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STO enduer in ERP SAP ECC 6.0

STO enduer in ERP SAP ECC 6.0


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Published by: balashowryraju on Dec 16, 2008
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In STO single step ME21n , vl10d or vl10b Just Put the check box in Default Document Type configuration


In STO two step me21n,Vl10d ,MIGO ,will come.

MMBE : for our references Before doing MTO check material in Receiving plant N002 available in stock is NILL

But in supplying plant N001 maintain the material example: qty—5 through T-code: MB1C Check in MMBE

STO ME21n : Purchase Order STO Order type: UB Supplying plant: N001 Item category: U Material: TRANSSTO Receiving plant: N002 PO quanty:5 Storage location (Rec. Plant) FS01

Check Save Note down the Purchase order number

Purchase order items: VL10d Enter the Purchase order number in purchase orders tab Below:


Here the above screen put the check box and click on background button(Shift+f7)

Here the above screen put the check box in second line and click on Log on delivery creation button shift +F4

Here select the line and click on documents Button(F9)

Select the line and click on Display Document Button(shift+f2)

Make display mode to change mode , pick the Quanity , and click on PGI Here ship to party is showing internal customer:BALAA which is maintain in receiving plant (N002)

Checking … Stock in Transit: MB5T

In selected line u can see the Purchase order number and stock placing at supplying plant. ,but not in receiving plant.***

Goods Receipt: MIGO

Enter the Delivery Number at R05 outbound delivery and put the check at Item OK and check and post( here when u see where Tab Receiving plant N002 and the storage location FS01)

Here the material document will created ..

Now is u check in MB5T the material TRANSSTO will not be there in supplying plant N001, it will be there at receiving plant N002 …. And it will post in Unrestricetd stock now check in MMBE

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