GATE: 2008

EE : Electrical Engineering
Durotion : Three Hours M<l%imum Mark., Read


tbe following instructions


Using HB pencil, darken the appropriate bubble d h un er eac digit of your r . tr . letters corresponding to your paper code. egis ation number and the All the questions Questions in this question paper are of objective type.

2. 3.

must be answered on Objective Response Sheet (DRS) b d k ' . , " y ar enmg the appropnate bubble (marked A, ~, C, D) using HB pencil against the question number on the left hand side of the ORS. Each question has only one correct answer. In case you wish to change an answer, erase the old answer completely. More than one answer bubbled against a question will be tr ea ted as a wrong answer. Questions 1 through 20 are 1·mark questions and questions 21 through 85 are 2.mark questions.

4. 5.

Questions 71 through 73 is one set of common data questions, questions 74 and 75 is another pair of common data questions. The question pairs (76,77), (78, 79), (80, 81), (82, 83) and (84, 85) are questions with linked answers. The answer to the second question of the above pairs will depend on the answer to the first question of the pair, If the first question in the linked pair is wrongly answered or is un-attempted, then the answer questions to the second question in the pair will not be evaluated.



will carry zero marks.

7. NEGATIVE MARKING: For Q.l to Q.20, 0.25 mark will be deducted

for each wrong. answ~ Wl Q .75 05 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. For the PlllT.· S of questions Q 76 F or. Q 21 to .,'. .. . '. f link d s there will be negative marks only for wrong answer to the first question, i.e; or '. ' 1 e answer, There i egative Q_78, Q.80, Q.82 and Q.8.4, 0.5 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer. ere 1$ no n . marking for Q.77, Q.79, Q.81, Q.83 and Q.85. connectivity

8. Calculator without data
9. Charts, graph sheets

is allowed in the examination
OT a _owe .

hall. hall.

and tables are N


d ill the i

examination .,

10. Hough work can be done on the question paper itself, Additiona
question paper for rough work.

1bl nk a es are given at the end of the a pg ,

Q.l - 9.20 carry


mark eacb.

1. The number of chords in the graph of the given circuit will be
(a) 3 (b) 4 (e) 5 (d) 6 2.

- J 0.667

,":,e Thcvenin'aequivalent of a circuit operating at w = 5 rad/s, has V.. = 3.71L - 15.9° V and Z, n. At this frequency, the minimal realization of the Thevenin's impedance will have a and a capacitor and an inductor and an inductor
(b) resistor (d) capacitor



(a) resistor (e) resistor

and a capacitor and an inductor


A signal e-' 5in(oot) is the input to a Linear Time Invariant system. Given K and output of the system will be of the form Ke-ll' sin(ut + 4') where
(a) ~ need not be equal to

+ are

constanta, the

but u equal to


(b) u need not be equal to 00 but ~ equal to 0 (e) (d)

IJ equal to


and u equal to


IJ need not be equal to

and u need not be equal to


X is

II uniformly
1 4


random variable that takes values between 0 and 1. The value orE


will be
(a) (b)






The characteristic


of a (3 x 3) matrix P is defined as 00.)

= IAI-PI= ,,'+ ,,'+ 2J.. + 1 = O.
(b) (P' ...P + 1)
(d) -

If I denotes


matrix, then the inverse of matrix P will be

(a) (P" ... P ... 21)

(el - (P" ... p ...) I

U·· + P ... 21)

8. lithe rank oCa (5 x 6) matrix Q is 4, then which one of the following statements is correct?
(a) Q will have four linearly independent

rows and four linearly independent rows and five linearly independent

columns columns

Q will

have four linearly independent

(e) QQT will be invertible

QTQ will be invertible

are shown in LN . '. ._ . will be m clIpper circun of figure give (a) (b) """·Ct . g the unit ate P t'unctilltl ..s of a diode d .) oCthe circuit (c) (d) ~'J( 9. Two B-bit ADCs. -l~ If such a diodes is used .) e' (e) e' u(t) dy(t) ----..7. take TA and To times to convert 5 V analog input signal to equivalent digital output. one of single slope integrating type and other of successive approximation type. and denOtin. If the input analog signal is reduced to 2.jt + Y(t) '" ti(t) orm nu al conditi (b) e""' 'tj on... e gure. TH T (b) . A function Y(t) satisfies the following diffe. . yet) can be oEthe ti nCtion. re~tial eql1a tion Where tift) is the delta fu . u(t). be (c) TA. . the ou~put voltage (v.. 5V r t] IOlllJ bo nave. by S Th . conditions.5Y. TB 2 (d) TA. (d) e""' u(t) . the approximate time taken by the two ADCs will respectively. ' unng forward bi ased and reverse biased . AsaulDing Zero' (a.. .-vi- -.d. th efiequIvalent circui t. TB 2 2 . 2 To (c) TA.

