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Published by: Eurocentro Nafin Mexico on Apr 17, 2012
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AL-Invest IV Programme. Facilitating the Internationalization of Latin American SMEs.

This publication has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Nacional Financiera, S.N.C., and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

Germany. March 7-11 Mexican companies catalogue .ITB Business Meetings 2012 Berlin .

through support to the strengthening and internationalisation of Latin American Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). at the time in which market liberalisation policies were beginning to facilitate international trade expansion. commercial and financial partner for Latin America. taking advantage of: globalisation opportunities. . AL-INVEST is a pioneering Programme of the European Commission that began its activities in 1994. knowledge and economic relations with their European counterpart companies. and the exchange of innovations. The Program is based on the shared values and common strategic interests that exist between the European Union and Latin America. The AL-INVEST Program is part of the development Policy of the European Union. commercial agreements. established under the European Consensus on Development. Phase IV of this Program began in January 2009. More specifically. with a pilot phase. Phase II (2000-2004). So far there have been three phases: Phase I (1995-1999). and the progressive and harmonious integration of developing countries into the world economy. this Program wants to contribute to Latin American SMEs becoming the local development engine. economic. sustainable economic and social development. MEXICO & CUBA AL-INVEST IV The AL-INVEST Program is one of the most important Regional Economic Cooperation Programs of the European Commission in Latin America.CENTRAL AMERICA. regional integration. OBJECTIVES The general aim of phase IV of the AL-INVEST program is to contribute to the social cohesion. But it also exists because the European Union is an important political. and business cooperation with Europe. and is based on the objectives of: poverty reduction. and Phase III (2004-2008).

mx www.mx +52 (55) 52 78 42 00 . in the context of a market that becomes ever more competitive in a globalized economy. Viaducto Miguel Alemán No. 11800 Mexico City.cptm. In addition.com. and the challenges involved in the promotion of tourism. which are the outcome of analysis of the domestic and international context. Escandón CP.105 Col. Mexico Rosalba Martínez Vega rmartinez@promotur.STATES CONSEJO DE PROMOCIÓN TURÍSTICA DE MÉXICO (MEXICO TOURISM BOARD) The activities and measures undertaken by the Mexico Tourism Board aim to fulfill its Vision and Mission. the experience of countries that are leaders in tourism. a medium term scenario of planning and the consolidation of projects and strategies has been considered so as to prepare the ground for positioning the Council as a leading organization in tourism promotion.com.

Centro San Francisco de Campeche. as part of the Yucatan Peninsula. In the food and handicraft sectors the state of Campeche. hiking.P. the state has places such as ecological reserves.STATES SECRETARÍA DE TURISMO DEL GOBIERNO DEL ESTADO DE CAMPECHE The colonial and fortified city of San Francisco de Campeche. C. Av. cenotes (sinkholes). world cultural heritage site. as well as facilities to practice outdoor activities like kayaking.gob. 24000 Jorge Manos Esparragoza jemanos@campeche.travel +52 (981) 12 7 33 00 . is well known for its colonial and military styled architecture. Regarding ecotourism and adventure. sport fishing.campeche. has a vast variety of gastronomic dishes based on fish and seafood. poultry and regional dishes that are the result of Mayan and Spanish heritage. Campeche Mexico. meat. Campeche’s Mayan world has over 17 archeological sites open to the public. Ruiz Cortínez S/N Plaza Moch Couoh Col.mx www. hunting and bird watching. unique in Mexico.

Examples include the archeological zone of Paquimé (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998). 31320 Chihuahua. Mexico Rogelio Gray Avitia rogelio. as well as the Cultures of the North Museum. the Basaseáchic Falls.gray@chihuahua.P.com. home to another spectacle unrivalled in the state. in locations hidden in the depths of the desert and the remotest mountain walls. These conditions are what lead one of Mexico’s greatest natural wonders to be found in the Sierra Tarahumara: Copper Canyon.ah-chihuahua.STATES FIDEICOMISO ¡AH CHIHUAHUA! The geography of Chihuahua is among the most complex in all Mexico. Chihuahua. Tecnológico No. Madera and Cueva Grande. which relates the past of the Mogollón and Anasazi cultures. Calle Priv.mx +52 (614) 4 29 33 20 ext.mx www. Another of the attractions of the state is. its archeological variety. and thanks to its size the landscape changes radically from an extensive mountain range to plains and deserts. whose few settlements are scattered over the north of the country.1504 Col. without a doubt. Cuarenta Casas. 14570 .com. Santo Niño C.

