Welcome the Power of positive Feng Shui into every area of your life

by Treena Dean

copyright 2004

Table of Contents
How to Use this Book Chapter One: Understanding Feng Shui What is Feng Shui? History of Feng Shui Is the energy of your space positive? Is the energy of your space negative? 8 cures for negative energy The five elements The Bagua Chapter Two: Feng Shui for the Interior General guidelines for a favorable interior Specific structural elements Which room should go where? Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Living room Home office A final word on Feng Shui for your home Chapter Three: Feng Shui for the Exterior Choosing the perfect location The four animals Fortunate landscapes Remedying a bad location Other landscape considerations Rivers Roads Driveways Pathways The shape of your home Neighbors A final word on location Chapter Four: Feng Shui at the Office Desk Position 1 3 3 3 5 5 7 10 15 18 18 19 23 23 26 27 28 29 31 33 33 33 37 38 39 39 43 43 45 45 49 51 52 52

Non-desk jobs Arranging your personal space Unique professions, unique Feng Shui A final word on Feng Shui for the workplace Chapter Five: The Bagua Using the Bagua to enhance your life Career (Kan trigram) Knowledge/Self-cultivation (Gen trigram) Health and Family (Jen trigram) Wealth (Hsun trigram) Fame and Reputation (Li trigram) Love and Marriage (Kuen trigram) Children and Creativity (Dwei trigram) Helpful People and Travel (Chyan trigram) The Center (T’ai Chi) Final thoughts on the Bagua Moving forward with Feng Shui Sources for further inspiration

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How to Use This Book
Since the dawn of civilization, we as human beings have been fascinated by the unseen energy we feel at work around us. We sense that powerful energies are circulating through our bodies, touching our souls, and somehow helping to shape our futures. We believe we could take control of our destiny if only we knew how to harness this amazing power and use it for our own good fortune. Throughout the centuries this wisdom has been known to different groups of people, but always somehow the knowledge was lost. Though the druids of Stone Henge and the designers of the pyramids may have had useful secrets to share, there remains no written record to help us benefit from their wisdom. Luckily for us, however, the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui has managed to survive the ages! Feng Shui offers both an explanation of that ‘unseen energy’ we feel as well as powerful and practical ways to begin using that knowledge to affect positive change in our lives. By learning this ancient art of placement, you will begin to balance the energy of your surroundings and bring harmony to both your outer and inner worlds. Some of the possible benefits of Feng Shui include: Better Health Enhanced Love Life Increased Wealth A Better Reputation Increased Wisdom A Happier Family A More Successful Career A More Harmonious Life Can simply rearranging your furniture do all that? Well...not exactly! Feng Shui is an extremely complex art form that involves much more than simply shifting the position of your couch! In fact, many Feng Shui specialists spend years in training before they feel capable of properly advising their clients. In China, birthplace of Feng Shui, it is expected that a novice could spend at least ten years studying the science before they would be even nominally qualified to begin dispersing the teaching to others. Therefore, this book is meant as an introduction to Feng Shui, rather than a complete authority on the subject. It is meant to help the average busy modern individual learn how to apply Feng Shui to their own lives without years of study. We

Also. you will learn ways to remedy energetic problems in both yourself and your surroundings. As you read through this book. Don’t worry. it is very easy to take steps to remedy energy imbalance. In fact. You will also learn the many negative effects that energetic imbalance can have on you and your family. but few have the time to dig through the abundance of information available on Feng Shui to find the aspects of the practice that would be useful to them. however. if you find that your bathroom is in the wrong place or that you’re living on the wrong end of a river! The negative effects of poor Feng Shui can take years to begin to seriously affect the inhabitants of a given space. you could probably have your home feeling 100% more harmonious in as little as a few hours. much easier than you might assume. the more you can benefit from a little Feng Shui! . After all. the more hectic your life. Every member of modern society could use a little more harmony and balance in their lives.2 hope to help you rapidly grasp the concepts of the science and then teach you how to quickly and easily begin incorporating the principles into your life. These are the people for whom this book was created.

This gives us a sense of how the ancient Chinese felt that the unseen world influenced the everyday world within which we live. The word Tao means “the way”.3 Chapter One: Understanding Feng Shui What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui: Literally translates as “wind and water”. These masters were skilled as healers. all of which share the following common principles. and magicians and created the Eight Branches of Chinese Medicine. ‘Kan Yu’ eventually became known as ‘Feng Shui’. Any further definition becomes tricky. The History of Feng Shui Feng Shui was created in ancient China. diviners. Originally Feng Shui was known as “Kan Yu”. meaning ‘wind and water’. “any Tao that can be told is not the real Tao”. Simply put. Yin and Yang To achieve this harmony. which means heaven and earth. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement (whether it be a home or objects within the home) in order to balance the energy of an environment and to create the best possible quality of life for the people living within that environment. The goal of Taoism is to achieve oneness with the Tao through self-discipline and increased wisdom. meaning the eternal way. Feng Shui is considered one of these branches. . one must find a balance between the two opposing primal powers of Yin (female energy. To be as one with the Tao means to be in harmony with nature and all the invisible forces of our universe. Principles of Chinese Medicine Tao Taoism is one of the three major religions of ancient China (along with Buddhism and Confucianism). ‘fang-shih’. meaning a master of the Taoist tradition. receptive energy) and Yang (male energy. though it may have evolved from an even older science with roots in India and Tibet. This name is thought to have come from the word. for as the Tao Te Ching (the scripture of Taoism) says. or the way of god.

Poor air circulation can cause feelings of fatigue. It may sound like a strange concept. wisdom. you must make sure that your environment isn’t working against you. while Yin Feng Shui deals with the orientation of graves and tombs. Balance of Yin and Yang in the human body is necessary for good health. It’s why we decided we just couldn’t take that particular apartment. however. but think of it this way. In contrast. if a home has poor air circulation. maybe more than most people realize. it absolutely affects the occupants of that home. spiritual awareness. the ch’i flows smoothly and the occupants benefit from this vital and life-affirming energy. and basically every other quality that is desirable for human existence. These two energies compliment each other. Yang Feng Shui deals with the orientation of buildings and objects. For example. whether we realize it or not. Both are needed to keep the universe in motion. and can be a real hazard if there are any toxic fumes released into the air (such as the fumes from certain cleaning products). Many people can sense whether the ch’i around them is balanced. the ch’i within us must be in harmony with the ch’i around us. In order for our lives to be balanced and harmonious. Feng Shui is actually divided into two distinctly different practices using Yin and Yang. In order to achieve personal energy balance. This sluggish environmental energy may have serious effects on the people living inside the home leading to illness. rather than compete with each other. the ch’i of the home will be sluggish and will likewise influence the ch’i of the occupants. This is where the science of Feng Shui can help enhance the quality of human life. if a person’s home is ineffectively arranged. Ch’i Yin and Yang are simply different qualities attributable to the basic energy in all life. and discord within a family or marriage. headaches. Feng Shui seeks to balance the Yin and Yang energies of the home in order to encourage balance for the occupants within. An intuitive knowledge of good or bad environmental ch’i is often responsible for where we choose to live. In this book we will be concentrating on Yang Feng Shui. simply by using their intuition. This basic life energy is called ch’i. We as human beings have ch’i within ourselves and our homes or living spaces have a separate ch’i of their own. depression. if a home is effectively arranged. even though it was in the perfect . which means ‘cosmic breath’.4 creative energy). The effects of poor ch’i circulation can also be harmful.

we have lost our sense of connection to the energies of the earth and our instincts have become dulled. in contrast to the gently meandering quality of ch’i. this stagnant energy can become negative energy and prove harmful to the occupants utilizing the room. It is never a desirable type of energy and can have profoundly adverse effects on the people living in an environment in which it rules. does that same gentle breeze pervade the entire home? If so. If you feel your ‘ch’i instincts’ may not be functioning at top form. and exit the home through a door other than the door through which it entered. Sha energy can become powerful in a home for a variety of reasons. you’re not alone! As modern people. and others where the breeze has become a strong wind. . Therefore. chances are the ch’i of your home is flowing nicely as well. the ch’i in an environment should be able to enter a home easily. sha energy cuts through the environment. Ways to know if the Ch’i of your environment is Positive: According to the principles of Feng Shui. increased stress. stripping a space of positive energy and leaving negativity in its wake. If you have some rooms that are ‘breezeless’. Ways to Know if the Ch’i of your environment is Negative: Sha is the name often given to negative ch’i energy. The same principles apply to the rooms within the home. we can still use our other five senses and the rules of Feng Shui to discover the state of the ch’i in our environment. but then has nowhere to go. the ch’i energy becomes stagnant.5 neighborhood and at the perfect price. straight lines. While ch’i energy gently encourages the life energy within a home. we realized that the apartment had negative ch’i and would be detrimental to our well-being as the occupants. Over time. chances are that your home has poorly flowing ch’i and that the Yin and Yang aspects of the ch’i are out of balance. flow through the home without being blocked. and general ‘bad luck’ of a home’s occupants. Luckily for us. Sha travels in hard. A room with no windows will have a very poor ch’i flow. Instinctively. A dominance of sha energy is often responsible for the chronic illnesses. If you open the doors and windows on a calm day with a gentle breeze flowing outside. but a good indication of the how well the ch’i in your home is flowing is to observe the flow of air currents. The energy enters. We’ll get to the specifics of how to encourage good ch’i in later chapters.

6 Possible Sources of Negative ‘Sha’ Energy • • • • • • • • • • • Steps lead straight to a home. these straight lines are nearly always pathways for sha. or other buildings and fall directly toward the home. Road dead ends at the home. or ravine flows straight toward the home. look for any long straight lines that may be leading up to your house. stream. The good news is that there are several very simple ways to deflect sha and increase the positive ch’i within your living space. To determine if sha energy is entering your living space. gully. Straight shadows are cast by telephone poles. Roads lead directly to the home before turning. Home is located on a natural fault line in the earth. Home is located at the corner of an intersection. There are hundreds of reasons that sha energy may be present in a home. a flight of steps. or a shadow cast by a neighboring building. River. A pathway leads straight to the front or back door. Power lines or telephone lines run directly toward a home. Home has the corners of other buildings pointing directly toward it. streetlights. Home has a front and back door directly opposite one another. Whether it is a natural ditch. .

This can be a simple cure for negative energy that results from living at the end of a ‘dead end’ street or at the corner of an intersection. In your interior. There’s no need to move house. a simple mirror of any size. Some Feng Shui specialists advise against putting a mirror in the bedroom.” Mirrors hung too low can be a cause of headaches and low energy. When considering which lamp to choose. Plentiful light is considered very important in Feng Shui. A reflection of a peaceful outside garden is an excellent way to bring in good ch’i. while a mirror on a wall lacking windows is a great way to keep the ch’i moving. A convex mirror can be particularly effective by dispersing the negative sha in all directions. small or large. Bright Objects Mirrors Mirrors placed on the exterior of your home will help to deflect threatening sha from the outdoors. will help to protect the home. mirrors can be used to draw good ch’i into the home as well as to encourage the flow of ch’i within the space. Outdoors. Indoor mirrors should be large and hung high enough so that they don’t ‘cut off any heads. a mirror in the bedroom can be a great way to increase the energy of the space and possibly lead to a more fulfilling love life! Lights Lights are powerful cures for negative energy. a light can mend a missing corner on a home (more on missing corners later). But if you feel certain that your soul stays firmly in your body while you sleep. however. as it is believed by some that the soul floats above the body during sleep and can be frightened by its own reflection. a good rule is the brighter the better! . light enriches the energy of both a room and the inhabitants.7 8 Ways to Cure Negative Energy 1. Indoors.

Even running the vacuum will disperse bad sha energy. or a mobile hung above the bed in the nursery. but encourage positive ch’i when hung on the eaves of a home. a burbling fountain. are natural conductors of ch’i energy and can be used to keep ch’i flowing effectively throughout a room. A more peaceful way to create sha-dispersing sound is to use a fan.8 2. Outside your home. Plants symbolize nature. you’ll want to put a moving object in the room at the end of the corridor in order to prevent negative energy from lodging there. If you have corridors that proceed for more than a few feet. Sound Any source of sound within a home can be used to ward away bad sha energy. chimes serve not only to bring in business. Moving Objects Negative sha can also find an avenue of movement in long. life. Therefore. 4. ch’i activating. hung near the entrance of a store. if you have a trouble keeping plants alive in your home. In contrast. or an air purifier. you can be almost certain that you have an excess of negative sha present. as living things. A fountain is always a good choice for a moving object. Wind chimes may be the best choice for a sound cure. and growth and are natural indicators of good ch’i. however. and sha dispersing! Other options for moving objects could be a toy train for a child’s room. so does a human being. Flowing water is money producing. but to discourage intruders (bearers of sha energy). straight areas within the home. Wind chimes not only disperse negative sha. 3. Where a plant thrives. Potted plants can also be placed on either side of a doorway to encourage good ch’i to . Living Things Plants and Flowers Plants and flowers. plant and flowerbeds can be used to attract good health. This may be why many people find it comforting to always have the television or radio on while they are at home. Wind chimes (as well as bells) can also be used to summon wealth into a home or business.