2500H M. An 'a' phase to ground fault with zero fault impedance occurs at the centre of the traru!lnission line. Volts and I. . winding and short chording employed in AC machines will result in in emf and reduction in harmcntcs.2500H A. respeCtively.p:. of the static torque with the phase winding unexcited. will be .A 2500H MOV (e) LHLD (d) LHLD MOV MOV 11. Distributed (a) increase (c) increase M. the detent torque means Then.2 th e d evice 18 600H .tb) in both emf and harmonics. maximum minimum (d) maximum 14. A two machine power system is shown below. the impedance measured If'-oA. t h e d evice to accumulator. (~. " (. reduction in emf and increase in harmonics.M (b) LXI MOV H. Transmission line X'{ has positive sequence iInpedll1lce of Zl n and zero sequence impedance erz.1 " - 18.. The trallllfonnen (d) reduction 12. Ampere5. are given by V.-0 C. An input device is interfaced Wl·th I n tel 808 5A m. the sequence. b~ ~_ ~"J. Bus voltage at X and line current from X to F for the phase 'a'.10.«oprocessor as memory mapped 110 The addYe88 f . bank. A bot "~' 11:: S~CClnd~' . In a stepper (a) minimum (b) (e) of the static torque with the phase winding excited.M 2500H A. of the static torque with the phase winding unexcited. . Q. Three single-phase transformers are connected to form a 3-phase transformer are connected in the following manner The transformer (0) YdO (b) Ydl (e) Y d6 (d) Ydll connection will be represented by E motor... in both emf and harmonics.A."ofinatructioTUI . of the static torque with the phase winding excited. by the ground distance relay located at the terminal X of line XY will be given by (a) Zl n 2 X y (b) -0 2 Zo (c) (Zo + Zl) 2 ft (d) Va Ia n . rrom (a) LXI H. In order to mpu t d a ta L. .

Both Statement (I) and Statement . "I own In the fi vo tage drop across the tr '. = 26 Q." th fi the output voltage (vD) is not controllable? own In e gure.W.d harmonic component but line-voltage will be me from 3"' harmonic will have 3m harmonic component but pole-voltage will be free from 3'" harmonic and line-voltage will be free from 3.24% ntage ratio orline len . = 11 Q. z..c88 e having "..d ~armonic components (d) Both pole-voltage 19.05% (b) 12. ' 17. Now consider the foUowing two statements Statement Statement (a) (b) (e) en' Principle of superposition holds (II) h(t) '" 0 for t < 0 Which one of the following statements Statement Statement is correct? (II) is wrong (I) is correct and Statement (II) is correct and Statement (I) is wrong (I) and Statement (lI) are wrong (II) are eorrece Both Statement (d. Zm = 16. en the perCe Y a 101181 lin (a) 24.1 Q Q I. The impulse response of a causal linear time-invariant system is given as h(tj.5 Z. In the single phase voltage controller circuit sh .lnatedb .jhr':. = 26 Q I. n e values of Z. (a) (b) I 0° < a < 45" 450 < a < 1350 T SOC! JIM (e) 90" < a < 1800 (d) '. will be Impe anCl!of 15 Q and (a) (b) (e) (d) Z.'jlIowmg equation aV.15. z.5 Q Z.5 Q. Z.. to wavell!llgth (e) 19.s sh .06% t . gure ansmlSSlon line is gi b [~ :jI:: <= ~"i. Which one of the following statements is true? (a) (b) (c) Both pole-voltage and line-voltage will have 3m harmonic components Pole-voltage Line-voltage will have 3. and Z.. for what range oftriggering angle (u). Z~ = 1.. = 31. A 3-phase transmission line. Z I Shunt capacitance of the line b" . '!:j Z. can e negle ted If h' ... t e hne has P9Bitivesequence' 1! _ . An extra high vol tag e ransmlssio r propagl'}:ion constant j3 _ 0 00 n tne oflength 300 Ion will be glven by . = 16.' zero sequence impedance of 48 Q the the . 16. Zm= 31. A a-phase Voltage Source Inverter is operated in 180" conduction mode. 135" < ex < 180" I 18.5 Q.12% (d) 6. 127 radians per Ion Th can~appro:ti.

