Scratch Plan During the Plan Stage in Computer Technology our task was to Design a plan that specified

our aim for each lesson, we had to think about the time that we would need for each stage, and materials/equipment we will need for each task (Example: 4 Sprites, Background, Fireworks). Lesson Number Task 1 (21/03/12) To get used to the Scratch Software, and make sure that my final goal was accomplishable, I created my first question. I will continue from there. Task 2 (23/03/12) Aim Time taken Materials/ Equipment Red background with a cross. (One continue Sprite) Green Background with a tick. (Same Continue Sprite) Question Page that resembles Facebook. 6 Sprites and 4 backgrounds in all.

My aim for our first 1 lesson. lesson in the Create If I complete this task Stage is to get a start on before the end of the the Second Question. lesson. I will try and put the backgrounds I already I want to be finished completed together. with the Question Page, The Right and Wrong answer page, And the first part of the Correct Answer. Note: I will require 4 multiple choice sprite’ My aim is to complete the 2nd question, and get a start on the 3rd question. 3rd Question: Get all the required Backgrounds. It will take me ½ a lesson, to complete my second question, and I will use the remainder of the time to work on my third question Homework: My aim for homework will be to add all the missing sprites/backgrounds, and then connect the question before next lesson.

2nd Question: Multiple Choice Option’s (3 wrong answers, 1 correct answer), Missing Backgrounds, Facebook Template’s.

Task 3 (27/03/12)

For our 3rd lesson my aim is to get, all the required backgrounds needed for the 4th Question.

1 lesson If I complete this task before the end of the class, I’ll start getting the required sprites needed, for the question. 50 minutes-Because I have to create sprites leading on to the next question on wrong answer pages as well, and additional actions like making sprites disappear once clicked etc. I will spend the last 30 minutes working on editing any loose ends by receiving feedback from Mr. Jesse

Facebook Profile Template Blank Profile Picture Template (To make the page look realistic) Privacy Settings Page Wrong Answer Page Right Answer Page Since I have completed 3 questions and am on the beginning of the 4th I need continue Sprites to be attached on the wrong & right answer pages, and then give each sprite an action so that once the sprite is clicked it will direct the user to the next question. Question 4

Task 4 (30/03/12)

My aim for our 4th lesson in Computer Tech is to connect the first 3 completed Questions together, (So that once one Question is completed, the user will directly be lead on, to the next question).

and my peers. (I might need to add additional, hints or notes). For Homework, I will try and get all the required sprites for question 4. 1 lesson If I’m not able to complete this task by the end of the lesson, I will complete it for homework, so that I can edit any mistakes for the last lesson. Question Sprite Multiple Choice Sprite for each Question

Task 5 (04/04/12)

My aim for the first half of our 5th lesson is to finish connecting the 4th question together so that I’ll have the rest of the lesson to work on the 5th Question. Since the 5th question is my last question I will complete it step by step, by connecting it to the 4th question, and creating sprites and backgrounds for each part of the question

Facebook Profile Blank Template Facebook Security Settings Blank Template Facebook Security Questions Examples 8 Multiple Choice Sprites

Task 6 (18/04/12)

My aim for our last lesson of the create stage is to add a thank you page, a score sprite, and a mute Sprite. I will then go through the Presentation, and correct any mistake’s I’ve made. (Example Sound at wrong places, Sprite doesn’t disappear when clicked, Sprite is at wrong place etc.)

1 lesson

Score Sprite Mute Icon from Google Images Fireworks to create an affective thank you page

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