2012 Summer Reading Program Registration Form


FULL NAME:______________________________________________________ ADDRESS:__________________________________PHONE:_______________ AGE:________SCHOOL:_________________________GRADE:____________ CIRCLE SIZE: YXS YS YM YL AS AM AL

**Turn in by May 31, 2012**
Please answer survey on back. **Cut here and return the top portion.**

Hey Parents! I’m a snapshot of all the programs for kids this Summer at the Ozark Library! Pin me on your fridge as a friendly reminder! Don’t forget to look on the back for even more fun programs this Summer, too!

June 6: Wishes & Dreams


June 27: Pajama Party
*Don’t forget to wear your favorite pajamas!

June 13: Night Dreams

June 20: Dreams Come True

Hey Kids! summer BreaK is a few montHs away wHicH means it’s almost time for our annual Summer Reading Program! This year our theme is Dream Big - Read! We want to make your dreams come true and we need YOUR help to do it! Answer the following question as best you can and return this sheet to the Ozark-Dale County Public Library!

Circle your answer please!

A. Police officer B. Firefighter C. singer D. Doctor E. Nurse F. Ballerina G. Teacher H. Cowboy

I. Cowgirl J. Sports player K. Librarian L. Dentist M. Astronaut n. veterinarian (animal doctor) O. actor/actress

P. dancer Q. soldier R. other: Please Name: _____________________ _____________________


Tuesdays @ 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Come have a blast with us while playing games with our Wii or board games!

Game Day

Thursdays @ 10:30am
It’s time for a great story, fun craft, and a yummy snack!

Story Time

Popcorn & a Movie
Saturdays @ 12:45pm
June 9 - Howl’s Moving Castle June 23 - The Secret World of Arrietty July 14 - Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius July 23 - The Muppets

Saturdays @ 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Do you play Pokémon, but have no one to play with? Problem solved! Join us to play with others and make new friends!

Pokémon League