20. and W.33 pF (e) (d) 5 V (b) 1475 pF (d) 9956. (b) W. IA SV 3V b 24. It is desired to measure parameters f 230 V 2 kVA . A capacitor consists oftwo metal plates each 500 )(500 mm' and spaced 6 mm apart. will be (a) -3V (b) OV (c) m. (d) Wzand W.75 carry two marks each. 9.25 pF 6637. The time constant for the given circuit will be (e) "9 s 1 "4 s 1 (b) (e) 45 (d) 9s 22.. The resonant frequency for the given circuit will be (a) (b) (e) 1 rad/s 2 rad/s 3 rad/s (d) 4rad/s 23. (c) W. The fonowing wattmeter. Neglecting the fringmg effect.: 150 V. High Power Factor The wattmeters (0) W.: W.( mm thickness and a layer or paper of 2 mm thi~~&S. 5 A Low Power Factor W.. Assuming ideal elements in the circuit shown below. 10 A. The space between the metal plates is filled with a glass plate of. The relative permittivities or the glass and paper are 8 and 2 respectively. High Power Factor W.. the capacitance will be (Given that &. 10 A.and used in open circuit test and short circuit test of the transformer will respectively be W. Low Power Factor 250 V.: 150 V. the voltage v. I o 115 V ' . are available in a laboratory W. = 8.5 pF . and W. 5 A.phase transfonner.: 250V.. 21.. SIng .85 x 1O~1'F/m) (a) 983.21 to Q.

on a non-magnet' cross-sectional area of 300 mm' Th .25 A 1.[n] to generate Zorn].68mH 113. A system with uiput x(t) and output yet) is defined by the input-output relation -2t yet) = The system will be (a) causal.ven by in 1.[n].04 mH shown in the figure th a1 . time-reverse v. 0) and (.[n] by 3 samples to obtain y[o] (b) (e) First (d) First 29. a magnetiting"ciurent of IJ. Given a sequence xlnl. and then finally time reverse z. to generate the sequence yt:n] = x[3 would be correct? (a) First delay xln] by 3 sample to generate z. IC core having a me . 1.[n].lJ:5. A coil of 300 turns is wound . and then finally time reverse z. and finally advance v2[n] by 3 sample to obtain yen] pick every fourth -sample of l[n] to generate v.I. then pick every 4'" sample ofz. which one of the following procedures (el 15. In the circuit (a) 0. e v Ue of the CUrrent i will be . The total electric flux passing through a plane z = 20 will:te9 (a) (1. = 10 lie and ~ = 20 lie are placed at coordi respectively.[n] to obtain v. Two point charges Q. .[n].1. and finally delay v.[n] to obtain yen) pick every fourth sample of x[n] to generate v.5 IIC (b) (d) 13. time-reverse v. time-invariant and stable non-causal. then pick every 4'" smmple ofz. 3A will be .[n) to obtain y[n] First advance x[o] by 3 samples to generate z.H (b) (d) 37.[o].[n).31 A (b) (e) 113. 0) 7.5 A 27. e Inductance of the coil an ar-cumference of 300 CotTesponding (Given that 110 '" 41t )( 10-7 Him) (n) 37.[n] to generate Z2[n].75 A 5V (d) 2.4n]. (c) J x(t)dt time-invariant and unstable and unstable (b) causal. gJ. time-variant and unstable . time-invariant (d) non-causal.04 I1II ~.68 (c) to 111m and a .511C .0 JiC 28.5 IIC 22.(o).[n} to obtain v.

