Information needs in Uttar Pradesh   Rural housewives Government schemes o Schemes for building Pucca home and toilets

o Other government schemes covering all apects to agriculture Rural work opportunities Information on sale of their garments. Children’s nutrition o Girl child’s education, career and schemes information Information on how to get rid of bad habits of husbands Animal husbandry how to take care of animals Health o Women specific healthcare issues Information on self help groups and how to run them. Information on religious travels Non- Farmer Group Children’s education o Information on Studying options o Information on ITI, police job vacancies and applications o Information on scholarships Healthcare o Government health schemes o Need information on insurance 3. Farmers a. Agriculture i. Tips on crops, unconventional crops and techniques. ii. Information on availability of seeds iii. Information on mandi rates iv. Animals – more information v. Agriculture schemes and complaint system b. Children i. Information for childrens education ii. Information on education loans iii. Information o scholarships 4. Farmers a. Agriculture i. Local market/mandi rates ii. Animal husbandry schemes- fisheries iii. Government schemes for employement b. Children

         

Information on forms c.i. . Healthcare related information.

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