The Congressman Ben P. Evardone Medal of Excellence is an award given by the Office of Representative Ben P. Evardone to exceptional graduating High School Students who best exemplify scholastic achievement, extraordinary diligence, service and leadership. It represents Congressman Ben P. Evardones’s humble tribute and recognition of the recipients’ passion and commitment to excel above and beyond the call of duty. It is his affirmation to the truism that optimal quality education opens the door for a better future and is the most potent weapon to stamp out poverty. This award is given annually to inspire young people in Eastern Samar to strive beyond the limits of possibilities, to extend their horizon, and to mold them to be productive and responsible leaders of tomorrow. With this award, Congressman Ben P. Evardone, a former President of the University of the East (UE) Central Student Council and Editor of its students publication himself puts up a challenge: first, upon the recipients themselves to face life and pursue their dreams and aspirations with the same vigor they have shown during their four (4) years high school education; second upon generations to come to ensure the culture of excellence in the field of education.

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