til) + x(t + t. sine (at) where a is a reaiI constant (. estimate x. sine Wt) where P is a real constant.. n full rank matrix with m > n and I is an identity Then.36784 (d) 0. Further.Consider function f(x) = ()(2 (a) 4P where x is a real number.SO..SInC () = ---._ .1... The fou. after one step of Newton's method.(t) _.plane 7.rierSerie:a T 8 (b) T 4 (el 1 2 (d) 21 32. If min ~a. (b) It will be of the form K sine (rt) wher y (e) In = max (a. (b) 0. . When a signal xln] = (t + j)" is the input to such a system..00000 matrix.-1) H (z) is the entire z.. A signa! .~ (except (a) (e) 7.a)2 z with Izl > a. the output is zero. and similarly max (o. which one of the following statements is true about the output of the sYfltem? (al It will be of the form K sin (yt) where '( =' min (a. rfb. the region Of Convergence (ROC) of ( 1. Letx(t) be a periodic signal with time period T Lety(t) = xCt. I (b) (AN)2 '" (d) AA' AA+A".l3) denotes the minimum of a and p.>I. to a L .A+ . the residue of X(z)z" . Given X(z) (a) an-I (c) nan = (z . Let matrix A' = (ArA)-1 A"~ A is a m.) for some coefficients ofy(t) arc denoted by b. of the solution will be given by (a) 0. Htz) is a transfer function of a real system. It can then be inferred that H (z) can have a minimum of (b) (d) one pole and one zero two poles and one zero one pole and two zero two poles and two zeros 33.71828 (c) 0:20587 = . Il) It will be of the form K sine (at) be a since type of signal (d) It cannot 31. then to can be equal to (a) t". Then the function has (b) only one minimum only two minima (e) three minima (d) Three maxima )(0 Equation e' . which one of the following statements is FALSE? (a) AA+A=A (e) A·A"..and K 18 a constant.mear Time invariant system whose impulse response h(t).1 at z '" a for n <: 0 will be (b) (d) - a" naD~ 1 34.1 = 0 is required to be solved using Newton's method with an initial guess Then.-sin X (rex») IS th e mput . '= 0). 13) denotes the maximum Dr a and 13. := 0 for all odd k.

the value of current I is (c) OrnA (b) 3.. . v" YoI" = lOV.7 rnA 41.7 V. Let x(t) = red sin (x) ~ ~.. Vd = .0198 0.5V £C) sv..01 8.·~ 7 A d". en value of x at t . Function be given by (<I) dx . Vd = IOV = -IOV <4' 'Y. In the voltage doubler circuit shown in the figure. T" Then. the steady state voltage acrosa capacitors CI and C. Then if since the Fourier Transform of x(t) + x(.. x is a real vecto [ r "" ". will be I. Two perfectly matched silicon transistors are connected as shown in the figure. 5V. Vd . (where rect (x) = 1 for - 4:$ 4 x :5> and zero otherwise). Assuming the ~ of the transistors to be very high and the forward voltage drop in diodes to be 0.eren ti I equa ti on ia 3• . the switch'S' is closed at t = o.6mA (c) 4.J cos(~) (b) 2 sinc(:1t) (e) 40.{I (a) (b) Vc) = lOV.. Assuming diodes D I and D2 to be ideal • load resistance to be infinite and initial capacitor voltages to be zero. e so ved UBlng trapewidal If' .00099 (c) 0. ru e 0 lllte gra tion with u(t) mdicates a unit ate f ' a step P unctIon Ux(O-) 0 th .0099 38. .t) will be given by (a) Sinc(:. v <2 = 5V Ito .01 8 will (b) (d) 0. which one of the followmg statements is correct? (a) (b) with length IH II ~ (2 Xl +X'l 2)2 1 . size h '" 0. (Il:X) (t - i) .~ e-" dt u(t) has to b I .. .3 rnA Cd) 5.J 2SinC(. lIP x JIs II i II where at least one vector 5atisfies liP ill < IIi II UPi II ~ lix II for all vectors x No relationship can be established between 11 and !!Pi 11 (el liP x II ~ II i II w here at least one vector satisfies liP x II > IIi II (d) i" 39.0. Let P be a 2 " 2 real orthogonal matrix and _ '.00495 0.

The reaultant circuit wilJ.. is used to implement a 3. The block diagrams of two types of half wave rectifiers are shown in the figure. p <. The transfer charact. with active low outputs. B. 8L 0. 3 L ... ~ It is desired to make ""r full wave rectifer using above two half-wave rectifiers. C) implemented in 'Product of Sum' form will be (d) (X + f + Z).variable Boolean function as shown in the figure. ( X + Y + Z) . be 0) \~i" ~ P I'~~ " W Q + >\' . 11 (c) R (d) It R \.eristica of the rectifi ers are al so shown within the block. (X + Y + Z). 43_ A 3 line to B line decoder.00" z x The simplified form of Booleanfunetion F (A.42. (X + Y + Z).

