Walter Gorn-Old (1864-1929), under the pseudonym of Sepharial, published numerous scholarly works on western occult arts and philosophy in the early years of this century. This work, published in 1912 describes in detail a system of astrology which is based on the power of names and numbers considered Kabalistically. Elements of Numerology, Kabala, Astrology and Tarot are combined to derive character and life readings. Other classics by Sepharial which are available from Newcastle Publishing are "A MANUAL OF OCCULTISM" and "THE KABALA OF NUMBERS:'








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of this to issue a further

THE remarkable success which has attended

the publication

two editions renders it convenient

edition, and I take this opportunity of drawing attention to one or two points raised in the course of correspondence with my readers. The Twent y-two Maj or Points of the Tarot are, as explained further in my "Manual of Occultism," nothing less than hieroglyphical keys to the stages of Initiation. They represent the Ten, Seven and Three and they culminate in points steps of the Three Degrees of attainment;

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XXI. and XXII., that is to say, in the Crown of the Magi or The Fool. The significance of the perfect numbers 10, 7 and 3 in the stages of Initiation are well marked by X., The Sphinx; XVII., The Star of the Magi; and XX., The Awakening of the Dead. Theyrepresent conquest of the four elements of the natural world-scientific (a) the attain-

ment; (b) the conquest of the sidereal world by a knowledge of cosmic science; (c) the conquest of the spiritual world. These three points or keys remain in their original places in the scheme of the Tarot. Some others have been rearranged. The science of NumberS-Numerology-has recently attracted a great deal of attention in Occult circles. Several important clues to interpretation will be found in these pages. Attention must be given to the question whether the horoscope is diurnal or nocturnal, as if it be diurnal or a "morning" horoscope, the Sun's position must be taken from the calendar for the preceding date. The application of this principle to some of the examples given errors of calculation, but it may in these pages may reveal apparent

be borne in mind that I have in most cases availed myself of the astronomical facts, and have held but indifferently to the Theban Calendar, which, while presenting some anomalies, is deemed sufficiently simple to be of service to those uninstructed in the use of an ephemeris. I take this opportunity of correcting some views of my horoscopes of Cecil Rhodes, and others, whose full names are not employed in the calculations of their respective key numbers. Since it appears that a change of name involves a change of fortune, the substitution of a husband's name for a lady's maiden name reveals by Kabalism the





TO THE SECOND EDITION Similarly, of a name,

nature of the change thus effected in the life and fortunes. new elements into the destiny; and the obscuration

the addition of a name to the baptismal name of a man will int oduce although baptismal, will effect, or be indicative of, a corresponding elimination of certain elements from the career of a person. Cecil John Rhodes was potentially Jack Rhodes, John Rhodes, Cis Rhodes, or Cecil Rhodes. The fact that he graduated as plain Cecil, charges that name with the full import of the destiny.






It is similarly
which is



the case with regard to the baptismal names of Royalty, many of which are traditional, others complimentary, and one only-that the ordinary appellative-of any material significance.


While expressing my appreciation of the many cases submitted to me for solution by the Kabalistic method, I regret that the calls made upon my time do not permit of the individual attention I should like to give them, and I trust, therefore, that these remarks will clear the ground of some difficulties to which my correspondents have referred, and enable them to complete their studies without further trouble.

IN the preparation




of the following work I am indebted to the writings of the French Kabalist and Astrologer, Eliphas Levi, to those of Mons. P. Christian, and the popular work upon the Horoscope by M. Ely Star, who, in conjunction with other Continental Astrologers, has popularized the more extensive and deep researches of the Kabalists, bringing their conclusions into a more or less systematic form. The object of the present Manual is the presentation of this system, which has already attained some standing on the Continent, to English-reading Astrologers. The present revised and enlarged edition of the work will be found to contain examples of the use of Kabalism in connection with Political Astrology, this being an entirely new application of the Power of Numbers and an extension of the Kabalistic System which I feel sure will be of interest to students. New examples have been added to those already published, and the work in its present form will, I trust, meet with the approval of those interested in this phase of occultism



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A SYSTEM of Astrology which is based entirely upon the power of names and numbers, considered Kabalistically, is apparently quite strange to English-reading students of the Astral Science. It is with some confidence, therefore, that I pen a work of this kind to commence a series of Astrological Manuals, believing as I do that every sincere truth-seeker is prepared to recognize whatever of truth there may be in any speculation that has engaged the minds of mystical researchers, or added to the sum of possible knowledge. Kabalistic Astrology is based, as I have said, upon the power of Names and Numbers. Essentially all names are numbers, and all numbers are names; that is to say, the one is resolvable into the other. Thus it is said in the Apocalypse: Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number (name) of a man; and his number is Six hundred three-score and six .. A name is a mantram, an invocation, a spell, a charm. It gains its efficacy from the fact that in pronunciation certain vibrations, corresponding to the mass-chord of the name, are set up ; not only in the atmosphere, but also in the more ethereal substance, referred to by a modem philosopher as mind stuff," whose modifications form the basis for changes of thought. This is evident to us in the fact that names, when. sounded, import to our minds certain characteristics, more or less definite according to the acuteness of our psychometric sense. How different, for instance, are the impressions conveyed to us in the names, "Percy" and "Horatio" in George" and .. Ralph," in "Eva" and .. Ruth." Seeing, then, what different characteristics are conveyed to us in these and other names, it will not seem wholly improbable that a difference of fortune and destiny should go along with them. In Scripture we have evidence of the name carrying with it a peculiar destiny
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"and whatsoever he called them. to the letters which compose them. It is undoubtedly a rational concept. as in the case of Abram and Abraham. she said. and belongs like Percy to the sign Sagittarius. itself without number. what! you. therefore. following the order and nature of their subjective antecedents. By the Kabalists the word Deber was the creative power of the Alhim. engenders them a~l. "the striver. is not only to define a being. it is the Name which completes the generation. Jupiter. and cognises. when Leah brought forth a son." etc. The mathematician will tell us that the infinite in numbers exists. A change of name is accompanied by a change of destiny. as is in the case of Eve (Hevah) "the mother" . who has nothing in common with his creations. they may yet have a reality in the subjective world. which is the receptacle and mirror of all manifestations of being.e. a benediction or a curse. by the . then. God is the great Unity. the planet being then on the horizon. and takes on an objective reality. produces them. poisonful or healthful. the image of that thought engraves itself in the Astral Fluid. all the attributes engendered by Number? The infinity of numbers is a fact proved to your mind. dimensions. The well-known French mystic. Things are. that is to say. which. "the supplanter" . As the Unity. but does not pourtray itself : God is a number possessed of motion. it is said: In the beginning was the Word. would yet investigate the Secret SCiencesthat proceed from Deity? What would it avail.emission of the Verbum. with which he has nothing in common. shall take the name of a family. and this may happen by inheritance or by marriage. . All things were made by Him. The Verbum. i. says in regard to the name conferred upon individuals at the time of the first ceremony or initiation: At the hour of birth something has already had place in the life of the child. says: If the mysteries of the Kabala have no objective reality. Gad means " a horseman. To confer a name.. qualities. or the Word of each man is. and was so esteemed among the Gnostics with whom the Verbum or Logos (the Word) was the Creative Energy. But. nevertheless. to the influence of one or several occult forces." and Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius.<:! render to it present: the-magnetic power of the human speech is the be·ginning of all manifestation in the occult world. and 'Without Him was not anything made which was made. the sevenfold male-female Potency of primeval order. according to the hidden influences that the Supreme Wisdom attaches to their elements. Whoever. an incomprehensible agent." Likewise. But the Kabala affords proof of its canons. P. of Jacob and Israel. and in the naming of the brute creation the animals were brought before Adam to see what he would call them.8 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY INTRODUCTION 9 and of the naming of persons and things according to their dominant characteristics. M. in a sense. but of which no proof whatever can be given materially. Who can neither measure the first Abstraction that God has re:ealed to you. where all number becomes form and sound. and forces. . the thing is the virtue or soul of the symbol. for each of us. Christian. Number. It is the fact that the numerical basis of Kabalism has a significance in the world of causes that makes it possible of demonstration in the world of effects. names are benefic or malefic. and in the system of Astrology which is based upon the numerical value of names we have one of the many examples of practical proof which the "Science of Numbers" affords. !_o utter a word is to evoke a thought an. although unknown to him. "Gad ariseth. When our soul creates or evokes a thought. . takes also the destiny attaching thereto. says Balzac. Ishmael. . Is it a Being. but does not reveal himself. The existence of Number depends upon Unity." and she called the name of him Gad. Yes. As the learned astronomer. The image expresses the thing. So in the Gnostic fragment preceding the Gospel of John.. is it a breath emaned from God for the organizing of the material Universe-where nothing takes its form save by the Divinity-which is an effect of Number? Are not the least as the greatest of created things distinguished from one another by their quantities. is to our Spirit as it is to matter. but also to devote it. and to their correlates in numbers. nor grasp it. and who. that which we make them in the naming. Jacob. that was the name thereof. they are. he is the beginning of numbers. The modern name Walter has a similar signification. Camille Flammarion. that is why ignorance of the properties of the idea and of matter is to us so often direful.

which is the vehicle of our energy and life. and is significant of. the "morning" horoscope belongs to the preceding noon. are those which distinguish the personality of the Native from the common type of the family. Let us proceed I KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY CHAPTER I. and from the noon till midnight is called "evening. The following are the longitudes of the Sun upon the several I. N. and destroyer. that the Astrologer can raise. if the birth have place at 6 a. howsoever little. the "morning" horoscope belongs to the preceding noon. clearly indicating that the KabaIistic record was in harmony with astronomical and astrological canons. In this the Surname stands for. in number and in name.. the Astral Fluid and the Mother-Substance of sublunary things: of these we shall inquire concerning the destiny of man. the Great Athanor of the Mages. as of " great beasts and creeping things" . in form. form. light. so the family name is a type in Sound and Number of a certain destiny attaching to that family. 11 . if between midnight and noon. we shall open up some of the mysteries of the four elements and their mother. heard the mighty breathing of the Deity. the last day of the old year preceding must be taken as that of birth. as was said." while from midnight till the following noon is called" morning. because. it is therefore necessary to set down the full 'Christian and Surname of the Native. The Christian or fore-name. perhaps itself substantial yet beyond our sense-perception. The year of birth will be thus altered. the force that disposes Number? What would it matter did I add that both Motion and Number are engendered by the Word. underlying all substances. as the place of the sun has to be taken at that time according to the calendar which is hereafter set forth. It has been already stated in the Introduction that the name is the basis of the horoscope framed according to the rules of the Kabala. it is a " morning" horoscope. whose form is incognizable . We shall prove the power of Name and of Number. of the Sacred Element of Fire. a person be born at 6 p. whose coming and going is an alternating birth and death to the myriad" lives" which swarm within our physical structure.m." Thus in Scripture it is said. therefore. the fate or destiny attaching to the family whose members hold that name in common. THE REQUIRED DATA. The Sun's Longitude. 2. of the Ocean. "And the evening and the morning were the first day".-In the case of persons born on the rst January in any year.10 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY did I plunge you in the abysms of Motion.. In Astrology the day begins at noon. and manner of bearing.B. the horoscope is called an "evening" one. who. motion. transmuter. and this is important. stature. in ancient times. or names. of the Air. as the Apocalypse testifies ? Let it suffice if we show.m. M oming (W Evening Birth. the Supreme Reason of the Seers and the Prophets. while the several Christian or personal names of the members thereof give to each a distinctive fate which proceeds from the specialized attributes of the Ego inhering in the body of each. heat in one-which interpenetrates the molecular spaces of the densest bodies. mother of the Continents and of the Leviathan. Just as there is a family likeness in point of feature between the several members of one family. The Christian and Surname. the corner of the great veil which hides the mysteries of the future from the eyes of men. and hosts of creatures as yet unknown to us. If. But on the other hand. inexhaustible mother of the human species. in the present work. For the purpose of erecting the Kabalistic Horoscope. 3. in sound. Now observe. Of the fruitful Earth. symbol of the Triune Deity. of the Ether-force. and just as any one member may be distinguished by a certain individuality due to feature. which hitherto has been hidden from us in mysterious symbol. and expressed in the name. creator.

1225 to 1260. 1441 to 1476. N. 28g to 324. 1405 to 1440. 613 to 648. counted from Aries or Libra. 433 to 468. 1477 to 1512.I2 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY days of the year. which continues to rule till 1908. 145 to 180 inclusive. 901 to 936. dommlOn. IZo Aries.D. 829 to 864. ' The ~b<?ve series may be extended to cover any years previous to the Christian Era. which 5 13 . and these will be noted as they occur. but for all practical purpose~ the p~r:od covered will serve. 19o~ to 1944. according as the Moon is coming from the New to the Full. Vl~. October rst = 90 Libra.. etc. the degree corresponding to any other day in the month may be known by simple calculation. 865 to 900. ord.D. But to return. Mars. ' Jupiter opens and closes the years A. August rst = 90 Leo. and one of these for the required year will serve.H. 397 to 432 649 to 684. 325 to 360. Jupiter. 1585 to 1620 1837 to 1872. II 0 Pisces. 1045 to 1080. Moon opens and closes the years A. 1693 to 1728 1945 to 1980. 685 to 720. 1369 to 1404. as many of the calculations from the horoscope are made in respect to the Moon's position. 973 to 1008..B.D. Venus opens and closes the years A. N. together WIth means of international com~u~lcatlOn. 12° Aquarius.ma~e rapid stndes. . etc.n.D.D. 120 Taurus. This is necessary to be known. however. II17 to II52.st of this month both take the 1St degree 0/ Gemini. 1297 to 1332. II89 to 1224. Ma:-s. 469 tc 504. = = of the w~ek. Mars opens and closes the years A.-The zand and 23rd of July both take the 1St degree of Leo.: Saturn. 37 to 72 inclusive. Jupiter.D. It WIll be seen that the reign of Queen Victoria began with one of the cycles of J~~iter. dietetic reforms and sanitation ygiene. 541 to 576.er. Each penod IS again subdivided by the rulership of the planets m the natural and Kabalistic order.. 1333 to 1368.-The 20th and zt. 793 to 828. IIo Capricorn. N." but the information is also contained in most of the popular almanacs. I to 36 inclusive. 1513 to 1548.-The 30th and 31st of August take the 8th degree of Virgo. some days carry the same degree. 73 to 108 inclusive. 176 to 1800. As old almanacs are difficult to obtain. 100g to 1044. September 1St 90 Virgo. 1549 to 1584 1801 to 1836. THE CHAPTER CYCLIC TABLE II OF YEARS N. as showing the principle of the cy?hc dominion of the planets.B. or the reverse. 721 to 756. as determined by the Kabalistic Calendar. or subsequen~ to the year 2016. 181 to 216 inclusive. June 1St = IIo Gemini. By noting the degree which enters with the first day of each month. The 36-year Cycles are as follows :Saturn opens and closes the years A. m a certaJ. anti the 30th and 31st of the month take the 8th degree of Leo. November !ISt 100 Scorpio. 1729 to 1764 1981 t~ 2016. ' Sun opens and closes the years A. 4. which is judged from the Moon's position.B.972. a most happy augury I The present year is under !he. for the planet ruling over It determines the Circle of Fortune which is to be regarded in any particular case.-The zsst and 22nd of June both take the ist degree of Cancer.D. a general rule has been given which will render the student independent of this source of information. 1873 to 1908. and 360° in the Zodiacal Circle. The Moon's Age. July rst 10° Cancer. Venus. 217 to 252 inclusive. in short all things ruled by the 3rd and 6th Houses and under the general influence of Mercury. 757 to 792.It may be expe~ted that Scie~ce and Literature . and the 30th of the month takes the 10th degree of Gemini. travelling accommodation. for example the length of life and the kind of death.: in the reverse order of the days TH~ circle of years. is divided into periods of 36 years each. 1081 to II16. A rule for finding the Moon's age at any period will be found in Chapter X under the heading of "Lunar Points. periods are. N.B. 937. 16. viz.1 to 1656. successlv~ly ruled ~ver by the planets Saturn. January rst February rst March rst April rst May 1St THE CALENDAR. of Mercury. 1657 to 1692. It is this subdivision which become~ of lmpo~tance In the calculation of the horoscope.-There are 29 days in this month. as also does the 31st of the month. Mercury. ~nd the Moon. 253 to 288 506 to 540. 1261 to 1296. 577 to 612. 109 to 144 inclusive 361 to 396. There being 366 days in the year. 1153 to 1I88. ~~1er Its mfl~ence . December 1St 100 Sagittarius. Sun. ' Mercury opens and closes the years A. which calculations will be explained in their appropriate place.

Z = 7. As every Name is the equivalent of a certain Number. M=4. 1836• 1=1. the Cycles and Sub-cycles from 1765 to 1908 A. 'on the 29th December. It is now necessary to show the use that is made of this Numerical Alphabet in the computation of a name for Astrological purposes. so as to leave it in no doubt whatever. The student will find the edition by Carencieres to contain many conspicuous examples of this great Kabalist's prophetic power. Moon Venus Mercury .14 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY For the purpose of erecting I:0::oscopes. 1837 1844 1851 r838 1845 r852 1839 1846 1853 1840 1847 1854 1841 1848 1855 1842 1849 1856 1843 1850 1857 CYCLE OF MERCURY. That m.yst~riOl~s satellite of Napoleon Buonaparte. 15 .D. 1873 1880 1887 r888 1874 188r 1875 18R2 1889 1876 1883 1890 1877 1884 1891 1878 1885 1892 1879 1886 1893 1786 1787 1788 1789 1790 1791 1792 1822 1823 1824 1825 1826 1827 r828 1858 1859 1860 r86I 1862 r863 1864 r894 r895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1793 1794 1795 1796 1797 1798 1799 1829 1830 r831 1832 r833 r834 1835 1865 1866 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1800. the nativity must be referred to the previous noon. Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury . E = S.: the z Sth December.. 1801 1808 r815 1802 1809 1816 1803 1810 1817 1818 1804 18Il 1805 1812 1819 r806 1813 1820 1807 1814 r821 CYCLE OF JUPITER. N=S. V=6.from the Hebrew Alphabet.. and the multiples from I onwards must be set ag-ainst them in order. 1765 1772 1779 1766 1773 r780 1767 1774 1781 1768 1775 1782 1769 1776 1783 1770 1777 1784 1771 1778 1785 CYCLE OF VENUS. to continue his campaign after the astrologer had declared the zenith of fame to have been reached. WILLIAM EWART GLADSTONE This name must be written vertically.S =3. are here set out in their order. made use of the Cyclic Law of planetary influence in the construction of his famous quatrains. the second letter by one less. Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus CYCLE OF SATURN. each of the components making a separate column. Thus :W 6 x 7 = 42 E G 5 x 5 = 25 3 x 9 = 27 I I X6= 6 W 6 x 4 = 24 L 3 x 8 = 24 A L 3 x S = 15 I x3= 3 A I x 7= 7 L 3 x 4 ~= 12 R 2 X2= 4 D 4 x 6 = 24 I IXJ'''' 3 T S 4 x 1=4 3 x 5 = IS A I X2= 2 T 4 x 4 = 16 M 4xr= 4 o 7 x 3 = 21 N 5X2=1O E 5xI= S Total 84 Total 60 Total 149 1901 1908• 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 It is credibly affirmed that the great French astrologer and physician. The planet ruling the Sub-cycle. The following table shows the corresponding values of the English Alphabet. F = 8. and I therefore set down the name of the Ex-Premier of England. G =3. T=4. as will hereafter be shown.. J =ljK=z. whose downfall was primarily due to the inordinate ambition which caused the Emperor. To this end it is needful to choose an example. A = I..H =8 O=7. Michael Nostradamus. The values of the several letters in each of the names are set against them according to the above Alphabet. The Statesman was born in the year 1809. These values are not arbitrary. and are apparently derived . viz.P =8 W=6. R=2. Christian to have made use of the present system of Kabalism for the guidance of his patron. Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercury . L=3.. the last letter in each name being set down in its own units value. The name of L'homme Rouge was Pierre Leclerc. so each letter which composes the Name has its own numerical value. C = 2. U=6. B = 2·. Q=I. D = 4. L homme Rouge des Tuileries.X=6 1872. IS reported by P. As the Statesman was born in the morning of that day. Moon Saturn Mercury . is the one to be remarked for practical purposes. and so on. Y = I. but are those which have been used by the Rosicrucians and Kabalists from the earliest times. so that the first letter in each name may be multiplied by the number of the total of letters in the name. CHAPTER III THE NUMBER OF A NAME. and for the more ready determination of the planet presiding over any year. ?r year oi birth. the assignment of the values of the letters being a matter which has fully satisfied numerous tests.