streets and alleys where part of Mexico’s history took place. with 19 sites that are part of the historic mining route of “Camino Real de Tierra Adentro”. Durango Mexico. If you choose to relax. where visitors can enjoy activities like hunting. fishing. It is the Mexican State with more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other. as well as ideal places to practice extreme sports. trekking and rappel.com. Durango also offers comfortable cabins viewing the impressive mountaineous landscape.com www. 34000 Sergio González Ontiveros sergioglez75@gmail.STATES SECRETARIA DE TURISMO DEL ESTADO DE DURANGO Discover a complete tourist destination that offers beautiful sceneries. Florida 1106 Pte. Zona Centro Durango. Durango offers extraordinary natural scenery.mx +52 (618) 8 11 11 07 . CP. Learn about Durango through its museums and revive Western movies in the many filming locations the state has. Enjoy Durango’s cultural heritage.visitadurango.

Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende – Atotonilco. History and tradition.Traveling is what we do. Guanajuato. It’s what we like. is a place full of color and joy. combined with the kindness of its people will captivate you forever. is what we love. every touristic site becomes an unforgettable getaway where.guanajuatoexperience. México. not a spot. without missing anything interesting and really absorbing its essence: through touristic packages designed by specialized tour operators that basically solve your trip. There’s an easy and organized way of traveling in Guanajuato. Traveling to Guanajuato. Km. There’s no corner. a state located in the center of Mexico. With two World Heritages declared by unesco. Mexico Brenda Martínez Aguado callcenter@gtoexperience. that doesn’t scream colonial majesty.mx +52 (473) 10 20 300 .5 Carretera Guanajuato Juventino Rosas esq.6.mx www. Arroyo Verde CP. Jazmín Col. 36250 Guanajuato.STATES SECRETARIA DE DESARROLLO TURISTICO DE GUANAJUATO Guanajuato.

Mexico Miguel González González miguelgonzalez. Morelos No.jalisco. Plata Tapatía Col. is made exclusively in Jalisco Mariachi: Whose music best conveys the essence an soulfulness of Mexicans. CP. And many other cultural icons. 44100 Guadalajara Jalisco.STATES SECRETARIA DE TURISMO DE JALISCO Jalisco is known for being a great host. Charro: The best dressed.gob. excellent weather. most gentemanly cowboy to ever grace the silver screen Cuisine: Recently proclaimed Intagible Cultural Heritage by Unesco.mx www.mx + 52 (33) 36 68 16 15 . however jalisco is much more than mexican traditions.102. location and great hospitality.gob.gonzalez@jalisco. For the diverse scenery. jalisco offers unique experiences for you to live new sensations.It is the birthplace of the empblems of the country: Tequila: The alcoholic beverage of legend. Centro.

temples and Dominican convents from the XVI. Regarding eco-tourism.STATES SECRETARÍA DE TURISMO Y DESARROLLO ECONÓMICO. Oaxaca. Oaxaca has astonished its visitors.com www. Mexico Nizarindani López Mijangos oaxacainternacional@gmail. Centro C. 68000 Oaxaca de Juárez. who in every corner of this part of Mexico have found signs of an extraordinary cultural richness.travel +52 (951) 502 12000 ext. All this cultural and touristic assets can be enjoyed within a framework of exquisite cuisine. as well as its residents’ hospitality. handicraft variety. ancient traditions and uses. there are several communities with wonders such as Capulálpam de Méndez. the magnificent archeological sites. as well as its historic traditions and uses. Ave. Oaxaca has amazing and paradiselike beaches in Huatulco and Puerto Escondido that have turned into the most colorful and stateof-the-art places along Oaxaca’s coastline. Likewise.703 Col. 1578 . a Magical town surrounded by the imposing mountains of Oaxaca’s Sierra Norte. influenced by its traditional architecture.oaxaca. Juárez No. a wonderful place that still has the joy of the countryside. GOBIERNO DEL ESTADO DE OAXACA Since ancient times. XVII and XVIII centuries.P.

com +52 (993) 316 8271 . as well as for incentive trips. Chocolate. 86035 Villahermosa. Tabasco. event planners. conventions. offering adventure.P. home of the Olmec culture and excellent host for foreign tourists. travel agencies and the state venues. Mexico. Tabasco 2000 Centro Administrativo de Gobierno. Leyla Marina Aguirre Castillo laguirre@visitetabasco.visitetabasco. fairs. exhibitions. Sierra Mountain Adventure.com www. C. There are ideal venues for conferences. culture and archeology days through their tourist routes: Villahermosa. ecotourism. Paseo Tabasco 1504. Col. Wetlands and Rivers. The Convention and Visitors Bureau of Tabasco is a liaison office to hotels.STATES OFICINA DE CONVENCIONES Y VISITANTES DE TABASCO Tabasco is considered the entrance door to the Mayan World. Av.