you shouldn’t even have to change the water more than twice a month! Ideally there should always be an odd number of fish present and if a fish dies. Simply purchase high quality artificial flowers and plants and keep them clean and free of dust. Fish also prevent accidents. lake. you simply enjoy caring for fish!) If the element of water is not readily present. fish disperse negative sha and encourage the flow of ch’i. A statue in the bedroom could be helpful for your marriage. while a bowl of stones in the career sector of your home could keep you from losing your job. 6. Gold fish can be a great choice for your fish bowl if you have a room (or sector of a room) in which the fire element may be lacking. a fish bowl or aquarium can be a great way to introduce water into a home. it should be immediately replaced. Heavy Things If you’re having difficulty with commitment. a healthy selection of vegetation will encourage good business by attracting money energy into the establishment. or stream. If you have plant in your bowl. even the most botanically challenged can benefit from the good ch’i created by plants in an environment! Fish Bowls If you live next to an ocean. In this way. 5. We’ll learn later how to place your radio for enhanced health. your television for more wealth. Artificial plants can be almost as effective as real plants when concerned with proper Feng Shui. Electricity Electricity naturally stimulates the area in which it is placed. or even your air purifier for a better love life! . (Unless of course. Fish bowls are particularly good choices for introducing the element of water because they contain a living being. ward off bad luck. chances are you won’t need a fishbowl in your home. As far as a green thumb is concerned. Like plants. Outside a business.9 enter the house. and are just about the easiest pets in the world to care for. Water is the element of Feng Shui that encourages wealth. oftentimes a strategically placed stone or statue can have a powerful stabilizing effect on your personal ch’i. don’t worry if you don’t have one.

and should be used carefully. That is. growth. Colors Colors can be added to different sectors of a room to boost the effectiveness of the objects arranged there. a bamboo flute is naturally a conductor of ch’i. they can cause destruction if not properly balanced. but ch’i can be further subdivided into the categories of wind. They are equally effective in deflecting the forces of negative sha. We already know that ch’i energy can have both Yin and Yang qualities. and black for wealth. the Five Elements can be used to create harmony within the home. A bamboo flute in the home can bring peace and safety. For example. you wouldn’t want white. and metal. fire. the color of Chinese weddings. it stimulates positive energy flow. red. and tranquility. 8. Bamboo Flutes In ancient China a bamboo flute was blown to report that peace had been declared after a time of war. unless you were hoping to lose your job! Other important colors are yellow for longevity. but can also be a color of death.10 7. Though none of the five elements are truly ‘negative’. green for freshness. With it’s hollow interior. Red flowers in the career sector of your home could help you gain the promotion you’ve been longing for. Because the elements mutually create and destroy one another. Each of the five elements manifests a distinctive quality of ch’i energy. earth. water. Black in your health sector might not be the best idea. flutes also protect from theft and bring misfortune to those who would seek to harm your home. The Five Elements In addition to the Eight Cures. In contrast. Flutes of all kinds can bring protection to a home or business. When the flute is played or blown. however. is a lucky color. Black can represent a loss of light or life. the proper flow and balance of their energies must be achieved in order to protect a home and it’s . Because of their former association with war. It represents sky and the heavens. Blue is another ambiguous color. to be the predominant color in your career sector. the Chinese color of mourning.

Fire melts Metal. Fire creates Earth. while making the inhabitants of the room experience greater stress and a higher incidence of ‘flaring’ tempers. and Metal creates Water. Wood destroys Earth. But there are certain occasions when the destructive order can be used to your advantage. To balance the fire element. Wood feeds Fire. Water naturally cools fire. Ch’i energy is naturally encouraged to flow throughout a space that is arranged according to the creative cycle. (In this instance. The following diagrams illustrate both the creative and destructive cycle of the elements. You would use the elements’ destructive order if you had an overabundance of a certain element in a room.) . The Creative Cycle: Water feeds Wood. you would introduce a water element. Metal destroys Wood. A fountain or fish bowl would help to balance the room and protect the inhabitants from a fire element threat. For example. The Destructive Cycle: Water cools Fire.11 occupants from the possible negative side effects of an elemental imbalance. Arranging your home or room using the creative cycle of the elements will create harmony and balance both in your environment and your life. and Earth destroys Water. an overabundance of the fire element within a space can make the room itself more vulnerable to destruction by fire. Earth creates Metal. you wouldn’t want to use goldfish in your bowl since their reddish gold color represents and encourages the fire element.

towers. and direction. but this should not be confused with ‘lowered’ energy. chimneys. Its symbolic color is green and its shape is a long straight line. Each element has its own unique energy and is associated with a specific color. it is a necessary period of rest and regeneration before spring can burst forth.12 To further understand the elements and their applications. newly ‘sprouting’ energy Wood is associated with the season of spring. gently sloping hills. sometimes a . Each can also be applied to aspects of human personality and even specific body organs. It in turn feeds fire (logs are cut to build a flame). Though winter may seem a barren time. This element is represented in the environment by trees (of course!). wood saps earth (too much planting of a field can ruin the soil) and can be destroyed by metal (an axe that chops down a tree). and by tall. time. wood is associated with the feet. Wood is usually dominant in the most easterly point of a room or home and can be used to encourage good health and positive family relationships. season. In the destructive cycle. narrow skyscrapers. Within a person’s body. Wood Energy Quality-expanding energy. In the same way. which accounts for the quality of its energy. we must take a closer look at their individual properties.sinking energy. Wood energy is creative and fresh like sprouting leaves in the springtime. wood manifests itself as a kind and generous nature. energy that submerges Water energy is sinking energy. pillars. Water is associated with the season of winter. Water Energy Quality. Wood follows water in the creative cycle because it is fed by water (water causes plants to grow). and within a person’s personality. This is more the energy of subconscious investigation and self-knowledge.

This is well known to people working in creative fields. and in turn destroys metal (melts metal and returns it to its liquid form). On the human body. an artist must take time to cultivate their water energy. Water is associated with career by direction on the Bagua (next section). It is this high. or ocean. and of course by the actual presence of water in a lake. Fire is associated with the season of summer and with southerly directions.13 person will need to cultivate water energy before they can begin to outwardly manifest. and deep understanding. Water energy is associated with the north and is represented by the color black. church spires. Too little fire can cause the internalization of thoughts and feelings and put stress on the organs of the body (especially the stomach). fire is displayed in people who are logical. fire is destroyed by water. river. Its shape is pointed or triangular and it is environmentally represented in pointed mountains. but is also responsible for generating wealth. water destroys fire and in turn is destroyed by earth (filling in a pond with earth). Fire energy is associated with fame and status. stream. antagonistic. The shape of water is a rounded form. Fire is fed by wood in the creative cycle and in turn creates earth (ashes). For centuries many cultures have used a light or a burning flame to represent knowledge. In a personality. and have excellent manners. domes.rising and sustained energy at its highest level Fire energy is the energy of reason. . water energy is utilized in moments of insight. and rude (if not actually violent). In the human body. In order to avoid artistic ‘burnout’. rolling hills. reasonable. the color of a deep still pool. It is represented in the environment by mountains with uneven tops. sustained fire energy that we use to grasp complex concepts and acquire new wisdom. rounded buildings. Water is produced by metal (condensation on the outside of a tin cup) and in turn produces wood in the generative order. In the destructive cycle. In the destructive order. In a personality. water is represented in the ears. Fire Energy Quality. An overabundance of fire in a personality can make a person bossy. and other buildings with steeply pointed roofs. fire energy is represented in the eyes. revelation. two possible byproducts of knowledge.

They will be truthful. If a woman has a good supply of metal energy. Most of the time. autumn. they finally become energetically exhausted after the event is over and therefore are more vulnerable to illness. earth is created by fire and in turn creates metal. it is the weakening of our earth energy that can lead to serious mental and physical infirmity. constant sustained energy Earth energy is the energy of the center.stable energy. They will consider others. grasslands. many women get sick on their honeymoon. Earth is symbolized by the color yellow. Just as the energy of the earth begins to contract after the expanding energy of summer. and buildings with flat or gently sloping roofs. In the creative cycle.solidifying energy. A lack of metal energy is what causes many people to fall ill after a period in which they have been utilizing a great deal of fire energy. she will be able to recover from her fire energy expenditure without suffering any ill effects. People who have a healthy amount of earth energy will always be sincere in their words and actions. It is the stable energy that sustains our bodily functions and at the most base level keeps our spirit united with our living body. In times of illness. however. After all the work and excitement involved in planning a wedding. while not neglecting themselves. however. so does metal energy contract. even plane. Environmental earth elements include plateaus. we don’t have to consciously attempt to manifest earth energy within us. but compassionate.14 Earth Energy Quality. Metal Energy Quality. The energy quality of metal is well represented by its corresponding season. Metal energy is the type of energy you would experience in your life after a ‘big event’. . For example. while its signature shape is a flat. contracting energy. Earth energy in a personality is the energy of honesty and loyalty.

metal is associated with righteousness in that a person with the adequate metal in their personal ch’i will have ideas that are well thought out and will more often than not speak the truth. the organ that takes the fire energy of the mind and contracts it so that we can express our ideas in words.Autumn White Square Mouth Truthfulness ing The Bagua In order to know how to use the Eight Cures and the Five Elements most effectively. In a human personality. metal energy is associated with the mouth. This map reveals how a space should be arranged in order for the environment to function harmoniously and for the occupants to have a fortunate existence. The Bagua is an . and happiness of children. It is associated with the west and can encourage the health. In the human body. you must understand how they should be placed. The Five Elements at a Glance Element Direction Water North Wood East Fire Earth Metal South Center West Quality Season Color Shape Body Persona Sinking Winter Black Round Ears Insight ExpandSpring Green Vertical Feet Generous ing Lines Rising/ SummRed/ Angles Eyes Knowledge Sustained er Orange Steady Time Yellow Flat Total Compassionate Btwn Body Contract. The Bagua is a specially designed map that helps Feng Shui practitioners to organize homes to facilitate the flow of ch’i in both the environment and the inhabitants. Metal energy is represented in the environment by mountains with rounded summits and in buildings with block shaped tops. well being.15 The color of metal energy is white and its corresponding shape is a square.

over 3.000 years ago. and Thunder.south Marriage/Love. Earth.16 octagon shape that is divided into eight sections. the broken lines representing Yin and the unbroken Yang. Each trigram is made up of a series of broken and unbroken lines. The eight trigrams were first written in the ancient text of the I Ching.west Helpful People/Travel.east . Li.southeast Fame/Rank. the eight trigrams were revealed to Fu Hsi.Knowledge and Dwei.southwest Children/Creativity.Wealth The 8 Trigrams According to ancient Chinese legend.northeast Family/Health. Fire.Family and Health Hsun. the Li Shu (Book of Rites). Deep Water. the father of Chinese divination and first Chinese emperor of legendary times. are where many of the founding principles of Feng Shui have their roots.Fame and Rank Gen.Children and Creativity Chyan.Helpful People and Travel Kan. • • • • • • • • Wealth. The 8 Life Situations Each of the eight trigrams has a corresponding life situation and each life situation has a corresponding direction. Wind. each one representing one of the eight trigrams and one of the eight life situations. the eight trigrams are called the pa-k’ua and they each represent one aspect of nature: Heaven. Lake. Collectively.northwest Career.north Knowledge/Wisdom. This ancient text has been used for divination for centuries and is considered sacred to the Chinese.Career Kuen. The I Ching and its companion text. Mountain. or Book of Changes.Marriage and Love Jen.

You simply superimpose it on whatever part of your home you might be concentrating on at the moment. You can also use the Bagua on the human body with the eight directions corresponding to specific internal organs: the heart representing fire. . In Chapter Five. the kidneys representing water. The same principles used to balance a room can be used to balance your body and optimize your health. or can be used to focus on a specific room or rooms you feel might need some extra help in order to be energetically balanced. Though we won’t go into further depth on the Bagua until Chapter Five. We’ll be using the principles of the Bagua in the following chapters to discern the most advantageous arrangement for the interior of your home as well as the most desirable location and orientation for the exterior of your home. the lungs representing metal. Some Feng Shui specialists even use the Bagua to deconstruct specific pieces of furniture. we’ll learn ways to use this ancient map to encourage good fortune and improve your overall quality of life. it’s important to realize that this map is forming the groundwork for all the rules that follow. The Bagua can be applied to a plot of land on which you are looking to build. For example. the Bagua can help you to achieve the specific outcome that you’re longing for. We’ll also learn how to address any specific concerns that you may have. the liver representing wood. Whether it’s a career promotion or an advancement in your love life.17 How to Use the Bagua Learning to use the Bagua is fairly uncomplicated. and the spleen representing earth. which area of the bed you choose for making love may influence both your level of pleasure and the likelihood that you will conceive a child. can be utilized over the entire layout of your home.

If the rear of the home is higher than the front. First of all. the life energy. Lamps can be used on cloudy days to keep the ch’i of the house from becoming listless and the occupants from becoming unproductive. If a house is dark. it is held that the children of that particular family will have difficulty achieving independence. but we can always decide exactly where we’d like to place our bed and how we want to arrange our living room! General Guidelines for a Favorable Interior Light There are certain basic properties that every interior should posses if a home is to possess good Feng Shui.18 Chapter Two: Feng Shui for the Interior Feng Shui for the interior is the most well known aspect of the art. the sun should be the only light your need if it has good Feng Shui. Ceilings An arched or dome shaped ceiling is the most desirable shape. During the day. Light is the energy of yang. The ch’i has a difficult time flowing smoothly through the home and this can lead to negative results for the family. It will help in moving ch’i smoothly throughout the home. there will be an overabundance of yin energy and occupants will suffer with illness and depression. the family will have difficulty making financial ends meet. It is also the area of our home in which we have the most control as modern people. If the front of the home is higher than the rear. Levels The levels of the home should be as regular and even as possible. every room should receive adequate natural light. and we may not be able to choose the ideal shape for our structure. and is necessary for the occupants of a home to thrive. If you have a two-story home. A split-level house is prone to having poor Feng Shui. you should have bright lamps for the rooms in which you spend the predominance of your evening hours. We can’t always live near a protective dragon (next section). At night. then a high .

