thinking about your walk.4© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .

. Science has shown Physical Attraction to be visually based This is because Females body's have always been responsible for delivering and nurturing a healthy baby In women ... This explains Wriy confidence is such an important factor .. the Women still have the scientists confused This is because males have served different roles in children's survival I believe attraction for Women is at least partially based on empathy.. at least not for long How Attraction Works In Men .Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 01 Notes: Perfect Mechanisms • Ever seen animals play fight? These mechanisms have ancient evolutionary structures • Never bad paparazzi pictures of cool guys • Coolest friend will always look cooler in all your pictures • Being Cool or confident can't be faked .5© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .. Not surprisingly.

AII useful techniques.AII other techniques won't work (for long) without a certain amount of confidence . unlike other skills you might learn with women Physical Confidence.Confidence is NOTjust one of the Skills that you Learn . 'techniques' are no longer necessary . 2006 Mason Communications LLC .Confidence is the center of the wheel • • • • • • Approaching women Opening up conversation Banter/flirting Building a connection Seduction How you dress/present yourself . at their core. are simply confidence building exercises -6(G.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 01 Notes: Instant and fleeting • Women's attraction mechanism are 'Always on' • Yours need to be to 'Always On' as well • Being Confident is generally always on. The Core of the Attractive Man . •With true confidence.

and when another guys does the exact some thing he gets to go home with the Dallas Cheerleaders \. mental.Dictionary Definition: body language • body language: n. postures.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 01 Notes: Definitions . employed by people who really don't understand either of these types of interactions • Body language: A general term used by dating coaches to describe why when one guy does something girls run for the hills.. The gestures._ . -. -7 ~')2006 Mason Communications LLC . and facial expressions by which a person manifests various physical. or emotional states and communicates non-verbally with others • body language: n : communication via the movements or attitudes of the body The Mason Dictionary • Body language: A confusing term lumping two completely different types of interactions together..

Language is my backup for ~etting information and solving relationship problems. even in life or death situations -8© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .Example: Girl Says she 'Has a boyfriend' · Is she bored when she says it? · Is she flirting when she says it? · Is she agitated? · Is she staying close to you when she says it? · Is she resolute. not my primary mechanism . it's 'information' is very reliable. NOT conscious communication • Since it is NOTconsciously controlled. it can actually be destructive to communication . and visa versa • It is a constant transition of your actual state from your body to that of the other person.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 02 Notes: Some thoughts about Language .Language can be a barrier to understanding. rather it constantly transmits your 'physical state' from your body to the audience. matter of fact when she says it? · Is she disappointed when she says It? Let's look at the 'Body' Part of 'Body Language' • By 'Body' I'm including the parts of the brain that are that are not a part of conscious thought • This is the part of the brain that controls most emotional activity and most detailed movement • The 'Body' doesn't 'communicate' by conscious choice.

9© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . • This is very small portion of body language • The small amount of 'Body Language' that goes from one persons conscious mind to another is not near 'perfect'. It is as unreliable as verbal communication . • This 'Physical Transmission' of a persons 'State' is not 75 . Most 'Body Language' goes right to the Body. and is essential in determining how we feel about them • This is an Instinctual Ability that we all have and rely on it MUCH more then we realize L· . it's a filter that all information about a person is processed through • Their Physical State eventually affects our State.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 02 Notes: Let's Look at the 'Language' Part of 'Body Language' • The word implies deliberate communication from one persons conscious mind to another persons conscious mind • Deliberately using your body to convey information.as a result it will never be the source of physical interest from a woman The Term 'Body Language' is Inaccurate for our Purposes • Traditional Language goes through the Conscious mind.. and Subconscious.95% communication. Emotions..

and get an intuitive feel for their state. Average Joe on the Street • Momentary Emotional State • Fear or anxiety • TIred or Uninterested • Having fun • Drunk • On fire! Unstoppable Love Machine • In this Program You'll learn how to Continually and Permanently Raise your Baseline Confidence Level · You'll also learn to control your Momentary Emotional State How it Really works • Your Conscious Mind uses thoughts and words to communicate with other minds. Left completely on its own.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 02 Notes: Your Physical State . this is literally useless in generating physical interest from a woman • Your emotional center uses your body to transmit states to other people. -10© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .Your Physical State is based on two Factors. Your Baseline Confidence Level and your Momentary Emotional State • Baseline Confidence Level • Donald Trump Vs. This process often generates physical interest on its own. Language is usually (but not always) required to progress things past the physical interest phase.

Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 02

Near-Perfect Ways of Reading Body Language
• Your body has a near-perfect mechanism for reading an amazing spectrum of social cues • How cool you are can be measured by recording other peoples natural interactions with you, even better then if you asked them afterword • This mechanism is always active, however you are (most likely) rarely aware of it • My experience has been that you can train your connection to this mechanism amazingly quickly if you pay attention to it and trust it • You will find you are 'right' about things long before you can explain how you knew

Conscious Ways of Reading Body Language
• Most Body Language experts love lists of things that tend to be associated with different emotion • Physical Interest is associated with female hairflipping, lip-licking, pupils dilating, hips-facingtowards-you movements ... and, of course, touching • Those are useful things to know to train your connection with your near perfect mechanism • In the moment with an attractive women, however, counting hair-flips and measuring hipangles will KILL any chemistry you might have had

-11© 2006 Mason Communications LLC

Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 02

Conscious Physical Communication )
• A LOT of people talk about what to do Consciously • Conscious movements lacking Emotional Power will rarely stimulate Empathy. More often it seems insincere, off, or creepy • Examples: Telling a joke when you're in a bad mood, or using a 'sincere' pickup line on a girl you don't feel a connection with • Conscious Communication Lacks Emotional Quality, Or generates negative Emotional Quality • Conscious movements accompanied by Emotional Power will work

Unconscious Physical Communication
• Comprised of Emotion and Empathy • Has tremendous Emotional Power, but rarely works on the conscious level • The body transmits your physical state through facial expressions, micro-movements, posturer breath, sweat, scent, and especially voice tonality.

-12 © 2006 Mason Communications LLC

Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 02

The Mind Does NOT 'Control' the Body... At Best It Simply Gives Instructions
.Once Instructed, the body takes over in a matter dependent upon your physical state .Your level of control is higher the more comfortable you are with the task
• Driving or walking somewhere New • Driving or walking to a familiar Place

Your body will often override your conscious mind even at a high level
• Driving or walking to the WRONG familiar place

How Does this Work for Women?
• You might notice I don't recommend you read a lot of books on Picking Up Chicks • Work on the 'Body' part more then you work on the 'Mind' part • Your 'body' creates physical interest, women's minds then explain it using society's most acceptable reasons. Women often describe a man's best physical traits as what is attractive since that is easiest way to be specific. • Experienced women drop the explanations altogether and just say 'He's hot' or 'He's smooth'.

-13© 2006 Mason Communications LLC

.The Sixth Sense ._-' Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 02 Notes: Empathy . or 'Hearing' or 'Touching' someone with a distinct sense. • Nervous • Confident • Bored Empathy Isn't Really A 'Sense' • It is a completely different way of processing ALL of our senses by our Body rather then our Mind • All evidence shows that it affects our decisions and actions MOREthen our conscious Mind • Becauseour body 'Reacts' Rather then 'Interprets'. Most often. • This 'Feeling' is a filter that all our other 'senses' go through before they get interpreted by our conscious mind. • Instead of 'Seeing'. -14© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . we simply 'Feel' a way about someone. am I. we never really know what sense triggered the effects we feel. ALL Senses act together to create empathy.1'11approach.i j -..

Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 02

Empathy is the Best Way to Build Classic 'Rapport'
• Lot's of self-help books describe the process of 'building rapport' with a person by matching their body posture, breathing, and rate of speech • I did this consciously on interviews and with women. It probably worked on some level, but also interrupted our connection. • The best value was it raised my awareness of others • Now I find just trying to get on the same 'vibe' or 'wavelength' as another person, this creates the same effect without the disconnect of stopping to logically analyze the interaction

Is Confidence a State of Mind?
• Ladies, how long does it take you to figure out if a guy is confident? • Do you have to 'Think' about it? • I can tell someone's confidence level from across the street • I can tell a students confidence from a glance across the bar • I can tell a students confidence by his voice

-15 -

c 2006

Mason Communications LLC


Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 02

Confidence is NOT one of the Techniques you Learn
• It is the quality that determines the likely-hood of any strategy's success

• Is detected near-perfectly by observing the physical body in movement • Is controlled by physical body • For me personally it is commonly NOTcorrelated with 'Confident Voices in the Head'

-16© 2006 Mason Communications LLC




Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 03

Body Language 'Rules'
· What Body Language Rules have we heard about attracting women?
• Don't face women directly

· The only real 'Rules' are the ones that affect your own state • Is one approach angle better then any other?

