Comparative Study of Financial Statement

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Objective of the study ØTo analyze their fund management ØTo analyze their budgeting practice ØTo assess their annual growth rate ØTo analyze their overall operational efficiency ØTo identify and pinpoint the loop holes in their financial system 4/18/12 .

.Limitation of the study Ø The study it limited to Dombivali branch only Ø Most of the work is done on manual basis and that is why it was very difficult to get the accurate data. Ø The data has been collected is mostly Ø The data has been recalculated and 4/18/12 regrouped wherever necessary. secondary in nature. Ø Due to confidential some important information which was important for project were missing.

Data Analysis 4/18/12 .

12 10 8 Percentage 6 4 2 0 Expenses 4/18/12 .

Ø The credit sales of the company are more but the actual collection of the fees very less. Ø The increasing percentage of the expenses is high which is not good for the company. 4/18/12 Ø Financial Position of the company is not very . Ø The Income of the company increasing but expenses of the company also increasing.Findings Ø The advertising expenses of the company are decreasing. Ø The profit percentage is decreasing.

The current assets of the company decreased as The company facing capital problem because of which the financial position of the company affected. The other expenses of the company increasing as 4/18/12 . compared to the year 2010. compared to the year 2010.Conclusion  There was much good financial position of company in the year 2010 compared to the year 2011. The advertising expenses of the company decreasing its affect the company brand name.

Suggestion Ø The company has to increase its advertising expenses. Ø The company has to give more attention Ø The company has to increase their capital so Ø The company has to decrease their expenses like electricity charges. that they can spend money on infrastructure. travelling expenses 4/18/12 etc. It will help to increase the sales of the company. . towards the current assets of the company because it’s decreasing which not well.

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