The Front Door The front door is the point at which the ch’i energy first enters the home. The door should open out into the widest point of the room and the room or foyer that first meets the eye when opening the front door should be warm and light and encourage ch’i to enter. Triangular or steeply pointed ceilings should be avoided as they harbor destructive sha energy and can cause the fire energy of a home to become overly exaggerated.19 arched ceiling is especially useful in helping ch’i to flow smoothly from the first floor onto a landing on the second floor. Flat ceilings are desirable because they will help to keep the energy within a home steady and even. For security reasons. Exterior doors are responsible for connecting your home and family to the outside world and interior doors are a huge element in helping the ch’i to move smoothly from room to room. health. Specific Structural Elements Doors Doors are probably one of the most important considerations when trying to enhance the positive ch’i of your home. and overall prosperity. happiness. they should be taken very seriously. As such. The arrangement of your doors will affect every aspect of your life including career. A home with only one door will have a very difficult time achieving good ch’i flow. it should be welcoming. The Back Door First of all. A door that is too big or too small will throw off the balance of the home and lead to arguments between family members and overall bad luck. The front door should be proportional in size to the rest of the house. As design elements. it is also a good idea to have more than one method of entrance or exit into a home . a home should always have a back door.

causing a ch’i deficiency in the home. They will serve to disperse negative sha energy as well. Another door problem is created if doors are directly aligned with either interior or exterior staircases. A back door that is larger than the front will cause the energy of the home to exit more quickly than it enters.20 Back doors should be similar in size to the front door in order to ensure that the flow of ch’i is smooth and regular. Negative sha energy. and wealth. more favorable direction. as long as the doors open away from each other and do not touch in any way. In this instance. A red door is good luck on either the interior or exterior of you home. or if a door opens onto a flight of interior stairs. Door alignment Rule number one of door alignment is to never have the front door and the back door in direct line with one another. it can be worth your time to switch the hinges on one of the doors. Feng Shui . or by tying red bows around the doorknobs themselves. These items will help to catch the ch’i as it blows through and disperse it throughout the home. allowing it to open in another. You can remedy this problem by installing wind chimes. A house with this door arrangement will find it nearly impossible to keep good ch’i energy inside the home. on the other hand. One final rule is that no door that opens directly onto a wall will bring good fortune or facilitate the flow of ch’i. plants. If switching hinges seems like too much of a hassle. In fact. rank. The closer these two doors. Interior door alignment is very important as well. as well as being annoying to deal with on a daily basis. you can ‘heal’ the door by painting it red. Red is an especially auspicious (or lucky!)color for the Chinese and is associated with increased fame. Doorknobs that touch each other create conflict within the home and increase the likelihood that a resident will sustain injury (especially a broken bone). Doors placed directly opposite each other within the home will be fine. Negative sha will have a chance to get a running start into a home if a long narrow staircase leads directly to the front or back door. Awkwardly arranged doors can cause health and relationship problems. the worse the situation will become. Remedy this problem by installing wind chimes above the door to disperse sha and arranging potted plants on either side of the front door to welcome ch’i. however. and fish bowls directly in the pathway of the two doors. if the front door opens into a wall. Straight stairs are pathways for sha energy. will enjoy sweeping in and out of this long straight line through the center of the house.

but neither do they enhance it. Windows should be placed high enough on the wall so that no resident of the home has to stoop to look out. swinging open to welcome in passing ch’i energy. You can lessen the severity of this energy block by placing trees in planters on either side of the door and mounting a mirror on the wall. but should not be too large or your home will have a difficult time holding in the proper amounts of ch’i. or paint a mural that depicts an outdoor scene. The center of any building should be the most stable position within that particular structure. the staircase should not be located in the center of the home. so can a low window depress energy levels. or consider moving. On the outskirts. One solution is to install a mirror opposite the opening of the door so that the room you are leaving is reflected back to you. Stairs Feng Shui has several recommendations for the placement and appearance of your stairs in order to avoid common energy pitfalls. Windows that only open halfway will harm your reputation. Inward opening windows will impede the flow of ch’i and encourage the residents to be suspicious of others and excessively inwardly focused. but the center must hold. It is believed that a front door with such a poorly placed wall blocks all good energy from entering the house. it is best if there is only one staircase within a home. Multiple staircases muddle the flow of ch’i and lead to confusion and misunderstandings within the family. it is considered . Secondly. Make sure sliding windows open completely. Windows that slide up and down do not harm the ch’i of a residence. Since a staircase is a point of activity for ch’i as it rises and circulates to the next level of the home. Interior doors that open into walls are not quite as serious and can be fairly easily remedied. The most desirable windows will actually open to the outside as a door would. First of all. Just as mirrors placed too low on the wall can cause headaches and low personal ch’i. Windows Windows are nearly as important as doors when it comes to facilitating the flow of ch’i within your home.21 specialists advise that you should tear down the wall if at all possible. causing other people to get the wrong impression of your actions. You could also hang pictures of beautiful scenery or pleasing vistas. chaos may reign. Windows should be large enough to allow the home to ‘breath’.

They direct negative sha energy directly into the center of the home and can cause residents to feel guilty or ashamed for no legitimate reason. they should be wide and well lit. Narrow. as can hanging a mobile or wind chimes from the ceiling directly in the path of the sharp corner. To counter this problem. install plants or an aquarium underneath the stairs to help facilitate the rising of the ch’i energy. a gently curve is the most fortunate and ch’i enhancing shape. missing corners on the interior are also considered unlucky. As for the overall shape of the staircase itself. . Remedy: To remedy a sharp corner within your home. dark stairs restrict the flow of ch’i and lead to anxiety within the residents.22 too active a structure to be placed in the center sector. Corners Just as a ‘missing’ corner on the exterior of your home can cause energetic imbalance. Over time. As for the appearance of the stairs. Stairs that have spaces instead of boards between the treads allow the ch’i to seep away before it reaches the second floor. a central staircase will lead to decreased wealth and reputation in the community. Placing a large potted plant in front of the corner can help. you can hang mirrors on both sides of the structure to soften its impact. Beware of spiral staircases as they create a symbolic hole within a home. Homes with spiral staircases are likely to cause numerous health problems including high blood pressure and heart disease.

and your bedroom is located within one of the protrusions. so where you sleep is not a consideration to be taken lightly. The placement of the living room. In addition. you may become unsatisfied with your life and be compelled to abandon your family altogether. bathroom. Not only does room arrangement force you to physically move through your space in a pre-determined way. You will most likely feel connected to your family and spouse and be quite pleased with the overall quality of your life. . A dramatic difference considering you’re only changing the room in which you sleep! The average person will spend eight to ten hours a day (or approximately 1/3 of their entire life!) in their bedroom. If you live in a U-shaped home (as discussed previously). If the quality of our sleep is poor. It is a scenario that can be compared to a rat in a maze. your daily pattern creates quite a different consequence. our mind will be clear and our waking lives effective. Listed below are general guidelines and rules for effectively positioning your most frequently used rooms as well as advice for correctly placing the key elements of each space. Because sleeping in this unfortunate space causes you to feel distanced from your spouse and family. or quite negative. Depending on the effectiveness of your layout. and ineffective in our waking lives. over time this pattern of daily behavior will begin to affect the course of your life. we will be anxious. The rat becomes so accustomed to moving in a certain way. however. dull witted. it will still continue to move in the same patterned way. Sleep is when our body repairs damage done to our cells and when our nervous system rests and assimilates the knowledge learned on a given day.23 Which room should go where? The way in which the rooms within your home are arranged influences your daily activities and over time creates a pattern for your very existence. and kitchen are also very important because these are the rooms that most families will frequent for the majority of the day. if you live in a U-shaped home and your bedroom is located within the heart of the home. If the quality of our sleep is good. you would want to give special attention to the room in which you have your office if you work out of the home. In contrast. In the Bedroom… The bedroom is the place where we recharge ourselves. that even when removed from the maze. that pattern could be very positive. We’ll learn more in Chapter Five about how to use the Bagua within your rooms to enhance every aspect of your life.

You should avoid having the bedroom door in direct line with the front door as this encourages the urge to sleep even when you may not be tired. This allows a clear view of anyone entering the room and will keep the sleepers’ ch’i from becoming restless and beginning to cause problems in their health and career sectors. This arrangement will keep the bed near the heart of the home. Remedy: Mirror is placed in the diagonal position so that the bed is reflected back into its ideal place. two bedrooms should never face directly across from each other. cater-corner the entrance to the bedroom. Other Feng Shui experts recommend mirrors for the bedroom to increase the quality of sleep as well as to encourage an enjoyable . Not only is this bad for privacy. saying it stimulates ch’i in a way that is unhealthy for sleep or that a mirror can frighten the soul of a sleeper as it rises from the body during the night.24 The location of your bedroom within your home is the first contributing factor as to whether or not your sleep will be peaceful. the bed itself is of course the element of central importance. The subconscious urge to sleep will just be too powerful to resist! As for the arrangement of the furniture in the bedroom. In a house with multiple bedrooms. You may come home from the grocery store and decide to take a nap rather than making dinner as you planned if your front door leads directly to your bedroom. a mirror can be used to reflect the entrance diagonally across from the bed. the bed should be located on a diagonal from the door. Logically. the less peaceful your sleep will be. *Ideally place bed. If for some reason the bed cannot be placed on the diagonal. but still allow privacy and quiet. If at all possible. the closer you are to the hustle and bustle of the comings and goings of the house. but Chinese tradition holds that children who grow up in a bedroom directly across from their parents will be rebellious and disrespectful. *Some Feng Shui experts advise against a mirror in the bedroom. The ideal placement for the master bedroom is diagonally across from the front entrance to the home. The mirror also helps to facilitate the movement of ch’i throughout the room. with the bed against the central wall.

this is poor Feng Shui. Wind . In contrast. In order to prepare properly for sleep. (Slightly northeast or northwest for Northern Hemisphere. that is very unfavorable. keep the door closed between the two rooms as much as possible. A mirror cure may be desirable in a room in which the diagonal position would force the foot of the bed to face toward the nearest pole of the earth.) Aligning directly with the pole is not advised as it can cause an overabundance of mental activity during sleep and even lead to psychological disorders. In ancient China. Bathrooms generally have poor ch’i quality and toilets are especially inauspicious fixtures that cause money energy to be flushed away from the home. but not overly bright. as in many other cultures. most modern homes have a master bath attached to the master bedroom. the body must be able to stop manufacturing the ‘wakeful’ chemicals that are produced when the skin is exposed to bright light. The bedroom is the one area of the home in which low light levels are not only acceptable but preferable.25 and fertile love life. The lighting for the bedroom should be warm. you wouldn’t want to sleep with your feet facing south. a corpse was laid with its feet toward the door while awaiting the day of its burial. hitting the emperor’s seat was probably not a very wise practice if you hoped to escape with your life!) Unfortunately. The ideal positioning for the bed is with the head facing slightly east or west of the nearest pole for increased knowledge and wisdom. On that burial day. Hang a mirror on the bathroom door so that the bedroom will be reflected back on itself. if you were in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore it’s up to you and your instincts to decide whether or not a mirror in the bedroom is desirable for you own personal situation. It is energetically unwise to sleep in such a position as it will draw the focus of your energy down toward your feet and away from your brain. it was carried from the home with its feet leaving first. (One can imagine that in ancient China. Facing the bed from east to west or west to east is also acceptable as it will maintain even energy levels throughout the entire body. Sleeping with your feet in such a position. This creates a Feng Shui situation called. lessening the influence of the bathroom. “hitting the emperor’s seat”. Another unfavorable bed position is with the foot of the bed directly in line with the door. the bedroom should not be directly attached to a bathroom. therefore is considered bad for your health and generally unlucky. If at all possible. To remedy the problem of an attached bathroom. While convenient. Meaning. if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. slightly southeast or southwest for the Southern Hemisphere. you wouldn’t want to sleep with your feet facing north.

with regards to orientation. you should try not to use the facilities there if at all possible. the more encouragement the unlucky yin energy will have to emerge from the bathroom and begin to flow throughout the rest of the home. The ideal location for a toilet is in a position in which it can’t be seen when opening the bathroom door. the family will be visited by cycles of misfortune and it could be possible that the women of the family will be more likely to suffer from miscarriage. A bathroom should not be located near the front door or in a place where guests will have to view the facility when coming and going. If they do. There is no way to remedy a central bathroom except by not using it or by moving to another home. the bathroom door and the front door should not face in the same direction. The more hidden the toilet. The more a bathroom is viewed by strangers. Design After location within the home. however. Yin energy isn’t always negative. The yin energy of the bathroom.26 chimes or a mobile can be hung in front of the bathroom door to help circulate ch’i and keep it from being sucked into the bathroom. regardless of the amount of natural light present. but an overabundance does encourage listless personal energy and ineffectiveness in the work place. a bathroom should never be located in the center of the home. The Bathroom On the subject of bathrooms. Finally. or what steps you take to encourage positive ch’i flow. You can minimize the danger of a bathroom by paying close attention to its design and by always keeping the door to the bathroom firmly closed. the location of the toilet within the bathroom itself is the most important consideration. there are many ways that you can counteract the negative effects of ‘bathroom energy’. is considered to be generally unlucky and sometimes actually harmful. Bathrooms are one of the few areas in a home where yin energy will reign. Just as a staircase brings instability to the center. the . so does a flushing toilet. If you have a bathroom in the center of your home. Location First of all.