~ ~




What Rules Can Be Broken?
• Don't Lean In
• Doesn't matter so much what I say next, what matters is that she wants to know what I'm going to say next.

• Don't Face Girls • How do I Approach
• Dorky vs. Cool Version of all of these approaches

-17 © 2006 Mason Communications LLC

Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 03 Notes: People want to Logically Understand this Stuff • There are some areas where logic can help • Eventually you have to feel you are going to make progress • Use the rules to train your connection to your body's natural instincts • When you think the rules. • The Rules of Deconstruction -18 © 2006 Mason Communications LLC .A mind communicating with a mind • Emotion . you are shutting off your ability to tap into that Communication Vs.One Body communicating with another • Children and women are better • "Follow your instincts and ignore the rules" is far better then"Foliow the rules and ignore your instincts" • Use the rules to tap into your instincts • Know something is wrong before you can explain why. Emotion • Communication .

then you're not practicing correctly • Some guys make false Progress .Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 03 Notes: Training Your Body • Up Your Baseline Confidence • Control Your Emotional State Notes on Learning Physical Confidence . Your Body will fight you • If Your body isn't fighting you.) 2006 Mason Communications LLC . If your body isn't fighting you then go to the next step -19i\.

• Don't Twitch • Avoid Unnecessary Movement Sitting • Take up space • Asymmetric • Lean back.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 03 Notes: Guidelines of Physical Confidence • Hold in your energy. but no Slouching! Ir .20© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .

21© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . My Normal .Slow down more deliberately • Bring up Girls and James . Other peoples Normal . My Ideal • Students Turn • Half speed • Feel the Fear Testing your Body Language • Playa game of 'Cool Chicken' • Seeing if people bump in to you or walk around you • How much space do they tend to give you? .[ \__/ Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 03 Notes: Openinq .

l ) Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 04 Notes: Walking o o o o o o o o When you're walking in a social setting slow down Have your heels make contact with the floor first Keep your heels one over the other so your face is straight Take up space with your arms Keep some energy in your hands This is 'a cool way to way to walk' not 'THE way to walk' Walking and planting Walking through crowds Hands: What Not To Do • No Defensive Gestures • No fidgeting! • No hands in pockets unless you have to • Keep majority of gestures at waist level • Keep big gestures slow • Don't hold drinks up high -22© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .

23© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .The environment • Loud • Crowded • Her clothes • Her friends • Her movements • You control • Distance • Body Angle • Head angle • Eye Contact • Physical Touching L- . Using Video And Mirrors • Can be helpful • Mirrors better for practice • Video good for inspiration • Can line your mirrors with pictures of hot chicks if you want • Dancers do this to train their instincts. then they trust their instincts • How you feel is more important then how you look .) Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 04 Notes: Psychological space .

2006 Mason Communications LLC .) Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 04 Notes: Societal Ranges • People have wide ranges of the 'distance' of psychological space that is comfortable • When someone has 'closer' static distance they are at first perceived as intimidating • If the tendency to be comfortable is greater then someone else's discomfort then they tend to be seen as magnetic and powerful • The person with the most confidence in their range of closeness wins Body Positioning •Who's facing who more? · I like to use less energy the smaller the group is • Move mid conversation to get women to move ..24- «:.

or touch Body Facing Head Facing The last person who spoke The hand can handle two to three people So that's a way to use your body to keep six people's attention • Practice this! It's okay .25- c 2006 Mason Communications LLC ..) L Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 04 Notes: Ways to Keep Attention • • • • • • • Hand Point Lean against.. watch MTV or whatever and do what they do with their bodies until you can feel the way they feel .Spend time mimicking cool people. L .