What happens after the marriage of a girl is largely dependent on the horoscope of the husband. the remaining 56 Points vary according to the Planetary Circle which may be taken. Ill. X. vi. The Point at which entry is to be made into the Circle of the year of birth. of which the first 22 are called Greater Arcana. 40. which he called the " Bible of Humanity. and. XXI]. which must be under one of the Seven Planets. 3 4 6 S' J) D I 7 8 10 20 iv. It is now necessary to collect the numbers denved from the names: William. POINT. Ewart. i. and the remaining 56 are called Lesser Arcana. will show that the birth and naming of a child may not be. I OF THE SEVEN CIRCLES. 60. xii. .7 .i 3 JJ in> ~n\ .which co~nts fr~m mi?nig~t to midnight-gives for the Sun s longitude Capncorn 7. IX. and Gladst~ne. considered. Our studies. But this will need separate consideration. is determined by the Decan held by the Sun at the time of birth. The modern well-known occultist. PLA~ET. Marx:age is an event already included in the horoscopes of those ~ho ~r~ destined to marry. xiii.Sth December -which we said was the Astrological date of birth. as I shall hereafter call them. The Seven Planetary Circles here follow en in their order :MAJOR POINTS No. let us collect the data for this nativity. so freque~tly the subject of inquiry. in fact. ¥ r! 8 :j! n § 1:1 9 40 So 60 70 80 30 90 100 200 xi. Eliphas Levi. !he 2. whether for male or female horoscopes.Q 8 h '1/- 400 300 xxi. This latter is therefore the rulIng planet of the year. 10 8 B 1/.. 84. By means of it the destiny regarding marnage." Each Circle consists of 78 Arcana. apparently is not. Instead of the zoth. 149. vii. the 7th degree of the loth sign . together with the above position of the Sun 7° of the loth SIgn. and so round again to the First Major Point.e. To this I reply most assuredly ~he pare?tal name should be used. viii. adopted them in his work upon the Hermetic Tarot. where the Sun's place for 1St Decem. xviii.. ii. The question may arise as to whether the parental name or that of the husband should be used as surname in the case of a married woman. are otherwise known as the" Circles of Fate. XlX. and each of the seven circles uniformly commences at the same Point. The Sun's position must next be. XX. CHAPTER THE SEVEN TIlE IV CIRCLES PLANETARY Planetary Circles. which should be considered. The Greater Arcana." are the same for each Circle. a matter of chance at all. or..of the Zodiac. and extend them thus :8460149710 . xvi. If we add 1 degree for each succeedIn~ day on the zSth December-27 days afterwards-we shall have 7 Cap~icornus. In all cases.?er is given as 100 Sagittarius. may be extracted from the horoscope. "Points. therefore. xiv. which are extended in the following pages.~ * . the surname of the father must be taken into the calculation. xv. dates back to the highest antiquity.l dISpoSItIOn?f the stars. but that birth name and environment are as much a result of planetary influence ~s are 'the fortunes subsequently experienced as the result of inherent character working through a definite environment and heredity. ~ ~ f vr . proceeds through the 22 Major Points.. SIGN 2 i. It will be seen from the previous chapter that the year lS09 IS In the Cycle of Venus. and is therefore a result of the congemt':!. as they are indeed called. ThIS will be found at the end of Chapter I." The arrangement of them. xvii. as in the ordinary C<l. v. . which in itself appears the more marvellous the more they are studied. We are now ready to go a stage further in our elucidations.16 KABALlSTIC ASTROLOGY To recapitulate our work so far as we have gone. and passes by 56 Lesser Points which are peculiar to each of the Circles. falls under the influence of Mercury. I. in the year or circle of Mercury.lendar. For horoscopical purposes it must be understood that the following Tables are in reality Circles. '2/.

xlvii. xli. lxiii. then: · . xxxvi. 1/... xxxv. Reaper 0 » n zs Q 11)1 nt Vl' JCrowned . lxiv. then: xxiii. Royal Star . xxxvii. lxxvii. xlviii. llJ! Reaper 1/. ]) t . !f xxx. lxi. lxxv. lx viii. 1) xxxiv. lxvi. xlvi. 1) e Jz T 0 Jz · . Reaper To Cjl IJ » ~ * t » ~ 11 ::a. :::: n).. lxxviii. lxxi. ~ xxxiii. 6 ]) ~ J. JCrowned . Iv. xxv. li. xl.• 1#J J n s Q lj 11)1 lS ~ ~ zs !l 11)1 Reaper J To ~ ~ nt Vl' » Cjl t ~ 2/· . lxv. 9 6 5 7 I 2 " n IS T IS ~t 9 6 7 2 5 Q T 1 xxvi. T (. xlix. · . Royal Star . 0 Jz · .. J ~ ~ Q 00-5 70-6 80-7 I<JO-g 200-10 90-8 9<> 30 50 60 1 2 3 4 5 6 10 7 8 9 50 70 100 20-1 30-2 40-3 S0-4 6o-S 90 70-6 80-7 90-8 100-9 200-10 xliii. To IJ * ~ :::. Iii.. lxxvii. !j! 6 7 8 10 S 9 e n ~ Q 1j 8 10 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 6 8 9 llJ! 9 10 6 8 xxxviii.. Points. 1. ~ n lS 4 3 4 6 7 5 3 xxix. lxvii. Royal Star . lxxv. lxxviii. xliv. lJ... xli. liv. =* t nt u J lJ. lxii.. liv. lxi. xlvii. 0 xxxvii. xliv. lxiv. · . lxix. lxx. lxxiv. xlviii. lxx. Sword 0 ~ » f » !j! !j! 0 2/. To !j! ~ Q llJ! nt vr :::. 1) xxxvi. lix. IS KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY THE SEVEN PLANETARY OF CIRCLES 19 CIRCLE OF SATURN. xlv. xxxiv. Iii. xlii. lxvi. lxiii. lxxiv. lxv. xl. lxii.. xliii. The XXII. xxiii. 1) xxix. Ix. Iv. Major Points. l. 1/. ~ ~ 0 Jz To * >< . The CIRCLE XXII. lxxi. 1/. lxxvi. lxxii.. Iviii. xlix. J Sceptre J) Major xxiv. lix.Royal Star . 2/. Jz xxv. lxix. Royal Star . xlv. liii. xxxi.. Ii. To ~ * w:. lvi. xlii. ~ IJ ~ 11 ~ · .z vr ~ nt Vl' :::. xxxii. IJ J Sword ]) 0 !jl nt t 9 10 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 60-5 70-6 80-7 90-8 100-9 200-10 90 30 50 60 2 3 4 xxxv. xxvm. xxxiii. lxviii. xxxix. lxxiii. xxxi. lxvii. Sceptre xxviii. lvii. xxxix. J Jz T IS 6 7 8 9 10 SO 70 90 100 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 60-5 70-6 80-7 90-8 100-9 200-10 5 0 lJ. J (JPlTER. 1#xxxii. 2/. Ix. Royal Star •• xxiv. lxxvi..Royal Star . Royal Star . 0 Jz 2/. lvii. liii.. xxx. Iviii. lxxiii. xlvi. xxvii. lxxii. lvi. !f xxvi. · . ~ IJ nt vr :::. xxxviii... xxvii.

xxxiii. lxvii. h * L . xxxii.. XXII . xli. XXII. xliv. Iii. lxvi. 1. li. xxxi. lxiv. xxv. ~ 9 6 I 5 Sceptre 0 Il 7 2 3 5 » 4 5 6 8 9 6 8 7 0 h 2/.l! 4 ~ 1:5 11 6 10 . Ijl ]) * Star . lxxvii.. xxvi. Ii. Ixxiv lxxv.. Points.. xxviii. xlii. }) 0 !f 0 Reaper zs Sl 'll. ::. t 2/. Royal 0 h 2/. xl. Sword ~ !f }) "I. xxx.!l:: Iiv. xlvi. lviii. . Ixxiii. Ixxii. lxx. xxx. Sceptre 0 h ~ Star . •• oCrowned . Iv. lxxi. liii.. I. lxxvi. lxvi. xxxv.20 KABALISTIC CIRCLE The ASTROLOGY OF THE SEVEN PLANETARY OF CIRCLES 21 ~IARS. xl.Q ~ II T » !f !f 2/0 0 2/. Reaper (0 h ~ 9 10 50 70 100 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 60-5 70-6 80-7 90-8 200-10 100-9 90 * Ivi. 0 Star .. xxxv. T 1:5 JI § Ijl · . xlv. ·. lxi.!l:: 1:5 h 2/. Ivi. xxxiv.lvili.S 0 $ · . xxix. xlvii. xlvi.. xxv. lxii. lxix.. xxxvii. xlix. xliii. zs Q 'll. Ix.l! . Ijl <3' ss Q 'll.. 1. Royal ~ 7 8 9 10 8 9 10 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 60-5 70-6 80-7 90-8 6 9 10 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 70-6 80-7 90-8 1<X>-9 200-10 90 60 6o-S 0 0 Star . Royal h 0 * . Reaper 70-6 » Cjl d nt vr =. xxxiv. . lxv. Iiii. xxviii. xlviii. Iix. Royal 0 h 2/. Royal Star . lxiv.. lxviii.Major xxiii. 7 <3' 10 90 h Cjl » zs vr nt 1:5 II 6 8 5 7 Q 70 SO · . Ixii. xxxix. xlix. lxvii. xliv. Iii. xxxviii. 2/- ~ . lxix.Q THE SUN.. Ivii. xlvii. Royal » It! 'll.. xxvii. xlviii. xxxvii. xxiv. lxxiv. then: Star . xxvii. . xxxiii. xliii.S nt vr t ~ Star .~ .!l:: 1J.. 100-9 200-10 h * lxxvii. <3' }) 'Ill! 100 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 60-~ 80-7 90-8 " <3'Crowned . lxiii.S 3 4 T 6 8 9 lx..l! . xxix. lxv. xxxii. Ixxii. Ixiii. lxx. . xxvi. xxxi. 30 50 1 2 3 4 j · . lviii. 2/. 0 ]) ~ ~ nt w ::. Royal . !f !f I. xxxviii. lxxviii. t · ..• * .l! Star .!l:: lxxi. xxxvi. Royal 6 9 5 7 2 3 · .!l:: Iv. xli. lxxv. t 0 h ~ Ijl Ijl 0 "I. xxxvi. · . lix. a. . 2/- ~ T I:S 0 h 2/. Ixxiii. lvii. lxviii.!l:: 1:5 I! Reaper 0 h 2/i{ I.. Major Points. VI t ~ 2/. xlii. then: · . lxi. lxxvi. xxiv.• <3' }) CIRCLE The . Q 1IJ! nt w ::. :::. Ijl Sword ]J h !f nt t 200-10 90 30 50 60 2 lD0-9 xxiii. liv. xxxix. xlv.

Q 200-10 100-9 lxxiii. Ix. xxxi. Royal Star . YJ' 0 • .. The XXII. Ii.. lxii. lxi. lxxii.• J) 0 ~ ~ ~ 2#S1 1:1 'III! S2 ~ 'I'l. Royal Star .. xxx vi. ~ ?J :!:!: Jz t •• T 'III. xl. lxii. Ix. lxxi. lviii. xlix. xxxiii. Major xxiii. lxiii. xlviii . xxxviii. 2 3 4 S 6 7 8 10 xxxii. Jz . lxxviii.. xlix. t vr 111. J J> Sword J) Jz * 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 60-5 70-6 80-7 90-8 1<><>-9 200-10 90 10 9 5 . 'III. xxviii. xxxi. lxx. lxix. Q 'I'l. xlv. lxxv. lii. lix. lviii. xlvii. xlvi. xxv.. lxiv. lxv. lxvi.. lxxvii.. Iv.. xxx. " e ?J !f ?J Jz 1:1 II 5 . xxxvi. 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 50 90 70 100 200-10 100-9 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 6o-S 70-6 80-.. xliii. Iv . lxxviii. xxxiv. ?J vt := t I. =. lvi. =. 0 ~ lI· . lxiv. ~ .. Iiii. xxxv.22 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY THE SEVEN PLANETARY CIRCLES 23 CIRCLE OF VENUS. Ixxvi. xxv. Royal Star .. Royal Star •• <f 2#- The 9 6 XXII. lxviii. !j! 2#- 'III! vr := 111. lxv. lxix. t 'III. JCrowned . T then: • .0: Reaper ~ . 5 6 7 I . Reaper ll- J 0 'f * :::l: 90 lxxv.• 111.. lxxiii. t 90 60 30 50 2 · . Ixxiv.. · . xliv.. xlii. xxiii. ~ J) ?J . xxix. lvii. xxxix. xlv. xxiv. 30 60 50 3 45 6 7 8 10 lIJ) ~ 1:1 II S ..Q e J) 1IR . xlvi. lxxi. vr Jz <f .0: Reaper 2#- ~ J 0 ~ 'III.. lxx. xxxv. . then: 5t IS Major Points.. 0 Jz * 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 60-S 70-6 80-7 90-8 lxvi. ·. J 0 0 h h !f ~ J 1> 2#S1 'r 1:5 3 4 S ~ · . Sceptre ll) . Iiv. as xxvii. lvii. c3'Crowned•• Reaper 0 e := * t :Co e Jz 'f ?J til VI » ~ Jz * - • . . Ii. Royal Star •• 5 I Sceptre ~ <f II » 7 2 ~ 4 }) J) Q D . lxi. xxx. Points..Royal Star . lxvii. lxviii. lxxvii. Royal Star . lii. lxxvi. xlvii. 90-8 .Q 9 llJ J) ~ Jz 50 70 100 · . xxxvii. xxvi. xlii. lxvii. xliii.0: * . Iix. xxiv. xxvii. . 1. n !!i) 9 6 8 9 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 60-5 70-6 80-7 9Q-8 1<><>-9 200-10 10 xxxviii. xl. Iiv. o ~ ~ llSword 1> lI2#- .Q 6 8 xxxvii. lvi. xli. Royal Star . xli.I! . xxix. 9 CIRCLE OF MERCURY. lxxiv. lI· . xxxix.I! zs 1:5 D 6 7 8 9 10 xxxiii. liii. xliv. xxvi. lxiii. Ixxii. xlviii. xxxiv. xxviii. xxxii. .

xxviii. lxxv. xlii. xliv. » h j) Star . xliii. . Sword f » 2J. liv. Royal t xlix. xxxvii. lxi. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 xxx. 111. lxxiii. xl. lvi.• Q T 0) Sceptre )l l:S U By reference to the end of Chapter III it will be seen that the Key Number of Gladstone's horoscope is determined to be 40. lxx. xxxiv. 17.. Iviii. "\ 4 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 50 100 Zo--I 90 70 30--2 40--3 60--5 70--6 80--7 90--8 10Q-9 50-4 Iv. lxxi. xxxii. 2J. Major xxiii. ZOO-I 0 II 2J. Ix.KABALISTIC CIRCLE ASTROLOGY THE SEVE~ PLANETARY CIRCLES 25 OF THE MOON.. u 'f r5 Crowned Reaper ]) 0) 0) '? . lxxvi. then: . <jl 11 '? '? T 10 6 8 9 10 30-z 40-3 60-5 70-6 ZO-I 50-4 80-7 90-8 100-9 xxxvi. xlvii.. d ]) 0) )l T t:l IT . rJ )l rJ }) 90 50 60 2 30 'f Star . xxxix. it will be seen that the planet Saturn is set off against that point.. L~xiv. xxvi. xxix. The 9 6 7 2 XXII. ~ 2J. t '? VI' '? 200-10 . lix. 2J. lxiii. Royal Star . n t:l d J) ~ . xli. xxxv. xlvi. Royal 5 xxvii. lxxvii. in the Circle of Mercury. xlv. Ixxii. Points. . Ixv. If reference be now made to the 50th Point in the Circle of Mercury. when the figure is erected and judgment comes to be made of it according to the rules of the Kabalistic Art of Astrology. xxxi.. Iii. li. lxxviii. This will have a bearing upon the interpretation of the horoscope. xxxiii.!J 0) Reaper ~ 'f 11\ VI' '? '? . liii.!J . . 2J. IxIv..0yal Star . lxii. xxv. lvii. lxix. xxxviii. lxviii. . lxvii. lx vi. Idviii. ]) . 1. H. xxiv.

when the construction of the horoscope is more fully developed. XXXVI. if it were in the rst Decan of Aries. L. LXXVIII. The ~oint. L. XXXVI. XXXVI. and IS determined entirely by the place of the Sun at birth· as. which is here given:ARIES It will be observed that the Points of Departure are limited to 5 in number. appears to have made it convenient to frame all the 36 Points of Departure in a single Table. th~refore. L. At present it is only necessary to indicate the Point due to each Decan. 1st Dccan starts from 2nd ditto ditto 3rd 1St ditto ditto 2nd jrd ditto 1st ditto 2nd ditto jrd ditto 1st ditto znd ditto ditto 3rd ditto 1St 2nd ditto ditto 3rd 1St ditto 2nd ditto ditto 3rd 1St ditto znd ditto ditto 3rd ditto rst 2nd ditto ditto 3rd ditto 1St 2nd ditto ditto 3rd 1St ditto 2nd ditto ditto 3rd 21 xxxvl. or. LXIV. XXXVI. The principle of the distribution of these 5 Points of Departure throughout the 36 Decans will also appear upon a more careful examination of the elements which enter into the figure of the nativity. GI~dstone. LXIV. PISCES CHAPTER POINTS V OF DEPARTURE IT is now necessary to indicate what is meant by the" Point of Departure. L. LXXVIII. then entry would be made' at Point XXXVI in the Circle of the year of birth. which taken with the 12 signs of the Zodiac.D. LXIV. XXXVI. XL.fMr. LXIV. L. LXIV. LXIV.POINTS AQUARIUS OF DEPARTURE rst Decan starts from 2nd ditto ditto 3rd ditto 1St 2nd ditto ditto yd 27 LXXVIII. LXIV. xxxvi." whereby entry is made into the circle of the year of birth. affords 60 different positions at the outset of any horoscopical figure. I?-ay be known by the use of the following table. XL. entry IS made into the CIrcle of Mercury-that being the ruler of the year 1809-at the Lth Point. The reason for this will appear in the next chapter. XXXVI. LXIV. XL. then entry must be made at Point XL of the Circle' and in ~ach case this Point· is known as the" Point of Departure. XXXVI. . LXXVIII. and must change after the year 1999 A. LXXVIII. TAURUS GEMINI CANCER LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN TABLE OF POINTS OF DEPARTURE. if in the 3rd Decan of Leo." Thus m the case o. LXXVIII. LXXVIII. th~ Sun being in the rst Decan of Capricorn. LXIV. LXXVIII. The utility of carefully computing this Point. These Points of Departure are taken in regard to the present cycle of 1000 years. LXXVIII. upon which the whole horoscope depends. L.

Proceeding now with the I rth House.000 becomes 10 800 8 40 remains 40 9 9 1849 149 60 84 10 1809 XI. the type of Kosmos in the world of thought. of birth. II Jupiter in Pisces. We rectified the date according to rule to December z Sth. This is done in roe following manner. as all species are held in a type. and in the 22 Major Points we find at Point XIX. The same may be said of the Numbers. the year 1809= 10-8--9.• and for the figures 100 we have to pass to the beginning of the Circle. It will be seen that the Tables do not give any number over 400. The roth House ceased at Point LXXVII . "Reaper. for that would invalidate the whole of the Scale. Note. 100. IV. the date. "Venus in Pisces. called the" Sum of the Horoscope. as well as fortune and destiny. due to the Sun being in the rst Decan of Capricorn. remind the reader that the Kabalistic system-unlike the Astronomical process usually employed. and this is found In the Circle at Point LXXVII. the number 149 . is found in the Circle at Point XLII!. Care must be taken not to miss any required number. It is needful only to. Example: WIlham Ewart Gladstone. opposite to 100.= 60. r st." This is set down on the Scale opposite the figure 8." This completes the figures due to the loth House.: the family name. Having all the data which." are those which. and continuing down the Column in the "Circle of Mercury" it is found at Point LXXI. it is now necessary to complete the Scale ?t. and no doubt already familiar .HOW TO ERECT THE HOROSCOPE CHAPTER How TO ERECT VI THE HOROSCOPE WE have now before us all the preliminary material for the purpose of erecting the horoscope. born December zoth. 7 = II. It is found against Point LXII. In pomt. It is not necessary that the Scale of the Nativity should cease at the 4th House as in the present instance. 1809 (morning nativity). The surname gives the figures 149. like 18 or 49. The Kabala. so to say. on the same Circle of Mercury. The next number in the Scale is 40. embody the personality of the native. the Christian names. a per~on is born under all the Signs. a world obtains form and substance and evolves in course of time to the proportions and condition of a habitable sphere. The distribution of these numbers is a matter of importance. viz. as all e~ects are embod~ed in a Cause." This is set down in the Scale opposite the No. The next figure is 9... = X. the Nativity. III. taking a figure of the heavens with the signs of the Zodiac equally disposed through the 12 Houses-the rising sign being always that which holds the Sun at the time of birth-s-on the one hand the reader may place the Circle of Mercury. as it does. The next number in the Scale is 8. The Point of Departure in the present instance.{? must be set down in the Scale opposite 40. the month and year (care being taken to fix the date accor?lllg as the birth is "morning" or "evening. are referred to the r r th House." as already set forth m a previous chapter).-Where two numbers are given in the "Circle" against any " Point." are referred to the r zth. employs the Sun's position as a central fact in nature. for it will be seen that the Circles of the Planets do not contain Nos.. which is the world of Causation. around whi~h the fabric of the horoscope is fashioned. The rising sign is that held by the Sun in all cases. I. employing. Sometimes it Similarly. which. as from the nucleolus m the nebulous matter of abysmal space. of fact. But to proceed with the present exposition of the practical art . and it therefore becomes necessary to decompose or dissect any number over that quantity. But the present system. since each of them contnbutes something to the conformation of body and character. in which case they are set down in their reverse order as above. give the positions of the Planets in regard to the loth House of the Horoscope. 100-40 -9. and search must be made down the column of Arabic figures for the first 8 from the Point of Departure. We already have the Key Number of the Nativity. and each name is given to one of the Houses indicated by the Roman figures. and on the other the Scale of the Nativity upon a piece of paper. which is placed against the 10 in the Scale. "Reaper. "Mars in Cancer." it means that either may be taken according to requirement. The order shown here is to be followed invariably. Now. 40. XII. was determined to be 50.. 60=. In this instance it is Capricorn. thus:84-60--149-7-10 40 Mercury. and other Houses. To the Year of Birth 1809 Add the Key-Number 40 Sum of Horoscope Surname Christian Names in Reverse Order { Degree Sign Year 18 will happen that a native has more than two Christian names." and the symbol . and it is therefore necessary to resolve the "Sum" 1849 into its proper constituents. the last . the Christian names. the Surname 149 gives: 100-40--9. To continue: the figures 1849. This is done as follows:1. The next number. in the above" Scale. referred to the circle of Mercury ruling the year 1809." and 9.to the i~telligent studentregards the Sign held by the Sun at ~he:rune of ~rrth as that under which a person is t t born " as the saying 15. Referring to this in the Roman figures we find Saturn. which. 84= 80-4.. is able to hold the destinies of all things within its mysterious veil. which is purely symbolic~l.

serious illness. Reaper. This will employ the succeeding chapters. Mercury in Pisces. 31) it is seen that all the Housesreceive the rays of some one or more planets. by its presence in the r rth : but with jupiter and Mercury also there. and some false allies. is understood to be therein. in the sign of Venus and the exaltation of jupiter. Venus in Pisces. a good augury wherever found. and other Houses in the Scale are taken out from the Circle of Mercury. and of other similar positions. Jupiter in Cancer. The question will now arise. with a ray from Venus into Libra-its own sign -fr~m the sign of its exaltation. Jupiter. Venus. if Libra be on the loth House. Lord of the figure. and Capricorn rising. rst. when it is represented as follows:SCALE OF THE NATIVITY. denoted by the 4th House. "How. It is now necessary to indicate the rules bv which a Nativity can be judged upon the lines of the Kabala. The indications of the statesman and orator are: Saturn. hence pure and unalloyed. Sun in Gemini. but success. The end of life. In the same wav the t zth. is found to follow at Point XLIX. jupiter in Sagittarius. a modification.30 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY HOW TO ERECT THE HOROSCOPE 31 number. This will appear more evident when the figure of Horoscope is drawn out. 1849 loth House 149 r rth House r zth House 84 1St House znd House 10 3rd House 4th House. can 'Mars in Cancer' be placed in the loth House where it is due?" To this the answer is made. "Mercury in Pisces. jupiter. jupiter in Pisces. The passing reverses in the career of the Statesman are seen in the presence of the " Reaper" in the loth. In the horoscope (p. Mercury in Leo.. it will be found that all the requirements of the scheme are fulfilled (see Horoscope). is fraught with some physical dangers." These complete the figures due to the r rth House. with Aries receiving the rays of jupiter from Virgo and Cancer. which rules the sign Taurus. and Mercury in Leo. Reaper. The same may be said of" Jupiter in Pisces" affecting the I rth House. and the Scale is complete. but a line drawn from it to the roth House signifies that a ray from that body to the loth affects the things ruled over by that House. at once subtile and beneficial. . in its elevation in the loth. that Mars being in Cancer ~ust be indicated by symbol in the horoscope as being so placed bodily. In this case the planet Venus. ro 8 9 { Jupiter in Virgo. and unaffected by the other planets. or have some planet posited therein. Mercury and jupiter rising in Capncorn. { { 4 7 { 10 Mercury in Virgo. Mars in Cancer. This horoscope is left to the intelligent reader to interpret according to the rules which will hereafter be given. 1809 7 60 { f { l 10 8 40 9 roo 40 9 60 80 Saturn. when by carefully comparing it with the "Scale" of the Nativity. and Mercury conjoined in the 3rd House. Mercury. with the exception of the 5th House. is shown.