A kitchen that is dissected by the centerline of a structure will cause the bodies of its residents to likewise divide against themselves. In addition to being good manners.27 less malevolent the yin energy of the particular bathroom. The final word on the bathroom supports what women have been asking men to do for years. it is important to make sure that your bathroom is well lit and well ventilated. The Kitchen A kitchen is representative of wealth. Children will be especially vulnerable to this invisible pull and will be at an increased risk of suffering from childhood obesity. a kitchen should not be placed near the middle of the home. In order to bring about good fortune. Within the kitchen. A kitchen should not be visible from the front door. proper placement and arrangement of your kitchen will generate wealth and prosperity. They will therefore be at risk for a higher incidence of illness within the family. The stove should . If you have a window in your bathroom. using a screen to hide it from view can be an effective method of counteracting the unlucky position. Just as a bedroom near an entrance will encourage too much sleeping. In fact. Painting the walls in a pastel color is also beneficial and will help to promote harmony within the family. Just as proper nutrition nourishes the body and generates good health. “put the seat down!” The toilet lid should be closed at all times when the toilet is not in use in order to prevent money energy from being lost. The stove should be clean and working well in order to allow wealth to enter the home. the stove is of primary importance. a kitchen near the entrance will encourage overeating. It is a good idea to close the lid firmly before flushing for the same reason. the Chinese word for ‘food’ sounds the same as the word for ‘wealth’. using mirrors to reflect the outdoors within the space will help bring in positive energy. If your toilet is highly visible. To further reduce the impact of yin energy. closing the lid is correct Feng Shui.

This is why many Feng Shui experts advise putting a mirror on the wall behind your stove. The more burners utilized. the more wealth will be accumulated by the family. relaxed. The chairs and sofas should be arranged to facilitate conversation and comfort. and no furniture should be placed too close to the entrance. *This living room is beautiful and the light is very good. health. It is too close to the door and is facing the wrong direction. and happy to be home. Each burner should be utilized an even number of times in order to keep money energy from being blocked. with each seat having a clear view of all the other seats. . Furniture within the living room should always be facing the entrance. In the same way. It should be the largest room in your home as well as the most carefully decorated. and decreased intimacy between husbands and wives. In addition to the fact that no one working with sharp knives should be startled. the living room should be well lit and exude feelings of warmth and welcome. No seat should have its back directly to the door. If a living room had good Feng Shui. Remedy: This problem can be remedied using mirrors to reflect the entrance and hanging a wind chime above the door so that the chef will be aware of any entrances or exits into the kitchen. Living Rooms As a place where the family spends time together and where you will entertain your guests. The reflection doubles your number of burners and likewise doubles your money! The stove and cooking areas should be well lit and spacious enough to make preparing and cooking food comfortable for the chef. the sight of this room at the end of a long day will make residents feel comfortable. it is poor Feng Shui and will lead to decreased wealth.28 be used regularly. a cozy living room will make guests feel welcomed and at ease. This area should be located in such a way that the chef is not surprised by anyone entering or exiting the kitchen. For proper Feng Shui the residents would need to move the red plaid couch. It is also pleasantly decorated and very welcoming. A properly arranged living room is a great choice for the room that will greet residents when they first open the front door.

To discover the most auspicious corner for your personal ch’i. Simply find your year of birth and observe the corresponding direction. you may find yourself in a ‘cusp’ situation and will have to use your personal intuition to see which direction is best for you. its placement should be taken seriously. give yourself the same Feng Shui advantage by placing your home workspace in an auspicious corner. A Home Office Having your office located within your home even more intimately connects the arrangement of your space and the successfulness of your enterprise. Good Feng Shui in this room will facilitate unity within the family and a harmonious connection between the family and the outside world. use the tables below. Locating your office in one of the corners of your home is the ideal. If you were born near the changing of the year. and water features can be placed to make the living room one of the most auspicious in your home. plants.29 Using the Bagua (Chapter 5). As such an important aspect of your existence. mirrors. Just as the ‘big boss’ at work gets the corner office. Ch’i Orientation for Males SW 1917 1926 1935 1944 1953 1962 1971 1980 1989 1998 2007 2016 2025 2034 2043 2052 E 1916 1925 1934 1943 1952 1961 1970 1979 1988 1997 2006 2015 2024 2033 2042 2051 SE 1915 1924 1933 1942 1951 1960 1969 1978 1987 1996 2005 2014 2023 2032 2041 2050 SW 1914 1923 1932 1941 1950 1959 1968 1977 1986 1995 2004 2013 2022 2031 2040 2049 NW 1913 1922 1931 1940 1949 1958 1967 1976 1985 1994 2003 2012 2021 2030 2039 2048 W 1912 1921 1930 1939 1948 1957 1966 1975 1984 1993 2002 2011 2020 2029 2038 2047 NE 1911 1920 1929 1938 1947 1956 1965 1974 1983 1992 2001 2010 2019 2028 2037 2046 S 1910 1919 1928 1937 1946 1955 1964 1973 1982 1991 2000 2009 2018 2027 2036 2045 N 1909 1918 1927 1936 1945 1954 1963 1972 1981 1990 1999 2008 2017 2026 2035 2044 .

many Feng Shui specialists advice using personal ch’i orientation only in matters that are unique to the individual and will not influence the family at large. Arranging the entire home to suit one person’s ch’i. how will they arrange the house to benefit both of their personal energies? This situation can become even more complicated when considering the needs of children and grandparents who may be living in the home! Because of this dilemma. regardless of the orientation of their own personal ch’i. would be selfish if there are several other family members to be considered. If a husband’s ch’i is oriented toward the southwest. the entire family will continue to thrive. locating your home office in an auspicious corner for your own personal ch’i will not damage anyone else in your family and will actually benefit them in that there will be more wealth available for the family at large. . In this way. Therefore. and wife’s toward the northeast. however.30 Ch’i Orientation for Females SW 1917 1926 1935 1944 1953 1962 1971 1980 1989 1998 2007 2016 2025 2034 2043 2052 E 1916 1925 1934 1943 1952 1961 1970 1979 1988 1997 2006 2015 2024 2033 2042 2051 SE 1915 1924 1933 1942 1951 1960 1969 1978 1987 1996 2005 2014 2023 2032 2041 2050 SW 1914 1923 1932 1941 1950 1959 1968 1977 1986 1995 2004 2013 2022 2031 2040 2049 NW 1913 1922 1931 1940 1949 1958 1967 1976 1985 1994 2003 2012 2021 2030 2039 2048 W 1912 1921 1930 1939 1948 1957 1966 1975 1984 1993 2002 2011 2020 2029 2038 2047 NE 1911 1920 1929 1938 1947 1956 1965 1974 1983 1992 2001 2010 2019 2028 2037 2046 S 1910 1919 1928 1937 1946 1955 1964 1973 1982 1991 2000 2009 2018 2027 2036 2045 N 1909 1918 1927 1936 1945 1954 1963 1972 1981 1990 1999 2008 2017 2026 2035 2044 Using the indications for personal ch’i can be confusing when you are considering the needs of a large family. That is why most Feng Shui experts advise simply following the directions as traditionally indicated by the Bagua (Chapter 5).

and deeply personal. So relax and take these principles for what they are. you will also be enhancing the quality of your personal energy. You may have some deeper-seated problems with desiring an unreasonable amount of control for your life.31 A Final Word on Feng Shui for the Interior of Your Home… In modern day life it’s clear to see how interior Feng Shui can affect our lives more than the location of a mountain range. giving you the strength to think positively and deal with hardship when it arises (as it will in every life. If you find that you continue to experience anxiety about the placement of your home after making a few adjustments. a useful guide in understanding a subject that is mystical. for example. you will learn ways to increase the energy of that sector in Chapter Five. don’t panic! There’s no need to sell your home or move to a hotel until more suitable accommodations can be found. you will be able to avoid the most serious of these without any problem. It’s easier to place faith that rearranging the rooms and furniture within our homes might really make a difference in our lives. You will begin to feel better and think more positively and soon you won’t feel the need to worry about the state of your Feng Shui. By taking the time to enhance the energy of your home. properly Feng Shui’ed or not). can promise that its laws will give you absolute power over your destiny. No science. If you’ve discovered during the reading of this section that your home is experiencing terrible interior Feng Shui. The consequences listed above occur after years of living in the worst Feng Shui environments possible. Use your . If you do have a bathroom or staircase located in the center of your house. only the opportunity to create the most fortuitous conditions possible. Positive Feng Shui should free you from such anxieties about your destiny. You can help remedy such a situation by encouraging the earth element (the energy of the center) in your home with color and shape. you should reexamine your motives for using the art. The most important thing to realize is that you have the power to shift the course of your fate. If you even begin to make subtle changes in your environment. esoteric. not even Feng Shui. It’s also easier to believe that poor placement may cause serious harmful consequences.

32 personal intuition to discover how much Feng Shui is appropriate for you and let the other rules fall where they may. every individual truly knows within themselves how their personal space should be arranged. Though a Feng Shui master would gasp at this blasphemy. you will be able to put your own personal spin on this art of placement. . Once your instincts start working again. making it not only more suited to your individual taste. It is only because our instincts have been dulled that we need to follow the rules of Feng Shui. but more effective for the unique being that you are.

Because the landforms will serve as . Even in present day China. the location for a home was the primary concern when trying to create the most positive flow of energy possible. land disputes over desirable Feng Shui property wage for years on the battleground of the modern legal system. When it comes time to buy. usually factors such as price and proximity to work must be first on the list of considerations. Many ancient battles were fought over who claimed the rights to a particularly prime property. Why all the fuss about location you may ask? The fact of the matter is that there are actually far fewer desirable Feng Shui sites than there are people hoping to build.33 Chapter Three: Feng Shui for the Exterior In ancient times. This problem with location is even more pronounced for modern people. Many people live in apartments or in rented homes where they have very little control over the particular location of their home. A ‘bad’ Feng Shui location doesn’t have to be a death sentence for the well being of your home’s ch’i. The science of location is incredibly complicated and at the same time very specific. Even those people who can afford to buy or build their own home rarely have the luxury of putting good Feng Shui above all else. There are many ways to counteract the negative effects of having a landscape that is less than ideal. there are very few pieces of property available that will truly fit the bill for ideal Feng Shui. The general shape of the land and the arrangement of the specific features within the landscape were closely analyzed before any building could take place. Choosing the Perfect Location The Four Animals In Feng Shui. First we’ll learn what constitutes the ‘perfect’ Feng Shui spot and then we’ll learn ways to remedy the specific problems you may face with your personal location situation. With so many rules to follow. proper location is determined by carefully observing the arrangement of the four celestial animals as they are manifested in the landscape. These animals are symbolized by distinct land formations or shapes that must occur in a specific combination with one another.

as well as a specific side of the structure that will sit upon the land. The fewer animals present. standing). but a dragon with a raised head is considered to be the most fortunate. the less protected the home. The Four Celestial Animals Animal Green Dragon Red Raven White Tiger Black Tortoise Season Spring Summer Autumn Winter Direction East South West North Side of Building Left Front Right Back The Dragon The most important of the celestial animals is the dragon. Even if the other animals are missing. a strong dragon presence can still make a site desirable and provide protection for the home that will be built there. Each of the animals corresponds to a specific compass direction. The dragon is detected simply by observing the surroundings. their presence is considered extremely important. . you would look for formations in the hills that resemble a dragon.34 the guardians of the home. If you live near hills or a mountain range. That’s why the first stage of scouting any site for Feng Shui desirability is to determine the presence of the dragon in the landscape. seated. It could be a dragon in any position (sleeping.

You could look for a dragon at sunset. If you seem to have a white tiger present in your landscape without the balancing force of the dragon you should beware. Oftentimes it is easier to spot a dragon when you view your surroundings in silhouette. A good time to look for a possible dragon formation is in the very early morning as the sun rises and the skyline is in shadows. a small. The Tiger The dragon and the tiger should always exist as opposite polarities. The tiger is represented in the natural landscape by low. In the city landscape. Example: Sleeping dragon on a hillside. the dragon is the dominant landform and should always be visible even if the tiger is more hidden. green. Of the two.35 Dragons can be present in the cityscape as well. body to the left. but since the most desirable location for a dragon is in the easterly direction. or by a rock formation that has no jagged edges. The dragon is left and the tiger is right. you would establish the presence of the dragon within your home by using the dragon’s color. If the dragon is east. White is the color of the tiger and will serve to enhance the power of this celestial animal. If you do happen to find a dragon in a direction other than the east. crouching hills. solid building could represent a tiger. . head is to the right. White tigers can be a threatening influence to a home without the power of the dragon to keep them in check. or maybe a combination of natural and man made objects could form a dragon shape. Perhaps the city skyline near your home resembles a dragon. sunrise is your best choice. regardless if that side is the easterly side. Even better if this building is white. then the tiger will be west. it is still a desirable formation and you will be able to rearrange the other animals in order to take advantage of the strong dragon formation. on one or several of your walls. The one rule for the dragon is that he always guards the left side of the home or structure. In order to counter the potential aggression of the tiger.

This celestial animal has an energy very similar to the energy of the fire element. Light is vital to good Feng Shui. The Red Raven (or Red Phoenix) The Red Raven is known to some as the Red Phoenix. a slightly larger hill. the tortoise can become a menacing figure if located too close to your home. In the cityscape. The Red Raven is the least dominant of all the celestial animals. In addition to the tortoise becoming a possible menace. . Once again. your home should be at a fair distance from the range. the black tortoise could be a higher stand of buildings behind your own property. Somewhere in that vista is a large boulder. or maybe even another home that will represent the Red Raven in the landscape. the front of a home should roll down and gently away from the structure presenting a vista of a valley or lowland. The dragon would find it difficult to nurture and protect your home if the raven were constantly blasting you with agitating fire energy. It is highly active and creative and ideally should front a home in a southerly direction. even if the thought of a menacing turtle doesn’t frighten you quite as much as a menacing tiger! It’s important to remember that though the rules of Feng Shui may at times seem purely mystical. the brighter the better. Because the intense energy of the raven can be so powerful. In an ideal setting. especially the benevolent dragon. high mountains or buildings too close to your home will block the light from reaching inside. it would be bad Feng Shui if the raven were too close to your home and overpowered the influence of the other animals. there are grounded in practicality. the buildings should not be too close. Like the white tiger. Therefore. you wouldn’t want to live too close to the tortoise. In the case of a mountain range.36 The Tortoise The black tortoise guards the back of your home and can be represented by a row of tall trees or a higher mountain range.