mx www. aromas. Revolución Excordemex Mérida. music and gastronomy Live culture. Calle 60 Norte Int. Yucatán. textures. cenotes. It is a never ending mosaic of prodigies to be discovered.santamaria@yucatan. 22028 .yucatan. sounds. S/N. legacy of our ancestors. beaches.STATES SECRETARIA DE FOMENTO TURISTICO DE YUCATAN Yucatan.gob. Historical stately cities. Is a perfect fusion of past and present. Mayan communities. Centro de Convenciones Yucatán Siglo XXI. is a legendary land That offers impressive archaeological sites. Tierra del Mayab. Planta Alta Col. caves. flavours. Mexico Ana Patricia Santamaría ana. It is a constant dance of colors.travel +52 (999) 930 37 60 ext.

you will travel to the world’s biggest city and charming colonial cities. Juárez C.travel www. Playa Del Carmen.com. without mentioning the tropical rythms in the famous beaches of Acapulco.mexcellence. SAT México DMC has become one of the leading companies in the Business Events and Tourism industries.P.535 C. M. Mexico René Luis Rodríguez Cano rene.F. 06100 Mexico City. Fuente de la Bastilla C. Mexico City D. Cabo San Lucas and Havana. Hipódromo Condesa C. Residencial Santa Fe. Guatemala and Cuba. With us. Aventoura Mexico offers a wide variety of options to travel throughout Mexico and Cuba.com Av.com www. Pedro Antonio de los Santos No.21-504 Col. San Miguel Chapultepec CP.Puerto Vallarta. Quintana Roo. 06600 Mexico City.com +52 (55) 36 78 97 60 ext 107 .meier@mexcellence.COMPANIES We are a wholesale receptive travel agency that offers services for Mexico.6 Lt. from leisure to incentive we offer to you and your clients our know-how and service for the realisation of your travel dreams in Mexico.com. You will see the folklore of indigeneous communities and the mystery of prehispanic archeological sites. Mexico Billy Gómez billy@aventouramexico. 11850.rodriguez@ketzaltour. Due to its capacity and deep knowledge about the industry. Guatemala and Cuba. it is capable of efficiently integrating Tourism activities and events organization all throughout Mexico.com billy2601@hotmail.ketzaltour. Col.travel +52 (55) 55 53 42 42 Mexcellence Travel as an Incoming Tour Operator for Mexico offers creativity and reliability for any imaginable touristic service in Mexico.satdmc. Insurgentes Sur. No.429-45 Col. Mexico Olaf Meier olaf. Individual or group tourism.P.13.mx +52 (55) 55 33 72 23 For more than 2 decades.77712.aventouramexico. Copenhague No.26 V.paredes@satmexico. Mexico Jorge Paredes jorge.P.F. thematic circuits or beach stay. We have 185 clients in 45 different countries around the world to whom we offer tourist services with the support of 700 suppliers who are located in 95 destinations In Mexico.mx www. the Mayan Riviera. D. Our company was founded in 1997 and we have worked ever since with personnel who have been working in the tourist area for more than 20 years.com www.