and so on. . secrets of the family. znd.-Future destiny. contracts.-That which concerns the brothers and sisters. dignities. gifts. fortune. subtile. that part of the body governed by Aries. cause of death. voyages. pleasures. Virgo. aptitudes.THE TWELVE HOUSES AND SIGNS 33 ELEMENTALNATURES. ambition. discoveries. protectors. roth..-Unexpected benefits.c=Probable fortune. . Gemini.-Changes. and the organs of speech and hearing generally. andlungs . wounds.-Troubles in love. constancy. The malefics are. shoulders. good fortune. accidents in the life. mgernous. ill-health. trouble through women. temperament. exile or imprisonment.-Unforeseen misfortunes and sorrows. eloquent. dreaminess. Pisces. etc. WATER-Cancer. Leo. It renders the native fickle..-Marriagc. It makes the native philosophical. just. sweet-tempered. in Astrology.. love affairs. Gemini. sorcery. Every odd sign. useful relations. however. social position. Capricorn. and well-informed. It renders the native wise. It inclines to inconstancy. employments. dangerous wounds. It will. artistic. co-workers. blows. correspondence and means of communication. Cancer. impulsive. elevation. and patient in work. VIRGo. and lasting affairs. The distribution of the signs according to their elemental and constitutional natures is as follows . and Pisces. persecutions. . audacity. Libra. Leo. voluntary faults. laborious. COMMON-Gemini. Pisces. Capricorn. religion.-Strifes. Libra. and everything that touches the financial condition. Aquarius. aptitude. LEo. ARIEs. c CHAPTER VII THE TWELVE HOUSES AND SIGNS THE presages of life are. kindness. ill-fortune. jealousies. Scorpio. Taurus. its rulership from the known distribution of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac over the body of man. AIR-Gemini. eustachian tubes. restraint. Aries. providential assistance. generous. poor. secret. CANCER. a lover of the occult.-Great ambitions. LIBRA. . marine traffic. life by the sea. Virgo. publicity. more artistic and adventurous than learned and thoughtful.s=Diaagreeable things. long voyages. 6th. be understood that the SIgn Anes has affinity with the First House. Aquarius. captivity. inclined to literature. hands. enterprises. Taurus with the Second House. Sth. public affairs. sth. ScoRPIO. is feminine. Libra. The following significations of the Twelve Signs when rising in the Kabalistic horoscope will be of use to the student in the interpretation of the figure. The 3rd House like the Sign Gemini. subjects to the native. 7th. or tardiness therein.-Opposition from others.-Great honours. 4th. partnerships. supremacy. MOVABLE-Aries. fruitfulness. . CONSTITUTIONAL NATURES. inventions . family affairs. will rule the arms. Leo. and of good nature. durable. 9th. Cancer. likewise in friendships and the marriage state. Sagittarius. The benefic signs are: Taurus. profession. . honours. e~mIt1es. .. mental tastes. legacy. elevation. servants. relatives by mar~iage. courage. few enemies. FIXED-Taurus. It gives a tendency to great undertakings. gain or loss. open enemies or opponents. difficulty in attaining honours. Sagittarius. is masculine. Aries. .. ears. difficulty in acquiring honours. all are not equally good and bad alike. res?lved into twelve !p"oups. It makes the native amorous. Scorpio. prominence. mysteries of destiny. imaginative. . dress. short journeys. and physical condition of the native. benevolent. glory. and Aquarius. of no great literary or artistic ability. Sagittarius. 3rd. proud. etc.. Cancer. troubles of the heart. celebrity.- . The 1St House will therefore rule the head. from the affections of which in any particular horoscope judgment is drawn concerning the life and fortunes of the native. The znd House will rule the throat. generous spirit. help from friends or the reverse. and so for the other houses. nobility. bones. The significance of the Houses is as follows . some catastrophes or accidents in the life. GEMINI. TAURus.-Friends. changes in the position. calumnies.-Voyages by sea. EARTH-Taurus. supremacy.-Indiffcrcnt fortunes. spiritual. every even sign. gocd friendship.The rst House governs the disposition. food. industrious. bronchial tubes. calm. physical sciences and researches.-The father. Capricorn. treasons. r zth. It makes one amorous but unfaithful. children. learned. Virgo. Scorpio. and landed property. corresponding to the 12 Houses of the Zodiac. worthy.-Associations of life. hopes and disappointments. courageous. quick in intellect. troubles in love affairs. IIth. honours. discord. prudence.-Misfortunes of brothers or sisters. patrimony. of course. Of these. happiness. FIRE-Arics. eccentricity. long vogages. each taking.

and sweeping reforms. It makes the native gay. also to marriage. danger of drowning. and obliging. Gemini. prudent. faithful friends. or threatened. Venus. are fruitful. spoliations. a good friend. unions. the Sun. clever in the knowledge of the arts. and Mercury is judged in this respect according to the planets with which it is associated. It makes the native eloquent. calumnies. distaste for the exact sciences . liberal and just. perils. quarrelsome. warlike. kind. supremacy.-Changes . wounds by fire or steel. gay. uncertain alliances. tenderness. quarrels. obstacles. Venus and Moon over marriage. of good manners. many envious enemies. and circumspect. Jupiter. intelligence. dangers. sometimes honours and elevation. fancies. Saturn indicates delays. pious. ponderous. taciturn. wilful. small honours. trouble through relatives. helpful protectors. the interpretations given above are to be applied to that sign in each horoscope. strife.-Evils caused by others. CHAPTER VIII THE PLANETS THE benefics are Jupiter. industries. hopes realized. poesy. mystical. taciturn. warlike. stubborn. unjust. Sterile Signs. love of travelling. just. and love affairs. hidden things. good understanding. well-informed. of prompt and quick mind. loving prowess and glory. fortune. evils.34 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY evil tendencies. contests. righteous.e-Good fortune." In the Kabalistic system the ruling sign being that held by the Sun in the Zodiac. all things affecting the body.-Love affairs. intrigues.-Sorrows . honour. commerce. It makes the native good-tempered. and sometimes murders committed. N. messages. letters. courteous. It makes its subjects conscientious. It makes the native inclined to oratory.-Success . fruitfulness. and false views. ready to anger. chance of elevation. and Virgo. Prscss. Moon. Scorpio. AQuARIUs. cunning . unhappy. difficult to know. and ambitious. Sagittarius. quarrelscme. a giver of good counsel. liaisons. subtile. thefts. humane. impediments.B. voyages. and it causes diseases.-Unexpected sorrows. fantastic. Saturn and Mars sterile. to the sign which is actually risz'ng in the orient of any particular horoscope. Cancer. small chance of fortune. or if in no conjunction. secret crimes. capricious. ] upiter. some strange troubles. protection of women of high rank. when dignified it is able to confer great honours by popular verdict. of troublesome fancy. protectors. bad counsel. Aries. SAGITTARIUS. marriage. and the Moon. it is inimical to fortune and happiness. It renders the native bold. inclined to Iitigation. and inclined to fancies and sudden emotions. punctilious. inclined to solitude. reputation. dignities. It confers on its subjects a loving spirit. passion. sarcastic. changes of all kinds. capricious. though it will be evident that they may be applied. CAPRICoRN. inventive. economical. judicious. joys. Mars and Sun 86 . insecure relations. The Moon and Mercury have influence over the psychic and intellectual natures. It makes the native chaste. Sun. Mercury. at the time of birth. pleasures. It makes the native independent. spiritual. bellicose. treasons. science.-Elevation. and a lover of the truth. patient in work. success. then by the sign it occupies. popularity. often times. dreamy. quick to assert his own independence. (in the case of a female-delay in child-birth).-All relations. and a love of the fine arts. suave. modest. glory. kind. It makes the native bold. Venus. and children. women. It makes the native wilful. sickness. celebrity. and of good intellect. high offices. and Pisces. Leo.-A more complete analysis of the properties of the Twelve Signs will be found in Sepharial's "New Manual of Astrology. just. benevolence. honours. jealousy. The maleficsexe Saturn and Mars. and liable to sudden changes of intentions and policy. fatalities. The neutral planets are Mercury and the Moon. popularity. mysterious things. changeful. a lover of concord. fortune.-Fortune . unjust violence. }\1ars. Jupiter and Mercury over monetary matters. cynical. and miserly. The fruitful Signs are Taurus. brave. publicity. envious. honest. and Venus. strife. travels. philosopher. It renders the native inconstant. friends. and very passionate. flexible.

and Aquarius. The father is signified by the 4th House. Virgo. and such as one may call" trading. and occupations connected with iron and fire. and Pisces incline to navigation. in the 6th. the 9th. Among the Signs. VIOLENT DEATHs.B. high occupations and government offices. Venus denotes an aptitude to medicine and chemistry. Of the Houses: the znd denotes scienceshaving gain for their object. hydraulic engineers. etc. success in oratory. science. cooks. and commerce. the 7th. surgery.eSaturn and Jupiter both glVetheir testimony. however. Aries. and such as minister to the appetites of the body. occupations of a menial or soiling order.-The significators of the profession are Mars. The sth and r rth denote teachers. Opposed to Saturn it denotes servitude. Libra. and literary men. Sagittarius on an angle. to the physical sciences and arts. the Moon being so placed. with Jupiter. and the ingenious arts which employ the intellect and imagination. ornamentation. with the Moon. with Jupiter.come. Cancer. changes may be safely predicted in the matter under consideration. artists. . afflicted by the malefics Saturn and Mars. etc. cabinet-makers ..KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY over voyages and travels (Saturn is contrary in this matter) . The Moonin Libra and Mars in the 8th house. and in dressmaking. music.. an. 37 . Cancer.-The planet which holds precedence in the order of the" Scale" of the Nativity will have first effect in such case. oratory. it denotes perfumers. Venus and Mercury. jewellers i wi~ Saturn. and the Moon in Libra at the same time. and the Moon in Sagittarius in an angle. with the Sun. Where contrarvindications are seen. interpreters. Mercury denotes the liberal arts. the affairs of the family by the 6th House and its ruler.-The Sun or Moon. With Saturn. the last half of Sagittarius. and the like social arts. in angles j and Libra or Aquarius in the rst or 8th. politic arts and public functions. Libra. and the ruler thereof . the priestly vocation. The Sun in Aries or Capricorn. and Capricorn favour the manual arts. scientists. mariners. 8th. and one or the other of these signs in an evil house. and Saturn rising. CHAPTER IX GENERAL RULES PROFESSIONS. administrators. letters. The planets Saturn. sculpture. and the mother by the roth and its ruler . the roth. Sun. Mars. joined to Jupiter. with the Sun. brothers and sisters are ruled by Mars. as at one time the native may be poor and needy." The 3rd House indicates the vocation. or rzth Houses. wood-turners. must be given to the judgment which is drawn only from these planets and their affections. discoveries. Scorpio. negotiations. and Moon. with Mercury. the liberal arts. inventions. or both. or if Mars be in the 8th. Saturn and Mars conjoined in the rst House. and the things which will afford impediments to its future. butchers and coopers. Gemini. success in art. Mars indicates the military arts. with Mars in the 8th Bouse. The Houses and Signshaving affinityfor the things and persons above-mentioned. and the Moon therein.into a state of affluencebecaus. with Venus. The 6th shows therapeutics.dthen . Very little dependence. with the Moon. N. The rulers of the profession being found in these Houses will incline to the things indicated thereby. it denotes gold-beaters. personal decoration. must have prior consideration in coming to an accurate judgment.

31 + . . or by relati:res . how it may be placed m regard to House and SIgn. add the day of month. and rising. The remainder is the Moon's age. Mars.-This is judged from the affections of the ruhng SIgn. 1856 + II . i. it is needless to repeat them here . July. s:cret enemies. and planets in the 6th. chiefly the znd. the above rules may be useful. oftentimes when m pnson.L X 23 30 19 97 = 143 = 30 + 4 13 + 23 Epact. If ~he plane~s signifying sickness are in the rst House.. then calculation is made from the Sign Aries.us. and the signs they occupy.e. dunng the middle of life.a~d neighbours' the 5th or 7th females are involved. Sagittarius. 8th. This will give the Epact for the year. PROGENY.. a stenle planet in a fruitful sign. Taurus. and roth Houses. Likewise. DURATION LIFE. then Taurus is called I. and so on.:. shows abortion. to contagious diseases . Venus and the Moon are feminine. Venus. then Libra must be taken as the starting point.. in the ~oth. regard must be had also to the nature of the " element" ruled by the signs occupied by the malefics. Gemini. Example.. Divide the result by 30. and Cancer are frUltf~l. Sagittarius. to burns. Am~ng the Si&"ns.. The MOON'SAGE. June. the Moon's age may more conveniently be extracted from a calendar or almanac for the year of birth. in old age.: fi~e and aI~ glv. i. February.-The Lunar Point for this question is set off as OF follows: From the Sign Aries or Libra-according to the Moon's age at birth---count to the Sign which holds the Moon in the Scale of the Nativity. the Moon's age on 7th July. LIbra. A fruitful planet in a stenle SIgn. Moon. death may result by the verd~ct of a jud~e. . or under restraint.-The rst znd.. The parts _ofthe body ruled by the signs being known to every initial student m the science of horoscopy. 5th. the Moon. August 3 4 5 September October. The sex of the progeny are judged by th: pl. Gemini is called 2. at full age j and m the 4th.. The source from which wealth or the means of Iivelihood WIll proceed is to be judged by the sign and house held by the sil?nificators. and howaspected. Then:(2. I~ the roth House. r856. 1 0 OF CONSTANTS 2 r May. To calculate these points observe the age of the Moon at the time of birth. to epidemics.emasculine. PISceS. the signs occupied by the malefics Saturn and M~r~. CHAPTER X LUNAR POINTS 'NHATnow follows is ot the utmost importance in the determination of all questions upon which the horoscope may be consulted. or ~arly death.) Divide the year of birth by r9.. Lunar Points are certain points set off from the place of the Moon in the Scale of the Nativity. or open enemies If 10 the 7th.. Saturn a~d Mars are sterile. especially when in the Ho:uses above-named. the Sun.) To the Epact. or by firearms. yield a certain and definite resolution of questions upon which even the rules heretofore given afford insufficient or doubtful evidence. but these not being always ready to hand. and inaccessible in the case of remote years. infancy. predisposes to falls. In judging of the nature of the death. If the count start from Aries. and in good aspect to the rulers. . obses~Ion and melancholy causes. and divide the result by 30. 30 30 Of course. the 6th House. are to be regarded in this 'matter. in the 7th. The planets which presage fruitfulness are jupiter. If the Moon has passed the full. FORTUNE. . and which. If the Moon be going to the full. 7+ 4 34 == 4 days. Jupiter and Venus are the chief significators of good fortune. The Sun and Mercury are neutral.-Required. . Sun and Moon. and Ven. and follow the nature of the SIgn occupied by them. In the 12~h.-This question must be judged from the nature of the Signs and Planets occupying the rst. . The number thus obtained points out the House where the" Lunar Point" falls. The 3rd House shows death in short journeys.anets pro~ising offspring. multiply the remainder by II. Cancer is called 3.Tl1:e degree of wealth will depend upon t~e state and affections of t~e sigmficators. falling in the different Houses of the Horoscope. Pisces. water and Ear~h feminine.. and the constant for the month (taken from the above table).e.KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY These are all signs of a violent death. SICKNESS.-This may be found by the following rules:TABLE January. Saturn afflicting. JupIter and the Sun are masculine. November December 7 7 9 9 (1. or the reverse.. or by some person in power. denotes suicide. its ruler. viz. and I r~h Houses.steel or fire. to woun~s by . March April a . then the mal~dles WIll ~nsue in the early part of life. or themselves ~uh~g the I:10roscope. The significators in double SIgns. . .

From the affections of this place the Kind 0/ Death is judged. The Sun and Moon having but one house each. Gladstone. The Moon does not occur as a figure in the Scale of the Nativity. the following rule must be observed. from the Lord of 6th to the 6th House. THE POINT OF FORTuNE. Mercury in the 1St. from Sun to Moon. The significator Mercury being so well placed and aspected is a sign of long life. In general the following rules may be taken: (1) the sign of the Zodiac found at the Lunar Point. and is therefore taken to be in its own Sign. from Saturn to Jupiter. which is the Lunar Point ruling over the Kind of Death. and if testimonies of violence occur then it will be by execution. Sun in the 6th. from Moon to Sun. the Lunar Point for this question is counted from Jupiter to Saturn j in a morning horoscope. The number thus obtained indicates the House wherein the Point falls.. This indicates the House in which the Point falls. Venus in the 3rd. .ETC. ENEMIEs.-To find this Lunar Point. Male horoscopes count from Sun to Venus.-In evening horoscopes count from Lord of reth to the r zth House: in morning horoscopes the contrary. there can be no doubt as to where they will fall when not represented in the figure. as directed. the Moon at birth was going to the conjunction with the Sun. in morning horoscopes.e. Cancer (there is no representation of the planet itself in this horoscope) to the place of the Sun counts 1 I Signs. Saturn is Scorpio.-Count from the Moon to Mercury in all cases. Jupiter. The Point therefore falls in the 3rd House in Pisces.B. morning horoscopes from Saturn to Jupiter. which in evening horoscopes is counted from Mars to Jupiter. The aspects to the Lords of these Lunar Points.e. INHERITANCE. which have each 2 Houses. and from their first positions in the Horoscope. The number obtained indicates the House of the Lunar Point. the sign from which count is made is not called 1. STATE OF MARRIAGE. Thus in Gladstone's figure. Mars in the 7th. but the succeeding sign is so called. N. TRAVELLlNG. from the 6th House to its Lord. Gladstone's case it falls in Leo in the 8th House. Saturn is in the roth House. and the Moon (not being represented in the figure) is in the 7th where its own sign is found. therefore. which gives 2 signs. From Cancer to Saturn in the figure before us is 3 signs.-In all these cases it is understood that the first place of the planets . and Mercury therein.-In eithermoming L or evening figures the count is made from the place of Saturn to the Moon. between mid-day and midnight. i. Gladstone. morning ones. and Jupiter throwing a ray into the 4th House. From Libra to Cancer is a matter of 9 Signs. with Venus. in the 7th House of the figure. to the Sign of the 9th House. and the number thus obtained must be counted again from the place of Saturn. we place the Lunar Point in the znd House. (2) planets good or bad there. The number thus obtained gives the House where the Lunar Point falls. When the Point falls in the rst House it is a sign of death by one's own hand. The count.in the Scale of Navitity is to be taken as that from or to which calculation is to be made. or by faults which incur the penalty of Death j in all cases it indicates imprudence which brings death in its train as a direct consequence.-The question of accord or disaccord in the marriage state is judged from the Lunar Point.-In evening horoscopes. assassination..-Female horoscopes count from Venus to Saturn. but in the case of the planets. Thus from the Moon's sign to the 8th House. to the 8th House. Also it is necessary to count the signs between the significators. in morning ones. and the planets attending the Points. is from Libra.. EGACIES. the reverse.: from the rzth House to its Lord. (3) the good or bad aspects of other planets to that point j (4) the condition of the lord of that point.. and one from. count is made from Saturn to Jupiter . VOYAGES SEA. THE MARRIAGEPOINT.-Evening horoscopes count from Jupiter to Saturn. count from the place of the Moon in the horoscope. viz. will yield the most faithful presages if properly judged. i. Gladstone. arid in morning horoscopes from Jupiter to Mars.e. In an evening horoscope the planets are to be taken as in their feminine or nocturnal signs. THE POINT OF DEATB.-In evening horoscopes. and the "Lunar Point" will therefore be in the 9th House j where we find Jupiter and Mercury conjoined in the Sign Virgo in Trine to a confirmatory benefic aspect in the rst House. PROGENY. Thus: From the Moon-Sign. Observe that the" rays" from a planet do not count as the planet itself. is 1 sign. which belongs to the morning. In Mr. In a morning horoscope the planets are taken as being in their masculine or diurnal signs. i.-In an evening horoscope. Thus in the figure of Mr. Jupiter in the r zth. DANGERSAND PERILS. Cancer. FRIENDSHIPs. and that will be the Fatal Lunar Point.. in the figure of Mr.e.-Evening BY horoscopes count from Saturn to Cancer. its first place in the Scale of Nativity. or suicide. i. should any of them not fall in the Scale of the Nativity.-Count in all cases from the place of the Ruler of the 9th House.KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY LUNAR POINTS 41 Thus in the case of Mr. and all the above " counts " are made from the bodies of the planets. the planets being found in the roth and r ath respectively. The Lunar Point of Fortune falls therefore in the 1rth House. HEALTH.

have several distinct data from which to make our deductions. the s~gns. or sickness to them in infancy. Troubles in the profession if in loth. Love of sciences. and through children. Will-power' which will surmount difficulties. but kind. An ingenious nature. troubles and disgrace at intervals of 7 and 9 years. epidemic complaints. Faculty of observation. perils from which the native hardly escapes. Primarily the planets act in two ways: (I) by position. Obstructions. 2. and if in the r ath House. Good faith.CHAPTER JUDGMENT XI PLANETS CHAPTER XII SIGNS BY POSITION IN THE TWELVE SATUR)l". Sun in the House of Venus j 3. we. 4. captivity. he is fortunate in some degree. integrity. Sun in a Common Sign. Nervous Susceptibility. Reversals. Energy and force of character. since it is. chiefly female. Some losses. In Gemini.or ?onjoined ~o a~other planet. Premature loss of parents. and philosophy Knowledge of Divine and spiritual mysteries. In Taurus. Two marriages. few or no children. Sun in the Sign of Jupiter. intelligence and will-power. assaults upon the honour and position. Discord and strife on all sides. better if the partner be advanced in years. Misfortunes and sickness in the first part of life. IN Aries. Danger of falls from high places. Aptitude for scientific work. Troubles in marriage. Persecutions from persons jealous of the native's position and property. . The modifications due to evil aspects to th~ planets of the ~un wou~d therefore avail but slightly to disestablish this good founda tion . and in those ruled by Saturn. Spirit of contradiction and argumentation. and in the occupation of houses. Damage to property. wil~ r~sult from th~lr combinations. Taste for public life. fatalities in life. Overcoming of perils and obstacles by force of character. Contagious diseases. Religious spirit. The first of these needs some special consideration. can by experience determine what will be the result of their operations when acting in a compound or complex ma~er. Unhappiness if married to a young person. Troubles through females. so the artist in Astrology. . and of drowning. and this chiefly in the years of Saturn. the key to the more complex interpretatio. Hindrances in the career. Dangers to the position. and assaults upon the honour. It IS a matter of practice and ex. sometimes when travelling. The significators must therefore be carefully considered after this manner. while the benefic aspects would serve only to enhance and confirm it. Taste for science. and 32nd years. obstacles in the career. Difficulties in travelling. and Jupiter is in harmony with the nature of Venus. Drowning '3 It will thus be understood that the things ruled by the znd House will in this case. Supposing the Sun to be in the 2n? House III the SIgn S~gIttanus. In the 8th or r zth Houses. The native may over-feed himself. Numerous open enemies. Troubles in love affairs. Sometimes the native marries an elderly person. Sometimes gives two marriages. Troubles and perils in the oth. Danger of sudden death by secret enemies or animals. or in one's associations. THE simple natures of the planets a~d ~heir effects upon th. In Scorpio. Favours from superiors. and' as these two planets act well when in conjunction. Study of law. 14th. death of the father is probable. inventions. mysteries. Mechanics. . Many friends. 6th. but afterwards improve. Chastity. . Ingenuity. In Libra. Sun in a Sign of Fire. In Leo.ns of t~e astr~logi~al art. In Cancer. Obstacles in the career by the opposition of superiors. Inheritance from the father. 25th. At first the fortunes are precarious. or rzth. A lover of solitude. A careful nature. It gives a touchy temper.! perience only to cover all the p?ssibl~ comb~nations of the 1?lanetary bodies and to determine the modifications which any planet will undergo wh~n placed in one or another of. Some inheritance after the 30th year. Troubles about the 23rd year. and final judgment drawn from the testimony of the Lunar ~~ . and (2) by aspect. be under the combined influence of Sun and Jupiter. especially when it is in 8th House. by knowmg intimately the simple natures of t~e planets. the affairs of the ~nd ~ouse may be taken as well-established and fortunate.e character! and fortunes being already known. loss of employment. As the chemist. Contagious diseases. judgment.IS able by experience to predicate what. gives troubles in marriage. when dealing WIth his sI~ple bO~Ies. In Virgo.. Thus:I.

