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Feng Shui Book

Feng Shui Book

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Published by: shougandh on Apr 18, 2012
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Since the dawn of civilization, we as human beings have
been fascinated by the unseen energy we feel at work around
us. We sense that powerful energies are circulating through
our bodies, touching our souls, and somehow helping to shape
our futures. We believe we could take control of our destiny if
only we knew how to harness this amazing power and use it for
our own good fortune.

Throughout the centuries this wisdom has been known
to different groups of people, but always somehow the
knowledge was lost. Though the druids of Stone Henge and
the designers of the pyramids may have had useful secrets to
share, there remains no written record to help us benefit from
their wisdom.

Luckily for us, however, the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui has managed
to survive the ages! Feng Shui offers both an explanation of that ‘unseen energy’ we
feel as well as powerful and practical ways to begin using that knowledge to affect
positive change in our lives. By learning this ancient art of placement, you will begin to
balance the energy of your surroundings and bring harmony to both your outer and
inner worlds.

Some of the possible benefits of Feng Shui include:

Better Health
Enhanced Love Life
Increased Wealth
A Better Reputation
Increased Wisdom
A Happier Family
A More Successful Career
A More Harmonious Life

Can simply rearranging your furniture do all that? Well...not exactly! Feng Shui
is an extremely complex art form that involves much more than simply shifting the
position of your couch! In fact, many Feng Shui specialists spend years in training
before they feel capable of properly advising their clients. In China, birthplace of Feng
Shui, it is expected that a novice could spend at least ten years studying the science
before they would be even nominally qualified to begin dispersing the teaching to

Therefore, this book is meant as an introduction to Feng Shui, rather than a
complete authority on the subject. It is meant to help the average busy modern
individual learn how to apply Feng Shui to their own lives without years of study. We


hope to help you rapidly grasp the concepts of the science and then teach you how to
quickly and easily begin incorporating the principles into your life.

As you read through this book, you will learn ways to remedy energetic problems
in both yourself and your surroundings. You will also learn the many negative effects
that energetic imbalance can have on you and your family. Don’t worry, however, if you
find that your bathroom is in the wrong place or that you’re living on the wrong end of a

The negative effects of poor Feng Shui can take years to begin to seriously affect
the inhabitants of a given space. Also, it is very easy to take steps to remedy energy
imbalance, much easier than you might assume. In fact, you could probably have your
home feeling 100% more harmonious in as little as a few hours.

Every member of modern society could use a little more harmony and balance in
their lives, but few have the time to dig through the abundance of information available
on Feng Shui to find the aspects of the practice that would be useful to them. These
are the people for whom this book was created. After all, the more hectic your life, the
more you can benefit from a little Feng Shui!


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