Also. . The dragon is large enough to keep the tiger in check. Example One: This diagram reveals the ideal Feng Shui property. the tiger to the right. the residents of the house will experience increased strength in the knowledge sector of their lives. even if you only have a dragon present in your landscape. In this figure. and both the tortoise and raven are far enough from the property to be protective rather than detrimental to the property.37 Fortunate landscapes and how to place your home among them… How to position your home is perhaps most easily understood by observing a few very simple diagrams. as is the raven. the tortoise behind. This is in turn brings harmony to the landscape and to the residents. the dragon shape in the landscape wasn’t distinctive. By building the home on the top of the rise. but not to threaten. especially if there is a white tiger present below who may be waiting to devour all of your good luck energy. and the raven to the front. The tortoise is suitably distant. You must be careful when creating a dragon’s head however. by building in the realm of the dragon’s head. Remember. the owners gave the dragon a ‘head’ and brought wholeness to the animal. The following are a few examples of how to position your home in landscapes that are manifesting the four celestial animals. You should never build your home on an overhang. The dragon is located to the left (east). Example Two: This diagram is even more fortunate than the first. though the Feng Shui involved is a little more creative. This site is suitable because the rise of the dragon’s body isn’t too steep and the tiger is big enough to protect. you can still profit from a great deal of protection by aligning your home with the dragon on your left side.

38 Example Three: This diagram gives a possible example of an ideal Feng Shui location for an urban dweller. don’t worry! You can still summon the energy of the dragon into your home by using the dragon’s signature color on the appropriate walls. like ivy. distant skyscrapers behind the building and the raven is represented by the smaller home located at some distance to the dwelling. Even though it is located on the western side. . The exterior wall to the east of your home (hopefully the left as well. but your neighbors might find that a little strange if the rest of your home wasn’t green as well! The Interior wall of the dragon would be the western interior wall. You can enhance the dragon protection of your home by planting trees against this wall. Remedying a ‘bad’ location… If you find that your home or apartment conforms to none of the rules governing the four celestial animals. it is still facing east and so is claimed by the dragon. You could paint the wall green. squat home to the property’s right. The tortoise is found in the tall. Another choice would be to encourage the growth of a climbing vine. but if not choose east) is one of the walls of the dragon. The white tiger is found in the short. The following diagram reveals which walls on the interior and exterior of your home would correspond to the dragon. A dragon with a raised head (the most fortunate dragon) is represented by the skyscrapers to the left of the home.

wildlife. Throughout human history. Once again. The river should be clean. . In addition to the negative ch’i of such a river.39 You can enhance the dragon in your home by painting this wall green or by using wall hangings or curtains in a green color. Though stagnant water can still bring money into a home. causing plagues and widespread death. stagnant. you should think twice before considering making your home there. It is generally assumed. that a house with a view of water of any kind will bring success to its inhabitants. there are many health risks associated with living next to stagnant water. depending on several key Feng Shui factors. you should carefully observe the quality of the water. the rules of Feng Shui prove to be practically sound as well as mystically powerful. and lively. flowing. stagnant water has been a dangerous health hazard. or has a foul odor. and it is best avoided at all costs. This is a sign that the ch’i of the river itself is pure and beneficial. Other Landscape Considerations… Rivers Rivers are powerful conductors of ch’i within a landscape. The ch’i of a stagnant or polluted river is tainted. these insects continue to be a threat to human health. Still water is a breeding ground for disease carrying insects such as mosquitoes. and people should be able to use and enjoy the river with no ill effects. however. and so the manifestations of the water energy in your home will also be tainted. Whether it be malaria or West Nile virus. it will be unlucky money that can carry death and destruction in its wake. Fish. If the water is murky. They can bring amazing good fortunate or devastation. Quality of the River When deciding to live near a river.

it is important which direction your home faces with regard to the river. How your home is placed with regards to the shape of the riverbank will also be very important. In this way you will draw the positive energy of the river into your home and your life.40 The Position of Your Home If you do find a river whose ch’i is pure and powerful. While the proper placement will bring good fortune. you once again have a situation where the inhabitants will be able to see good fortune. this is far enough away to benefit from the power of the river without suffering ill effects. If your home is small. improper placement can cause negative consequences. If your home faces away from the river. . you will be presented with opportunity. you must consider the placement of your home in relation to the river. If the home is large and tall. it will be overpowered by the water’s ch’i and there will be an increased incidence of illness within the family. The first rule of course is distance. but will never be able to successfully grasp it. bringing the good money energy indoors. If a small home is too close to a river. Less Favorable River Locations Example One: If a river forms a horseshoe shape away from the home. Most of these consequences will involve difficulty with finances since water symbolizes money. four times the height would be a better distance. but never be able to claim it as their own. You can remedy this easily by installing several mirrors to reflect the river within the home. This situation can be cured by using a mirror to reflect the image of the river inside the house. You want your home to be at least twice its height away from the riverbank. The ideal is to have your house front the water for increased wealth. The following are a few examples of less desirable river locations. There are other factors to consider other than direction and distance from the water. Next.

it is much more likely that you will experience great good fortune in your money sector by living near flowing water. but in the end your effort will be well rewarded. Use a pair of mirrors to bounce the reflection of the water into the home in such a manner that the water appears to be moving toward the home instead of away. it is unlucky and the residents will watch as all of their wealth flows away from them. Example Three: This location could be either lucky or unlucky. If the river flows toward the home. This too can be remedied with mirrors. If the river flows away from the site. Even an . If the water is violent and unpredictable. then this is a very auspicious location.41 Example Two: This home site could be either beneficial or unbeneficial. this is a lucky site and will bring the inhabitants wealth. Favorable River Locations Even though a river can cause money difficulties. depending on the quality of the water. this would be a very unlucky location and probably at high risk for being damaged in a flood. It may take some time to discover the proper arrangement for the mirrors. however. If the water of this bay is gentle and peaceful and in no way threatens the home.

42 unfavorable location can usually be remedied and even a troublesome river is better than none at all! The following are examples of desirable river locations. then this is an auspicious site with double the money energy. These two sides of the river will battle for a time and the inhabitants of this home may experience some setbacks in their financial sector. If the two rivers are both flowing away from the home. Example Two: This river location is a study in contrasts. The embracing river here bestows luck and wealth. An embracing river also bestows luck upon the home. but the opposite side of the river horseshoes away. however. . Eventually. If the two tributaries are flowing toward the home and meet in front. Example Three: This river can be lucky or unlucky. carrying opportunity for wealth away from the site. Example One: When a river curves around a property in an embrace. the embracing river will triumph and the inhabitants will overcome adversity and be both wealthy and successful. the residents will enjoy great wealth. it is doubly unlucky as wealth will be swept away from the home on two strong streams.

but are still considered inauspicious. if you spot a hungry tiger loose in your backyard and scream for your brother to go indoors. On the other hand. are avenues for the flow of ch’i. the more dangerous it will be. a waterfall is just too noisy. One Feng Shui specialist compared a waterfall and fountain in this way: “You spot a hungry tiger loose in your backyard so you whisper to your brother that it is time to go indoors. that is the energy of the waterfall. If you happen to live in an undesirable road location.” Roads Roads. The driveway is the vessel that links your home to the energy of the main street. Placing a mirror on the outside of your home will help to deflect the negative energy and protect your family. A waterfall that sounds like thunder spells disaster for the homes nearby. Outdoor wind chimes or fountains located between the home and the street can also be beneficial Driveways In addition to the street on which you live. how your own driveway approaches your home can have a negative or positive effect on your home’s energy. Curving roads are best of course. the best cure is the mirror cure discussed earlier. That is the energy of the fountain. like rivers. That is why it is undesirable to live at the end of a dead end street or at the corner of an intersection.43 Waterfalls in a River While waterfalls can be beautiful. The energy on a super highway has been called ‘killing ch’i’ because it is moving much too quickly for the human body to assimilate. Straight lines of any sort are pathways for negative sha energy. Feng Shui specialists consider them to be bad neighbors. While it is true a gently burbling fountain. you both escape the tiger. The louder a waterfall. Smaller waterfalls are not as dangerous. Thusly. A good . or a babbling brook are good for dispersing sha energy. High-speed roads and highways are especially dangerous vessels for sha. thus alerting the tiger to your presence and causing him to eat the both of you.

44 driveway will filter out negative sha while allowing positive ch’i to meander toward the house. Example One: The fork formed by this driveway is a bad omen for the family. Traditionally it meant that the first-born son would quarrel with his father and would end up moving his wife and children into his own home instead of staying to take care of his parents in their old age. In modern times, Feng Shui specialists say that a forked driveway will mean a breaking off of relations between the first born child and the dominant parental influence.

Example Two: This driveway narrows as it approaches the street. This dwindling signifies reduced career opportunity and can mean a decreased life span if the driveway slopes down hill away from the home. You can remedy this situation by installing a lamp at the bottom of the driveway. This light will help re-circulate ch’i that has become stuck at the end of the drive.

Example Three: A circular drive is the most auspicious. It helps ch’i to move slowly and effectively up to the home and is a symbol of wealth. If the center of the driveway is planted with flowers, family prosperity will be increased. If the center of the driveway contains a fountain, wealth will be attracted to the family, while negative energy is repelled.


The path leading from the driveway or street up toward the home is also a conductor of ch’i energy.

Left: The house on the left is suffering from the same ‘bottleneck’ problem as the home with the narrowing drive. The owners will benefit from installing a lamp near the end of their drive. Center: The house in the center has a long narrow path that will direct malevolent sha energy straight into the home. These people can cure the problem by installing a mirror on the exterior of their home. Right: The house on the right has a path that widens out to the street. The future is open for the inhabitants of this home. The sha energy will be slowed by the narrowing path, but could still possibly find a way to enter the home. These inhabitants could benefit from a mirror on the exterior. Steep Stairs A home with a steep steps is allowing money energy to roll out of the house. You can remedy this problem by installing a mirror at the bottom of the steps facing the house. The money energy will be reflected back to the home before it can roll out into the street.

The Shape of Your Home
Once you have placed your home properly and managed to get your driveways and pathways up to Feng Shui standards, then you must consider the shape of your home itself. Shapes are very important in Feng Shui. As we’ve learned, each element has a shape, and each shape has a unique energy.

46 According to Feng Shui, square, rectangular, or round shapes are the most ideal for a home. They are even, regular shapes that will bring stability to the family. Unfortunately for many western cultures, we have a tendency to build irregularly shaped structures. This can lead to discord within the family and a life that is lacking in the sectors of the home where the structure is considered incomplete. The following are a few examples of common irregularly shaped home designs and how to remedy them. If your particular shape is not discussed, simply apply the outdoor light and plant cures discussed below to the specifics of your particular home. Remember, you are seeking to achieve a balance in the overall shape, coming as close to a perfect square, rectangle, or circle as possible.

U-shaped Houses
U-shaped homes can be unlucky for a marriage. If the master bedroom is located in one of the protrusions, it can symbolically separate the marriage from the solid steady ch’i energy of the home. In this situation, one or both of the spouses may find reasons to ‘sleep outside the home’, engaging in infidelity and putting their marriage at risk. If the kitchen or dining room is located in one of the protrusions, the family will not enjoy eating in their house. This will lead them to eat more meals out at restaurants or fast food joints. While this isn’t such a tragedy, it can get expensive and lead to unhealthy eating habits. It’s much harder to find healthy food in reasonable portion sizes when you are eating meals that you haven’t prepared yourself. If a child’s room is located in one of the protrusions, the child will eventually grow to feel distanced from their parents and siblings. They will be symbolically ‘locked out’ of the family unit and will become resentful. This child will find every excuse to stay away from home and may even eventually decide to leave their family before they are of age. A living room or family room located in a protrusion is the most unfortunate arrangement of all. In this instance, the family will likely be plagued with chronic headaches, backaches, and other general aches and pains. They will be at a higher risk for having to undergo major surgery and will suffer losses in both their money and career sectors. Remedies: To help remedy the problem of a U-shaped home, there are many simple steps that you can take. First of all, begin by filling in the U with trees or flowering plants. Next, install

47 outdoor lights that will shine into the U during the evening hours. If possible, rearrange your home so that the rooms least used are located in the protrusion. Though locating a guest room in a protrusion may cause guests to feel unwelcome, this is preferable to causing discord within the main family unit. You could use one of the rooms as a storage area, an exercise room, or a playroom for the kids as long as they have a room of their own where they sleep. If you simply have to locate a principal room in one of the protrusions, leave the doors to these rooms open as much as possible, so they will fell less ‘cut off’ from the rest of the home. In addition, hanging mirrors to reflect the room into the main portion of the house will help facilitate the flow of ch’i and reduce the negative impact of living in a U-shaped home.

L-Shaped Homes
L-shaped home are extremely popular in many parts of the world. Unfortunately, they are considered poor Feng Shui because a large portion of the shape is missing. This results in an imbalance of the home’s energy as well as the energy of the occupants. L-shaped homes are much more dangerous than U-shaped homes and can cause both minor disruptions as well as life-threatening crisis. Depending on the arrangement of the rooms within the home, an L-shaped living space can lead to poor study habits in children, poor work habits in adults, reduced wealth, reduced opportunity, an increased incidence of both mental and physical illness, and an increased likelihood of being diagnosed with a terminal disease. Remedies: Luckily, remedying the problems caused by an L-shaped home can be very easy! By simply installing a light that shines into the ‘missing’ corner, you can fill in the space and encourage a balanced flow of ch’i within your home. To further facilitate good ch’i, install wind chimes or bells over your doorway. This will invite good energy in, while deflecting negative sha. Mirrors can also be used to even out the space.