Troubles with the wife. Victory over enemies. gives misfortune and want. Help from influential women. Responsibilities of high order. as a soldier. Marriage unsatisfactory. Enmity of persons in high positions which will not harm the native. Successful enterprises. profitable associat~ons. Marriage to a person advanced in years. quarrels which will be dangerous to the native. Small ambitions. and the tendency to do every- . Losses. Many enemies. danger of loss through women. unhappy end to one's affairs . Employment in the magistracy or government. Scientific. Native will be richer than his parents. The wife is of a frank. Hinders fortune and success. A prosperous marriage. Fine children. Strength of character. Govem~' ment employ. etc. but tardy. Makes the native slow in action and speech. some honours. . Gain by dealing in fluids. Perils of magnitude. MARS. Mathematical ability. or by the profession. after some love affairs. Good fortune. Teasing and warifte spirit. Danger to the eyes. losses. A happy marriage. Honesty. good rider. Geod credit. Happy marriage. sudden resolutions. Prudence. In a morning ho:oscope it denotes dangers proceeding from the father. knowledge. In Gemini. Treacherous friends. Liable to wounds in the head. Gives profiCiency in mathematics. melancholy. command. Gives pains in the eyes and bowels. etc. property. and honesty. Unhappy marriage. Wealth coming from women. help from such. endowed with wisdom. wealth in land. Unpleasant journeys. In Sagittarius. Landed properties. Unforeseen gain. Good and rich marriage. or injury in love affairs. The dangers to the body will not cease till the 42nd year. Good fortune. always ready to attack by word or deed. fond of sports. Authority. Inheritance and gifts. fidelity. Military honours. Many losses. but exposed to perils and vicissitudes. fortune due to the devotion and support of friends. Aptitude fOJ the study of science. inheritance. Gravity. beauty. good reputation. Success in arms. Curious benefits. or mysterious good fortune. "Ofbattles.44 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY PLANETS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS 4S accidental or voluntary. flexibility. Dangers to the father •. Danger of ruin in speculations. will-power. prudence. and litigious character. wealth by popularity. courtesy. Command. Church dignities. maybe in travelling. powerful friends. Danger of an early death. Favours from women in position.flignities. devotion. In Cancer. of duels. guardians of minors. In Capricorn. but dangerous relations with evil men. Anxieties throughout the life. Safe voyages. and through them. and the strategic sciences. In Leo. Quarrels. High offices. In Pisces. adverse to all kinds of strife and disputation. fidelity. Governmental position. piety. which may lead to separation. losses. or sudden reversals towards the 45th year. success followed by failure. Liable to be wrongly influenced. Sure dignities and honours. Strife and danger therein. and affection. delays marriage. or secret means. love of justice. Liability to disgrace. benefits from inventions and industries. Increasing fortunes. Ability for close study of natural laws. these evils will be partly overcome. in cardinal Hou~ it gives elevation under superiors. successful in use of arms. : The native will be the eldest of-his father's children. but gives a good disposition. Success in all things. grave and penetrating. or such as have air and water as the motor powers. holding sway over inferiors with delight. powerful. difficulties and perils which will be followed by powerful friends and happy enterprises. lassitude. poverty. good fortune.. Gives employment in the magistracy or in religious orders. Afflictions. In Pisces. Some troubles in married life through calumnies and scandals. In Ar~'es. danger of troubles. Exposed to great dangers through imprudence.! Quarrels with superiors or powerful adversaries. and by the marriage partner. Estates. and fortune. In Taurus. Powerful enemies. Causes the native to take to more than one profession at the same time. Sudden adversities before the 30th year. Avarice. In Virgo. and through children. endowed with youth. noble friends. spoliation. Supremacy acquired by violence. but inconstant friends. irritable. high occupations. Possible honours. Otherwise a peaceful life. prudence. Makes tutors. JUPITER. loss of inheritance. In Scorpio. In Libra. poverty. rashness. Benefits from females. gain by negotiations and wide transactions. want of foresight. Ingratitude of friends. marriage. or the most capable and the foremost. Loss or wounds by military or Mars men. In Aquarius. Sometimes a mysterious marriage. Losses and troubles which I may be overcome by perseverance. Losses at play. In Sagittarius. Cause of quarrels. melancholy. plans followed by deceptions. In'Aquarius: cannot do much for the success of the native. injures the marriage state. Troubles in] love affairs. Loyalty. justice. Gives wisdom. and maybe in financial matters. In Taurus. Prevents elevation and honours. wealth. Goodwill and support of dignitaries. wounds by military men. An exalted position. jealous and envious opponents. either in his own land or abroad. Wilful or accidental drowning. Indifference to the ordinary interests of life. which may command the support and sympathy of persons advanced in years. Exposure to perils j : falls' wounds' chronic illnesses. If benefics aspect Saturn by trine or sextile. lawsuits. Jealousy. much trouble and affliction. sorrows. sure fortune. or causes troubles therein. Gives competence if not fortune in the latter part of life. Courteous disposition. also from friends. In Aries. Treachery of friends. probability of two marriages. Premature loss of the first child. Good nature. In Capricorn. goodness. Falls from horses. troubles.. after difficulties. High interests and relationships. A tendency to despotism. quarrelsome. honest nature. Violent temper. Gives protection in martial dangers. tardy fortune. foresight. Dan~ers by falls into water. inheritance. inspires audacity. Plots against the native. A position in association with nobles or eminent men. Troubles in the birth and rearing of children. Supremacy badly acquired. Secret enemies causing great perils. Favours from persons in high position. sometimes raises the native to high commands. L~ngi illness. Certain honours. Loss of children.

In Cancer\. dangerous wounds. bold enterprises. Renown. Dangerous wounds. IV. much travel. high office. Promotion in life due to help from brothers. sudden and unexpected poverty. Sorrows and lawsuits on account of women. Gives strange and peculiar struggles in life. Deception by false friends. but some dangers in regard to marriage. gives much promotion. sisters. Danger of falls. VIII.. danger of being led astray. Passionate nature. and true. In Leo.. to women or by women. or X. separating or destroying. Houses).e. VIII. Treachery. This position may give captaincies of ships travelling long distances. successful travels. Good judgment. Honours. little profit. weakness or pains in the legs. Wounds caused by large quadrupeds. Wounds by quadrupeds in the chase. The family will be harmful. philosophy. _military prowess. honours and wealth (especially in good houses. or by acts of bravado. guilty acts (if Saturn is in bad aspect). much sorrow. diplomatists. inclines towards a taste for arms and inspires stratagems in men who follow that career. Gives a taste for arms. however. or of acute diseases. In female horoscopes renders the marriage sterile. Victory over enemies. Danger of falls. not persevering in following out the end proposed.) . Love of travel. Success (for men of war). or friends. Dangers in duels or in war. and condemnation for. and meditative mind. Causes poverty. Danger of death by murder (if the Moon is in conjunction with Mars. Natural timidity capable of changing suddenly to audacity. and to fall into unavoidable misfortune. This aspect ennobles. Boldness. Predisposes to favours and friendships of powerful men. The native will distinguish himself by his ingenuity of mind . make the native slightly deceptive. Gives a tendency to gloom and gravity. In Pisces. XI. or on some sort of mission. and regardless of peril. Much advancement. perhaps military. Gives probity and good morality. Knowledge. happiness and Success in love . Dignities. or position (when Saturn or Mars is in evil aspect). In the female horoscope: Probability of marrying a military officer. Premature death of brothers. high military positions. Unhappy. wounds from hidden enemies. crowned with success. Danger of violent death by drowning. Quarrels and litigation with persons of position in regard to property. contempt of dangers. In Leo. Small fortune. cynicism when the Moon and Mercury are in bad aspect. Acts of violence committed on or by women (in the VI. favours.. Causes blind and secret animosity. SUN. gives high office in the army or magistracy. Mysterious woundings. High grades in freemasonry. just. It helps the native to triumph over jealous persons. unforeseen dangers away from home. In Sagittarius. In Gemini. V.. Dangerous wounds. XIL. and gastric derangements. or learned men. Powerful enemies. Struggles in love. especially the right eye. Gives fitness for medicine and surgery. i. but exposes to great adversities and to serious wounds by sword or fire. high positions in the administration of justice.). Gives dangerous and deceitful enemies... Danger of exile. Dangers through surgical operations or medical error. wounds to the feet or hands. of violent death by sword or fire. perhaps loss of wealth. or unsuccessful in love. and liable to cause wounds to the native. great misfortunes on account of women. many enemies. X.. murders committed or undergone (if the Moon is in conjunction with Saturn as well. Premature loss of brothers.e. united with cunning. great struggles in life. or genuine marines. victory in struggles and supremacy. favourable to those who would choose the military profession.. Gives force of character. the predicted evils are considerably reduced. Gives weakness of sight. relatives. but renders the will changeable. 1. admirals. Success in lawsuits. predisposes to submit to a female yoke.. Gives encounters with violent people. Evils to the wife. gives ballooning and mountain climbing. advancement. In Virgo. Gives falls and acute illnesses. frivolity. Seeking to injure by base intrigues and calumnies. or otherwise. crimes (if Saturn afflicts). loving heroic adventures. Inspires boldness. Danger of violent death from hidden enemies. In Aquarius. aggressive and warlike spirit. Causes rather irascible and deceitful character. boldness. Gives mental acuteness and prudence. Voyages with or for high personages.. or square). An observant mind. In Capricorn. and enemies of low position in life. great struggles to acquire the means of maintenance or fortune. Always harmful to marriage. Complaints of the stomach. favours the pursuit of science. VI. Renders the native inactive in the early part of life. inclines to evil and to want of good faith.KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY PLANETS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS 47 thing to succeed. aptitude for science. In Libra. or if Saturn is in conjunction or square aspect to Mars). bold scientiiic enterprises. Loss of property. love of all that is fine. Makes cross-examiners. In Scorpio. The marriage partner will not be happy. and may even give rapid military promotion. and all females of the family. IlL. and monarchs. which will yield. Great struggles in life.. Accusation of.. Harm. Aptitude in the occult sciences. Some disputes or lawsuits in regard to marriage. Some danger on water.11. i. High military positions. May endanger the eyes. But if jup1'ter or Venus are in conjunction or trine to Mars. Gives high position in police . dangers to the mother. rashness. VII. Denies children or afflicts them. In Virgo. commanders-in-chief. Secret missions. impediments by some mysterious relationships. Celebrity. Danger in the water (if Saturn or Mars is in bad aspect). aged persons. good. children. proud self-confidence. Death out of the fatherland. Gives troubles in love affairs. Audacity and enterprise. violent quarrels. Alternate elevation and abasement. far from the native country (if Mars and the Lion are in unfortunate houses.. In Cancer. Outrages. or XII. Variable fortune. gives success by acts of bravery. Harmful calumnies on the part of high functionaries. Unfortunate travels. and clever detectives. In Aries.. In Taurus. Wounds from wild beasts. mother. Makes the native brave and bold. Violent feelings. In Gemini. or acute diseases. but promises goodwill and support of high personages. increase of fortune. Fatal strife. makes conquerors. Adultery dangerous. Liability to dangerous wounds by the hand of man. Liability to pains in the eyes and stomach. or in the I.

thirst for glory. he~rt disease. give high positions and honourable dependencies. Inspires love of self. some troubles in love.I. . May give a certain degree of celebrity. good reputation . diabetes. or to a foreigner. Apt to be betrayed and disappointed in love. and gives a desire for monastic life. Gives aptitude in the natural sciences. and fluctuating honours. Superior nature.. and luxurious surroundings. i. Makes monarchs and· chiefs of states. This aspect confers the highest intellectual gifts. the realization of hopes. dangers in love. hence ternble stnfe against fatality. . dangers to the position. Gives popular success III architecture. or marsh fevers. Gives cares and sadness. want of initiative. dangers through women. Danger of violent death by secret enemies. spoils marriage. long life. May overthrow the highest positions (if Saturn or Mars is in bad aspect). fortunate relationships. goodwill of powerful personages. gives a certain elevation.e (if Jupiter is not in good aspect). Illness. In Cancer. premature loss of children. favours of the great. hesitating at nothing to satisfy its desires (if Mars is in bad aspect). Good conscience. danger to wife during pregnancy j late marriage. varying health. uncertain position.assions.. In Scorpio. a life apa::t from. The native will be involved in a dual marriage relationship. etc. danger of sudden death by sword. and honour above all relatives. love of truth and of the b~auriful . GIves the enmity of high personages. marriage union while travelling. although some~hat slow. artistic or poetical abilities. astrology.fier through e'?! associations. Proud and violent temperament. In Sagittarius. Premature loss of the eldest child probable. but little happy. or to one divorced. bad companions.. Giv~ arden~ p. spirit of observation. In Capricorn. gives dangerous loves. Some dangers owing to women. Disagreements with the marriage partner j unhappy marriage (especially for women). blindne?s in favourable houses. love of equity. or perhaps a foreigner. Renders character fickle. In Pisces. theurgists. good or bad (according to the position of Jupiter in the figure) . and to sudden advancement.houses. In Aquarius. Liability to watery diseases. gives overthrow of positions . (in an eveni~g horoscope) . wisdom. liability to dangerous adultery. In Gemini.) . liability to condemnation. haughtiness. or legacy. in female horoscopes. The hon.. loss of wealth D . <. the subject will do harm to women. VII. Gives a contemplative mind . e. and in good aspect to j upiter. love of show.ns. In Leo. either from savages. a calm life. ~ut these good conditions will not last (Scorpio being the mo~t harmful SIgn of the Zodiac). Rare all:d eccentnc faculties. gives happiness. Knowledge with modesty. Renders the native careful m hIS actions.>~e·s children. Gives dangers in love. Mysterious love affairs. gives plurality of marriages. the native will marry young. effeminate. painting and sculpture. discernment with goodwill conduces to large and useful undertakings.>~eI" his brothers.g. seduction. The subject will both love and marry early. The Sun ill Scorpio may give reputation. marriage union while travelling. In Taurus. mysterious strife. Renders the native of light character. divorces. VENUS In A ries. High ambitions.our ~n su. GIves a love of travel and of the country. Gives occult powers. and undertaking nothing rashly. The native will take pr~ceden?e <.. and in bad aspect to Mars.KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY PLANETS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS 49 service' men in whose hands are the invisible threads which move the whoie of society. inclination to divinity. Gives dangers for or through women. sterility. secret connections. superiority or nobility. Fiery passions. short life. In Scorpio. tendency to jealousy. support of churchmen. marriage impeded. interested in the secrets of nature.. In Sagittarius. disappointed hopes . and severe sorrows in consequence. patronage of ladies of quality j faithful affections. painting. separations. fickle or dangerous loves. theology. Reputation through knowledge. inconstancy. In the case of women. In Capricorn. magic. luck in enterprises. VI. etc. The native may marry a relation of some degree or other. e. dangerous relations in love. Reputation through occult things. happiness through the marriage partncr. spiritualism. enmities among pers0Il:s of ran~. celebrity (good or bad according to the aspects) . birth of twins probable (in female horoscope). may give illicit love. In Virgo. Noble and rich marriage. and timid spirit. Wealth and honour in middle life. marriage abroad.g. but little happiness therein (if Mars be in bad aspect).. inventive mind. marriage to an aged person. softness of character. Powerful secret enemies who will cause downfall. e. celebrity. Gives unhappy marriage (in the case of women). ostentation. and XII. Threatens premature loss of children.. dangers from hidden enemi~s. and hence early widowhood. sculpture. Sometimes makes celibates. Mak~s illuminati. tyrannic~l. successful marriage. good moral qualities. exaggerated pnde. Celebnty by the physical sciences. fine children. which 'will create enemies and cause many changes in the sphere of life. successful marriage..e. ~nd r~sist everything in order to accomplish Its desires. fire. Danger of death by the hand of a woman. Renders the native voluptuous. much prosperity . troubles in love.. In Libra. arrogance. Sometimes prevents or spoils marriage. aptitude for legislation. or lightning (all this in bad .mpa~hy of great people. Gives riches coming from women by marriage. enmities on account of women. The native will do harm to women. In Libra. or dangers to children. inaptitude for strife. or political science. dropsy. gives fickle affections. gives immorality. But if Scorpio is in the first House. If Saturn is in bad aspect. success in undertakings. elevation through the influence of a lady of position. ascetics. happy nature. Gives goodwill. gives high office. unhappiness in love. not likely to endure. or of wounded dignity. enjoyment of life. heritage. sy. Gives many children. dangers beyond the seas. prudent III counsel. discovers the snares of enemies. In Aquarius. venomous reptiles. seduction.g. variable fortune. short lif. wil~ undergo any~hing. or Libra or Taurus rising. gives goodness. Position in life uncertain.. Gives wealth by employment and in church affairs. immoral relations and their consequences. liability to frailty. probable rivalries in love which may cause some enmities. Separation in marriage i threate.

many lawsuits. m the VI. GIves danger of so~e sort of poisoning. easy speech. mathematics. hig~ly remunerative in accordance with the native s position. warlike spirit. Special abili ty for legislation and jurisprudence. this also indicates condemnation and exile. high order of intellect. mathemahclans. separation. somewhat obstinate. Some unexpected misfortunes through relatives. LIkelihood of wealth and renown. and occultism.. Also conduces to authorship. In Aquarius. In l:ibra. want of success. but not bringing profit to the native. Success m life followed by some dangers.cqua~ntances.. chancellorships. clever and inventive mind. Gives a taste for mechanical industries. obstinate will. and generally bad disposition.?l houses). and of women. and divines.e. liability to fall into poverty and trouble (a. society of learned people.) Advancement by the help of ladies of quality. MERCURY. Some disputes I~ regar~ to m~rriage. hidden and thoroughly harmful enmities ma~ be e.nativ:e wise. GIV~Sequ~ty and probity.ty for legislation and government. and there will be danger to the position through dangerous connections. wisdom. May ~ffhct the tongue and VOIce. Gives finesse.ities. a mind wise and capable in affairs.g. Especial aptitude for legislation and jurisprudence. In Cancer. relations ~Ith .. Gives sometimes more than one marriage.. In the III. cruel.' inventions.l disposition. Gives chastity. and capable. headstrong. scientific and poetical ability. Just. spoiled by ingratitude of people on whom the native has confe~red fav~)Urs.ebrity and fort~ne. aptitude for delicate mechanical work. In the VII. Science. which will only meet with ingratitude. military or political reasons. ~n Capricorn. in the applied arts and powerf~l memory . cur-ning . Prosperity in business. the native will marry young. dumbness. condemnation. and in bad aspect to S~turn. Gives (with the Sun in conjunction) occupations in which gold is dealt with. and good nature. love of the table. Fruitful intellect. In Aries.iolent and outrageous persons. Gives many faithful friends. Gives dangerous relations with swindlers .. divorce.. Gives a contentious and quarrelsome spirit. taste for arms. poets. adversity is almost inevitable. The native may fall mto great misfortune..). S~orpzo. a contemplative mind. denotes embassies. MaI!-¥ c~ance a. Some unforeseen misfortunes in love or marriage (in evil houses). Indicates diplomacy. legations. Instability m relationships. a~tI:-0rs. and pOSSIbIlIty of succeeding in that profession. Musical ability. mind inventive. consulates.aturmne SCIences. jewellers. especially on rivers and the high seas. Finesse. In . In Pisces. Ability in science or literature. eloquence as orat~r or writer . Friendly relations with learned or artistic people. Causes quarrels with relatives and dependents. If Mercury be afflicted. prudent. to fly in order to avoid proscription.g. This position may also indicate phlegm and stolidity of character. House. . will have a happy marriage and healthy and beautiful children.. oratory. anxieties. (If Saturn afflicts. Evil aSSOClatIOn~ and surroundmgs. and persevering. Physical beauty.hon?urable . gives a happy disposition. e.. harmful to marriage and to children. Taste for literature and poetry. restless mind. Indicates fortuitous elevation to high positions. Superior nature. religious ideas. e.. . and reckless spirit. moderate success. MOON. of play. confidants of dignit~r~~s . nervous affections. strategies. and obstacles. power of persuasion.). Houses treacherous friendships. Prevents marriage or renders it unhappy. Gain by marriage. barristers. GIves useful friendships. or the result of actions which render him liable to prosecution. Sagittarius. e.inate P?sitions in the administration of justice. :whose friendship will not last long.g.g.. faithful. scholars. on rivers or seas. but somewhat changeable and flexible. e. danger of d~owI_lingand of mysterious woundings by women or servants.and cause liability to hoarseness· stammermg. Numerous capabil. the native will be liable to condemnation for civil. powerful intellect. good memory. cunning. sec~etarys~ips. some ~endency to . Rend~rs the . Gives scientific ability and intercourse with scholars. penetration. e. give~ sure elev.so KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY PLANETS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS 51 through women. IX. etc. practicability.xpected. chemistry. a mind which seeks to govern at all cost . he may sometimes be forced to exile himself. Mysterious . and faithfu. g?O~ a~ hte~ature an~ S. . enterprising. or if the Moon is joined to Venus. sometimes by water. In Leo. Tardy success (If Saturn be in X. frequent associations with persons of quality. Causes many journeys. religious instincts.profess~ons. and (especially if Saturn is in conjunction with. hurts throu. special ability for mathematical sciences and serious and deep stu~ies. astronomy and occult sciences. epilepsy (if Saturn afflicts from e. In Taurus. VII.g. ' In. . Powerful mind. Spirit of inde~endence. AbIh. greedi~ess. restless. country. Makes ph~l~sophers. embassies. suspicious. GIves a ~old.gh wome~ or in marriage. (if the Moon be in aspect). in connection with his marriage. high intellect and great knowledge. consulates. GIves a spirit of independence. particularly mUSIC. but WIthout advan~age. !I!. to fall into poverty in the years of Saturn and of Mars.:. subord. discretion .homicide (if Mars is in bad aspect). tend~r. and projects. Corporeal dangers in strife or war (if the Moon be in co~]UnctIOn). success in the fine arts. but some enmities. In Aries. Wealth gained by science or an:. s~bordinate positions.Powerful and devo~e? friends will assist to fortune (in XL). acquaintanceship with women of quality. mathematical sciences.ccordmg to the hous~ occuyied by Capricorn) .Pisces. and good powers of observation and assimilations· inclination to solitude. Po~erful and broad mmd. capable in many things. or IX. aged men.. Changes m employment. Liability to trouble. millers. ?r partnerships of some son. Gives inventive power. IlL. strength of mind and sagacity. Danger of poisonous bits. Commerce. or harmful slanders by rivals. just. philosophy.. Possi~ilit~y of c~l. Mercury). In Gemini.. In Virgo. or afflicting. gives high subordinate positions. astronomers. discreet. Aptitude for the study of law.ati?n b~ . celibacy (in the 1. and ecclesiastics. divination (If Saturn IS m bad aspects) . House. right judgment. or the employment of water as motive power. Ridiculous and absurd plans (if Mars be in bad aspect). 'then fickle loves.g. many changes of residence.

