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What is Aggregate?

Aggregate is consider as the filling material of concrete. Aggregate takes 60-80%volume and 70-85% weight of concrete.

Concrete aggregate is a material which is mixed with cement to create concrete hard

long-lasting. Using aggregate makes concrete much stronger, with the aggregate acting as a type of reinforcement.

The aggregate increases the lifetime of the concrete, and

makes it more durable.

In order for aggregate to be effective, it must be strong.

Weak aggregate materials will weaken the resulting

concrete, which is not desirable.

it must be clean, which in the construction sense means that it is free of chemicals, clays, and various leached

materials which could interact with the concrete and

interfere with the way it sets

Type of aggregates

Fine Aggregate 0.07mm< natural sand< 5mm

Coarse Aggregate > 5mm

Characteristics of aggregates and its effect to the concrete

Strength of aggregates

Strength of aggregates

Strength of concrete

Therefore it is very important to measure the strength of aggregates For that we use Aggregates crushing value test Aggregates impact test Ten percent fines value test

Shape and the nature of the aggregates

If Aggregate has smooth surface and round shape. it will increase the workability of concrete. If we use triangular shape or long Aggregate it will

decrease the workability of concrete.

Grading of Aggregate.
If we have aggregates that have various sizes it is called Graded Aggregate To know ratio of sizes of aggregates we have to do a sieve analysis test.

Size of the aggregates..

When the size increases it reduces the amount of the

cement and the area of bond.

choose of the size of the aggregates depends on the

size and the shape of the concrete member and the bar spacing.

Water content of aggregates..

When water content of the aggregates workability is going to increase. increases

But high water content reduce the strength then it is

important to check the water content.

Hardness of the aggregates.

It important to check the resistance of the aggregate to wear. To check the hardness of aggregates, Los Angeles Abrasive

Value test (LAAV) is used.

The value of The LAAV should less than 30 for the construction which subjected to high fretting such as road For other constructions it should less than 50.