If you live in a cleaver shaped apartment. or office located in the ‘blade’ section of the home will lead to the death of success as well as the early demise of the inhabitants. your situation becomes a bit more difficult. Remedies: Begin by installing a light cure to fill in the missing portion of the home. office. A cleaver shaped home can be remedied fairly easily. The installation of the outdoor cure is especially necessary in remedying the shape of a clever shaped home. People living in the blade of a cleaver shaped home will feel out of control in all aspects of their lives. This will immediately begin to increase your feelings of safety and security. They will be terrified of change and will likely suffer from panic attacks or even agoraphobia.48 Cleaver or Pan-handle Shaped Homes Not to frighten anyone that may live in a cleaver shaped home. away from the blade. If this isn’t possible. Though you will be able to improve your situation with the use of mirrors. kitchen. This fear causes them to avoid going into the outside world which causes them to spend more time in the very place that is causing their anxiety: their own home! If you do live in this type of home it would be advisable to move your bedroom to the ‘panhandle’ of the home right away. you may want to consider moving to a more fortunate space if your finances allow. On the interior. You may want to plant flowerbeds and create a pathway that will further help to solidify the shape of the home. . try to arrange your rooms to keep the bedrooms. use mirrors to reflect beds. desks. but a bedroom. and kitchen appliances back into the ‘safe’ portion of the home. and kitchen away from the ‘cleaver’ section of the home.

there is a chance that the buildings near you could be torn down and new structures will be built that will change the ch’i dynamic of the entire community. however. friendly. You don’t have to be wealthy to have good energy. You may have to do a little homework. The following are a few ways to counteract the negative energy created by new neighbors moving in on the block. On the other hand. there are low-income communities that are as clean. chances are you will have difficulty getting your business to thrive in that particular area. there is still a chance that you will remain relatively unaffected. learning how long each of the establishments on your block has been in business and how they are faring financially. if the community is in a state of decline and the citizens are guarded and unfriendly. is change. If others have had bad luck with bankruptcy and failed enterprise. If a high rise is built right next door to a smaller home. The only constant within the universe. So even if you choose the most fortuitous neighborhood possible. Even if you are on a limited budget. If you are going to be opening a business in a neighborhood it is even more important to carefully observe the surroundings. Are your neighbors friendly and prosperous? Are the exteriors of the homes near yours well maintained? If so. High Rise If a high-rise complex is built across the street from your home. If the street that separates you from the high rise is at least four house lengths wide. it can wreak havoc on the energy . you should reconsider your decision to move to this area. though it is a fact that good energy will afford you a better lifestyle. you and your home’s energy will be safe from the bullying energy of such a large structure. chances are that the energy of the neighborhood is good and that you and your family will thrive there. and well-kempt as the wealthiest neighborhood in town.49 Neighbors It’s always a good idea to check out the neighborhood before you decide to purchase a home or rent an apartment.

it negatively impacts the personal ch’i of the people living inside. If the building is located to the west. it can become a threatening tiger in your landscape. Remedies: The first step in both improving your ch’i and ensuring your privacy is to plant a stand of trees between your and your neighbor’s property. . This effect will be doubled if the building is painted white. It’s even better if this mirror is convex and the image of the building is turned upside down. Not only does a high rise block light from reaching the interior of the smaller home. Unfriendly Corners Sometimes. this problem can become even more exaggerated. If the neighboring home is larger than your own. Remedies: You can overcome the negative impact of living next to a high rise by installing a mirror that will reflect the building back on itself. you can attach a mirror on the exterior of your home and install a wind powered lawn decoration. but the way they’ve built their home is decidedly unfriendly. If a neighboring property is angled in such a way that a corner of the home is aimed directly at your own. your home’s ch’i will suffer. your new neighbors may be the nicest people in the world. In order to counteract this effect you would enhance the dragon in your home using the methods mentioned previously. People living in the shadow of a high-rise will experience setbacks in their career and will fail to meet their personal potential. To further counteract the negative sha energy aimed towards the home. causing you and your family to become ineffective in your worldly endeavors.50 within that home. Miniature windmills or pink flamingos with wind-powered wings are two possible choices. or right hand side of your home. the tiger’s sacred color.

as long as they keep regular business hours and don’t lure undesirable people into the community. Small businesses are also fairly good neighbors.51 If a pink flamingo offends your personal aesthetic (and you wouldn’t be alone if it did!). A church can be a good neighbor if it is primarily a place of worship or if weddings and christenings are often performed there. you can still benefit from the principles of good external Feng Shui. . By simply using color to encourage the protection of the green dragon. the presence of children can actually bring good fortune to the neighborhood. they will be at an increased risk of perishing in a sudden accident. An overabundance of yin will lead to decreased ambition. with thick foliage. Bamboo deflects negative sha energy and is great for encouraging climbing vines. you will truly begin to notice an improvement in the energy of your living space and the quality of your life. decreased creativity. If the church is the site of frequent funeral services. and decreased effectiveness in the world. you have already greatly enhanced your positive energy. Another option is a tall fence. it can cause the yin energy of the community to begin to outweigh the yang. and regardless of whether or not you are fortunate enough to live near a river. covered with climbing vines. A Final Word on Location… No matter how your landscape is manifesting. Though the playground may be noisy. If you go a step further by mending broken corners and installing mirrors to deflect negative neighborly influences. you could choose to use bamboo poles amongst your plantings. Yin energy is the energy of the dead. Remedies: You can remedy the influence of a nearby church or funeral home by planting trees between your property and the other structure. you won’t have much to worry about as far as your home’s ch’i is concerned. When living residents of a community begin to absorb too much yin energy. The trees should be planted close together. Institutions If a school is built on the block. however.

you can choose any desk position you like. the most important of which is the position of your desk. chances are that the most desirable Feng Shui locations will be reserved for top management and that your superiors will be telling you where to sit. then the Feng Shui of your office is probably working well for you (or at least you have the authority to change it!). and what is acceptable to have displayed in your workspace. exactly when to come in. especially if the corner you choose corresponds with your personal ch’i orientation. Desk Position A cushy corner office is of course the most desirable Feng Shui location in any workplace. If you are top management. The most auspicious placement for your desk is diagonally across the room from the entrance into your office. If you aren’t one of the privileged few to have such a prime space. cause your business to thrive. When you go to the office. . Having your back to any door is decidedly bad Feng Shui. and arrange your personal belongings any way you please.52 Chapter Four: Feng Shui at the Office When you work at home. The severity of the problem will only increase the closer you are to the offending door. you can still make your workspace a place of power and effectiveness by making a few adjustments. and put you in a position of control and authority. This location will increase your concentration. but would someday like to be top management. work the hours you choose. It will lead to business being conducted “behind your back. you may have to get a little creative with your Feng Shui in order to increase your energy and productivity and catapult yourself into a position of power. If you are not yet.” You will be out of the loop on business deals and partnerships and will be passed over for promotions and wage increases. This position allows you to view your entire workspace as well as be immediately alerted to anyone entering or leaving the room.

In . it may be your desk position that is to blame rather than any particular aspect of your job performance. The following are a few common desk locations as well as the possible consequences of being the person who occupies that particular desk. you may simply have a window that is too large. This will keep them aware of the comings and goings of the rest of the office. the worker is both too close to the door and facing in the wrong direction. they can install mirrors both in front and to the side of their desk. Desk with Back to a Window If you occupy this position. or you are never invited out to lunch with the boss. Common Desk Locations And Their Subconscious Associations The position of your desk not only influences the way your work. If you find that you get too distracted. but affects the way people view you and your achievements. If at all possible. In order to keep the focus on you and not the clouds rolling by outside. Even with the mirrors it will be difficult for this person to work up to their full potential. An oversized window can cause a room to have difficulty holding in the appropriate amount of ch’i energy. If your colleagues seem to disrespect your opinions. It’s logical that someone seated in front of you might be more entranced by the activity outside your window than the words that are coming out of your mouth. you should rotate the position of your desk so that you are the one facing the window. you will not be listened to carefully. this person should turn their desk around to face the entrance and move it three to four feet back towards the diagonal wall. Chances are that they will still feel as if they are constantly ‘looking over their shoulder’. If this is not an option.53 Example: Poor Desk Arrangement In this situation. People who are forced to spend the majority of their day indoors often find the world outside the window irresistible and will be tempted to daydream instead of take notes on your latest company improvement plan.

it can be exhausting to be forced to handle extra work and you may become frustrated that you are doing more than your coworkers and still not getting paid a higher salary! A grueling work schedule can lead to feeling ‘burned out’ on the job. you might have to invest in some blinds and lower them halfway. This soothing sound will help to lower your Yang energy levels and make your personal aura a bit less bright. This desk also puts you in a poor place for inter-company communication. . or installing a fountain to help keep the ch’i circulating within the room. That means if you’re the unlucky person to be assigned this position. This decreased visibility will keep you from being overloaded with work. If all else fails. Though you may know who’s coming and going. If that isn’t possible. first make an attempt to relocate your desk. and the quality of your work may eventually start to decline if you’re forced to carry an abnormally heavy workload for months at a time. In this way. Desk Closest to an Interior Opening Door The person in this desk will be assigned more work than anyone else in the office. Though it’s a sad thing to close out a beautiful day. you’ll have higher stress levels. a fountain. Desk Closest to an Exterior Opening Door The person closest to the front or back door will be considered expendable. you’ll still allow ch’i enhancing natural light to enter the room without allowing all your room’s ch’i and your focus to be sucked out through the floor to ceiling window. Your personal life will suffer.54 this case you could try placing a few potted plants in front of the window. or anything else that will help generate repetitive. white noise. you won’t be clued in to the decisions being made by the rest of the company. you’ll be the first to go in the event of any company cutbacks. sometimes you must make the sacrifice in the name of increased concentration and productivity. One possible solution for this problem is to install a ticking clock. the person in this desk will be seen as the least essential member of the office team. This could be a boon if the increased number of assignments leads to increased company visibility and perhaps even a promotion for work well done. To avoid being considered dispensable. However. Though they may be well liked by their coworkers.

It will be unable to hold proper amounts of ch’i energy and the energy that does make its way in will be unable to circulate properly.55 try to keep fresh flowers or plants on your desk at all times. Your coworkers will go out of their way to avoid talking with you if you are the person who occupies this desk. You will be the subject of viscous office gossip and will feel like an unwanted outsider in the company break room. Simply place the stone in the center of your desk at the point furthest away from your seat. Another possible cure for this situation is to place a heavy stone paperweight in the future sector of your desk (more on this in the next section). and prevent the positive ch’i energy from being swept out the door as it opens and closes throughout the day. to your side. If for some reason this isn’t possible. and a poor collaborator. This will keep the energy around your desk stable. If this is your desk. uncommunicative. Desk facing a Wall People whose desks directly face a wall will be considered inaccessible by the rest of the office. try installing blinds on one side of the office for increased privacy and a line of potted plants on the other side for more effective ch’i . An office enclosed by glass has very poor Feng Shui. Revolutionize your office by ‘tearing down walls’ and uniting the workforce! If your superiors won’t go for that idea. this will still leave you with the feeling that you have to ‘look over your shoulder’ and you will have difficulty working up to your full potential. The easiest way to counter this negative image is of course to turn your desk around so that the wall is at your back. This should ‘weigh you down’ in your career and help you to be taken more seriously around the office. or in both locations as in the example of “poor desk placement’ illustrated at the beginning of the chapter. regardless of whether any of those things may or may not be true. They will consider you closed off. you can install a mirror to your front. Desk enclosed by Interior Glass People who work at a desk enclosed by interior glass will inspire envy in their colleagues. As we said before. The best remedy for this situation is to remove the glass walls if at all possible. people will perceive you as standing in the way of their own personal advancement and will do whatever they can to strip you of your position.