(SP) = 2700H . e 'gure 's given 10 the table below R C x o y Q Gx y Q 0 t Jl 1f J ~ Two rnonoshots.... When the following sequence of instructions are executed.u.. (SP):: 2702H .. Jl 1f ' eRe Q d .46.. and TON. are connected as shown d c.. . The contents (in Hexadecimal) below of some of the memory locations in an BOSSAbased system are given Address Contents . DAD PCHL will be SP the contents of (SP) and (PC) at the end of execution = 2700H (b) (PC) (d) = 2700H. 00 01 02 03 04 ... one positive edge triggered and other negati . (SP) = 26 FEH (pC) = 2A02H. respectively. '(c) (PC) '" 28OOH. The truth table of a monoshoe shown in th Ii '... (SP) The contents of stack pointer (SP). ve e ge triggered. are ON. 'l 1 an . in the figure.. 26FE 26FF 2700 2701 2702 . 2100 H: 2101 H: (0) (PC) '" 2102H. . The pulse widths ofthe two monnshot outputs Q R -x The frequency and the duty cycle of the signal at Q1 will respectively be . program counter (PC) and (H.. L) are 2700H. 2100H and OOOOH respectively.

The stator and rotor copper losses are 1. transformer js subjected to a magnetic -+ . A230 V. 50 Hz.. (b) 1 --- .11 kW 26..01 kW 49. c If the voltage v.three-phase induction motor is drawing 50 A current at 0.46.V········~········~· --.. The friction and windage losses are 1050 Wand the core losses are 1200 W... The air-gap power of the motor will be (a) 23. If the rotor resistance at standstill is 7.. A. 30 hp.. {el (d) 47. is made + 2. The core of a two-winding figure. 4-pole.8 n.8 power factor lagging.<"'. j...06 kW (b) (d) 24.... 50 Hz..«..----A ·.21 kW flux variation as indicated in the (cl 25. then the effective rotor resistance in the backward branch of the equivalent circuit will be (a) 2 (c) n 78 n (b) 4 n n Cd) 156 A 400 V. single-phase induction motor is rotating in the clockwise (forward) direction at a speed of 1425 -rpm. A waveform generator circuit using QPAMPs is shown in the figure.0 v..5 kW and 900 W respectively.5 V. the voltage waveform at point 'P' will become (a) '::bb'::IA .. It produces a triangular wave at point 'P' with a peak to peak voltage of 5 V for v L .

0 MW '" Pm'" 150 MW. A lossless transmission line having Surge Impedance Loading (SIL) of 2280 MW is provided with a trniformly distributed series eapcitive compensation of 30%. There are two generators system with cost curves C. 50. (c) <n (d) ~8 V 1'1'1-----.O per 1 unit but are 180 degrees out of phase. Assuming that the maximum load current in the line is . Then the minimum from generator (b) (d) 250 MW. Voltage phasors at the two terminals of a transmission line of length 70 !un have a magnitude ofl. A lossless single machine infinite bus power system is shown below !.The induced emf(e~) in the secondary winding as a function of time will be of lhe form ~) ~) :'.25 times the maximum load current comparison scheme scheme phase comparison (b) Directional (c) Pilot relaying system with directional (d) Pilot relaying system with segregated 51. P02 '" 250 MW ·GS. A lossless power system has to serve a load of 250 MW. and C2 respectively defined as follows Cl(P!. Then.055 x Pc/ Cz(PG) where Pc. which one of the following transmission line protection schemes will NOT pick up for this condition? (a) Distance protection using mho relays with zone-I set to 80% ofthe line impedance overcurrent protection set to pick up at 1. SIL of the compensated transmission line will be (a) 1835MW (b) (d) 2280 MW 3257MW (Gl and G2) in the (cl 2725 MW 52.03 x P C2~ Gland G2 of 5 minimum 3-phase fault current.f----.) '" Pm + 0. '" '" 3P GZ + 0. and P G2 are the MW injections cost dispatch will be (a) PG. PG2 ".oLS pu LoLO pu ~ . Pm '" 100 MW (el Pm'" 100 MW: PC2 150 MW PGI '" 0 MW.

0..14s (c) remain constant at 0.866 sa. 'es and e.5 per unit of power.28 5 (dl 4incrcase beyond 0. Branches e" e. (b) (c) e.14 s {bl reduce but will be more than 0. If another identical sycnchronous generator is connected in parallel to the existing egnerawr and each generator is scheduled to supply 0. Distribution company's policy requires radial system operation with minimum by opening of the branch (a) 1098. A single-phase half controlled converter shown in the figure is feeding power to highly inductive load.0 per unit of power to the infinite bUB. lfthe triggering angle is 30°. the input power factor will be (a) 0. Single line diagram of a 4·bus single source distribution system is shown below. have equal impedances. The load current values indicated in the figure are in per unit. This can be achieved e e. is operating at a firing angle of 60°.Critical clearing time of circuit breaker is.78 (e) 0. 55.85 (d) 0.65 (b) 0.The synchronous generator transfers 1. The converter. Then the critical clearing time of the circuit breaker will (a) reduce to 0. A single phase fully controlled bridge converter supplies a load drawing constant and ripple free load current.28 s 54. (d) e. .28 s.

