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A2 Media Evaluation

A2 Media Evaluation

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Published by: MatthewAtkisnon on Apr 17, 2012
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A2 Media Evaluation

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1. In w hat ways does your media pr oduct use, develop or challenge for ms and conventions of r eal media pr oducts? Codes and conventions Before making my film I researched the conventions a short films to help make the film more look more professional. I researched narrative for short films to give me an idea of how short films are set out and how the story is told in a short period of time. This helped me understand how important narrative is to the film, as the storyline is what engages the audience along with the genre. Researching genre and cinematography helped me gain a greater understanding and knowledge of the film industry, before going on to make my own short film. Short films we looked at where Spike Jones’ ‘How Did it Get There’, ‘George Lucas in Love’, ‘I'm Here’ and ‘Across the Hall’. I also looked at different theorists, such as Todorov who suggested that narrative starts with a state of equilibrium, 4/17/12 then there is the disruption and then at the end there is a new

1. Codes and Conventions of my Movie Poster


Actors Names Tag Line

Central Image

Review s

Production Company Release Date 4/17/12

Age Certificat e

1. Codes and Conventions of my double pa ge spread.

Heading Introduct ion Main Image

Article/intervie w with cast Quotes


1. Existing Poster s T hat I r esear ched befor e making my Poster and Ma gazine Ar ticle

These films follow the codes and conventions of a film poster, like the ones I have labelled on my poster.

Hollywood Version 4/17/12

Short Film Version

1. Poster Dr afts These are drafts of my film poster and double page spread, while making them I changed things and improves things to make them look more professional and to fit the codes and conventions.


1. Double pa ge Spread Dr afts


2. How ef fective is the combination of your main pr oduct and ancillar y tasks?

I think that the combination of my short film and my ancillary tasks work well together, as the designs of all products compliment each other by the colour scheme, images and font. This ties the products together and makes them look more professional. When designing and making these products, I incorporated aspects of the genre of my short film to engage the audience, as they are attracted to a film by the genre. The tagline on my film poster, ‘The Fine Line Between Fiction and Reality’, relates to the storyline of my film. Using the codes and conventions of real media products, has give my products a more professional look. I would consider all of my products to be strong pieces of work, as they have followed the conventions of real media products and have been edited well. However if I had to change anything, I would maybe add more to my double page spread to fill in any empty space. Also I think I would have put more of an effort in with the costumes and maybe added more dialogue to the film to make the narrative more clear. All the members of my group are proud of the film we have made and agree that it is of a good standard. 4/17/12

2. Mar keting and Adver tising

Marketing and Advertising a film is important, therefore I wanted to make my ancillary tasks, poster and article, look professional by following the conventions and by using Photoshop. I added features such as the name of the actors to attract the audience, I added positive reviews so that the audience knew the standard of the film and that it was good. I used a tagline to entice the audience and to give a small insight to what the film is about. The release date and the age certificate are important as they inform the audience of when the film is available and who it is available to. For my double page spread article, I decided to do an 4/17/12 interview that gave an insight into the lives of the

3. W hat have you lear ned fr om your audience feedback?

Audience feedback is very important when making as film, as it informs you on if the film has appealed to its target audience and improvements can be made from any criticisms. Audience feedback helps you to understand what the audience wants and if you have met their needs. To gain audience feedback, we posted our film on the social networking site, Facebook. We got positive feedback from the audience while also incorporated Web 2.0 into our research. We showed our feedback by making a short video using post it notes and we also posted an image of the comments left by the audience.

4. How did you use media technologies in the constr uction and r esear ch, planning and evaluation sta ges?

I have used convergence many times during my coursework. I have used different ways to present my work, such as PowerPoint, glogster, windows movie maker, scribd, vimeo and prezi. To make my ancillary tasks I used cameras to take still pictures and used Photoshop to edit the images onto my poster and double page spread. To film we used digital cameras, which has enhanced my knowledge of cinematography and my knowledge of editing was enhanced by using Final Cut Pro. We used music and sound effects from garage Band and we also got permission to download a song from a website that makes music especially for short 4/17/12 films.

4. Distribution of my Own Wor k and how technolog y helped
By using websites like blogger, scribd and vimeo, my work can be shared with people around the world. The internet is a great way to connect with people on a global scale and because our film has been put onto YouTube, our film can be distributed globally and watched by people all around the world. Web 2.0 has created a new way for people to communicate and connect with each other. YouTube, skype and social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have enabled people to commutate instantly and freely with people around the world from the comfort of their own home. There are many ways to access the internet through many different media devices, from laptops, mobile phones to IPods and tablets. It is so quick and easy to watch a video, listen to music or look at pictures and also to upload your own so that other people can view them. The internet helped me to research many different aspects of my coursework, from watching trailers, researching codes and conventions and looking at movie posters and other images, and uploading work that I have done to my blog. My skills have definitely improved from AS, as I have been able to work with more advanced technology and use different ways of producing work. The use of digital cameras has progressed my knowledge of cinematography and camera work. I was able to work on the Macs and use software like Final Cut Pro and Garage Band, which I had not used prior to making this film. Using the Macs was a new experience which I had to get used to. Although some aspects where 4/17/12 difficult, we worked as a team and figured them out. This also helped me work

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