Simply substitute the area where you spend most of your time for the desk in the situations mentioned above. or do you lead them to a nice comfortable spot in the center of the room and proceed to make the sale every time? . “What good are these rules if I don’t even work at a desk?!” The principles of desk placement can be applied to many other types of employment as well. you’ll be considered the least vital part of your team. you will be considered uncommunicative and your patients will feel uncomfortable asking you questions regarding their treatment. (The tenth site had a staircase in the center of the office. A mirror behind you should help to deflect negative sha energy aimed at you by coworkers. The list could go on and on. you’ll be receiving the majority of the oil changes. but you will be the person that your superiors turn to in a time of crisis. If your routine varies and you are rarely in the same place. If you are a mechanic whose work area is closest to the interior door. If you are a doctor and you to face the wall when discussing your patients’ x-rays. If you are the line chef whose food prep station is closest to the exit. Feng Shui expert Steven Cardiff discovered that the desk located at the center of the office experienced the highest rate of turn over due to promotion in nine out of the ten sites. The point is that wherever you spend the majority of your workday will influence both the way you work and the way that people perceive your work. you would need to substitute your own body for the desk. Depending on how well you deal with the crisis you could be on the fast track to company advancement. Desk in the Center of the Room The person seated at this desk will be considered ‘old reliable’. you may not get the hot new assignments. Giving a little Feng Shui attention to this often-used area can increase your productivity and improve your relationships with coworkers and employees. They will depend on you to rise to the challenge presented and save the company from a loss of both money and reputation. do you stand in front of a window. When you visit clients do you stand facing a wall. If this is your desk.56 flow. bad luck for the general energy of the building as well as for employees who could have benefited from central placement!) “But I don’t work at a Desk!!” You may be asking yourself. In a study of ten different office spaces.

or Advancing in the Company Location: Center. we can take your desk organization to an even higher level. rhythmic sound in . or simply having another source of steady. instead of focusing on North and South. you should place a fountain. all while influencing the opinions of your coworkers and superiors and putting yourself in the position to move quickly up the corporate ladder. Therefore. Depending on your unique needs. With only a few minor adjustments. We’ll be focusing on this ancient map in great detail in the next Chapter. It’s common knowledge that paying close attention to how your desk is arranged can increase productivity. In order to accomplish these goals. a ticking clock. If you have anxiety about your job performance or worry that you may be fired. we’ll be locating objects simply based on their relationship to your own body as you sit in your chair. the “Feng Shui map” that was introduced in Chapter One.57 Arranging your Personal Space (Taking the Bagua to the Office) Once you have your desk positioned for optimal Feng Shui. Feng Shui experts believe that the energy of the work environment slightly alters the importance of the key directions. Using the principles of Feng Shui. you have several options as to what items will prove most beneficial to you if placed in this sector. Goal #1: Keeping your Present Job. Playing classical music. but for now we’ll use a few of the basic principles to help you achieve your work related goals. we must turn our attention to the Bagua. you will be able to increase your efficiency. and creativity. The Bagua as designed for your personal workspace is slightly different than the classical Bagua we’ll be using in the next section. Far Side of Your Desk This goal is represented by the central area on the far side of your desk. A nicely decorated desk makes you happier to be at work and helps you assert your individual identity. or even a small stereo in this location. productivity. This is the career section of your desk and what you place here will have an impact on how well you perform and how far you will advance in your chosen field. you should shift your focus to the objects located within your personal workspace. A tidy desk can reduce stress and help keep your mind as clear and clean as your workspace.

If you have trouble focusing on the task at hand and you feel this is endangering your job. yellow) in this area to encourage long. Who you know and how they feel about you is often more important than what you know or even how well you do your job! To help make sure you are able to establish strong ties with the powerful people in your work place. The fire element will focus your energy and help direct your efforts toward the task at hand. install a mirror or other reflective object in this area. triangular shapes. Feng Shui manifests in even the most mundane of objects. you should place an object representing the fire element in this position. good working relationships are vital to your job success. To maintain these connections once you’ve made them. Remember. contracted energy of metal will help you to sustain your focus until you have solidified your long-term goals. Far side of Desk No matter what your business. This will help improve your productivity and possibly put you in a better position for advancement. a green plant in this sector will help you to gather the courage you need to make an impression on this imposing . If you have a superior who seems unapproachable. Goal #2: Enhancing work relationships Location: Right side. sustained relationships. This will stir up the ch’i in your relationship sector and help you to become a dynamic figure that the people in your office will want to get to know. The fire element is represented by the colors orange and red and by pointed. This could be a vase of yellow flowers or something as simple as a yellow notepad or a yellow folder. People have been ‘scratching each others’ backs’ since the dawn of business. use symbols of earth energy (flat. Metal is represented by square shapes and by the color white. you’ll want to encourage the metal element in this area. Encouraging the solid. If you can’t seem to put together a long term plan for your future in your present job.58 this area will help to banish anxiety and disperse negative sha energy that may be flowing in your direction from the corners of other people’s desks or down long hallways in your place of business.

To make sure that your creative energy will be there when you need it. Goal #3: Expanding Creativity Location: Left Side. and new connections. You need to communicate effectively to get the most out of your employees and you need them to trust your . If you feel that your creative potential is still relatively untapped. As a living thing. or that you will have a vase of yellow daisies on the far left hand side of your desk. keep your red jellybeans in a small. make it red. Feng Shui is definitely open to multi-tasking! If on the other hand you feel that your creativity is way over tapped and you’re feeling creatively drained. or another creative field. or possessing the sharp. encourage the water element in this sector. white box. or multi-task by installing a small fish bowl with goldfish (fire and water combined). The water element will encourage the energy of your subconscious. the energy of spring. square shapes). make them red jelly beans or cinnamon drops. you can help yourself to manifest his type of energy by using the metal element in this area (white. it enhances ch’i as well as being representative of the wood element. helping you to fill the well of creativity. This could mean that your computer will be yellow in color. triangular shapes of the fire element will suffice. That way you’ll be getting fire and metal in one tiny package. this is the type of energy you need to keep flowing. or better yet. enhance the earth element in this area with color or shape (yellow. writing. A small fountain is a good choice. In order to feel more secure when making a creative leap. Far side of Desk There are many jobs out there that rely heavily on sustained creative energy. Anything red or orange. Goal #4: To encourage communication and trust Location: Left side of desk. entertainment. early growth. If your job is in marketing. closest to you If you are the leader of a company. flat). white box. you have an especially strong need to encourage communication and trust in your employees. use the fire element in this area. If you have a little bowl of candies in this area (a sure way to make sure your desk is popular).59 person. If your phone is located in this sector. Keep your pencils in a small. Your job depends on your creativity and you can’t afford to let this all-important energy wither or wan. advertising. Remember.

a flat yellow folder could do the job. but most people could definitely use a higher sense of self worth. What you place in this sector could increase both your self-image and your paycheck. To encourage your workers or co-workers to feel comfortable expressing themselves. most people tend to underestimate their talents and skills. Goal #5: Increase your salary. or in a small white box filled with metallic paper clips.60 decisions in order to move the company forward. closest to you Almost everyone thinks they could use more money. This will help you to be a calm. Earth energy will help you to be sincere and direct. If no one understands your orders. Gold fish in a bowl will introduce the fire element while also enhancing the water element of this sector. Wood is the energy of kindness and generosity. install an element of earth in this sector. To increase your overall confidence. To help keep your entire office free of petty gossip and politics. (Just make sure the fish will make friendly bowl mates. or if your workers are always second guessing your directions. If you feel you just aren’t getting paid enough money to meet your personal needs. Once again. neither you nor your company will reach the highest level of success. use the metal element in this sector. The water element will further boost your self-esteem by helping to banish any feelings of self-doubt. use the fire element in this sector. you would encourage the earth element in this sector. That could be found in the form of a metal letter opener. and possibly your pay as well. encourage wood energy in this sector. To help those who may seek your advice to articulate themselves more clearly. A killing frenzy in your self-esteem sector is definitely not a desirable occurrence!) . but compassionate in your communications. solid force that encourages people to feel safe sharing their concerns with you. A bonsai tree would be good for this sector. or even something as simple as a container of wooden pencils. Some fish have the tendency to attack and kill different species. or perhaps mix a few yellow fish in with your gold fish if you choose to place a fishbowl in this sector. Though there are the occasional egomaniacs of the work place. or increase your sense of self worth Location: Right side of desk.

you should enhance the fire element. Though black can be dangerous in some sectors. The energy of this area will influence how people view you. Once again. You could sit in a red chair. use a red mat for underneath your feet. professional manner. using black at the workplace is perfectly acceptable. To keep your mind focused and your emotions in check. Unique Professions. . It will help you to remain inwardly focused amidst the swirl of office activity and allow you to refrain from becoming overly emotionally in situations where it is best that you behave in a more detached. A circular building is good luck for a business such as a video store or lending library that requires people to ‘come full circle’ and return the products they’ve borrowed in a timely fashion. To assist you in fulfilling your overall potential. how your view yourself. your chair could be made out of wood (painted red to promote fire as well if you like). Fortuitous Shapes for your Chosen Profession Circles The circle is representative of the water element. you would encourage the water element and utilize the color black. The shape you choose for your building can increase your productivity and likelihood of meeting with success in your chosen endeavor. and how happy and satisfied you feel about your work and the time you spend in the workplace. To give yourself a confidence boost. seafood market. or pet store specializing in fish and aquatic life. As such. The first consideration is the ‘external’ Feng Shui of your office or place of business. a circular shape is good luck for a fishery. or you could introduce the color green into your ‘self’ station. you would use the wood element. there are certain ways to tailor the rules of Feng Shui to enhance the energy of your specific business or profession. or even make a habit of wearing the color red yourself. To help you to ‘go with the flow’ and be able to evolve to suit the needs of a changing work environment.61 Goal #6: To be happier and more productive on the job Location: Your desk chair This is the sector of yourself. you would encourage the earth element by using yellow. Unique Feng Shui Though the rules above can be applied to any personal workspace and to any profession.

thought energy will lead seekers to recognize the truth and wisdom of their teachings. This is a call to the water energy within their spiritual seekers. Accounting firms. Grocery stores and restaurants that depend on their food looking appetizing will flourish by choosing a ‘fire’ building. hospitals. rather than the eye. businesses that deal in appearances will benefit from doing business in a building that is manifesting the fire element. Since the organ associated with fire is the eye. straight. clothing stores. Their tall pointed spires are more a call to the fire energy of the mind. They hope this focused. These holy buildings hope to set fire energy to work in the minds of their devotees. Beauty salons. and real estate firms would all do well in a wood manifesting building.62 Sharp Points and Triangles These shapes represent the fire element. Skyscrapers are the most extreme example of this sort of building. using the power of water energy to lead them to a personal revelation of the truth of their spiritual teachings. highly charged. any business that deals with ministering to the health and well being of the soul or body would do well to be in a building manifesting earth energy. and doctor’s offices would all benefit from being in such a building. however. shelters for the abused and destitute. clinics. You can imagine that the people who constructed these buildings hoped that the circular shape would help their devotees to dig down deep within themselves. Pharmacies. Flat Lines and Planes Straight lines are representative of the earth and of the constant base energy that unites our soul to our body. and department stores will do well in such a building. outreach programs. As such. vertical lines. lawyer’s offices. Vertical Lines Wood is manifested in building with long. Churches in other cultures use the dome in their structures. Long Straight. Christian churches have chosen to use the fire element in their structures for centuries. .

Getting Creative With the Shapes You can use Feng Shui to help enhance the image of your business even when your potential customers are nowhere near your building. from finalizing a divorce to clearing an innocent person who has been charged of a crime. auto mechanics. By using the shape associated with your profession on your business card or logo. you will make a positive impression on your target audience. accounting firms help people to get a fresh start for the coming fiscal year. Realtors help people to purchase new homes. and banks will all benefit from locating their business within a square structure. for years a major airline had a logo in which a square box was created by the three letters of its abbreviation. the airline began to thrive and was soon ‘in the red’ once more. When the logo was changed to include a triangular shape behind the three letters. Square Square represents the energy of metal. and lawyers deal with an untold variety of ‘fresh starts’. A Final Word on Feng Shui for the Workplace In China it’s not at all unusual for institutions to seriously consider the Feng Shui of a particular office space before deciding to set up shop. . Jewelry stores. so did the fire energy represented by the triangle fuel the efforts of this airline. Any industry dealing with metal or metalworking will therefore thrive in a metal manifesting building.63 All three of these deal with finishing up old business and getting a fresh start. For example. This airline struggled with bankruptcy throughout this time and even threatened to cut pension benefits for its retirees. car rental agencies. As wind fuels a flame. That energy of the ‘fresh start’ is the springtime energy of the wood element. Banks in particular are known to bring in the top Feng Shui consultants available in the belief that proper Feng Shui will help their institution to survive in the world market and outshine their competitors.

Canada. or that your boss may start to think you’ve gone off the deep end when you start rearranging mirrors to facilitate ch’i flow. you may want to keep your intentions to yourself. If on the other hand you feel that your co-workers will mock your interest in Feng Shui..S. Simply make your changes quietly and leave others to wonder how you managed to snag that great promotion or to finish all your work reports before six o’clock in the evening! . Australia.64 If you work within a western culture. Many high profile firms in large urban centers of the U. If you feel your co-workers will be supportive of your choice to encourage positive energy flow at work. chances are that proper Feng Shui isn’t high on the list of considerations when your superiors are considering the design and layout of your office. feel free to share with them your plans and thoughts for improving the ch’i of the workplace. Therefore. and Europe openly use Feng Shui to enhance productivity and worker satisfaction. you may meet with more resistance when deciding to rearrange your desk or office space in order to be more Feng Shui friendly. Let Feng Shui be your secret weapon in this case.

The Black Hat sect of Feng Shui has dispensed with the concept of directional orientation altogether.. Depending on which sect you follow. The direction in which that main door opens is also taken into consideration and will further affect which sector will be placed in which part of the particular room. Just as there are hundreds of distinct sects within the larger umbrella of Christianity (Baptists. They instead base the sectors of the room according to their relative location to the main entrance to that room. Episcopal. These forces work in different ways when the dominant polar influence is a southerly force. we will be using the Bagua as it has traditionally been used. etc. Your career sector may be to the south. the Bagua will be used in slightly different ways. if you live in the southern hemisphere. The reason for this is that Feng Shui was developed with the gravitational and energetic forces of the northern hemisphere. Methodists. you may want to consider reversing the directions for each of the following sectors.65 Chapter Five: The Bagua How to use the Bagua Feng Shui is an ancient practice and like any ancient way of thinking. Classical Feng Shui considers the directions of the compass to be a reliable way of deciphering the sectors of a home or rooms within that home. there are numerous sects within the basic art of Feng Shui. Use your personal intuition to decide if a directional ‘flip flop’ might be advisable for your particular situation. Catholics. In this book. for example. Therefore. it has evolved into slightly different schools over the years. rather than a northerly one. rather than the north.). with the cardinal directions corresponding to specific sectors of a room as well as specific aspects of a person’s life. . Some Feng Shui experts have suggested that these directions may need to be modified with consideration to your hemisphere.