he's going to scare her to death Different Communities Perspectives ..26© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .. Scientists • Much of what scientists have discovered is already completely obvious to a cool guy • Internet Communities • Focus on Rules. These terms are distant from terms that we relate to emotionally .) Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 04 Notes: Confidence Can Be Portrayed in Many Ways • New Guy • Have to do lot's of stuff • Okay guys • Do less but strong things • The Big Boss Man • Be the welcoming host • Brad Pitt Calls a girl a Brat and mimics her liking him.

charisma and confidence that is basically perfect • Studying the actual responses of real people The Entertainment Industry gets this Better then Scientists and Community Guys • Because they have learned to train their gut • If you don't have it you don't survive • In the other communities.) Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 04 Notes: An Experiment. the more you study the 'obvious'. the more you are recognized as a genius . . •What if you could test different images (video and audio) with a large sample of the public and measure people's responses to them? . the more you don't have it..27- e 2006 Mason Communications LLC .There actually is a well honored study of attractiveness. the more time you spend explaining the 'obvious'.

Dancing classes.28© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .) Lj Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 04 Notes: A Word on Acting and Modeling • Actors do not pretend. Acting classes. Performance • Is definitely helpful • Critical if you find yourself resistant to progress • Not a substitute for making progress in your daily life • Not necessary if you're are making progress through activities in your daily life . they embrace a character • To do this they have to find the character inside themselves • Physical Habits • St~e • Flat-line emotional state Improv.

Approach normally Approach more confident • More uncomfortable Let's do this exercise right now • Stand normally • Stand cooler then you are • Get to the point where you feel a little uncomfortable .29© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .Basics • Relaxed natural self confidence • Frame of women chasing us • Slow • Deliberate • Take up space • Asymmetric.) Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 05 Notes: The Perfect Coach . avoid looking boxy • Congruent and expressive face • Lean against something if you can L Can't Just Try to be More Confident .

30© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .-You Should Always Strive for 'Alpha' Body Language • Person • Situation .) Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 05 Notes: Showing Off Your Confidence • Always be looking for opportunities to do hard things "--.

Your personal Coach Introductory Kino .31© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .) Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 05 Notes: Lean into the feeling of Being Arrogant • Be careful not to just lean into discomfort • You feel nervous when you are cooler or more cool • You need to learn the distinctions .What .Why • Activate the kinesthetic part of their brain · Intensify emotions and link them to you · Make the group feel MOREcomfortable with you · Can even get away with more kino in the future • Can get away with very playful stuff .

f Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 05 Notes: How to do Introductory Kino • Early • Easily • Everyone Early • As if you were a really outgoing guy saying 'Hi' to good friends you haven't seen in a while • Has to be a part of peoples first impression of you."_.32© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . "Hey. • If you wait it will be awkward. People will think. what changed?" .

but spread the love • Generally awkward to 'reach through conversation' to touch someone • In groups of girls and guys.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 05 Notes: Easily • Practice with your friends • Has to be natural • Timing of initiation is key • Don't hold for too long Everyone • Not LITERALLYeveryone. Usually I try to touch the guy first to seem more friendly and put everyone off guard . touch a girl and a guy.33© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .

and Everyone • The Frame is "Good friends you haven't seen in a while" • Hi Five. which is very smooth • This 'light touch' powerfully communicates that you understand how to touch women . tap at the opener • Hi Five detail • Open entire groups • Opener: Do you like Karaoke? Touching Girls • Generally use the back of the hand touching the side of their arm is usually the most comfortable • Be VERY light with girls. playful handshake.34- c 2006 Mason Communications LLC .Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 05 Notes: Opening Kino Examples • Early. I try to visualize just touching their clothing if I can • Eventually you can do this without really looking. pinky swear. Easily. knuckles.

False Kiss.(' Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 05 Notes: Touching Guys • This is harder. you are introducing yourself as friendly. etc. palm down. Carrying Girls.35© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . but very confident ~: t • • • • • • • Early Kino Examples Hockey Check Arm around Isolation techniques Moving Girls Spin her away from other people Moving Girls Around The Bold Moves: Spanking. Dips. you can touch the arm as before • You can also touch the shoulder. . Fake fighting. get a slight squeeze and push • This is universal cool guy greeting • By initiating contact.

