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You come to me shrouded in secrets


the spattered blood of innocents stain you...

The shades of unquiet souls murmur restlessly.

their sibilant voices entreating deaf heaven for justice.

On your knees you plead your profane case,

red tears staining your quislings face

and the unquiet spirits still...


You croak your sirens song of martyrs,

a gibbering jumble of lies

pouring from your hungering maw..

promising kingdoms,

If I would but join you in the dance of death.

Night after night I hear the screams of the martyrs to your lust

begrimed by the filth you,

you the destroyer of life,

bring to me

even in dreams.

Your existence is not justified,

your redemption is denied you

for the malice and cruelty you bear the helpless and weak.

Judgement has been rendered...

No mercy for the merciless,

nor peace for your restless soul.

. You will watch in helpless rage. depriving you of even the illusory promise of love. a soul lit by Heaven's grace. .The mark of Cain is graven on your liars face... craven creature that you are. trembling in the ecstasy of love's true dance of joy.