Mexico Joel Antonio Ríos Fajardo jrios@joanriviajes. Gastronomical. hotels.mx www. 0 3200 Mexico City. Magallanes CP. Nature. Our professionalism. to end up with the tropical rhythms in the famous beaches.com +52 (744) 4867 913 / 744 4867 914 Alico Tours is a Destination Management Company located in Mexico City.mx www. Guerrero.com.com. Travel as you please: A series of modular programs throughout all of Mexico combining cities and beaches full of history and beautiful views. 39670.com.com www. incentives. groups. the mystery of the preHispanic archeological sites.com. visits to extraordinary Mayan or Aztec pyramids. private and seat basis services.132 Col. Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. allows us to guarantee that in Acapulco. convention or event a success. Mexico Antonio Zanca azanca@viajesmeca. offering everything necessary to make your Mexican regional circuit.P. 11570 Carlos Adolfo Castellanos Ulloa execut@vdegalatours. Religious. the biggest city in the world.viajesmeca. we focus on Incoming travelers since more than 20 years. incentive. del Valle C.com www.alico. we may list the following: Special Interest programs such as Cultural. It personalizes your incentives trips: from Mexico City.com.mx +52 (55) 55 75 70 64 . Calle Manzanas No.46 Col. CD.121 L-17 Fracc. and conference and meeting organization. Archaeological.com + 52 (55) 52 03 41 51 We are a company specialized on service and customer satisfaction. Mexico City Mexico C. adventure trips. 11590 Mexico City. You can also call our experienced travel organizers who will be able to answer any questions you may have. to the colonial cities filled with charm. Chapultepec Morales. Puerto Vallarta.vdegalatours. Mexico. knowledge and experience.mx ventas@vdegalatours.mx +52 (55) 52 54 65 25 It elaborates tailor made individual itineraries for its customers: from a simple hotel reservation to a ride on a train of Copper Canyon. excursions in the jungle of Chiapas. ground services. the folklore of their indigenous communities. Cancun and Riviera Maya. Francisco Petrarca 133-202 Col. Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán No. Goethe no.mx plane@vdegalatours. and any other type of itineraries. we are an extension of your company. with visitors from all over the world.com. Mexico Alicia López alicia@alico. Acapulco. Anzures CP. VIP guests .P.COMPANIES Among the services we can offer. Our multilingual staff is ready to prepare all kind of proposals depending on your needs : Fit’s . Historical.allmexicodestinations. or a peaceful stay at Mexico’s one of a kind beaches.

an insight into the extraordinary side of Mexico. With our expertise we offer.COMPANIES Arriba Tours’ mission is to offer the best service at the most competitive prices.C.P. Universidad No. architecture.90 Col. French.com.Mexico Stefanie Wommer stefanie@buenos-dias-mexico.P. Mexico. 03100 Mexico City. cuisine and culture.. Léa Blanc traveltucan@gmail.com/traveltucan www. and Incentives & Meetings. bicentennial and gastronomical circuits. high standards of service. Del.arribatours. throughout Mexico. as well as its magnificent wonders that are currently classified as World Heritage Sites.P.com.de info@buenos-dias-mexico. Juarez. 06300 Mexico City. Our trademarks are our professionalism. Guatemala. The company’s expertise lies in Individual Travel.mexitours. 2nd Floor Colonia del Valle C. Qro. José María Corona No. 101. tickets to museums and amusement parks. and Russian has a profound knowledge of and love for the region. Our young and dynamic personnel is trained to make your vacations the best experience of your life.mx www. in addition to the classic travel routes. Tour Operator with 31 years of experience in the management of individuals and groups. 989. 06600 Mexico City.de +52 (442) 21 44 106 . Col. Located in Querétaro. Discover the attractions our country has to offer with its rich history.travel +52 (55) 55 83 55 33 Condor Verde is an Incoming Operator and DMC in Mexico.com www. C. We are a German-Mexican incoming agency and a full-service DMC in Mexico.1 Int.com www.1 Centro. Guerrero C. int. Venezuela and Costa Rica.buenos-dias-mexico. far from the beaten tracks.mx +52 (55) 55 75 70 64 Saturno No.condorverdetravel.de www. Cuauhtemoc.E. we specialize in exclusive tailor-made trips and M. Mexico Alicia Mejía mexitours@mexitours. German. We have our own fleet of vehicles (cars. and creativity. Our multilingual team English.I. Calle Viena 3. vans. Ave. Mexico Alessandro Torchio mexico@condorverdetravel. Leisure & Special Interest Groups.76000 Querétaro. car rental. We offer lodging. We will construct a personal itinerary to help fulfill that dream vacation our clients’ imagination craves. circuits.com +52 (55) 55 24 73 17 Priv. tailor-made programs. Italian. buses and bilingual guides). air tickets.facebook.