Love of luxury. Superior nature. .e. The native doe~ not . Aquarius. In hentance o. if malefic planets afflict. ~eneral interpretations. ot . the power of " dreaming true. Honours through hard work and a steady adherence to one's path in life.. and . possessing true knowledge and omniscience. Popularity may be acquired at the bar or in the administration of justice. some journeys with success therein.Numerous family (in feminine horoscope). In Pisces. Happy marriage. it will cause instability in the position of the native. Liability to sorrow and a wandering life. unscrupulous and hypocritical character.. Knowledge of the future.) this position shortens life. Poetical abilities. G~adstone. Indolence. uprightness and integrity. Separation. Moon in Vrrgo. Some mysterious changes of position. which gives imagination. and weakness of character.g. injures marriage.nu~ber 40 gives ~n the circle of Mercury. Short life to the mother. and a tendency to be drawn into embarrassing positions. In Gemini. V. or in foreign lands. or XII. Good foresight. Evils resulting from inexperience or want of forethought may be expected in worldly affairs. numerous children. To a student of both systems It will be a matter of extreme interest to observe how wonderfully they corroborate one another. Travelling for strange reasons. Popular success. Hallucinations. fortune helped by influential women. X. Strange and fantastic tastes. Thus. Good conscience. The fortune may be compromised by the native coming under the influence of women. but lack of prudence. Harm through women. The native may be involved in journeys to avoid the pursuit of justice or in disreputable law proceedings (if Saturn or Mars afflict). Uprightness. Lov~ ~f cha~ge an~ of travel. Long v~yages. Gives b~~n dIsorders. Danger of alienation (if Saturn afflicts). success in business. wisdom. Unhoped for gifts from women.. inertia. mental vivacity . The Moon. lively and penetrating mind.. Afflicts the eyes.nethod of computing the horoscope.. [roubles in marriage. Long life.. in conjunction with the Sun (Leo is the house of the Sun which gives light). or VIII. Long voyages. Woundings on the highway..meet his engagements (if M ercury afflicts). In Leo. Frequent changes. Dangers during journeys. and causes inconstancy. It need hardly be remarked that these are onl¥. Divorce. Travels in youth. inconstancy. romanesque and poetical imagination. Fruitful imagination. But if the benefic planets are well placed these presages are greatly modified. Dreamy and poetical nature. lugubrious im. structural disorders and shortsightedness. Voyages. Great obstacles in life. high employments. Adventure." and presentiments. vlh~tes the secretions. Secret sorrows in the marriage state. Frequent travels. Numerous brothers and sisters. Great sensitiveness. XI.) In Sagittarius. In Scorpio.. VII. melancholia...52 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY PLANETS IN THE TWELVE SIGNS S3 love affairs. Dreamy and phlegmatic character Loss of.whose key. In worldly matters it gives honours through great men. In Came" good conscience. To women. intuition. (In evening horoscopes these dangers are lessened. This position makes excellent somnambulists and clairvoyants. some gain therein. wealth. drowning. excellent mental ability. Poe and Dante). if J wpiter is in good aspect. abortions or sterility. Gives wrong :views of life. or epidemics. Severe pains in the head. Honours and wealth. In cardinal houses (i. Powerful imagination. but slight activity. sweetness. Mysterious enemIes: Public func~ons.g. Numerous brothers and sisters: Popu~anty acq~ured through travels. more particularly if Mars or Saturn afflict. sympathy.r unexpected gifts (in II.agination (e. Inconstancy in love and marriage. Honours in public affairs. Gives a taste for divination. Many little love affairs. Danger of premature death by violent perils. Hard struggles. Visions. Reprehensible actions in regard to marital relations. River or maritime industries. in good houses (II. IV. Fancifulness. increase of fortune. Fretful st~l~mg after c~ang_eful projects.) it gives long life. biliousness. love intrigues. The foregoing j~dgm~n~ from Si~-positions will be found of great use to Astrologers m then interpretations by the ordinary or astronomi~al x. originality. gives peculiarity. Fickle fortunes. Evil through women. Taste for science and art. given to day-dreaming. poesy. III. sound judgment. well-endowed mind.may be greatly modified by the relative positions and aspects of the vanous planets. or through the native's own fault. gives bad prognostics. In Taurus. It is very rare to meet with this admirable signature. Long life. Nautical tastes. On the other hand. Ability in science or letters. many. I. and eccentricity. in the case of Mr. the interpretation 15 greatly modified by the positions of Mercury and Saturn. however. Vague and indeterminate mind. Dangers to position and reputation through vindictive women. Misfort~ne through women. Inconstancy In love. Advancement by ~he influence of women. and some indifference to worldly interests. the angles of the figure. In Vi'go.). dangers in child-birth. Strong imagination. Warm heart. makes superior natures. Leaning towards adultery. the Moon being in its fall herein. e. Equity. Causes chest and throat disorders. and hence danger of loss. mania.). Danger very feeble sight (in VI. Danger of wounds in war. • ~n. hypochondriasis. Sensuousness. so~tness. but ~roJects never reahzed. Secret love affairs.. Mental maladies. this is the astral signature of the poet and man of genius.. but unprofitable. Popular sympathies. Danger to the eyes. In Libra. Inventive mind. Strange and inexplicable terrors. In Capricorn. and. confers intuition.

uncertainty. according to the position of this point in the horoscope. Great fortune.-Dignitiesj honours j success. power acquired by experience. reputation. false sense of security. inevitable decisions. XXI._:Authority and power due to merit. ~ Sword do. there are 9 additional ones. in the sign Leo. evil or unfortunate impulses. creative intellect. fire. inventions. or the reverse. XXV. goodwill. are given in their order after the 22 Major Points:I.-Royal Star of Scorpio. honour. * in the sign Aquarius. useful works. LI. building up j mysteries. V. honours by merit. new beginnings. LXXI.-Mars crowned. XIII. falls j dangers of the elements. victory over difficulties. decision. occurring in the Scale of a Nativity. mysteries. loss of the fruits of labour.-Good fortune. successful marriage. glory. XIV. happy associations. accidents. Aquarius. future events. unprofitable associations with women. and gives success through women of position. continual hindrances and obstacles arising in the life. . Union. marriage. XIX. FROM THE THIRTY-ONE POINTS 55 CHAPTER JUDGMENT FROM THE XIII THIRTY-ONE POINTS IN addition to the 22 Major Points. and a good marriage. favourable. ** o * Sceptre is marked by o Reaper do. a protection and yet a menace. XLIII. Do..-Uncertainty in marriage. insight.-Crosses in love. 51 presumption. Protection and favour of persons in authority. energy.-The Sword. bad use of the faculties. fixity. ruin. chastisement. need of vigilance. success. construction. endurance. martial tendencies .JUDGMENT XXII. XX. establishment. XVIII. pain. and XXVIII. acquisition of experience. XVI I. XXIV.-Perfection in love. folly. LV. XXXVII. XV. Powerful enemies . and the predictions derivable from these Points. things accomplished j perpetuation. courage. XXIII. dangers to the offspring and troubles in the marriage state. Triumph. VII.-Contests.-Success in some bold enterprises. hidden perils. honours j glory.-Moral liabilities. catastrophe. Do. things brought to nothing. abortive enterprises. Mars Crowned by ~l L The above figures are marked where they occur in the horoscopes contained in this work. with their interpretations. These. wisdom. the inevitable . treacheries. destruction. undoing. powerful enemies. the fruits of action. ruptures. in the sign Scorpio.-Ruin by unfruitful enterprises.-Royal Star of Leo. victory. acts in their beginnings. The first 22 or Major Points are marked by their numbers in Roman figures. X. •• . loss of honour. Scorpio. need to be particularly noted. troubles through Mars men. lawsuits. dissension. harmony.-Blind wilful injury. luxury. may chastise as it may confer honours. danger of seduction.--Overthrow. reputation. death j fatality. n. dangers. danger through the force of the elements.-Hope. Destruction. IV. enmity. in the sign Taurus.. XXVI. XXVII. money-grubbing.-Creative will. success followed by loss j entrapment.-Elevation from a humbler position j or fall from a high position' reversals j auguries. Those produced during the e rst century will return to the Major Points. loss by women. effort.-Rivals in enterprises. Successful enterprises. LXIX. Taurus. success.-Reversal of position j culpability. final catastrophe. the remaining 9 points are marked as follows:Royal star of Leo. energy. authority j command. sincere friendship. the Points. VII I. XXIV.-High offices under protection. marriage. which.-Royal Star of Taurus. reputation. celebrity. Do. When any of these occur in the Scale of the Nativity they must be marked in the horoscope. IX. visions. sexuality. success through contest. protection of ladies in position.-Ambitions and hopes deceived. separation j breaking of ties' dissolution. or by bad combinations. here follow in their order. success through associations with the opposite sex.-Triumph. fruitfulness j action. deceptions. irregularities. xi.. Fortuitous elevation. aspirations. catastrophe. LXV. and as the possible combinations of the Sum of the Horoscope for this and the next century amouot to 28. VI.-Confers the association of persons of high birth. protection. injuries by opponents. not given in the above interpretations. XXVIII..-Point of the Reaper. evil associations. XVI. perception of high truths. XXV. dangers from women.-Royal Star of Aquarius. danger of violent death. anger. unexpected elevation. As reference will be made to the annual prognostics. wounds. XII. either enforced or voluntary.-Realization.-The Reaper.-Sceptre.-Fatal destiny. gives also protection of rich persons. XXVI. strife.-Fate. executive powers.-Strife. Dangers to the body and the interests.-Dangers to the position through lack of initiative and decision. annihilation. force. III.J.

and vain ambitions. independent. Catastrophes during early life. or for the legal profession. and surprises in the life.-Nobility of disposition. 2Io __ Joo. and having some taste for sculpture. revival of old feuds and enmities. interest in impracticable things and useless discussions. an unfruitful nature' or one which works only fretfully and under restraint. Virgo: Io-~?o. gives success by dint of exertion and prowess. unrealized hopes.-A love of every kind of pleasure. an apt nature' cunning· well. mathematics. indepen. and quickness of speech and action. treacheries. futility and wantonness. J.ture. elegance and finery all around. IO_IOo. IIo-20o. sociability. much given to social intercourse. sympathetic na. love of pleasure. and fickle nature Scorpio. design. rO-lOo. eloquence. inflexible. following a fantastic or Impracticable career. 2ID-30o. or on account of difficulty in acquiring wealth. IO_IOo. IIo-zoo. warlike or governmental tastes..-Well-applied faculties.-A highly-endowed intellect. or literature. IO-Ioo.-Distrust and antipathy from superiors. must be consulted in this matter. loss of honour.. proud. sweetness of temper. discourtesy. an anxious life. JID_2oO. dependence upon others. "Vigorousspirit.• IO-IOo.-A firm and resolute character._Deceptions. these are only general prognostics.-Nobility of spirit. worldly knowledge. both in the horoscope and the annual prognostics.-Thwarted enterprises.-Love of speculation. some violence or accidents in the life. need for action and industry. a warm. the decanate rising in the figure of the Kabalistic horoscope.-Long life. nature. Gemini. hidden and dangerous enemies.nces of acquiring wealth. indifferent to obstacles. and philosophies.-0bstinacy.ENT FROM XIV THE DECANS THE Thirty-six Decans arise from the Division of the Twelve Signs into 3 parts each of ten degrees.-Tendency to abruptness. disappointed ambitions. flexible. Libra. A light. many serious contests during life. chimerical projects. success in the use of arms. sweetness of disposition. ' IIo-20o. The position of the Sun in the Zodiac. associations. generosity. danger of misery and poverty. unyielding nature.-Religious spirit. Leo. love of pleasure. producing troubles.-A phlegmatic nature. ' J m f orme d in worldly matters. strong passions. agitated mind. violence. inclined to command and rulership .-Arrogant nature. 2IO-300. 2Io-30o. dangerous voyages. IO-Joo. IIo-2oo. inclined to display. trifling nature.-Restless and ambitious nature. bold • enterpnses. destructive.-Strong passions. IO-lOo.-Dangerous travels.JUDGMENT FROM THE DECANS 57 CHAPTER JUDGM. warlike nature. diplomatic.-Gentleness and flexibility of mind. 2Io-30o. many strifes and contests' dangerous passions.-Assertion : of rights by force.-Financial anxieties. what is the same thing. The interpretations are useful. fond of the analytical SCIence (theoretical or practical) .-Several marriages. inventive and specuIative mind. 2Io-30o. and upright nature' protecting the weak against the strong. 2Io-30o.-:-Restless. timid :nature. easy rise in life to high positions. frank. . combative. boldness. tro. Impressionable and excitable nature. patient in work. based upon the ruler of the Sign acting in conjunction with the ruler of the Decan. truthful.-Aptitude for the subtile sciences. severe troubles in marriage. martial tastes. Aquarius. Capricorn. capable of resistance and much patience J self-confidence. alternating with reversals· troubles in love affairs. ' IIo-2oo. and in that way are useful. 2Io-30o. free and yet courteous. abstract things. love of science and art. IIo-20o. and a woman in the centre. painting._Ambitious. IIo-zoo. etc. 2Io-30o. or. success and honours by good luck. unrealizable enterpnses. an adventurous spirit. confused or multifarious projects. headstrong.-An economical and orderly nature. which wounds itself upon every obstacle which comes in its path.-Violent and ungovernable nature. inflexibility. scientific ability. Pisces.ubles in marriage or through relations. sea. hopeful and buoyant nature. architecture. Aries. Taurus. IO-Ioo. ability for artistic pursuits. danger of severe reversals in life. forgetfulness of one's interests. 2Io-3?o. success in hazardous enterprises.-Vivacity of spirit. IIo-20o. sober in behaviour. courteous and obliging. Necessarily. IO-lOo. Sagittarius.-Restless nature. and judgment given accordingly. austerity. many deceptions. virtuous._A just. uncert~lll res. love of independence. which produce neither honour nor fortune. aptitude for the pursuit of the exact sciences. danger of a violent death. powerful will.-Indolence.-Carelessness.-A doubting. unlockedfor dangers.olutlOns. IIo-20o. sickness and disease contracted in the cradle or at the breast. but they will often serve in helping the student to a correct judgment. self-contained nature. desiring renown' J celebrity· . impotent· disappointed' timid to a degree. unfruitful nature. gives favourable cha. confidence . artistic faculty j mechanical ability . honours. careful in money matters.-:-A mind given to unprofitable researches. energy. unfortunate. JID-20o. voyages. 2Io-30o.-Infantile sickness until the 7th year. Cancer. 2Io-30D. A vain nature. dent spirit. IIo-zoo. love of change and variety. I o-lOo. etc. IO-IOo.

Deferred hopes.. or any future year in the native's life.e. and above it is Mars. take their prognostics from the right-hand column headed by the Moon. dangers according to the ruling sign.. and some affection of the urinary ducts.ANNUAL REVOLUTIONS 59 CHAPTER ANNUAL XV REVOLUTIONS IN the Kabalistic system of Astrology. 4t 38 I 4~ 39 46 40 47 41 48 42 49 50 52 53 54 55 56 51 59 60 61 62 63 69 - I 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 » 0 l/. the annual passage of that life's events.\'11 I » ~ ~ 57 . i '11 I _1______ A. Saturn and M oon. troubles in domestic affairs. bad for child-birth.-Loss of inheritance. for those who can read its mysterious letters. i. 0 ~ ~ l/. danger of losing a child. Now concerning these annual presages. from the passage of the ruling sign into one or another of the Twelve Houses. the Nativity is only a summarised "contents-sheet'" of the single life. troubles in love affairs. if the nativity shows it. Jupiter and Mars.M. i..e. and has need to be so. difficulties in monetary affairs at first. Some fatality in love affairs. delay in marriage. Inclines to suicidal thoughts. Danger during voyages. while the native will suffer also from causes related to the house occupied by Mars..1 J It Persons born in the evening.-Mental disorders. The interpretations of these positions can be further extended ~y applying the radical rulership of the conjoined planets to the affairs of life' as if Mars and Moon should be conjoined. one by one. Premature loss of relatives: Saturn and Sun. CONJUNCTIONS. tardy financial success. increased mental powers. dishonours. the leaves of the Book of Life were turned by the hand of Destiny for the instruction of the reader. Adversity. Danger of drowning. gain.new enterprises. attended with local honours." and from the disposition of the stars according to the Hermetic Circle. success in mathematical and literary pursuits. Dangerous illness. from midnight to noon.-Concentration of mental powers. or success in any martial occupation.S. then the things and affairs'ruled by the house occupied by Cancer will suffer injury from martial causes or by Mars persons. u Had the birth been A. from the 29th birthday onwards. so. but at some cost to himself. Good fortune in the end. Independent spirit. quarrels. however. troubles in the acquisition of wealth. while the processional rising of the Signs indicates. the great World History.-Gives a rise in the position of the native.. Saturn and Venus. and the prognostic: Calumnies. in government and public functions. enterprises fall through.e. gravity. in the Zodiacal Circle. or a fall from a high place. and the horoscope consequently a morning " one. With females. judgment of future events is drawn from the annual conjunctions of the planets which conjointly rule over the horoscope and the year under consideration. . intelligence conducive to success. danger of reversals. Loss of courage. may be loss of wife or mother. and against this on the lett there is Venus. especially if a daughter. so that the prognostic must be drawn from this conjunction :-All so~ of evils proceeding from women.M. Has some post of honour conferred on him. married life. i. and that held by Saturn and Mars. troubles m married life' . there will be success in landed property. take their annual conjunctions from the column headed by the Sun (on the left side of the table) while those born A.-Inconstancy. energy. .-Losses. and the like. Saturn and Mars. ~ <.. Gives industry and speculations conducing to success. as if. 8 9 10 II 6 C 7 12 13 14 IS 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 :34 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 43 37. Tendency to scientific pursuits. Troubles in domestic life.-Thwarted ambitions.M.tl ¥ 64 65 66 67 68 70 0 ~~ 71 72 73 74 75 76 6 I 1/. and as the succession of the Signs illustrates the gradual unfoldment of the presage concerning human evolution which is embodie~.-Military honours. This is the first of the annual interpretations. The native gains honours. the rulers of the 30th year would have been Mercury and Mars. in regard to the individual life. industry. Saturn and Mercury. Undertaking serious . sorrows of the heart. Jupiter and Sun. Mechanical inventions will succeed.studies. dangers in the life. and finally from the numerical combinations of the horoscopical "Sum. Obstacles in love affairs. or difficulties in business' thwarts the good which the position of Jupiter may promise. he will find in the above table of years one marked 30. if a peQ>onborn in the P. inheritances.M. Thus. These methods will be explained and illustrated in their order. As the entire pictorial and symbolic Zodiac illustrates. legal affairs. in the period from noon to midnight. Favours voyages and law proceedings. ~I~ --1--1~ 016"1/. The native becomes careful in money matters. etc. 1i8 Saturn and Jupite1'. etc. social intrigues' .M. Jz »I 2 3 4 c. (an" evening" horoscope) would know the prognostic for his 30th year of life. more or less pointedly. The effects of the Conjunctions here follow in their order:PLANETARY CONJUNCTIONS. take first of all the following table of AN!'IUAL P. discretion. or a responsible situation. difficulties in undertakings. from the Sign which by regular procession is found to rule over the current.

if the occupation be of that nature. Favours from ladies of rank or fortune. nth. and may succeed in their development. at following ages:" XII. The next method of judgment is from the passage of the ruling Sign into the different Houses in succession. V. and steady progress in the life. " . Friendship and confidence are given to the native.-Difficulties in the career. Some troubles through women. Many journeys. or grave dishonours. or marriage. Renee. N. Brain disorders. and the 14th.-Troubles in the domestic life. gives happy voyages or beneficial changes. for opening . tranquillity. Mars and Moon. treacheries. and perhaps a voyage. danger of separation. scholastic success. House. inclination to love affairs or marriage. embarrassment. Pleasures of all kinds attract the native. Violent tendencies. and may do so to advantage. or professional honours. in the married life or the home. IX. The mind is vacillating and unstable. and may be subject to dishonours. etc. jupite'f' and Venus. Inventive faculties are now aroused. Venus and Moon.y. If the nativity shows it. Mars and Sun. and greatly helped thereby. and during the znd year continues therein. passionate impulses. gain by one's works.. engineering. Passion.. Removes his affection from one to another object. to success in public life. Sun and Me'f'cury.-Gives obstacles in marital relations.-The use of the faculties conduce to fortune. and the following prognostics must be regulated thereby. but some danger of being cheated. " " I 13 2 14 3 15 4 16 5 17 6 IS 7 19 8 20 9 21 22 23 24 " XI. Mars and Mercu.-Favour and support of high personages. The native is light and fickle in his conduct. during anyone year of life the ruling sign may be passing through two successive houses. position in the radical and annual figures. jupite'f' and Moon. bad fevers. so that if the last Decan of a sign were rising at birth. as to what interpretation should be placed upon them.B. IV. Danger of serious wounds. PASSAGE OF RULING INTO SIGN XII. injuries and calumnies. It will further be seen that the interpretations are not repeated for Jupiter and Saturn.. health. of no fixed resolutions. Venus and Mercury. especially women j gain. Success in active enterprises. then in something less than 4 months afterwards. and as much advanced therein as at birth it was advanced in its rising in the rst House.... Good credit. Clerical. Danger to the eyes. Sun and Venus.. 26th. III. intellectual pursuits. love of travelling by water. Dangers in voyages and journeys by drowning or accident of other kind. Danger to the eyes (if Saturn or Mars be in evil aspect). literary. according to the station in life.-It will be observed that these prognostics are of the most general nature only. Gives new friendships. etc. Happiness. Troubles in the social and business position by means of females. Prudence j discretion.-Activity of mind. since much depends upon where the significators are placed In the Annual figures. Inclination to literature. fevered mind and body.-IncIination to the practical arts.-Inclines to religion. VIII. but without much profit. The wife or partner causes trouble.-Gain and reputation.10 "n . ambition. Advancement in the occupation.KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY ANNUAL REVOLUTIONS 61 honours. Jupiter and Mercury.-Discords. Success in studies and profession. gives the love of children. Danger to the sight. devotion to duties and to the means of advancement.12 " " " " " " " " 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 This means that the ruling sign at birth passes into the rzth House on the 1St birthday anniversary. The native strikes out some useful plans. it will be found in the r ath House. loth. honours. and disputes occasioned by females. the sign of the Nativity would pass into the r zfh.-Quickened intellect and increased efforts. scientific studies. If married. its nature. and the use of the faculties. poetical faculty or literary taste stimulated." " . Sickness. attended with success and honour. and must needs be. " . Danger of unfaithfulness. friends. troubles in love affairs. Mars and Venus.-Troubles which are difficult to overcome. or of grave burnings. etc. Gives a taste fOT dress and female society. The native inclines to pleasures more than usual at this time of life. New relations and enterprises. may incline to the drama. Industry and morality. contagious affections of the body. Celebrity or good reputation. Position will be influenced by women. Military success. Illness. " " X. much attention must be given to its companion planet. Right use of the faculties conducive to reputation. Should the conjunction for the year involve a planet which is the ruler of the Annual figure. gain in whatever occupation is followed. Troubles by jealousy. The native is disposed to the study of light arts. Mercury and Moon. consult the following table :Natal Sign in I. " " " " " " " " VII. and the more effeminate qualities of the' nature are stimulated. The Zodiac is presumed to advance one sign annually.-Tendency to judicial or ecclesiastical work. especially the left. j for it is then a more remarkable significator of the native's fortunes.-Errors of judgment. Promotion. But at the znd birthday. in love. etc. A proportion at the rate of 4 months for each Decan can be made. Fortune favoured by the assistance of women of position or means. Nautical tastes. the ruling sign being carried from the rst House into the 12th. especially the right eye. as for Saturn and Jupiter.. Danger of wounds by iron or fire. To find the place of the ruling or natal sign at any age. Sun and Moon. afflictions. yet inclined to some bold enterprises. VI. Bad for travelling. II. Obstacles and hindrances in all affairs. these being the same. the native will incline to nefarious practices at this time. The native inclines to marriage. and happiness.

