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Students will understand single digit addition using manipulatives.

Materials (Ready for students when they come in)    Manipulative: colored counters Overhead projector Pencils Paper

Key Vocabulary   Addition Sum

Procedures Warm-up
 

Review counting from 1-20 Use students as ‘counters’. Gather 2 groups of students in front of room- one group of three, one group of two. Give students a situation they can relate to. Say these 3 students (point to the group of 3 students) like to eat Reese’s candy and these 2 students (point to the group of 2 students) like to eat Snicker’s candy. How many students in all like to eat chocolate? The answer would be five.

Direct Instruction

Define terms together at the board: addition, addend, sum

-Addition: the process of uniting two or more numbers into one sum, represented by the symbol + -Addend: any of a group of numbers or terms added together to form a sum. -Sum: The solution of an addition problem.

Practice a few groupings, demonstrating with counters at the overhead.

Guided Practice

Give students each an individual bag of colored counters. Ask how many are purple? How many are green? Add them together. What is the sum of the purple counters plus the yellow? How many are there in all? How many more green are there than purple? Do more problems with the students on the overhead.

 

Have students work in their groups. (Will be set up with groups of 4) Ask student to work with their shoulder buddy to create an addition problem that can be solved using their colored counters. Pairs of students work together to create problems for each other and solve. Walk around and observe the groups of students and see how they are doing. Students will share problems orally.

  


Have students share some of their addition problems with the class. Tell students that we will be working with numbers tomorrow for the addition problems we learned today.

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