. The approrimate firing angles of the dual converter for motoring operation at 50% of rated torque and 1000 rpm will be (a) 43°.50.. 1000 rpm. 141 0 (b) 43°.~-"'' "-. Thl!! duty cycle of the chopper for the motor to operate at a speed of 600 rpm delivering the rated torque will be (a) 0. . 40 A separately excited dc motor has an armature resistance of 0. will be (a) (b) (e) 6.51° 19.onnofth (0.. separately excited de motor has an annature resistance of 2."" 57. The peak value of the inductor current i.40..47' (d) 39°. 'aJ 'V\//' .518 (e) 0.~._ "'". The motor is fed from a single phase circulating current dual converter with an input ac line voltage of 220 V (rms). '. (c) (d) . A 220 V.. 20 A. The motor ia controlled by a step down chopper with a frequency of 1 kHz. The inverter is operated at 50 Hz in 180· square wave mode.. -.~ removed ' th e 8 te d a y state voltage (v ) wav ~ a e.902 58. . A 220 V. The input de voltage to the chopper is 250 V. .852 (b) 0. 1370 (e) 39". 1400 rpm.608 (d) 0. A single phase voltage source inverter is feeding a purely inductive load as shown in the figure. Assume that the load current does not have any de component.lfthe firing pulses are Suddenly become .37 A 10 A 20A 200 V (It) 40A .!.

5 n and care and rotational losses of the motor.8 A 63. 4 pole. A three phase fully controlled bridge converter is feeding a load drawing a constant and ripple free load current of 10 A at a firing angle of 30·.GO.7 Hz (e) (b) 133.6 V.5. the switch is operated connected across the load. . Assume that the load inductance is sufficient to ensure continuous The firing angle of the bridge for a load current ofI. 2A (b) 10 V.7 Hz 323. 33. 2 A 40Y. The transfer system is given as The steady t= 1 will be (a) 0 (c) state . In the circuit shown in the R: Negleet stator resistance = LOn. A 400 V. The inductor current is assumed The average (a) to be continuous. S A (c) (d) lOV 40 Y.3 V. 2. COn ro . through the diode will respectively be voltage across the load and the average current 10 V. 40. parameters referred to the stator 0 oWl. A large capacitor is 66% and 6. X. '" X.8 A (e) (b) (d) 31% and 7. e stator ine-to-lme voltage (rms) and frequency to obtain the maximum torque at starting will be (aJ 20. 16.8 A at a duty cycle of 0.5 (d) 2 -.3 V. '" 1. A single phase fully controlled converter bridge isuscd for electrical braking of a separately excited de motor.e instant· .6 V. '" 10 A will be (a) 44° and ripple frce load current.-_1 __ 2 8 + 3s + 2 1 . (b) 510 (e) 129· (d) 136· 62.3 Hz (d) 61. The de motor load is represented by an equivalent circuit as shown in the figure. 1400 rpm. The approximate Total Harmonic Distortion (%THD) and the rms value of fundamental component of the input current will respectively be (a) 31% and 6.8 A 66% and 7. (b) 0.3 Hz 266. The motor is controlled from a 3-phase voltage source inverter with constant Vlf t I Th Iine-to-li .SA function of a linear time invariant G{s) = 84. star connected squirrel cage induction motor has the t u . 50 Hz. value of the output 'of this system for a urn't impu )se mpu t ap plied at tim.

. Figure shows a feedback system where K> O. IS a lag compensator and C is a Ie d • a compensator (c) Both C._ .65. The Lissajous figure displayed on the screen is shown below The signal q(wat) will be represented as . t) '" A sin w. t and q(ro. Two sinusoidal signals p(w. and C is n ts· I correct? .. The asymptotic Bode magnitude plot of ami' h rumurn p ase transfer fun ti . and C.1-1) IS C''''~ .. 68• Th e transrer funetion (a) an overdamped (c) a critically Thiis system IS .I I system K> 390 f a system IS given as . Which one of the following (a) 8+10 stateme • a ag compensator (b) C. system an underdamped damped system an unstable system 69.C. (d) One pole and two zeros -26 . are lead compensators (d) C.(.I(~II (dB.. and C. 10 . 100 8' + 208 + 100 ". 1 (log ._______K____.\c 0 < K< 30 O<K<39 (e) 0 < K< 390 (d) ~0 T (b) (d) ~(S+IO). . '" _________ 10 (s . The transfer functions oftwo co mpensators are given below (s + 10) . The range of K for which the system is stable will hi! given by (a) (b) '--_ GJRld.'<:tM 67. This transfer function has C lOn IS shown in the figure (a) (b) (e) Three poles and one zero Two poles and one zero Two poles and two zeros I(.. Both C. is a lead Compensator . are lag compensators 66.t) are applied to X and Y inputs of a dual channel CRO.

