The Limits of Intelligence

Intelligence is the accumulation of both general knowledge and specialized knowledge (such as a profession) over time. We wish to represent such accumulation of knowledge mathematically and determine what happens over time. Intelligence = Limit 0 ∞ knowledge + Limit time 0 ∞ k + time ∞ ∑ Limit 0 ∞ specialization time s time

∞ Intelligence = ∑ Limit 0 ∞

where k = general knowledge and s = specialized knowledge

t=∞ t=0 t=∞ t=0 t=∞

Intelligence = ∫ k dt x ∫ s dt

Intelligence = (k + s) x (k - s)│

Intelligence = k2 – s2 Explanation:
In the limit, as we know more and more (k) about less and less (s), eventually we know everything about nothing (k = s). The achievement of this noble objective is recognized in society by bestowing the title of Doctor upon those achieving such a high level of specialization. Michael Busby ©2012

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