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Investment for Dummies 3

Investment for Dummies 3

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Published by: selvan11747498 on Apr 17, 2012
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My3ren Investment for Dummies Organizing Committee 3rd Meeting DATE TIME VENUE Present : : : : 13th September 2011

8.30pm Zazen Center at Kota Damansara Praseth K, Uma Devi, Maniselvan, Feung, Victor., Jennifer Eu, Gopal

Absent with Apologies ITEM 1 2 3


Sarita absent with apologies MATTERS ARISING/ACTION PERSON Uma and Jennifer PK info

A total of 80 promised guests Confirmed 3 Guests Speakers Ramesh proposed to use the collection method of Payment to You available though Maybank Proposed not to have more than 5 speakers at the event.. Email Blasts was finalized

4 5




Council Members were given extra tickets to sell



He will supply template to Victor.. Gopal 2 . 2nd Floor.7 Jennifer to work with Shalini on the collection method of Payment by Maybank Jennifer 8 Agree to track the latests sale of tickets at next meeting Praseth K 9 Next meeting is set on Tuesday 20th Sept at 8. All 10 Gopal proposed to use the Friends to Mankind minutes of meeting format.00pm at Zazen Center at Kota Damansara.

Respectfully submitted by. Victor Lim All 3 .11 Appreciation and Thanks to all present at the meeting.

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