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According to the Declaration of Rights in 1839, who were the "native tenants?"

A. Alii B. Konohiki C. Everyone D. Makaainana

Answer Key: D

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In 1843, the Hawaiian Islands became a ________ nation state, who was the Hawaiian Ambassador sent by Kamehameha III?

A. Colonized ~ Sir George Simpson B. Recognized ~ Timoteo Haalilio C. Territorial ~ Timoteo Haalilio D. Occupied ~ William Richards

Answer Key: B

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Why is the 1887 Bayonet "Constitution" not actually a Constitution?

A. It was not properly constituted B. It wasnt signed C. It wasnt legal D. It was written in English

Answer Key: A

Article 22 Answer Key: C Question 5 of 10 1. What is it? A. Foreigners C. Article 46 B. The Spanish-American War C. the 1887 Bayonet "Constitution" and the 1893 Overthrow. The United States B.0/ 1. World War II and Pearl Harbor B.0 Points There is a connection between the 1875 Reciprocity Treaty.0 Points Which Article of the 1852 Constitution made Queen Victoria Kamamalu Queen for a day? A.0/ 1.Question 4 of 10 1. The Civil War Answer Key: B .0/ 1. Article 16 C.0 Points Which war created the excuse for President McKinley to illegally annex Hawaii to the US? A. International Law Answer Key: C Question 6 of 10 1. The businessmen D. Article 47 D. The War of 1812 D.

Jamal Blunt Answer Key: A Question 10 of 10 1.0 Points .0/ 1. Afraid to fight D.0/ 1.0 Points Is the following statement true of false: If the government of a Nation is overthrown.0 Points Who was the investigator sent by President Grover Cleveland? A. Occupied Country B. James Blunt D. Neutral Country Answer Key: D Question 9 of 10 1. Unified island chain C. True False Answer Key: False Question 8 of 10 1.0/ 1. she also chose not to engage the US military in January of 1893 because the Hawaiian Islands were a _____? A.Question 7 of 10 1. that Nation's sovereignty ceases to exist. Jamie Blount C.0 Points Queen Liliuokalani acted in the best interest of peace for Hawaii.0/ 1. James Blount B.

9 Answer Key: D Save your work.How many ruling monarchs were there from King Kamehameha I to Queen Liliuokalani? A. stay on this page . 8 B. 10 C. 7 D.

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