PERFORMANCE TASK IN COMPUTER III “Our Teenage Life in the Digital Age” A video about the: 1.

The activities of teenagers that uses computers and related technologies 2. The negative effects of computers and related technologies and how to avoid them Computers and Related Technologies 1. Computers (Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, PDA/Smart phones) 2. Devices a. Input i. Keyboard, mouse, microphone, cam, scanners, etc. b. Output i. Monitors, speakers, printers etc. c. Processing d. Storage i. HDD, SSD, ODD, flash drive e. Any other devices that are attached to a computer 3. Internet & World Wide Web The video may use one or combinations of the following:          Role play / Story Telling Poem Song (Original / Adaptation) Dance Artwork News report Documentary Photographs A lot more DVD with Case and Label Creativity/Design (includes the case & label) Content/Message Organization of Ideas Technical Aspects of the Video March 12, 2012 30% 30% 25% 15%

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