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Case Summary

Suresh Kumar was a production manager at singer industries limited. Company was a noida based electrical appliances company. Company required some new supervisers for the plant.


HR manager was screening the candiadte for the aptness of the job. After screening HR manager sent candidates to suresh kumar.Case Summary • Suresh was the authority for hiring the new candidates. • • 4/17/12 .

the • • . Immediately HR manager called to Suresh and trying convince him for 4/17/12 immidiate interview. Subba Rao wanted to relocate himself from pune to noida because his family lives there.Case Summary • On Friday afternoon HR manager found an engineering graduate Subba Rao whom he thought is the best suitable person for the job.

Ranga Rao arrvied and introduce himself before the suresh.Case Summary • Surersh hesitated at the moment but he agrees as the HR director is saying him to take the intrview . • • . Suresh was busy at the moment but he warmly greeted the candiate and told him to wait for a while as he was busy in making some urgent phone 4/17/12 calls.

He was achiever of the best suggestion award from previous multinational firm.Case Summary • Fifteen minutes afterwards conversation restarted between the two again. 4/17/12 • • . Ranga rao was a quite impressive candidate as he was having merit certificate.

4/17/12 • .Case Summary • He seems to crack production manager’s question quite rapidly and in a very satisfactory and effective way. Suresh was very impressed in the meanwhile a superviser opened door and said to sureh that they were having a problem on line number 5 and they needed his help.

The same thing happened for the next 40 minutes. After few minutes a series of phone calls again interrupted him. • • 4/17/12 .Case Summary • Suresh left the cadidate immidiately and joined him after 15 minutes for the further interview.

Suresh said to call him after a week while pickin up another call.Case Summary • • Rao felt a bit of embarrassment . Rao said to Suresh that he needed to live as he had to catch the train to pune at 9 P.M. • 4/17/12 .

Highlights Of The Case • Without any prior information HR director sent the candidate to the production manager. In spite of hesitating the production manager gave the approval for the interview. It 4/17/12 shows a lack of discipline in the • • . Without knocking at the door the supervisor opened the door of Suresh for informing about the problem.

Highlights Of The Case • Throughout the interview there was a seriers of interruptions. 4/17/12 • . Subba Rao was embarrassed as he gave the excuse for living the interview that he had to catch the train at 9pm but it could be clearly seen that the interview was taking place at afternoon.

What specific policies might a company follow to avoid interviews like this one? Answer.Answers Question 1.The company can appoint a panel including Hr person and appropriate 4/17/12 persons from the concern department . As we know that production is a very busy activity so to avoid such kind of interviews we can do the following: 1.

3.If the interviews are taken by the Production manager itself then he should clearly define a time of 4/17/12 .Answers 2.Only a single person should not be whole and sole responsible for taking the interview so the authority for the same should be delegated to 2 or more persons so that if one person is not available then another can take the interview.

No persons should be allowed to enter in room where interview is going on 5.In case production manager himself is taking interview and has delegated 4/17/12 his authority and responsibility to other .Routine and daily problem should be handled by supervisor and other first line manager it should not directly come to production manager. 6.Answers 4.

Explain why Suresh and not Anil should make the selection decision Answer: Anil is an Hr Director and he can judge candidate by his achievements acquired by him during the work only but he doesn’t no the technicalities of the job and the minute factors of the job situations on the other hand Suresh is a production manager and he has a lot of 4/17/12 .Answers Question2.

Is it a good policy to pick up candidates through employee referral method? Why? Or why not? Explain the case in the background. Answer.Answers Question3. “referral method is an internal recruitment employed by organizations to identify potential candidate from their existing employees.” it will be a good policy to pick up 4/17/12 candidates through employee referral .

Answers 1.This method provides a platform for young talent meeting opportunities and selection of right person at right place is very much possible in case of 4/17/12 .It saves a lot of time and cost involved in initial screening or preliminiary interview as in this case you can rao was directly reffered by the hr director Anil for the specified post 2.

4. because people generally refer person who has worked at required or similar post.Answers 3.The worth of experience is taken in this method.It also save time and energy of the applicants who are searching for their relevant job. 5. It helps in cross sectional placement which is very much useful technique 4/17/12 and improves relation between various .

4/17/12 .

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