if the nativity shows it. or Aries. When Gemini rises. or Pisces. Harm from friends in matters of money and property. Contests and strife among relatives. or change of position most probable. but support and assistance from devoted friends and colleagues. Sagittarius. Gain or benefits by associations and alliances. and sometimes dangerons. Moderate success. Great change in position. Hidden enemies will seek to injure the position. Loss of property and money.! When Taurus rises. honours of some magnitude. It will be necessary to avoid yachting. Fortunate year for personal enterprises. Family suffering. or some casualty of a serious nature. wounds. The next means of deriving the annual prognostics is from the rising of the Signs by procession. ~ossibility of undertaking long voyages. VIIL-Illness.-Dangcr from robbery or fire. be dissipated or lost very soon: Bad year for those born under Scorpio. or Aquarius. if indulged in. Harmful journeys. treachery. and other benefits will be realized. Grief.-Good year for travelling. Disagreement with relations. for some secret purpose. or the reverse. Unlooked-for enmities.-Legacy or gift.-Good success in enterprises. Good reputation. Sagittarius. Unstable position. Sickness or accident to the marriage partner. When Cancer rises. or Cancer. Sickness due to irregularities in the bowels. injurious love affairs. Quarrels and misunderstandings with relatives. Expected legacies or inheritance will be realized. Powerful and declared enmities arise. and distrusted also. Family journeys. shipwreck.-Dangerous sickness. V. Good year for marriage. Separation or divorce imminent. Opposision in love affairs. Help from friends and patrons. The foregoing meth?d presu~es that the ruling sign passes from one house to another. and of fnends. heavy quarrels. Bodily dangers. difficulties in one's undertakings. Distrust of servants. The position is favoured ~y influential patrons. Bad for persons born under Capricorn. Difficulties in business and in love affairs. . Good year for love affairs. Loans to friends and investments of trust do not come duly to hand.KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY ANNUAL REVOLUTIONS negotiations. Rivalries. employment gives rise to fortunate voyages. danger of death. favours from superiors. Possibility of marriage. and not the astronomical . Loss of wealth. or Taurus. Friends become enemies and give rise to strife. When Virgo rises. Some financial loss during such travels. Short journeys. checks in fortune by secret enemies. Strife among friends. Possibility of marriage. Material tendencies. New acquaintances among the learned or the clergy. Pisces. Disgrace in the eyes of superiors. as well as by their inherent natures and significations.mseswhich they are normally associated with. providential help. or more or less changes of residence. Troubles in love. Good for journeys by sea. Danger of losing the position held by the native on account of his own fault. Serious losses by gaming or by speculation. affairs will necessitate short journeys. Evils through women. but danger of being robbed. cattle. I. Hidden enemies affect the position. Triumph over enemies. sorrows. Distrustful of all. as follows :PROCESSIONAL RISING OF THE SIGNS. Family mourning. Danger to the body. Danger of loss or of drowning . Scorpio. rising sign. Heavy contests a. opportunity for marriage. Loss of friends. Disgrace in the eyes of superiors. mourning. Treason of friends. however. A bad 'year for persons born under Virgo. Elevation. boating. danger of losing one's good name and reputation. voyages. and persecutions. Bad for persons born under Gemini. Illness is almost certain. this ne~ess?J:lly brings the signs in succession to the rst House. mourning. Danger in business partnerships and associations. Marriage or some close association of interest. Lasting and dangerous enmities. When Leo rises. Beneficial changes.Year of travelling. and from this rising the prognostics are drawn. but they will not seriously 1 Observe that this is the Kabalistic. and for conquest of enemies. Bad for persons born under Libra. Friends become enemies. for there is some indication of drowning. Liability to loss of reputation bv some scandal. or property may be seriously injured. VI. Considerable gain. The wife (or husband) will be sick or afflicted by troubles. Good fortune or honours' to relatives.-Good year for pecuniary interests. Good for high patronages and enterprises.. or through the interposition of friends and associates.-Danger of treachery and unfaithfulness. or for engaging in contests.nd strifes. The position is unfortunate. horses. Good for associations of love or friendship. Establishes the position. Sickness. Mental troubles. Helpful friendships and patronage.-When the ruling sign passes into the rst House. Trouble through children. in general terms. which will. Treac~ery among supposed friends. Love affairs impeded or frustrated by relatives. Harmful enterprises." . Boddy dangers for the marriage partner. IX. Secret enemies. H. The placing of affections will create enmities in the native's life during this time. and bathing under dangerous circumstances. Great need of watchfulness. and contusions. etc. Danger by water. Release from enemies. Love affairs or some close relationship will create troubles. Danger from quadrupeds. IV. sickness. or through the wife in regard to money. but probable good fortune' creditable associations. XL-Anxieties. HL. VII. Danger to children (by wounds or martial ailments). which will augment or give rise to fortune. whether private or in business affair~. h<. changes of residence or of locality. Evil through women. there will be danger of wounds or of some sort of dislocation. or on their account. Gain. fair hopes. Danger of wounds and of mourning. The native may be imposed upon. Danger of permanent hatred and secret dise~es. Short journeys. not very satisfactory. and may cause strife and so injure the interests. followed by envy and malice. . but followed by misunderstandings. A death will be profitable to the native. loss of friends by death or by the rupture of their friendship. The position will greatly prosper. or wounded affections. sorrows. When Aries comes into the rst House. danger of falls. X. Capricorn. Help from some relative or member at one's own family. the position is difficult. Short journeys by the family. judgment must be made by the relation of the signs to the.

or success in litigation. will pass away with the sign. Affections of the head. Treachery of friends. Unstable affections. Chan. it was found that the sum of the Nativity of Mr. When Capricorn rises. Cancer or Libra. snares. or Aquarius. however. it will be seen that No. Secret love affairs injure relatives. and dangers resulting therefrom. particularly horses. Good or bad acco:mng to the sign. if ma::rieo. TravelIing is certain. or by the partner. The next method of prognostication is from the key number of the Nativity. by secret discoveries. Separation. but these 'will not endure. but instability therein. Fortunate associations due to the partner. harmful to the career. Success in the profession or one's affairs. inheritance or gifts. Inclination to marriage. New associations. and the succeeding 8 months exhaust two-thirds of the sign. Honours. Sickness of children. Insta?ility in the position. It is necessary to be careful of quadrupeds. Love affairs of a harmful nature. driving the native into positions more or less hopeless. or things having regard to sea voyages. In this sense they WIll be found doubly useful. but. or marriage. Secret or unseen hindrances in the affairs of the native. Position strained through engagements with rivals or declared enemies.which th~ nahye do well to be cautious about. Bad for persons born under Taurus. Benefits by scientific affairs. It will be observed that the above general prognostics are subject to the same modifications and considerations as were applied to the " Passage of the ruling sign" in the previous section of this chapter. Gain by hardy enterprises. Loss of friends or relatives.or his relati~es. Leo. the prognostics for that sign will continue to hold for 4 months only. Troubles through relatives.. Misunderstandings with some friends. Danger to children by water. Bad for persons born under Aries. The family renders much service to the native. or others who will certainly deceive. at this time. liable to bring death in their train. Harmful associations. or sickness. due to th: native himself . Changes. Dangerous illness (if the heart or stomach are attacked). . Material tendencies. When Pisces rises. brain. KEY NUMBER OF NATIVITY." It indicates an epoch which will be highly beneficial or Ii: . etc. Position unstable. Relatives create strife. When Libra rises. Affairs hindered by secret enemies. Unavoidable strifes and ~orrows of which the native will be the cause. Association with scholars or travellers. Change of residence. wounds. or pursuits. and then the influence passes to the next sign. Here 1934 is the sum of the Revolution and 17 i. danger of falls from high place~.1894 40 wi!! 1934 = 1 + 9 + 3 + 4 = 17 . Danger of corporeal hurts. In general it may be remarked that the rising of these signs in the horoscope is subject to the same interpretation. Long voyages. Secret affairs in regard to marriage or partnerships. Bad for persons born under Leo. traps. Changes. Friendships newly aC9U1red. new ambitions. 17 denotes" Hope. Danger of drowning. or Capricorn. expe~t conjugal discord. inordinate appetites. Virgo. Treacheries. open enmities. Danger of death among relatives. Good health. applicable to. Financial loss. novel ideas applied to practice. This is the extended sum of the figures resulting from a computation of the Christian and surnames. although in an extended sense. or from unhealthy environment. and those wJ:o tend t~em. divorce. Libra. Persecutions by declared enemies. New enterprises.~ figure. divorce. or Scorpio. which. the whole life instead of a current year merely. Some. Machinations of secret enemies. Serious enmities. 'When Aquarius rises. Long journeys and sea voyages should be shunned. danger of death by secret enemies. and losses through them. Gain or benefits by friendly relations. Danger to the marriage partner. Love affairs. Physical dangers caused by one's self on water. Bad for persons born under Aries. Virgo. and extended in a Kabalistic manner.ge of residence leading to strife. the position and occupation are benefited. Danger of wounds. A very dangerous period. Contests in regard to marriage. elevation assured position. being evil and dangerous. Servants and underlings create dangers. Conjugal discord. Physical excesses. Gemini. Unhealthy relationships. Harmful changes in the affairs. Separation. the zoth degree of a sign were rising at birth. Bad for persons born under Cancer. Patronage of ladies of position. either in food or medicine. the affairs will cause many short journeys. corporeal d<l:ngers by strifes. Short journeys leading to disappointments. Pisces above all. Gladstone's case was 40. If this be added to the year under consideration it gives the II Sum of the Revolution" of the Nativity. Benefits by an alliance of some sort. or chest. Malevolent relatives will injure the native's interests or his affections. Enduring persecutions.s the Pro~osti. or in relation with that element. w hen added to the year under consideration.KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY ANNUAL REVOLUTIONS affect the native. Sorrow and trouble to relatives. When Sagittarius rises. the sign of birth and the degree of birth. Danger to children. Troublesome journeys. Cancer. Wealth and property is seriously affected by secret enemies or travels. The native may undertake journeys to bring about marriage. The position is endangered by false friends. Changeful affections. Occupation suffers by death. Secret love affairs. may. which it is desirable to pass over. Some sorrows caused by slander. or hurts by fire and iron. To get the prediction for the year 1894 we proceed thus. . Dangerous occupations. Some association which will bring benefits. Unforeseen benefits. or Aquarius. Bad for persons born under GemIDJ. Capncorn. falling patrons. Sickness arising from excess. Leo. If marriage occur at this penod. Conjugal discord or separation. Danger of accidental POIS?~ing. Obstacles m love affairs. Lucrative enterprises. In the chapter on " Judgment from the Thirty-one POlDi::S. Thus. Affections of the head. Benefits are sure but not lasting . for instance. or Sagittarius. If. wars. Bad for persons born under PIsces. or Taurus. When Scorpio rises. It will be more lucrative than well-assorted. Grave illness. Relationships productive of strife. Long journeys leading to a reversal of position. Danger from horses. or lo~s of position.

In this work. Ah In May. gives: Great fortune. . In addition to the Seven Planetary Circles treated of in the earlier part of this Manual." from which prognostics are drawn as from a natal horoscope. glo. as if for the birth of a person." and the "Hermetic Circle. is sufficient for general prognostics. gives: Great perils.-The key-number of the nativity which was found to be 40. catastroph~s . "High elevation. This method. . and hIS fall was then prognosticated :I8r5 25 1840 = 1 + 8 + 4 + a = 13 Point XIII. when Napoleon I. Catastr~phes. In 1815 he met with entire reversal of fortune. it is necessary to keep the same sign and degree in the Scale of Revolution as in that of the Nativity. A general prognoitic of the whole life may be drawn 'fro~ the key number when added to the year of birth. will be the ruling sign for the year. I. " . the planetary positions are taken from the 8th Circle. 29) r893.-We now proceed in the usual way to prepare the Scale of the Revolution. . set out a figure with Capricorn rising. Gladstone. the sign and degree undergoing a change.-As the key-number contains the sign and the degree of birth. the key-number being 40. the only difference being that the key number must be added to the year under consideration (as previously to the year of birth) in order to get the Sum of the Revolution. year of his downfall. Point XIV. It is technically called the Processional Sign. which will now be given in detail. was declared Emperor. reputation. 1815 + 46 = 1861 == 1 + 8 + 6 + 1 = XVI. Honours. called the "Circle of the Rosy Cross. " . as the 85th year of life takes its rise from z Sth December (vulg.. If we take the 85th year of Mr. These examples will serve to show the metho~ ~f procedure In regard to rognostics drawn from the Sum of the Nativity.66 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY the reverse to the native. Some writers affirm that the age of a person added to the year w~en such age is attained. he was proclaimed Emperor of ~rance. much need of initiative and of decision. N.. y Shelley's" Sum of Nativity" is 39. therefore. when set out according to the rules appertaining to the Scale of the Revolution. The year of hIS death was thus shown:r822 CHAPTER XVI THE EIGHTH CIRCLE THE foregoing methods of prognostication are used as auxiliaries to the following. and yields the most reliable prognostics. In year 1795-1796. 1804 + 35 = 1839 = 1 + 8 + 3 + 9 = XXI.great honours. Capricomus. The Scale of the Revolution is prepared somewhat after the manner of the Scale of Nativity. 40 1933 == Sum of Revolution. as In the examples above. Some take the Revolutional positions from the Circle of the Planet ruling the year under consideration. then the process will be different. gives: Ambitions and hopes deceived. If a figure may be taken from the Circle of the planet ruling the year of Revolution.ry. according to one's station. gives: Reversals. and can be applied without recourse to the key number of the Nativity. and dispose the rest of the Signs in accordance therewith. 1804. there is an Eighth Circle. II. For example: In 1804.: In his 27th year. This is the s mbol of the Reaper. s e was born in August of 1769. he undertook the Egyptian Campaign:1798 25 1823 = I + 8 + 2 + 3 = 14 .. he was appointed General-in-Chief of the Italian Army:1795 25 1820 = I + 8 + 2 + 0 = II Prognostic XI. or the Sign of Procession. we must take the prognostic from the Revolutions of 1803:1803 25 1828 = I + 8 + 2 + 8 = 19 . bas the advantage of simplicity. and that the sign which was on the ascendant in the nativity is rising again. the destroyer. and extended. is added to the year 1893. whose figure of birth we already have. obstacles are surmounted. IrI.-By the" Rising of the Signs" it will be seen that in the 85th year of life the ruling sign is found in the rst House. Point XIX. he was 35 ye~rs of age. We must. however. Danger of ruin. 'YIZ. the. and extended. "Reversal. in the Major Points gives: Success by some reIn 1798 markable and bold enterprises." In r8I5. together with the key-number. he was 46 years of age. but experience shows that the 8th Circle is specially prepared for the yearly figures. . and further. therefore. the 8th Circle only is consulted for the Revolution. which affords a more complete and certain method of forecasting events. danger of ruin. the process may be shown step by step. This is in experience oftentimes true.B. to the extent to which It IS reliable. Therefore:1893 39 1861 = I + 8 + 6 + 1 == r6 Point XVI. The Sum of the Nativitr in ~he ~ase of Napoleon Buonaparte is 25.

xiii. J '2/. xlix. liv. xvi. J '2/. Iii. lxix. lxv. xxxii. lxvi. 1893 { { 8 90 3 10 ~ ¥ ~ tjl m= in . lxiv. ii. Royal Star . lxiii. Now taking the elements afforded by the 85th year of Mr. 60 x.. 4 5 3 10 6 7 8 9 ¥ 0 )J <+> T tj 6 8 9 . h 0 .... iii. lvi.Q TIl! ts S 20-1 Ic) 'f i! . CIRCLE PLANET. . ..68 KABALISTIC The elements required ASTROLOGY are:- THE EIGHTH POINT. v. 1:5 · . lxxvii. xliv.. * 7 iii. liii. in ~ 3 Reaper 100 J in 40 Reaper 9 R. xliii. Sum of Revolution. xx. xxiv. Royal Star . 149 xii... xxxiii. Surname . 149 lIth" Second Christian Narne. xlviii. 30-2 40-3 50-4 60-5 70-6 80-7 90-8 roo-o 200-10 90 50 » J SIGN. xxiii.Q 1ll? nt VI' e ~ » So 100 200 300 400 80 90 70 0 h '2/.Q T tj * 9 5 6 7 I ~ II 2 'Whenever a point occurs in the Scale of the figure which has no planet or sign against it in the Circle. xxviii. Ixii. the Point itself is to be marked in Roman figures in the House to which it rightly belongs.. xv. xxix. I » J u £. 4 5 6 '2/. 'f e )J 0 ~ '2/. lxi. xlii.• 10 3rd Year " 1893 4th The elements which from year to year create the difference in the disposition of the planets are :-(1) The Sum of Revolution. { { { . 60 = r zth . xi. Jz ]) 'f nt YJ' 0 ~ Jz J t =- . xxvi. 69 for this illustration ~o. CIRCLE. xlvii. iv. xiv. lix. First Christian Name 84 rst Degree 7 znd Sign . lxxiv. Ixxii.Q l1l' 10 Jz 9 J. as experiment would show. PLANET.. '2/. lxxi. (2) The year. Ii. 84 ii. · . as follows :SCALE OF REVOLUTION. 1. These produce an almost endless series of variations in the annual figures. 2 3 4 10 20 3 40 60 6 7 8 9 5 HERMETIC POINT. Jz Jz ==~ III * r 60 3 0 THE No. xix. viii. xxx. 'f Jz 0 ~ J II !!O I933 xi. ~ . xxxviii. we may apply them to the 8th Circle. lvii.. Ix. '2/. ix. vii. xxii. lxviii.Q 30 '2/..Q 60 ~ in 1 i. xxxvi.in . xxv. xxvii. x. Reaper III . xxxiv. )J » J » 'f . xlv. xli. The inter • pretations of the different Points have already been given in a previous chapter (vide Judgment by the Thirty-one Points).. i. )J '2/.. lxxvi. 8 in ~ in Il TIl! !!D iv. xxxi. vi.Sword SIGN. xxi. xlvi.. xxix. lxxv. xviii. J Crowned . lxxviii. xl. lxxiii. . Royal Star . . * . . 70 SO 7 8 9 10 'f h 0 '2/. lviii. xxxv. lxvii. 1933 = loth house. (3) The processional rising of the signs. ~ ~ Reaper "l ~ t VI 100 20-1 30-2 40-3 50-4 60-5 70-6 80-7 90-8 100-9 200-10 90 ~ m:- * Reaper £': . xxxvii. xii. 10 { { 80 4 7 10 ~ '2/. ~ ~ t ~ 'f ~ 30 I 2 Jz · . xvii. . lv. lxx. Royal Star . Gladstone's horoscope. '2/.*.

al of position would take place.70 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY THE EIGHTH CIRCLE N. Counting from Capncorn. carries with it a menace to the fortunes. these are all indications of the change which followed in the spring of 1894. cardinal signs on angles.B. Venus. 1894. In this position we find Sagittarius with Mercury. the ruler of the 6th House In Sagittarius and Virgo and of J it ' Libra iud f tim f . being counted from Scorpio to Libra. which denotes the month of ~ebruary-March. In a similar m~nner" T~us from the position of Mercury. joined to a triple Venus. with Mercury and Jupiter therein.' tt show the use of the 8th Circle in the making of Annual F' su cien 0 Now. 1894. 71 1983 = I + 9 + 3 + 3 = XVI. The Point of Fortune falls in the lIth House in Scorpio. and once placed in the 4th House in the sign of its "fall". is found twice reflected. furthermore. but the above will be ffi. Yf 7°. 1.. the ruler of the Revolutional loth. Aries j and finally a ray from Mars in the 8th House to the tenth.not need to look very minutely for the indications of an impending change in the career of the illustrious native. as for the Nativity. where. in regard to tune of event. Virgo corresponds to Augusteptember. where Libra the sign of its fall holds sway . The return of the radical ruling sign Capricorn to the ascendant. if it be required to know at what time the threatIgu~S. and Sagittarius to November-December. is afflicted by the conjunction of Saturn in Aries. from Saturn to Jupiter (vide General Rules).. . And this gives: CHANGE RREVERSAL O OFPOSITION'dan f' catastrophes. From this Scale we can erect the following:FIGUREOF REVOLUTION. Now observe that the prognostic for the year under consideration is XV!.e. viz.!e have seen how its position is wholly referred to the SIgn o~Its detriment) j while Mars is the ruler of the 4th House t~e opposite tc.~ : ~ We do . from Pisces and Leo.UpI er in S ' we may JU ge. while giving the support of friends. for the position of the Radical Sun is taken in the Scale. we find the Reaper. and the ruler of the figure in its fall in the 4th House. as at the birth. ~ other questions may be judged. note what planet signifies e: rev~:: in ~~ annual . throwing rays from the znd and 7th Houses into the sign of its detriment. together with two rays from Mars. T~e planet Mars is found in Leo and ~ PIsces. which.> the roth. es a illness. thus:- . i. we first come to Pisces. and. Thus: In the above figure Venus is the si~~~/~1 the ~osItion. which indicates the month of December-January. a bad indication. The Point of Health falls in the rath House.o .-The Point of Departure is L. for the Reaper destroys wherever he appears in a horoscope. ' ger 0 rum. Examples might be multiplied.(and . the lord of the 6th therein.and it was in that month that the ex-Premier r~SIgnedhis o~ce.figure. and what planet is naturally opposed t~ pOSItIOn this planet will indicate the time of the event of 'd' to its sign.

The position will be greatly benefited. The Point of Departure. The honour and fame of the native was not.. xiv. of the man of Genius.39. adding the key-number to the year of birth we get the" Sum of the Horoscope. The first of these is the Horoscope of Percy Bysshe Shelley.8 . or the reverse (this sign is hazardous in the question of position). Distrust of servants. The figure of the Horoscope thus obtained is a very complicated one. therefore the keynumber of the Nativity . and the symbol of the Sword. while his name was something for M. which is the more reliable because that sign has a radical and lasting influence over the life. The wife will be sick.I . It will be necessary for the native to avoid yachting. born 4th August." Turning to the Moon in Leo. is xxxvi. in the chapter on the "Planets in the Twelve Signs. ~ in * Vi lv. if indulged in. of the Hermetic Circle is a protection to the good and a menace to the wrong-doer.-No.GENERAL 126 EXAMPLES. f GENERALEXAMPLES. for there is some indication of drowning.-No. The Royal Star of Leo denotes" the patronage of high personages. or legacy). 1792 5 IO t E = 5X 5 S= H= E= L= L= 48 = 25 = 12 3= 9 E = 5 X 2 = 10 Y=IXI= 1 = 3 8 5 3 X X X X 3X 7 6 5 4 = 2I { 90 2 7 G in IT-vii. omniscience. 100 20 Q I 73 x. the destroyer. 1831 { 10 8 30 I cr in § 8 in ~ Sword-Point 7a JinTrJI lv. ~ in Vi * 50 9 70 10 2 On\. 1792. 5 iv. the 5th Sign. "Moon in Leo. In the Intellectual World: Ascension of the Spirit. Owing to his peculiar views of life. this Point further indicates. Hidden enemies will seek to injure the position." we read: "This is the astral signature of the Poet. In the Divine World: Creation and Transformation. the giver of Light) makes superior natures. the Lyric Poet. in Ill! ~ in ~ Gin ~ iii. In the Physical World: Premature Death. When rising (see Chapter XIV. The planet ruling the year 1792 is the Moon. joined to the Sun (Leo is the House of the Sun. I FOR the purpose of illustrating more completely the scheme which has been set forth in these pages. R S2 Sword-Point 2j. it will be necessary to take some few examples. during his life-time. " Now. A death will be profitable to the native (i. showing in every possible way the courage of his convictions. Leo rises. his first wife. which will be realized in spite of obstacles.) it signifies that" affairs will necessitate short journeys. owing chiefly to his own reckless generosity) Trouble through children. In this case it denotes danger to life and honour (for it is also present in the loth House). in the evening :P = 8 X 5 = 40 E = 5 X 4 = 20 R= 2X3= 6 C = 2X 2= 4 Y=IXI= I B= Y= S= S= H= 2X IX 3X 3X 8X 6 = 12 5 5 4 = 12 3= 9 2 = 16 I= 59 i. we have as follows:- x. and his boldness in living close to those views. According to the Tarot. Also enterprises. and we leave the student to erect it from the Scale of Nativity which is given above. }) Total 71 Total 59 Total 126 The Sun on 4th August is found in the r zth degree of Leo. (This was amply fulfilled in the native's life. due to the znd Decan of Leo. Some loss during such travels will occur. Serious losses by gaming or speculation. a ray from Mercury in Capricorn in the 6th House.39 on the Circle of the Moon. But let the Sign Leo give its testimony. Applied in general terms they afford a judgment from the Rising Sign. Referring to this Point in the' Lunar Circle we find against it the symbol. Prudhomme and Mrs. and we may pass at once to a consideration of the figure in the more important matter of the Astrological judgment. Hence we derive the Prognostic :-1 . CHAPTER XVII xii. which gives imagination. Tracing the Scale of the Nativity from the elements before us. 7159126125 . (Shelley was denied the custody of his children by Harriet.) Family suffering." This is the Point of the Reaper.XIII. he necessarily attracted much criticism and enmity. I2 { { { } l 6 in J Crowned-Point lxix.3 .e. The Sword therein corresponding to Point LV. or afflicted by troubles. 7I ii. anything of which the most insignificant person need be jealous. 'jl in ~-xviii." thus:I792 39 1831 Sum of the Horoscope. Harm from friends in matters of money and property. (in the Thirty-one Points): "Ambitions and hopes deceived. The placing of the affections will create enmities in the native's life." These prognostics are such as shed a great deal of true light upon the career under notice. with the Royal Star therein." and celebrity. he gains by inheritance. boating. those who possess true knowledge. The Moon. Grundy to . exaltation of faculty. Harmful enterprises. and bathing under dangerous circumstances.