97 pu 14.59 kA (e) 7. i.667 ms (d) JJ.07 kA 10. then the impedance Z will be (a) (b) (e) (260 + jO) n (0 +j200) n --V\.\ II 4 <~~ 1~.0 + jO. . The rms value of the ac component of fault current O.2 3-phase Base MV A '" 100 Voltage base = 400 kV (Line to Line) Nominal system frequency = 50 Hz = 0.93 pu (b) 7..85 pu . A symmetrical three phase fault occurs at centre of the line..70.18kA (b) 5. and the zero sequence impedances are three times positive sequence impedances. The reference voltage for phase 'a' is defined as vet) = V m cos (wt).667 ms 14. 111.J will be (a) 3.---~ \) Given that: V'I = V.I1' ..15 kA (d) 73..O pu.001 + jO. .006 + jO.z = 1.682 ms (e) (b) 9.e. The waveform corresponding to phase 'a' fault current from bus X reveals that decaying de offset current is negative and in magnitude at its maximum initial value.OGpu. Assume that the negative sequence impedances are equal to positive sequence impedances. The ac bridge shown in the figure is used to measure the impedance Z.01 pu and ZL = 0.0 pu (d) 29. The instant (to) of the fault will be (Il) 4.I\ ~ "" <'to 1.. (260 . then the rms value of the ac component of fault current 0) for phase 'a' will be (a) (e) 4.I == Z. (d) (260 + j200) ? '~~9 Common Data Questions Common Data for Questions 71.004 + jO. point 'F' at time to' The positive sequence impedance from source 81 to point 'F' equals 0.j200) n n J . if a single line to ground fault occurs on phase 'a' at point 'F' with zero fault impedance. Instead of the three phase fault. If the bridge is balanced for oscillator frequency f = 2 kHz. 72 and 73: Consider a power system shown below: r.667 ms 19.. The positive sequence impedance are Z..04 pu.

. in the capacitor at t = 5 J."c. Neglecting resistance all losses of rotation. 3. 440 V.1s. W2" . will be (b) 10 nC (d) 16 nC ~) lane 8 nC .. 50 lIz. Supply . .200 W 74. ~~~. '.>~ \ (~!S) 9. The speed of rotation of stator magnetic field with respect (b) to rotor structure will be direction of rotation.26 A Linked Answer Questions: Q. '_'. 3. 1 The charge (u) stored 3 234567 __ --.76 to Q.3 nF capacito... ·. separately excited.AlWJ --nJ 11 ={__t==-J Transformer ct:l=ll=~Induction Motor + nov The motor is coupled to a 220 V. of rotation the machines.10 A (e) 120 W. 12. uncharged Statement for Linked Answer Questions 76 and 77: The current itt) sketched in the figure flows through an initially 6 mA 5 4 0.. de generator feeding power to fixed resistance of 10 n. rmer . slip ring induction motor is t d fr d the st. ••• _ •• . be 90 rpm in the opposite (d) 1500 rpm in the opposite power output direction of both the de generator (b) (d) and the current (R. . . Two·wattmeter method is used to measure the input power to induction motor..) will respectively (a) 96 W. .46 A 1880 W.85 carry two marks each. 50 Hz. .71 A 1504 W..l'pl".. . The variable resistance is adjusted such that the motor runs at 1410 rpm and the following readings were recorded WI'" 1800 W."tor is connected to a variable resistance as h e om the rotor side through an auto-tranafo an S Own In the figure.. 13.CoJllJllonData for Questions 74 and 75: <\3 phase.-. <I-pole. ··:·. or_ l(t) ~.····. of rotation through (aJ 90 rpm in the direction (e) 1500 rpm in the direction 75.