and exotic diversity of the Mexican territory. hotels in Mexico. Asia and Latin America.com mexico@quimbaya-tours. C. which main goal is to provide very high quality services.COMPANIES Our product consists of 8 service cupons at a cost of 360 Euros +20 Euros of shippment costs. As Mexicans we want to prove that we are honest.tukanhotels. 77710. Mexico Virginia González direccion@grupovivazapata. 06500 Mexico City. excursions in more than 20 cities. one hundred percent Mexican. jacuzzi and tanning area as well as free access to a private Beach Club Area with palapas and beach chairs within only 10 minutes walking distance. as the beauty to the world’s eyes.Centro.quimbaya-tours. Gran Vía no. and attention we are engaged to. With is 145 Standard and Deluxe Rooms with balcony or terrace the hotel is well appointed to guarantee a relaxing stay close to a variety of shops.com www. 5ta Av.com www. restaurants and bars. This is a virtual cupon and can only be bought in Europe. above all. Ciudad de los Deportes Mexico City.mx +52 (55) 0764 1636 An international business company which today regroups 120 employees. It has a main pool.98 Desp. with 3 commercial offices and 12 DMC (destination management companies) in Latin America. 52. professional . an unfailing professionalism and.com www. These cupons can be used for: domestic flights in Mexico and / or Guatemala or Havana.69 .fr +52 (55) 56 15 41 40 Tukan Hotel & Beach Club offers a dedicated and friendly 4* service in a natural environment charmingly located in the heart of Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen C.hotel .Cuauhtémoc. Mexico Carlos Bárcena carlos-barcenas@quimbaya-tours. España Carlos Frías informacion@allmexicopass. Nte. Quintana Roo.P.com +52 (984) 873 1255 / 56 . buses through Mexico’s southeast.vivazapata. Carolina No.com www. transportation Airport . a complete understanding of your every needs and wishes. and by this to place the name Mexico up high.P. An efficient structure.801 CP.Airport in Mexico’s main cities.28013 Madrid.501 Col. Viva Zapata is an incoming tour operator. teams of dedicated people originating from different countries. Our task is to show to the world the extensive. and committed to the quality. México Kristina Velasco Flores Ventas3@tukanhotels.allmexicopass. Col. between streets 14-16.com +34 91300 1428 Río Niágara No. Col.

1075 Col.kaminotours. it has the privilege of operating in the restaurant sector. Mexico Ramón Martínez info@hotelesoasis. Ri Roma.oasishotels.com +52 (998) 881 7000 .mx www. Quintana Roo. half a mile of wide sandy beach. Blvd.com +52 (55) 56 32 44 46 Oasis Cancún. Ave. Being in the market for over twenty years. trust and creativity are the tools of our team of handcrafters to create and develop the best option for your incentive or corporate events in our country through our one-stop-shop service. congresses. Polanco CP. supported by IHG. 10 restaurants. business meetings.com www. the world’s biggest hotel chain. San Clemente Las Águilas C. Mexico Pieter Kabel pkabel@kaminotours.com.com www. Col.mx +52 (55) 52 12 04 41 Grupo Presidente. 01759 Mexico City.P. The only all inclusive entertainment Resort in Cancun offers the best live shows. seminars and workshops with a full commitment to Excellency. 58-101 Col. Its properties.16. dreams and fun.COMPANIES More than fifteen years of experience organizing incentives. we have gained ample experience in handling group tours. Oasis is the stage of unlimited imagination. 959 rooms. Our aim is to provide our partners and travelers our characteristic way of working: tailor made concepts of Mexico & Guatemala. Campos Eliseos 218. Mexico Joaquín Caballero Robles informacion@mexicotouring.com www. is a 100% Mexican company that since 1994 represents the luxury Brand InterContinental Hotels Group. Calzada Las Águilas No. professionalism. 11 bars. FIT’s and adventure tourism. music festivals and ongoing performances.6100 Mexico City. Hipódromo.mexicotouring. Nuevo León No. 11560 Mexico City Mexico Eva Ramírez eva-ramirez@grupopresidente. Innovation. with prestigious brands as Au Pied de Cochon. CP. Zhen Shanghai and Palm. Thanks to our strategic aliances with a number of important providers we can offer high quality service for the best possible rates.P.com. Kukulcán km.com + 52 (55) 53 27 77 00 Kamino Tours is one of the leading ground operators in Mexico and Guatemala.grupopresidente.5 Zona Hotelera C. 77500 Cancún. are under brands such as Presidente InterContinental and Holiday Inn and are located in the major cities and best beaches of Mexico. Likewise.

they have built a zone of stability. Together. MEXICO & CUBA AL-INVEST IV The AL-INVEST IV Programme is funded by the European Union. resources and destiny. democracy and sustainable development. during an enlargement period of 50 years. . tolerance and the individual liberties. The European Union is composed of 27 Member States that have decided to share their knowledge.CENTRAL AMERICA. maintaining at the same time the cultural diversity. The European Union promises to share its achievements and values with the countries and peoples beyond its borders.

Guadalupe Inn C.mx Twitter: @eurocentronafin . Insurgentes Sur 1971 Col. México D.mx M: gabriel@eurocentro. 01020.F.P. local 340. W: eurocentro. Project Manager Senior T: 52 (55) 5325 6674 D: Plaza Inn.Gabriel Moreno Barrón. nivel paseo.

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