{IO SO xxxvi. While sailing unattended in the Bay of Spezzia on the afternoon of 8th July. Surname. How. therefore. the sign of its detriment. a menace. Saturn. 1821 { !!D Sceptre. The latter is evil. ii. 1821. iv. we find. catastrophe. danger of the elements.). This brings the Sign Aquarius to the Ascendant. the significator is Venus and the enemy is Mars. the Sun. of the man of Genius. ruler of the 3rd House. But lest there should be any doubt as to these presages being a matter of chance (though we Astrologers do not know the word). 29 years II months. and the symbol of the Sword. 1822. Signature of the Poet.: 2t degrees. viz. . corresponding to the Age of the Poet.-No. or I Sign for a year. Q { { Sword in vr 12 102 ~ in'll)! 1I-in:Q: { 5 10 h 8 !f in 20 I ~ Year. signified by the 4th House. admits Of no doubt in this matter. also. These planets make their Conjunction in the 30th year (see Table of Annual Conjunctions. Yet even here there is a danger. with the Sun. but as the 30th year at the time of death was completed all but one month. The Point of Death falling in Taurus. ruler of the rst House in its fall in Libra.is as follows:1822 30 1852 = I + 8 + 5 + 2 = 16 The Sixteenth Point is "The Blasted Tower": overthrow. falls. while the position of the Sun. the End of Life. viz. Chapter XIV. and a debilitated ray from the Sun in Libra. and then from Saturn in 6th to the same number. and moreover the Sun and Saturn do not agree together. But. accidents. falls in the rst House of the Horoscope. and he was drowned. the following Scale of the Revolution. the Sum of the Horoscope indicates premature death.-Point 1860 Sum of Revolution. does not encourage the prognostic with regard to length of days. and the Point. rising by Annual Precession. the symbol of Mars crowned. there was danger of duplicity and of distrust among the friends of the native. and the Sum of the Revolution. and dissensions of a lasting character. Venus." The above delineation will be sufficient. the menace of the Sword. taking the presages afforded by the rising of the signs. together with a ray from Mercury in the 6th House. Observe. and as the r eth degree will come up on the 30th birthday. To these is added a ray from the Sun in Libra. The Point of Life is counted from Libra." Counting to the Point of Death. the Moon at birth being past the full. and especially as it proceeds from a violent sign Capricorn. wherein we place the Point of Death. and a ray from Saturn out of its own sign Capricorn. once more. Aquarius. among other things: "A very dangerous period. the Pro- cessional Sign Capricorn. by subtracting 2i degrees therefrom. that the Sun sends its ray-from the 3rd House. is more fortunate. of intellect. SCALE OF REVOLUTION. 59 x. The Moon is found in the rst House past Libra. we gain an accurate knowledge of the facts of the native's life. no doubt. holds possession. the Prognostic largely depends thereon. or in relation to that element. however. Degree. This is amply shown in the Horoscope by a double ray from Mars (in Cancer in r zth.: from Moon in 4th to the 8th House . 5 Sign. i. gives at once the key-note of the native's life. when running a tirade against social reforms. for Gemini is a "double" sign. when referred to the Planetary Circle of Birth. to indicate by what means the presages of life and fortune may be drawn from the name of a person when treated according to the rules of the Kabalistic art. denoting short journeys. another debility. xii. : in Scorpio. we come to the loth House and the Sign Taurus. I 75 conjure with. Physical dangers caused by oneself on water. and the sign Virgo. 71 rst Christian Name. But as the Point falls in the Ruling Sign. too. iii. for therein we see a ray from Venus in Pisces. Venus throwing its ray from the 7th House. is subtended :It will be observed that the 30th Revolution takes its origin from 4th August. Turning then to the prognostic for the rising of Aquarius. 8 60 0 ~ in !!D ~ in t in 'Ill! 126 { { 100 h in 20 ~ Crowned 60invr * 0 in 9 R* 701·11- 11\. In this case we see how the key-number of the Nativity. and the Moon. Here we find two evil rays from Mars (rendered evil by falling in Taurus).74 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY GENERAL EXAMPLES. the poet's boat was suddenly capsized by a storm. snd Christian Name. wherein is the Constellation Argo--the Ship. Point XII!. The r rth House. ruin. and in Virgo in znd] to the roth House. with Capricorn 12 degree. we obtain Aquarius 9t degree for July. with. and how. and the sign of Saturn. Hence. we must take the sign for the 31st year and subtract therefrom the proportional rising for one month. and men of letters. and is capable of conferring a double nature upon those indicated thereby. The prognostic for the 30th year of life. and Mars from Cancer in the r zth (dangers by sea). Point of Departure on 8th Circle. By the rising of the signs we obtain for the 30th year. the Moon in Leo.whichreaches to 1822. where Taurus.4 signs.. and Mars in Cancer in the rcth denotes the month. xi. the planetary conjunctions. for the 30th year. a sign which is dangerous for nautical pursuits. and we have seen that it denotes "danger of drowning. Therein we find the terribly evil sign Scorpio. viz. all converging in the fortunate Sign Gemini. where we find the Sword and the Royal Star of Leo. June-July. 1822. by the symbol of the Reaper. which is at the rate of 30 degrees.

rly indicated herein came to pass. 7 Jinn n r1 Crowned ~ in $ . the sign Aquarius came up to the rst House by procession. '19 iv. Sun in Leo 19. integrity. 1837.4 A C 2 X6 = I 12 X5 = 5 S3 Total 37I432458195 X I =3 39 gives: Predestination.KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY CHAPTER XVIII II Here we find the Ruler of the figure. Mars and Venus (see Table of Annual Conjunctions) are here concerned in the presage of death.Cancer (fateful sign of the ocean). { { { 10 8 80 50 8 20 ~ in 1IJ! !!Q 9 58 1/-IU>E 0in1l\ ~.-No. All these are evil. which at the Bar. Popularity acquired 1 + 8 + 6 + 0 == XV. born r rth August.. and in a watery sign. that of short journeys. we find this pro~ostic: Danger of falling into water. When. in Pisces in the 3rd House. t Reaper. the predes?ned ~vent so clea. therefore. SCALE OF NATIVITY. A M4 X 5 IX E5XI- R2X3= I IX2= 4 == = 20 5 6 2 4 F 8 X 8 = 64 AIX6= 6 N 5 X 5 = 25 C2X4= 8 7 X 3 = 21 I IX2= 2 R 2X 7 = 14 A S3X4= I D4X2= I I X I. Leo. Turning to "Saturn in Pisces" in the Chapter on Judgment by Position. 1889 Sum of Horoscope. { 37 iii. passed into the 8th House (of Death) at the outset of the 30th year of life.in 11\. and a ray from.52 key-number. ture XXXVI. 1821 GENERAL EXAMPLES. and in Sagittarius in the reth. X I . X3 =3 12 8 I o R2X4= 8 N 5 X 3 = 15 07X2=14 T . 1837 year of birth. Observe also that Saturn is posited in the 3rd House. increasing Moon. in conjunction with Saturn and Mars. Ve~us in . The student WIll notice that the Sign of the Nativity. fatality... . 35 key-number of Nativity. Accidental or voluntary drowmng. according to the rules already laid down in a previous chapter. 30 ) in zs. we find that both of these points fall in the 4th House. 24 i. 3~ 30 Ijlin'!!: 7 Ijl 10 h 9 )inn 5 'flint 10 h viii. 1860 = Total 143 Total 24 Total 58 37 Point of Depar. 1837 { 4 1/. Good conscience. the unforeseen. Circle of Jupiter. rendered malefic by falling mto Aries. the sign of its debility. or in the administration of ius"". being also repeated in the ~zth House-wherein it is especially evil-and throwing a malefic ray into the 3rd House. rectitude. Saturn. 100 h in >E 40 Point xiii. Calculating the Points of Death and of Voyages. xu. ~in xii. 5 { { { v. 143 ii. x. in the violent sign Aries. in the year of Jupiter j evening horoscope.1889 xi. 8 ~ In~.. whence the following characteristics are drawn: Romanesque and poetic imagination. The rulers of the year. posited in its fall in Aries in the 4th House. MARIE-FRAN~OIS-SADICARNOT. Point 52 in the Circle of Jupiter gives: Moon in Libra. The first position of Saturn in the Scale is that in Pisces.

are only general prognostics and gain their value from the special positions referred to in the Horoscope before us. r + 7 + 9 + 4 = xxi. symbol of untimely death. enemies are stirred up. or annual revolution. contains the Reaper. the "<Croum. signifying: Catastrophe. 4 Jupiter. and one from Venus in Cancer in the r zth. morning. and Saturn ruling the 6th (Perils). was in the 5th House when the "Point of Perils" was in the rst House. The rising of Aries shows "danger of wounds". ruler of the figure. l 200 Saturn. it brought with it the" Point of Perils" j and this happened some few months previous to the Death. falls in the 6th House in the sign Capricorn.. It is the r ath Arcanum of the Tarot. xi. in the violent sign Aries. as in the r z'th (secret enemies). etc. with a ray from Saturn in Pisces from the 8th House. III Moon NAPOLEONEBUONAPARTE. 222 2 Sun in Libra." This is the symbol of the highest fortune to which man may aspire! This Supreme Talisman. and in square to the rzth House. Here again Mercury is found. AI X 8 P 8X 7 N5 X 9 o E5 7 X 6 = 42 L 3 X 5 = 15 X 4 = 20 7 X 3 = 21 2 =8 = 56 = 45 U6 X 0 7X B 2 X 10 N5 9 8 = X X X o P8 AIX N5X E5XI= = 10 5 A1 R2X T4X E5X 5= 6= 7 = 54 = 56 = 35 20 6 4= 3= 2= 1= 40 4 6 8 5 Total 222 Total 234 222234235 = 25 ~ . is plainly imminent. is XL. observe the 3rd House itself. and the Moon in Libra is derived from the XIIth Point of the Circle of birth. Circle Venus. In the 57th year this sign Aries comes up to the Ascendant. It contains Mercury. Pt. Point XIII.-No. This is the Corsican spelling. gives the presage of death. The Point of Peril falls in the roth House. It is this planet which. Against it we read: Reversal.l orn 15th August. 1769 +25 1794.KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY The figure being constructed from the above Scale. afflicting the Point of Life in 6th House in Capricorn. 7794 90 Roy. i. one sees immediately certain signs of excellent fortune. which rules Italy. xii. and that of Death falls in the rst House in Leo' the Moon. a ray from Mars in Gemini in the r rth House. The presage drawn from the preceding birthday. The Point of Enemies is in the 9th House. 30 Moon in Libra.subjecj. Danger during short journeys. joining the Sun. Considerable honours. 1769. 20 Mars Crowned. Iv. SCALE OF NATIVITY. 23 3 Venus. we get: 1894 + 57 = 1951 = I + 9 + 5 + I = XVI. 10 Mercury in Virgo. and when the following sign Taurus came up to the rst House. and "harmful journeys". 5 1 5 Mercury in Aries. violent or public death. and the 5th (festivals). the 3rd (journeys). 1894. Reversals j danger of ruin j catastrophe 1 CHAPTER XIX GENERAL EXAMPLES. where it joins Mercury in Sagittarius. Saturn. in the 4th House. while the ruling sign passes into the 5th House. Sun in Leo 23 degrees. Prognostic: "High positions. festivals. and certain others of the most inimical character. and the passage of the ruling sign into the 5th House. The " Point of Death." which falls in Leo. viz. 1 * { { { } ii. 71 . which planet rules the year of birth. of Aquarius. Pt. showing dangers while in the commission of public duties. ( x. b increasing. while from the latter he throws a ray into the violent and secret sign Scorpio. the rst House. Consequently. to the year of his death. Point xi. and Moon in the sign Libra. according to the sphere of life. 234 4 Jupiter. when calculated. And now observe the Moon in the 3rd House sends a ray (vitiated by a conjunction of Saturn) into the 5th House (galas. would be from the rising of the sign Aries. in the Annual Conjunction of the 57th year of life. 200 Saturn xii. Sum of Horoscope. By referring the age of the .). These. danger of a ." indicates that all obstacles will be cleared !t'om the path oi tke native. The Point of Life. But lest there be any doubt in the matter. while the ruling sign in the 5th House shows "Danger of treachery." among other things. The House of Life. Saturn. Key-number. therefore. 7 Mercury. afforded by the Sun in the third Decan of Leo.: 57 years. the Reversed Triangle. ruler of the r ath (secret enemies) sends a ray from the I~t House to the 3rd' (short journeys) and observe that it is in a male sign and in Leo. however. The Point of Departure for this horoscope. on the Circle of Venus. and his achievements be limited only by his will. 20 Mars.

whether for pauper or prince. ASTROLOGY Saturn in Virgo. at St. "Danger to the position. what evils threaten the illustnous native! The Point of Life-calculated from Aries to the Moon.ttained? See Mars in the rst House. in the r zth House. such disease being in the part ruled by Cancer. J~ £:!. and Saturn. opposite to the ruler of the Horoscope. high ambitions.:inment." Several points of interest have already been noticed in connexion with the prognostics from the Annual" Sum of the Revolution. rising sign. is a man on horseback.. Mercury. Helena. both in construction and interpretation of the horoscope. Libra." Jupiter and M~rcury in the roth House. ." and there are many others which the ingenious reader will discover for himself. strife. The Point of Enemies falls in the 9th House. <. also. in conclusion. The' Point of Death is in Scorpio in the 4th House. the place of exile and imprisonment. it is here reproduced in horoscopical form.. the same rules and methods are followed. indicates death from disease during exile. 1821. suffice it in this instance to remark. $ t ( Ie 6 Crowned. The key-number of the Nativity joins with all other testimonies to presage. III 1769 r i 8I 10 7 l 60 9 This figure is so remarkable. in the r zth House in Cancer. Reference to the Eighth affords the following extended scale of the Revolution:( 10 'jl in 11:11 x.f. is joined to Saturn in the r zth again." But on the other hand. Obstacles surmounted.-No. 8 'jl in ''X. Saturn. The elements for the Downfall of Napoleon in June._ iii.strife. with a ray from the Royal Star of Aquarius (Point LI. sceptre III hand. Circle l 234 XII. for the better and more lucid interpretation of its singular presages. annual conjunction. in all cases. 1814. fully armed. in £:= J Gin T 11)1 § 11)/ 3 5 { 5 10 J. is in the r zth Sum of Revolution 1839 Surname 234 Forename 222 Degree 23 ~gn 5 Year 1814 The Point of Departure is XL. Do we not see here the presage of an eventual fall. that. in its fall. power that is acquired by . made worse by reason of the heights a. and associated with the XIth Point: "Success by some bold enterprises.r839.) denoting. 2/. the sign Libra. which conquers its way to the Sun. 1815. according to rule-falls in the 6th House. Mars and Saturn. Taurus. b_Y gOO? fortun~. Turning now to the significators." But observe the Ruler of the Nativity. Sum of Horoscope . There. its ruler. that the lord of the 6th. we see a ray from the Lord of the Horoscope. HOROSCOPE OF NAPOLEON 1. and att. in the sign Aries (England's ruler). The luminous presages of this horoscope are the more wonderful from the fact that. obstinate in purpose. in the Regal Sign Leo. f I 30 9 200 30 J in h )1 Tz in £:!." and the other. Sun and Saturn. Saturn in Sagittarius.in 4 ~ . 23 ii. 222 I." The Decan under which birth takes place denotes: High elevation by good fortune' inflexible character. 1814 { S 10 Gin «in 2 in J. conquests. in the sign of its fall. joined to Mars and afflicting the Sun and Moon in Libra. SCALE OF REVOLUTION. are as follows :-46th year of life begins r yth August. House. It denotes high offices. GENERAL EXAMPLES.nd dignity. while Mars. the sign of eventual defeat. The symbol of Point XXV.80 KABALISTlC iii. in 4 200 20 2 20 i. in square to Mars and Saturn in the sign Cancer in the r zth House. Mars in Leo. and it is well known that Napoleon died of Cancer t'n the Stomach on the 5th May. we find one to produce" Bold enterprises. and in Cancer its greatest debility. adventurous spirit·' martial and governmental capacity. 1839 xi. its ruler. "High position a.

for the key-number added to it gives a sum of 1840 .-No. that of enemies. 4 = 4· Miss Hickman entered her 30th year in June. wherein the Sun. is also ruler of the 6th. which is evil for persons born under Cancer. on the zznd June. to losses." The ruling sign passing into the 3rd House denotes: "Year of travel.-" 1933 The Blasted Tower. is at all times evil. . the ruler of the figure. the 7th House. . was born at Sydendam. SCALE OF HOROSCOPE. thus the Point of Fortune comes to be badly placed both by House and Sign. " 1874 = 10-8-70-4." GENERAL EXAMPLES." The planetary conjunction is Mars and Venus: "troubles in love affairs. with Saturn. Libra. Menace of lasting hatreds and hidden ills. "Ambitions and hopes deceived. and ruling the 7th (enemies). and the 1St decan of Cancel gives the Point of Depar ture. Moon. lIZ =. and the Ruling Sign of the Nativity (Leo) had passed into the 3rd House. Xth House -190S = 10-9-5. conjoined to Mars. Now observe that. and in others which his curiosity may suggest for experiment." The foregoing examples of Horoscopes calculated on the plan of the Kabalistic art will be sufficient to indicate the method to be followed in all other instances i and I doubt not that the reader will find fresh illustrations of the singular value of this system of prognostication in his own nativizy. or Circle of the Rosy Cross:- THE missing lady-doctor who mysteriously disappeared from the Royal Free Hospital on August 15. in opposition to the Moon and Saturn in the 6th. 1903.-No. danger of ruin. and the ruling sign passes into the 3rd House. fatality.. and the rising sign was then Sagittarius. and is in its debility in the sign Virgo. IV. Typhon. Reversal. two months before his 46th birthday. 36. The" number of the name" is thus derived:- . afflicts the Sun by a square aspect. 1903. passionate impulses. Danger of wounds. Loss of wealth and of friends. Kent. under the head of "The Processional Rising of the Signs. The Sun is in the first degree of Cancer. Sorry position. The Blasted Tower. 1903. the unexpected. the znd Decan of Gemini comes to the ascendant. the 6th House. and the Kabalisrn is significant:Year 1903 Age 30 Then 1 +9 +3 +3 = XVI. the unknown. is depressed in the sign of its fall. REVOLUTIONALFIGURE. In the Revolutional figure Saturn and the Sun are conjoined in the rath." The natal sign Cancer enters the 8th House in the 30th year of life and Sagittarius rises.) The following is the Scale of the Horoscope. Disgrace throngh superiors. Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. is exalted in the loth of the Revolution. and debilitates the planets which may fall therein. 112 = 100-10-2. Gemini rising denotes: "Danger oi a fall. Presage: Mystery. The year 1874 is under the Cycle of the Moon." THE REVOLUTIONFOR 1903 shows the following Scale. which is extracted from the 8th Circle. Venus. when referred to the year in which it was attained." The ruling Sign in the 8th House also shows" injurious love affairs. charging them with an influence of a contrary and discordant nature.Point XIII." The year 1815 was destined to be a fateful one to the Emperor. . SOPHIA HICKMAN. catastrophe. and to physical ills.. Now the first decan of Sagittarius rising shows " troubles in connection with marriage. gives 1815 + 46 = 1861 = 1 + 8 + 6 + 1 = Point XVI.6 II2 Key-number = 112II29941 = 31 Year 1874 lIZ Sum of Horoscope = 1905=XV. Envy and malignity. ruler of the figure. P 8X4 H8X3 I IXZ AIX I 07 X 5 = 35 = 18 = = = 32 Z I z4 F 8X7= R2X6= AIX5= N5X4 = CZX3= E5X2= S3XI= IIX6='6 C2XS=IO KZX4= 8 M 4 X 3 = 12 AIX2= Z N5XI= S 99 H8X 7 = <." The 46th year of life. . " 1 = I. when. the sign Gemini had risen to the Ascendant. thus leading to strifes. Position is insecure.and Jupiter. in the afternoon. (See Tarot keys in the folJowing chapter. 100-10-2. 56 12 5 20 6 10 3 IV~ A figure set out from this Scale shows the following points:The sign of the nativity passes into the 4th House. and Saturn in the rzth. " 99 = 90-9. The annual conjunction of Saturn and Sun for the 46th year of life confirms the radical evil import of the nativity. These positions become augmented in their evil import when. from which the reader by the aid of the planetary Cycle will be able to erect the figure. 1874. The Point of Fortune falls in the 6th House. XIIth 1st lInd IIIrd IVth xru. The Reaper. more or less changes of residence and position.-82 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY S 3X 6 GENERAL EXAMPLES. Miss Sophia Hickman entered her 30th year in June. as will be seen in Chapter XV. later in this year of the Emperor's life.