.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 05 Notes: Test for Physical Interest • This Test has to be physical (Duh!) and it has to be DISCRETE so it is not a performance (or an embarrassment) • Discrete physical communication between body's. then squeeze. then try to GENTLY interlock fingers. if she squeezes back. 'Society' and 'Conscious Mind' Are not invited to tne party • You want to touch her hand with yours below everyone else's field of vision. let go and try again later • There is nothing wrong with trying this multiple times if you never made her uncomfortable with it • If you get a 'hot' response. stop it at it's peak. Now you both know you like each other. Escalating the Hand Test • If she holds your hand. • Intense Prolonged Eye Contact is the only other test I know of that meets these requirements.36© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .s soon as you get a 'limp' response from her. • You can ONLY do this with someone your body wants to get closer to • ft. so everything else will be easier. You can even step in front of this and put your hand behind her back.

and PAYATIENTION to how it feels.37© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .(. Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 05 Notes: Ways to Use the Hand Test • You can drop your hand from a 'high five' • If her arm is down you can just put your hand over her elbow and drop it down • Just reach out to her as a way to say goodbye .. comfortable. that can make it awkward . Kino Escalation (Projecting Relationship) • Only do this after you have established physical interest with the hand test • Very familiar. and relaxed • Is NOT "staged" or planned.. You may not want to leave after all.

make sure she is comfortable Using Kino to Open Difficult Sets • I generally open with light touching • If the girls are boxed together this is essential • Use a very light touch on the shoulder .If you direct things forward. you can get away with anything • Girl you are already Dating .Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 05 Notes: The Three "D"s of Kino Escalation · Discreet • Demonstration of the way the entire relationship will progress • This a great 'First Impression' for any future physical contact you might have · Dynamic • Escalate.38(&'J 2006 Mason Communications LLC . the pull away • VVhen she laughs.

• You do not move a girl.39(\. or move towards her yourself .Three Strategies • As soon as you KNOW she's ready • Do it anyway to send a message • As soon as you can Moving Girls Towards Me • Don't do this unless she has already demonstrated a willingness to be close to you.2006 Mason Communications LLC . you give her an instruction to move • Make the instruction clear by pulling her about an inch with two fingers • Then you can leave your fingers on lightly to guide her...-/ Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 06 Notes: How to Know When to Kiss .

Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 06 Notes: Reading Women's Communications • Girl Looks • During the Approach • Losing Interest • Someone Else Approaches • Handling the girl whispers Reading Couples • Have couples play different roles • • • · • • Friends Good 1 st Date Bad 1st Date Bad PickUp Good PickUp Bad Relationship .40© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .

') 2006 Mason Communications LLC .41il.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 06 Notes: Key Emotions to Recognize In Women • Good reactions • Overly Flirtatious • Genuinely Liking the Guy • Annoyed but Polite • Not so Good Reactions • Bored • Nervous or uncomfortable • The more oonfldent you are relative to her the more nervous she will beoome • In the midst of a serious conversation • Play Fighting The Face Face is the most Direct Connection Between Physiological and Psychological State • Newborn babies respond to faces • Turn the mouth upside down and they don't respond • Smile Exercise: literally Impossible to Feel bad .

no relaxed jaw . . 'Good Housekeeping' type magazine.42© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . Cool magazines . strongest muscle • It is also a powerful regulator of your psychologicalstate. I call it the gateway to intimacy • In movies we all know that when we see a relaxed jaw it's on! • Look at magazines... L- Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 06 Notes: Eyes • Girls know where you look even when they can't see • Looking around the room is the best way to show you're not going to make them uncomfortable • \Nhen you want to check a woman out do it deliberately Jaw • The jaw is the densest.all jaws relaxed.

Don't push or pull it down.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 06 Notes: How to Relax the Jaw • Just let it relax. l ~. • Your mouth will open a bit. Your tongue will go against the bottom teeth.43~~2006 Mason Communications LLC . this is a sure-fire way to regulate your physical state • • • • . keep the energy moving • You will get it for just a bit. L-Expressions Practice'The Funniest Guy in the Room' Practice 'The Smirk' Practice'The Pornstar' For all of these it helps to pump your head. and this will train you to do it • No more 'off' nights". It feels uncomfortable but doesn't look bad. Your breath will deepen. . then you will have to force it • Keep forcing it.

C Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 07 Notes: • Unwelcome Emotional States to Recognize in Yourself • Comfortable • The Feeling of Losing It • The feeling of realizing you're cooler then someone else • The feeling of realizing someone else is cooler then you • The Thrill of 'Leaning Into' Your Fear • The Disconnect of 'Diving Head-first' into Fear ·Successful people tend to make decisions by listening to their bodies -44- e 2006 Mason Communications LLC .

celebrity. Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 07 Notes: Traits of Confident People .Affect others emotional state more then you are affected • Example: Donald Trump and Average Joe • What if an Average Joe switched places with Donald Trump? . less confident people dislike the changes . positions .45© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . wealth.Confidence is a unique thing Confidence is responsible for much of the effectiveness of such things as fame.What happens to a guy who gets money? • He changes or he loses it • Same is true for a guy who gets better with girls • Confident people like the changes.\_"'.

• Physical Anchors • Martial Arts Story t:: ~. L-Confidence is Based on Deliberate.c\ Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 07 Notes: Secrets' to Faking Confidence .46© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . Comfortable.'-' ~.Confidence is 'Hard to Develop' • You Practice confidence in Bars and Clubs • Don't have a strategy to develop confidence .Short cuts . . Vulnerably • Not Forced and Exaggerated vulnerability .Some nights you're 'On' and some nights you're 'Off' ~ ~ ~ . ~f ~ ~-~2_.

47- "------ © 2006 Mason Communications LLC . Confidence · Charisma is the more 'Active' side of confidence · The more confident you get the less you have to use your Charisma • Ex.L. even though we don't see it much (or at all) Different Expressions of Confidence • Money/Career • Values/Ethics • Sexual Confidence • Way of Living • Uniqueness . Class Clown always using charisma. often as a cover up for a lack in confidence • Donald Trump is capable of charisma (I believe). Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 07 Notes: Charisma Vs.

. Individual's Feelings about You will Change • Confidence .to someone who has less it may seem like attitude • To the more confident .Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 07 Notes: As you Change.48© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . But not TOO much more ..others might seem childish • You mayor may not want to hang out with your old friends • Your old friends mayor may not want to hang out with you • Most Women want to be with a guy more confident then they are .

Most of the Otherswill Not Be Fulfilledin their Marriage L How do You Practice Physical Skills? • How to create physical change • Practice in Relaxed Environments THEN Perform under pressure • Train the "Right thing" NOT "Everything" and train one thing at a time • Do it consistently throughout your day -49© 2006 Mason Communications LLC .Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 08 Notes: 50 Year Challenge • 85% of men have No Controlover their Love Life • Most Guys\MIl Get Divorced.

Shave off a little of step 1 • Remember it's better to go through many environments. I'm just here for intellectual stimulation • I don't agree with this approach at all.Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 08 Notes: Excuses • I'm confident enough.If this won't help you. Lance • Lance has a great approach. but it won't work for me . you're screwed! • I have some reservations with this Plan -Change it. . • I'm 'Too Busy' .50© 2006 Mason Communications LLC . If you stay in one place too long you get stuck in your old self.

manageable and painless..PickUp101.2006 Mason Communications LLC . reliable. What You Can Do Right Now · Sign up for ProfessionalTraining (www..e Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 08 Notes: What I Can Do For You • Give you this skill years earlier then you could otherwise get it on your own • Give it to you quicker and easier than anyone else • I can make it quick.51 ~ ~.com) ·Meet someonetonight and set a time to go out ·Join a new social group and try out your "new" identity · Brag to your friends about how good you are ·Talk to the people here tonight . • I can't make it comfortable.

-~L\ Lance Mason's Physical Confidence DVD 08 Notes: DON'T Trust Yourself. give yourself permission • Retrain the old environments • Work more difficult environment . Your Body will Outsmart you Every Time • Find a venue where you can develop it.521£' 2006 Mason Communications LLC .L .

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