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Presentasi - Partnerships

Presentasi - Partnerships

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Published by: ibnu_mirza on Apr 18, 2012
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Business Organizations : Partnership

Matschaap, Firma, and C.V Cases

.Case Study 1 C. whether the C.V (consist of four members) that hasn’t finished its debt to a P.V divide the debt equally or pay the debt with the account receivable they had in the other company. PT is still trying to collect the debt although the C. There are two options to solve the problem.T just declared their dissolution.V has been disbanded.

V is an active ally. the accountable one for the C.V. Meanwhile the passive partner is responsible only limited to paid-in capital alone.Problems Solving First Option Dividing the debt equally can not allowed since in C. .

.Second Option It is possible if the C. Payment can be done through “cessie mechanism” under Article 613 Civil Code.V wants to pay the debt with their account receivable.

regardless of whether or not notification to or acknowledgement from the debtor has been made.Article 613 Indonesian Civil Code “The execution of the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) already constitutes a valid transfer of ownership relating to the transferred assets.” . The question is then whether the simple act of executing the SPA already constitutes a true sale.

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