-which is II The Master of Secrets" -the secret power of the human will. are both indications adverse to the forming of beneficial friendships. showing a tendency to dementia. supremacy. that every obstacle will be cleared from your path and that the ascension of destiny has no limits save those of your own willi Sum of Horoscope 1853 21 1874=XX.KABAUSTIC Sum of Horoscope . 50. Colossus" and founder of the British was born on the 6th July. catastrophe. It may . 105= 100. publicity. chastisement. 1853. This Point denotes" The Awakening. at 7 p. this Crown denotes The 0 is in Cancer IS degrees. The calculation is as follows:5X 4= CZX3= I IX 2= South African Empire C E 2X 5= 10 20 6 Z L3X I= 3 X 6 = 12 X 5 = 40 X 4 = 28 X 3 = IZ E 5 X Z = 10 S3XI= 3 10 RZ H8 o7 D4 5 ee The Croum.5. In this horoscope we find Mercury (the intellect) in obscuration. happiness.. I." It shows" unexpected ele- The reader who has carefully digested the principles of Kabalistic Astrology will at once see in this horoscope the elements of a singular fortune. Key-number= 4I105415 = 21.) "Reversal of position. we find the rays of the Sun and Moon converging with Venus and Mars j the chief point being Mars in its own sign with Point V. GENERAL EXAMPLES. are sure indications that all such chances would be taken advantage of. or House of Honours. 15 = 10. but for the rest. it is faithful presage. The second decan of Cancer gives "favourable chances of acquiring wealth.-Circle.8. 1874= 10. On erecting this figure it will be seen that the year is remarkable for the frequent recurrence of the }) in ~ under the Major Point XII. When a planet does not appear at all in a horoscope it is said to be in obscuration." A careful reading of this horoscope will prove to be illuminative of much that still remains a mystery to all but the searcher of mysteries." vation. either enforced or voluntary. On the side of friends (the r r th House) the horoscope is weak. Presage: This is the symbol of the highest elevation to which man can aspire.m." I should doubt if Cecil Rhodes ever knew what happiness really is . danger of a violent death.-No. than which none is greater than the veritable science of Sound and Number. 3. good fortune. Surname Christian Names} : : Degree Sign Year ASTROLOGY 1934 IIZ IIZ I GENERAL EXAMPLES·-No." and the ray of the Moon to its own sign and that of Jupiter from its own sign (Sagittarius). XL.70. and Venus its ruler being in Virgo. THE . for Mars' ray into Taurus. together with the actual position of Jupiter in the znd House. The supreme Talisman of fortune. V. 1903 9 X-Sum of Horoscope XI-Surname XII-Christian Name I-Degree II-Sign III-Year Point of Departure. The rising sign Cancer shows "voyages. V 85 99 SCALE OF HOROSCOPE..4. culpability. This point is rendered (Chapter XIII. 4=4· 1853 = 10. CECIL RHODES.5· 41 =40. 8. marine traffic. In the roth House." and" the revelation of genius.

8. JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN. 7. This star has a special signification of an exceptional advent. 6. London. but falling VI. J902 +49 = 1951= XVI. But it is yet more fortunate than that of the Cape Premier. J I X6= 07 X 5 S3X 4 E5 X P 8X H8X 3 2 I = = = 6 35 12 = 16 8 15 = C2 H8 AIX M4 B2 E5 R2 L 3 X 4 = 12 AIX 3= 3 I IX 2 = 2 N5X 1=5 X 10 = 9= X 8= X 7= X 6= X 5= X II = 22 80 9 32 14 30 10 92 Key-number = 92219174 = 35. etc. 8. commodities. a particular dispensation.-No.. gives the Kabalism 1970= XVII. great fortune. celebrity and success in life. Added to the key-number 35. In 1902 Cecil Rhodes was 49 years of age and he died that year . shipping. hope. X. 10. added together. XI. M~rcury m Virgothrows a ray to the loth House. and it indicates success in strife j a reputation won at a hazard. SCALE OF !IOROSCOPE. food.. busy and alert mind. Chamberlain's ambitious successes. THE late Colonial Secretary was born at Highbury. :&:O~Aquarius is not by any means evil. wealth." • THE"HOROSCOPE. 9•• XII.-No. 1871 = 10. Sum of Horoscope . honours by merit. denoting reputation gamed by polemics . favour of persons in authority. Mars Crowned holds the position of greatest elevation in its own sign Aries. This horoscope is in some respects not unlike that of Cecil Rhodes. Degree 17=10. Surname 219 = 200. N.. This is the worst of all the Points a . Christian name 92=90. Point of Departure Xt. when the presage is adverse in many ways. in the moming of the 8th July. and Jupiter (the Star of Good Fortune) holds the znd House.~ 86 I GENERAL EXAMPLES. 219 Presage: "The Mage's Star "-illumination. the Sun is in the 7th House in Capricorn. 30. I. 1836. which is the Star 01 the Magi. Sign 4=4· III. and wherever seen gives hope of a new order of things. The key-note of the horoscope is ambitious strife. The year is ruled by Venus. II. VI KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY safely be said that the friends of Cecil Rhodes "meant well " but did Ladly for him. which. The Blasted Tower" GENERAL EXAMPLES..2. reputation. If the highest point of honour be not then obtained there are dangers and reversals to follow in 1904. and the Sun is in the 17th of Cancer. . Circle of Venus. Year of birth 1836 Key-number 35 Sum of Horoscope 1871 = XVII. The znd decan of Cancer rises in each case. Saturn's influence coming The Moon rising and associated with Mercury shows a restless.. Seldom is one born under it who has not a particular mission to fulfil. Also the age is 67 years in 1903. 70. popularity. a faculty for ~rgument. mathematical abilit:f.. the Crown oj the Magi. The year 1903 is one of the most successful of all those which are destined to contribute to Mr. alertness and much knowledge of affairs relating to (Virgo) merchandise trade. Jupiter with the Royal Star of Leo in the znd House gives financial success. the year 1903"gives the Sum of the Horoscope XX!. I. into Aries it becomes VItiated ~nd ~e reputation will not be free from a suspicions tarnish. Year 1836= 10.

8. so far as the issues of any enterprise begun under the influence of this New Moon are concerned.l in in in in in in in '1111 * . The enumeration of these names and the presage. under whose beneficent reign England had prospered . THE following illustrations are intended to show how Kabalistic ~strology may be applied to general political forecasts and State affairs.-Hope: trueor false according to the positions of the planets in the horoscope. should be called hence at a penod of darkest gloom. f> ft "1. while the ray from the Royal Star of Leo gives alliances of the most powerful nature and promises success. G 3 X 5 = 15 R2X4= 8 E 5 X 3 = 15 AIX2= 2 T4XI= 4 B R 2 2 1 90 9 ¥ ¥ ¥ 1. throwing a ray to the roth House. showing political strife and perfidy of dependents. The contesting forces were represented by the Transvaal Republic ~nd Great Britain. I. But when once the name of the Republic begins to operate in the Scale of the Horoscope.{· 12 = 10. seve.l 0) ]J 0) J J 1. showing a difficult state of finance and that associated with foreign lands (0 in 9th House). sum of the horoscope XVII. Contrast this with the Presage for England: The Crown. CHAPTER XX T. " " 1929 = 10. Presage: "The Crown of the Magi": The Supreme Talisman of Fortune! A most fortunate presage of the destiny of Great Britain. It was indeed an example of the irony of Fate that one so Wise and prudent. 88 This event. The roth House contains Mars and Mercury only. In the ascendant we find Saturn and the Moon. III. denved from them will clearly show the fortunes of each as regards this war. "1. POLITICAL HOROSCOPES n. Sun and a ray from the Sun in Gemini in the 9th House. It is enough. 10 20 XI. 1899. 9 50 40 4 10 2 7 10 8 7 9 * 'f 1. which took place in the midst of a period of. * o in 44 12 degrees of 7th Sign = Key-number 4457127 = 30 Year 1899 Sum of Horoscope 1929 = XXI.re British reversals in South Africa. T 4 X 4 = 16 AIX3= 3 I 1X 2= 2 N5X I= 5 57 I X 7 = 14 X6 12 X 5= 5 = Here we find Mars and Jupiter in the loth House. Venus. which occurred on the 4th October. denoting privations of the people. The following is the SCALE OF THE HOROSCOPE.2. The horoscope is in many respects similar. What was the presage? Hope! Hope. 44 = 40. THE BOER WAR. starting as it does from the same point. 6th 10th r r th 2nd r r th 12th 2nd 1st 1st 9th " 12th roth 5th 6th 2:i5 w:.20. with no promise of success. was fraught with the most tragic of m:fl~ences. with opposing rays of the same planets from the r ath and 6th Houses. 57 = 50. The horoscope for England is taken from the preceding conjunction of the Sun and Moon. 1899. with indubitable promise of success. But so it was. and denoting powerful political enmity. The Boer War was declared on the roth of October.II.9.7. showing honours and success. HOROSCOPES 89 LXIV. roth Houser rth r zth rst 2nd 3rd " .in all its many and great enterprises. Where is Jupiter? Nowhere.9. THE TRANSVAAL REPUBLIC. and in the znd House. there is a change. and powerful allies.90. Gives the key-number 26.l IT 11)1 in the rzth House. except throwing a vitiated ray into the r zth House from the 6th where it is conjoined with Mars. and we find the 0 in the 7th House in Aries (the ruling Sign of England !). XII. and the horoscope for the New Moon of . 'Where is the ray of the Royal Star of the Lion ? Nowhere. being the year of the Sun' and the Sun on that date in the r zth degree of Libra. 7 = 7· 1899 = 10. But there are rays from Mercury and Mars in opposition to one another..9. the mystery of Numbers is no longer a mystery but a revelation! THE PASSING OF QUEEN VICTORIA.POLITICAL Point of Departure X.

controlled by reason and a love of justice. for the only other years m Queen Victoria's life when the key-number was II were I882. called upon to raise himself by an eternal expansion into the concentric spheres of the Absolute. The Sun was in the 30th degree of Capricornus. n .KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY the zoth January. present. which gives the Pomt of Departure LXXVIII. I. will lead the native to his goal in life. and they will be found of singular use in the interpretation of Horoscopes. whether in reference to the Sum of a Horoscope. the principles of Actions." and light inundated the infinitudes. i. The Reaping Skeleton" i. For a further exposition of their Kabalistic import. 1844 and 1823. In the Divine World this Point represents the Absolute Being. In the Intellectual World it symbolizes the Binary.. and Will. Equally inexplicable is the marvellous Egyptian Tarot from the Golden Book of Hermes which constitutes the basis of this system of numerical interpretation. yet it must ever remain a profound mystery as to how the originator of this ingenious system of prescience discovered the correspondence of horoscopical relations with name values and birthdays. who contains. to which we add the 30th degree of the loth Sign. for the disappointment of his hopes gives menace of a shortened life. the past. image of the Man. In a lower sense it indicates the approach of mysterious events. and he will attain to the Good that he seeks. to the Kabala Denudata of S.e.. the reflection of the Unity. undoing and death. Let the reader peruse the interpretation of the Arcanum in the Tarot. or of a Point falling within the Planetary Circle of birth. all possible things. truth will be manifest unto him. and also in the Judgment of the 31 Points in Chapter XIII. . In the Physical World it represents man as a relative being. Rightly indeed does the oracular sentence fall. ambitions and hopes deceived. a synthesis of the manifestations of life. But a li~le study will show the vanity of the argument. and if the man possess a forceful will. from which this fatal presage can be drawn. and he will find conviction of truth. POINT n. The same remarkable conformity is shown in scores of horoscopes drawn by me for private and inconspicuous persons. This concludes my exposition of the art of Kabalistic Astrology. Let him keep silence with regard to his purposes that they may not be open to vulgar disputation. and the Sepher 'Yetsirab (Book of Transformations) of Wynn Westcott. and obtain:- CHAPTER THE XXI The key-number+ raajoro Sum of Horoscope Year = II TAROT 1901 1912 = XIII..e. Major Keys of the Tarot are added to the text of this work. science. We can only take the facts as we find them. In the Divine World this Point symbolizes the consciousness of the Absolute Being. THE TWENTY-TWO POINT MAJOR POINTS. is especially significant of the national be!eavement. keys as may be useful in connection with the subject-matter of this Manual. . Death. and none of these years when added to the key-number yield the Sum of the Horoscope XIII. perception of visible and invisible things. God said: "Let there be light. image of God. . which preceded the sad event by only two days. destruction. and the Knowledge of Truth will be given to him. when the lunation fell in Capricorn 30 on the 2ot~ January.-The Door of the Hidden Sanctuary. gives the value of 124. 1901. In the Intellectual World it represents Unity. but let him study well the way by which he must enter. Man. when extended Kabalisticallyafter the manner already shown.-The Magician. The name Victoria. but are taken as typical horoscopes of general interest. true to the incident of the day and hour: "Let the subject raise his mind above earthly things. of a Revolutional figure. Macgregor Mathers. and future. In the Horoscope it indicates that the Mind perceives through the eyes of the will. Let him tum his face towards the Sun of Righteousness. should say: "Let truth be manifest that Good may prevail. and although the construction of the " Circles " reveals a certain orderly disposition of the factors employed. I must refer the reader to the works of Eliphas Levi. uniting herself to him for the accomplishment of the same destiny. the principal and synthesis of numbers. The examples adduced in illustration of the principles of this art are not selected on account of their singular agreement with those principles. In the Horoscope it indicates that a strong will and belief in himself. in the Circle of Mercury. who sees and possesses the three terms of all manifestation. In the Physical WOl"ldthe Woman." It may be urged that the coincidence is fortuitous. It is a presage of transformation. and preserve him from all dangers by the way. and from whom enamates. and admit in the face of so much evidence that" There are more things in Heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophy. Let him knock and the door will be opened to him . I have here reproduced only so much of the significations of the XXII. 1863." Presage: Point XIII-" AN exposition of the XXII.

-The Stone Cube. balanced by a perpetually active intelligence. In the Horoscope: The Egyptian Sphinx is compounded of four na- . Whether he advance or retire. The future is wholly suspended. supremacy. and to gain help therefrom. strive to know that One. In the Horoscope: For the majority of men. the light which e~plains the mysteries of life." The future is under the influence of a good or evil Genius. In the Intellectual World: The despoiling of the older man. POINT X. betw~n good and evil. In the Divine World: Absolute wisdom. In the Physical World: Circumspection. In the Intellectual lVorld : Authority. and Solution. In the Horoscope: If one would know whether a man be happy or unhappy. genius. the subjugation of the elements by the work of man. In the Physical World: Victory gained by intelligence. '" If a man retire into the silence and sohtude of hIS heart. and to fulfil one's vows. but ever-mindful of one's duties. In the Physt"cal World: Inspiration communi~ated by the :vibra?o~s of the Astral Fluid. In the Horoscope: The Empire of the World belongs to those who possess sovereignty of mind. in order to temper or nullify the shock of contrary forces the will must be prepared. A man should take it as his guide in all his acts. and the clothing of the new. One should consult the spirit of truth and eternal justice. let Conscience make answer.92 KABALISTIC POINT ASTROLOGY THE TAROT 93 Urania. rise or fall (according to the s. In the Divine World: The principle Which causes life.:. and to beware of treason. . mystery. an inward voice will speak to him. In the I ntellectual World: Attraction or repulsion j things in equilibrium. science. In the Horoscope : Prudence is the armour of the sage. and good work. the binding of effects to their causes. In the Horoscope: Nothing can resist the steadfast will. In the Intellectual World: The universal fecundity of all forms of being. and beware of falling foul of the justice of man. Let the native hope for success in his undertakings if he kno~s how to unite a fruitful activity to rectitude of mind. In the Physical Woyld : the justice of men. protection and conquest. . for obstacles bar the way to happiness. to overcome en~mles.-The Veiled Lamp. the regulator of the infinite manifestations of being in the one substance. In the Divine World: Knowledge of Good and Evil. Let one remember thai if speech be of silver. In the Divine World: Universal law. and to fight for its realization. POINT In the Divine WoYld: Absolute justice.. that is to say. All action IS followed by re-action . POINT VII. is more than a right: i~ is a duty. Indecision will be as harmful as a bad choice. Negation. for" Every man recreates himself in his works. In the I ntellectual W MId : Prudence. the connection between the Absolute and Relative Beings. it is necessary to approach the future with a courage armed by the consciousness of right.-The Balance and the Sword. In the Intellectual World: The equilibrium of Necessity and Liberty. In the Physical World: 'The realization of acts directed by true knowledge.-The Sphinx. or of an empire. find out what use he has made of his Will.-The Chariot o] Osiris IV. which directs action. VL-The Two Ways. The man who triumphs in this struggle has only accomplished his mission. In the Physical World: Good or bad fortune.t an equilibrium between the forces that are put III play. and by absolute wisdom. In the Horoscope: To conquer and to overcome obstacles is only one part of human duty. POINT IX. In the Physical Wo. POINT In the Divine World: The Sacred Septenary. POINT VIII. which directs the will. the dominion of Spirit over Matter.-The Master of the Secrets. the trial of man through liberty of Action within the unpassable circle of Universal law. to will the impossible is to give oneself over to destruction. based upon the consciousness of Truth and Justice. Discussion. and his will fluctuates between good and evil. POINT IlL-Isis Let one take care of his resolutions. the germination of acts which proceed from the will.ld: Nature in travail. Divine protection. contrary forces surround him. V. To overcome obstacles. therefore. In the Divine World: The perpetual and successional realization of the Virtues contained in the Absolute Being. In the Intellectual World: The realization of the ideas of dependent being by the fourfold working of the spirit: Affirmation. to fully accomplis~ it one must esta~lisl. Circumspection causes him to avoid the rocks and breakers of life. of Duty and Right. even in the merest trifles. In the Intellectual World: Religion. He who fails has acquired immortality. between the Infinite and the Finite. right will. The realization of a man's hopes depends upon one more powerful than he j let him. or chastisement.gns and the planets which accompany or influence this point). silence is of gold. vice has more attractions than the austere beauty of virtue. In the Divine World this Point symbolizes Supreme Power. Nothing here below is unimportant: A pebble mav alter the destinies of a man. let him remember that a chain of flowers is harder to break than one of iron. To wish for that which is right and true. In the Physical World: The antagonism of natural forces. which fructifies all works. In the Horoscope: To will what is possible is to have created it.

Happen what may. In the Intellectual World: Moral force. or voluntary misdeeds. In the Physical World: The unexpected. The Bull's body signifiesthat. In the Physical World: Human punishment. madness. perpetual captivity. Th~ common oaks are not invulnerable. In the Horoscope: One should devote himself to others. In the Divine World: The revealed law. the fatality will mar his future plans. This is the Divine Law. dogs his footsteps.-The Sacrifice. In the Intellectual World : The mind blasted by the Astral"Fl uid. in face of the trials. but let him not fear : Death is only the perpetual birth of humanity. and show him the path of happiness. and the key thereof will be given to him. and persevering will in order to carve out the ten our of one's life. In the Physical World: Death. luxury. the relationship of the sexes.-The Two Urns. and the resultant solutions. one must be armed with a strong. the divine punishment. In the Horoscope: Let the subject raise his mind above earthly things. one must study duty. In the Physical World: Catastrophes. . franchisement of the instincts of matter. the claws of a Lion. loss of position j ruin. In the Horoscope: Let the native consult his moral and physical powers. In the Intellectual World: Inward illumination. if he restrain not his passions. But if the world slay him. It will be the fruit of his pride. the morrow be only a continuation of the day before: then he will find one day under his hand the Key to power. POINT POINT XV. and the wings of an Eagle. so as to be able to make freely that irresistible flight towards the heights of fortune which are indicated by the Eagle's wings. falls from high places. contempt of danger. the obstacles. In the Physical World: The combination of elementary forces. In the I ntellectual World: The teaching of duty by repression. and practise justice as if one loved it. POINT XL-The Muzzled Lion.-The Blasted Tower. XIV. In the D£vine World: Predestination. for he who does not pardon. In the Horoscope: Forward with Faith. by the free adhesion of the mind to the. so that he may study the mysteries of the Divine Science. In the Intellectual World : Mystery. In the Divine World: Creation and transformation. If.-The Twilight. and he will gather the fruits of faith. signifies that before entering into the struggle of life one should have acquired that knowledgewhich will illuminate the goal and the road. In the Divine World: Chastisement. calm. In the Physical World: Hope. and there is lost in the solitude and horror of self. but to overcome them little by little. The voluntary en- XVI. In the Intellectual W orid : The combination of ideas.Jaws of Universal Action. in front or behind. and the mother of Charity. and persevering. as the drop of water wears away the stone. how then can he expect to sustain the shock of unexpected catastrophes? XII. if he keep silence with regard to his plans . patient. POINT POINT XVIII." and commences our Immortality. In the Dsuine World: The abysms of the infinite.-The Reaping Skeleton. it will dissipate the shadows from his future. Then. But one must not pay attention to the ingratitude of men. In the Horoscope : Let the native eschew passion and avoid error. upright. either voluntary or sudden. throws himself into eternity armed with a dagger. In order to become strong one must silence repugnances of the mind and failings of the heart. The Lion's claws signify that to will with effect one must dare and make oneself room to the right or left. In the Intellectual World: Internal darkness. let him not die without pardoning his enemies. let him Dot crush the flowersof Hope. his ambitions will be mowed down like the grass of the field. Let the subject hold himself at all times ready to render account of himself to the eternal. mark of intelligence. which is the ruler of right. if he only wish for that which is right. In the Horoscope: The native goes to his destruction. therefore.94 KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY THE TAROT 95 tures. In the Intellectual World: The elevation of the mind. institutes in us the creation of ••the New Man. the unknown. The Human head. In the Horoscope: The unexpected will nullify the prudence of the native. the daughter of Faith. decision of character. In the Divine World: The principle of every force.-The Star of the Magicians. obstacles are phantoms. A well-thoughtout course of action. He believes himself strong. culpable or criminal thoughts.-Typhon. torture. fatality. POINT POINT XIII. and he is only a reed. the body of a Bull. if. will give him the possessionof that which he covets. and will raise him by degrees to those heights which he would attain. In the Divine World: Perpetual movement of Life. it has a Human head. a man know how to wish for that which is true. In the Divine World : The Three Virtues. of his imprudence. POINT XVII. In the Physical World: Courage. so not to give way before obstacles. for the disappointment of his hopes gives menace of a shortened life. sudden and violent. for death. and the dangers of life. if he dare that which he can attempt. through his perseverance. a ray of the Divine light will flash from the hidden sanctuary. The dissolution of the body will arrive prematurely. violent death. In order to be able one must believe oneself able.

j In In ness. and act accordingly. servile spirits. and idle spirits. and that the ascension of his destiny has no limits save those of his will. let him be ready when he hears the call. POINT XIX. Let him therefore be upon his guard. XX. POINT XXI. are laying snares for him. dangers from secret enemies. will look upon his ruin without concern. In In him. This is the symbol of the highest elevation to which man can aspire. In the Physical World: Unexpected elevation. this Crown denotes that every obstacle will disappear from the native's path. the Divine World: The Supreme Heaven. Providence will reveal it to him . denoted by the crab. the Intellectual World: The three joys of the hearth true happi- the Physical World: Union. In the Horoscope: Everything conspires against the native for his destruction. he has a mission to accomplish. Let him watch.KABALISTIC ASTROLOGY In the Physical World: Deceptions. His knapsack is full of his errors and mistakes. This is the symbol of the man who has made himself the slave of material forces. and retrace his steps. and he alone is ignorant of it. either in idleness OT forgetfulness. ambushes. In the Horoscope: Let not the native fall asleep. like the wolf. Hostile spirits. snares. listen. He must be wary in all things. In the Divine World: the judgment of Conscience on the great day POINT of the Spiritual Awakening.-The Blind Fool.-The A wakening of the Dead. a happy marriage. if there be yet time. and none will despoil if he knows how to guard it in the conjugal circle. The supreme Talisman of fortune. for his safety can only be compassed by the compassion of Heaven. hide their treason beneath a mask of Battery. In the Horoscope: Every kind of misfortune menaces the native. POINT XXII. It denotes final catastrophes by foul enemies and unclean things.-The Resplendent Light.-The Crown ot the Magicians. and in the sanetuary of his heart. FINIS . the Horoscope: The native will be happy. denoted by the dog. In the Intellectual World: The revelation of genius.

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