is connected acrOSs mductor of 0. 78.6 rrrH. u is input. Then the value of voltage across the capacitor after I us will approximately be Ill!. For a unit step input rft). IfR. y is output and A = [~ _12 J.5 Statement V (d) for Linked Anawer Questions 78 and 79: The state space equation of a system is described by x = Al<. the circuit acta as a (b) (a) all pass filter (c) high pass filter band pass filter (d) low pass filter . !he capacitor charged upto 51's.77. the steady state error in the output will be (a) 0 (b) 1 (c) 2 (d) "" Statement for Linked Answer Questions 80 and 81: A general filter circuit is shown in the figure: SO.8 V (b) 23.30.5 V . + Bu y =Cx where x is state vector. B = [~Jc ' = [1 0].the above system G(sl to make it a closed loop system as shown in figure.6 V (cl -23. The transfer (a) function G(s) of this system will be (b) s (s + 2) s(s- s+1 2) 1 (e) s (s-2) (d) s Is +2) 79. as per the current profile given in the figure. = R. (a) 18. A unity feedback is provided to:. = R. = Ro. = RAand R.

9 Q (d) ~ n 15.96° lead (b) (d) 0._j ~ of the output (b) 'J l' (vol v.1 (e) to be added in the armature circuit to limit the armature current to 125% of its (b) 31. . The net voltage across the armature ~)6V (c) 240 V resistance at the time of plugging will be ~) ~4V (d) 474 V 83.17 pu and 30.995 lagging (b) O.racteri~tic ~L (I vI ----= .0 pu voltage and draws 0. (a) .1 n 15. '" n to the Circuit sho'w ~ n III 'guTe . The external resistance rated value is (a) 31. 82. Synchronous motor is connected to an infinite bus at 1.5 n and the field winding resistance is 80 n. .86" lag (c) 1. the load on the motor is increased such that the motor currentincreases by 20%.'J~ (e) (d) l· I ii-l-- .9 Q ~Statement for Linked Answer Questions 84 and 85.0 pu and resistance is negligible. The operating power factor will become Ia) 0.80 is mvc '.9951eading ~(e) O.61. The excitation voltage (E) and load angle (a) will respectively be (a) O.8 pu and 36.848 leading .96· lag Keeping the excitation voltage same.86" lead 1.791lagging (d) 0.A. fi . Its synchronous reactance is 1. \( 82 and 83: f (i. d~ shunt motor draws 15 A while supplying the rated load at a speed of 80 radls. The armatu~e resistance 1S 0.• 111 [0 ____ Statement for Linked Answer Questions A UO V.17 pu and 30.e The gam V8 frequency ch".6 pu current at unity ~wer factor.S pu and 36.-il!. Tho output of the filter in Q.

(*) 81. (b) 44. (c) 37. (c) 47. Cd) 57. (a) 16. we have the graph as follows. branches of tree". (d) 24. (b) 3. (b) 63. Network Graph of given circuit is Number of chords". (b) 35. (d) 79. Cd) 45. (e) 32.667 Zo is a combination of resistor and capacitor in series For Minimum realization.Since Thevenin's impedence. (d) 21. (b) 42. (b) 74. (d) 15 (d) 25. ee) :n. (a) 84. C') 83. (e) 23. (c) 77. so closest answer is 3. (a) 10. (e) 71. '" R+_l_ o Cs jmC =R_i So Zo will have a resistor and a capacitor. (c) EXPLANATIONS 1. (d) 64. (a) 20. (d) 30. (b) 28. (e) 58. (b) 26.(b) 12. (bl 59. (c) 85. (a) 33. (a) 8. (a) 19. Z = R+J. (b) 67. (a) 73. Ca) 4. (c) 5. wS . (d) 29. (e) 14. (a) 6. (c) 49. (e) 60.. ~ Q) Z R Notwork "'7 ® Graph ® n ~. (b) 70. (b) 48.(b) 41. (a) 27. (b) 55. (bl 69. (b) 65. (c) 75. (d) 17. Hence option Calis correct. (c) 78. (b) 72. (e) 68. Zo 0. (b) 61. (a) 40. (a) 11. 7. (c) 62.38 . (a) 56. Cd) 46. (b) 66. I. (d) 43. (b) 54. (e) 50.ANSWERS 1. (b) 53.. (b) 34. (-~l 82. (b) 22. (d) 51. (c) 76. 2. Cd) 9. (d) 39. (el 52. (a) 18.j 0. (b) 36. (c) 80. (b) «o 38. (d) 2. (a) 13. Alternately Opening up current source and short-circuiting voltage source. 2 Since there is no option which has answer 2.

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