If you were suffering from a chemical dependency. You would also need a little extra Kan if you are feeling unfulfilled in your life and are looking for a deeper meaning in your day to day activities. creative energy will be what you draw upon when raising your children. you would need the deep intuitive energy of the Kan trigram to help you discover the root of your problem and urge you toward a transformation. Kan energy fills your creative well. Though many would consider child rearing the realm of a different trigram. many mothers and fathers feel that their parenting work is an intimate part of their personal journey in the world. but you may find the ‘deep water’ energy of the Kan trigram manifesting in different ways in your life as well. and then they must continue to draw on that Kan energy to raise their children to be strong. Kan is also the trigram of the journey of personal creation. Kan energy will be used in areas of our lives that many people consider ‘hobbies’ rather than full-fledged careers. most personal. For example. the word Kan means “deep water”. and it inspires you to begin the process of outward creation. So when considering the needs of your Kan or Career sector. for example.66 Kan Trigram The North Element-Water Color-Black Sector-Career In Chinese. there would be no creative process without the energy of Kan. it fuels your dreams. intuitive energy that we possess. For many people this intuitive energy is what we use to chart our chosen career path and so the Kan trigram has come to be associated with career and professional success. you will be using Kan energy to fuel your creative efforts. This journey can of course take the form of a career. If you enjoy artistic pursuits in your spare time. First they must use their Kan energy to transform themselves to meet the challenges of parenthood. be aware that you may be able to use this sector to enhance other areas of your life as well. such as painting. self-confident individuals who are prepared to make a ‘personal journey’ of their own. meaning the deepest. your intuitive. writing. if you are a parent. The intuitive power of the deep water will help you to discover hidden truths that may not be readily apparent. Though the energy of the creative process itself belongs to another trigram. . knitting. or interior decorating.

or other space where you spend a majority of your time. place your desk and computer in this sector. Using these objects will help to improve the overall quality of your work. though people in the southern hemisphere may want to consider switching the location to the due south position. and plants and flowers are always good choices. living room. If you are a writer. Mirrors. When deciding which objects to place in your Kan sector in order to improve the energy of your career. let alone Feng Shui standards! In this situation it may be best to place careerenhancing items in the northern most point of your bedroom. If you have a teenager whose bedroom is located in the most northern position in the house. any of the eight basic cures can be used to create positive ch’i and to deflect negative sha from that area of your life. fountains. place your drawing table in this sector. and still others use a combination of both methods. others prefer to apply the map to each room individually.67 Object Placement for your Kan or Career Sector… The Kan trigram is located due north. Since water is the element associated with Kan and with the northerly direction. It’s really up to you to decide which method your feel will be most beneficial to your personal living space. You’ll use the fire element in this area if you want a promotion or want to step up your rate of production. Once you have located the northern direction. Using the color black in this sector can be a successful way of promoting the water element and increasing your income. you will find special power in using water elements in this area. wind chimes. Some people prefer to take their entire home or apartment into consideration when using the Bagua. you may find it difficult to convince them to let you place items in their room to enhance your personal career Feng Shui. If you want to stabilize an uncertain job situation. Using the five elements can help you to address more specific career related concerns. as well as your satisfaction with your chosen job. You can use objects that are specific to your chosen profession or desired goal to help you make advancements in this sector. Therefore. use the earth . If you are an architect. you may need to use a compass to locate the northern most position. Water naturally enhances the career sector and cultivates money energy (as we’ve learned previously). you have a few Feng Shui decisions to make. You may also have difficulty convincing them to keep the room clean enough for sanitary standards. in order to locate this sector in your home or within a particular room in your home. If you work in a lawyer’s office. keep your law books on a sturdy shelf in this area.

or life partner. safety. use the metal element. once again. Gen is the energy of the “fierce wind”. uncertainty. we must learn to calm the ‘fierce wind’ of our mind and bring ourselves into a peaceful state in which will be able to have the discipline to absorb the knowledge we need and to cultivate our strengths and talents. use the water element. and security. whether it be a mentor. A mind that is able to quiet itself will be able to learn more quickly and evolve more effectively. A child with Attention Deficit Disorder would benefit from enhancing this sector of their room. You would want to enhance the energy of the Gen Trigram if you are having difficulty focusing your attention or your efforts. If you want to improve your working relationships or make new work connections. the energy of knowledge and self-cultivation. And use the earth element if you are feeling detached from your life and need to ground yourself in the reality of the moment. And if you want to be more creative at work. they may be able to center themselves as well as encourage feelings of stability. Use a fire element if you want to advance to a higher level of understanding regarding yourself and the course of your individual existence. use the wood element. is actually pronounced as “Ken” so you may find that other Feng Shui books will refer to it as such. By bringing the energy of the center into this area. Their anxiety may be directly related to fear. People who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety may be able to find some relief for these conditions by encouraging the earth element in the sector of their personal journey. or dissatisfaction with their personal life path. Use the wood element if you are looking for someone to help you on your life journey.68 element. Though this practice first began as a way to discover and assimilate spiritual wisdom. Use the metal element if you are looking to create a new identity for yourself. It only makes sense that a person who can shut down all the thoughts of ‘what I have to do today’ and simply concentrate on the task at hand will be better able to complete that task. If you want to regain your enthusiasm and enhance your motivation. it is beneficial for people seeking to gain new knowledge of any kind. friend. Gen Trigram Northeast Color-Blue/Green Sector-Knowledge/ Self-cultivation This trigram. Many eastern cultures encourage a practice of meditation. use a water element in this sector if you have lost your passion and excitement. It is ironic that in order to harness the energy of Gen. “Gen”. A stressed out mother who is . With regards to your personal life journey.

Jen Trigram East Element-Wood Color-Green Sector. metal. When one family member is in trouble. the whole family will be weakened. This sector of a room or home is a great place to set up a meditation area or a study room. repetitive. you may want to add a little of the fire element to take you out of your mind a bit and urge you to interact more with the world. Any element of fire. all of the members will flourish.69 longing to find the time and mental energy to devote toward her dream of returning to school would also want to enhance the energy of this sector. The earth element would be beneficial for centering your energy and pulling your mind back from the million different directions in which it is trying to run. whittling.Health and Family It may seem strange at first that the Jen trigram is pulling double duty for both health and family. ‘handicrafts’. so this can be a great place for engaging in soothing. The water element would be a good choice for calming the ‘fire of the mind’ and helping you to pull on your inner resources. Object Placement for the Gen or Knowledge and Self-Cultivation Sector… Most of us will have difficulty taming this fierce wind of the mind and will therefore actually benefit more from calming the energy in this sector rather than ‘kicking it up a notch. over worked. Decorate this space with blue/green colors and let the light in the room be soft and soothing but bright enough for hitting the books if need be. . Keep noisy appliances away from this space and instead soothe the mind with a gently burbling fountain. mentally frazzled people.” If you are one of the few people in the world who is skilled at mental stillness and serene contemplation. Activities such as knitting. than the whole body suffers. For the rest of we stressed out. The organs of the body must all work harmoniously together (like a family) if a person is to thrive and experience all the benefits of good health. if the family is working well together. but on closer inspection it actually makes a lot of sense. The body part associated with this sector is the hand. we’ll need to concentrate our efforts on calming the energy of this sector. or wood should be avoided in this sector if you are looking to encourage a quiet and more receptive mind. If one body system suffers. or sketching can actual help many people to transition their thought patterns into a more receptive and contemplative place. In contrast. It is the same with a family.

wind chimes. Use the metallic element to aid in recovery from illness and to encourage children to maintain family ties.70 Health and Family are also both highly affected by the past. and with shapes that are long and vertical. while a smooth round stone in this sector can help to stabilize a family relationship that may have become strained. as can carpets or upholstery that display flowers and plants in their motifs. the energy of springtime and new beginnings. (The fire element can be especially useful for a family who tends to scatter to every corner of the house and spend little time with each other. and water fountains will help to stimulate positive ch’i. It is the energy of the Jen trigram that we must use to keep our health and our relationships bursting with vital. cooling the tempers of family members who engage too directly or who may be irritable from being forced to share a small living space. healthy energy to circulate through our bodies.) The water element can be used to correct the opposite problem. the Jen trigram is associated with wood energy. the signature energy of the Jen trigram. It is the same with a family. When using the five elements. any of the eight cures will help to boost positive ch’i energy when placed in this sector. Decorate this sector with wooden objects. Mirrors. Use the fire element to increase physical and mental energy and to help the family engage with each other more directly. Pictures of trees or forests can help to enhance the wood element. The other elements can also prove beneficial in the family and health sector. . Bamboo flutes would be an especially good choice in that they are also representative of the wood element. which in turn affects the way that they will raise their children. whereas a lifetime of exercise and eating right will increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. The way you live your life from the moment you are born affects whether or not you will experience good physical health. Though health and family are both influenced by the past. wood will prove to be the most beneficial energy for this sector. healthy. The way you were raised affects the way that you will raise your children. Wood encourages vital. new energy. Object Placement for the Health and Family sector… As we’ve said previously. with the color green. A lifetime of poor eating habits and high stress will predispose you to disease. our minds. Use elements of earth to lower stress levels and to center a family that is in crisis. and our family relationships.

but having extra money can mean that we also have extra time. For a man diagnosed with a terminal illness. Much of our desire for material wealth is really a desire to be free from having to spend so much of our time scrambling to make enough money to get by. . but with blessings of all kinds. that you want to lead a long and healthy life. Material wealth is an issue that almost everyone is concerned with. while a cluttered Jen sector will lead to ‘scatterbrained’ behavior and possible mental illness as well.71 Another enrichment for the family aspect of this sector is to place pictures of loved ones. more time to engage in hobbies and pastimes that are meaningful to us. however. At different times in our lives. enhancing the energy of the Hsun Trigram can help you to achieve wealth and blessings of a wide variety. Whatever your desires. the symbol of personal wealth would be finally seeing that second pink line on a home pregnancy test. To a couple who has been trying for a child for years. the concept of personal wealth would be to have a few more days to spend with his loved ones. What those blessings may be depends on your personal idea of what a ‘wealthy’ life entails. and more time to simply relax and let the world rush by. or that you want to be able to retire by the age of forty. we are not only concerned with material wealth. Not only do we need money to survive. will encourage health and vitality. For good health. wealth can take on a different meaning. Hsun Trigram Southeast Color-Purple Sector-Wealth When considering the Hsun trigram. it is especially vital that this sector be free of dirt and clutter. both living and deceased. in this area. especially in the form of healthy plants. Using green in this sector. We’d all like to have more time to spend with family and friends. that you want to achieve your ambitions. It may mean that you want to be blessed with many children. In this way you will encourage the ancestors of the past to provide protective energy to their descendents and you will remind the living of the family members who came before. A dirty Jen sector will lead to disease of the physical body. the most precious commodity we have as human beings.

As we’ve said before. You may choose to keep your personal lock box or safe in this sector. wind chimes. put a climbing vine in your wealth sector. move it to this area to make the most of its positive monetary influence. If you wish for increased opportunity. the lust for fame has become a disease. or lake. always keep the doors to the bathrooms in your house tightly closed and keep the lids of the toilets down unless they are being used. Fish bowls are especially fortunate as fish will bring good luck as well as good energy. use mirrors to reflect any outside water inside the house. To keep money energy flowing in the right direction. pond.72 Object Placement for the Wealth Sector… For thousands of years. If you simply want to increase your overall abundance. If you have a bowl where you dump your loose change. showers. Even a dish with a few coins inside can help to stimulate positive money energy. In order to encourage blessings of a different sort. or bathtubs right away. Another way to encourage wealth is by placing actual money in this area. make the most of it by reflecting the image into your money sector. most of whom have an abundance of monetary wealth. Whether this obsession is due to the popularity of reality . or have a water feature in your yard. fix leaky faucets in sinks. place an object that symbolizes that quality to you in this sector. use items that symbolize your desire to decorate your wealth sector. water is the element that brings money energy flowing towards or away from your life. purple has been the preferred color of royalty. Fountains and fish bowls are good ways to enhance your wealth. Using purple in your wealth sector will help to encourage material abundance. Also. To encourage good water element energy. Li Trigram South Element-Fire Color-Red Sector-Fame and Reputation In our modern culture. If you wish happiness and long life to your children. and flowering plants (especially with purple flowers!) will help to stir up the ch’i of your wealth sector and help get the positive money energy flowing. If you live near a river. Every person believes they deserve the chance to have the focus of the entire world firmly trained on them for at least their ‘fifteen minutes’. Mirrors. keep their pictures in this sector.

thusly increasing your chances of achieving fame and a good reputation. however. will automatically become known for their charity. A person who is helpful to strangers. or is simply a result of our entertainment-obsessed culture. Most people will want to avoid using the water element in this area because it will dampen the energy of fire. it has gotten decidedly out of hand. For example. A person who endeavors to bring compassion and excellence to their work. will become known for their kindness. A fish bowl would also encourage wealth. Encourage the fire element in your fame sector by using triangular shapes and the color red. Not every situation would necessarily have to be that heroic. The fire element will be the most powerful of the five elements as it is the signature energy of the Li Trigram. but the point is that enhancing the energy of your fame and reputation sector will not make you win a national singing competition unless you have the skills and talent to warrant such a prize. the energy of the Li trigram would ensure that your discoveries brought you the recognition and good reputation that your efforts rightfully deserve. Your actions will speak for themselves and they will speak louder than any words. or even any Feng Shui! Object Placement for the Fame and Reputation Sector… If you feel the need to help your actions along a bit. and mental clarity. if you were a scientist who has spent your entire life trying to cure disease. A person who volunteers their time. All of these qualities will lead you towards excellence in your chosen field of endeavor.73 television programming. The Li trigram is not the energy of this type of fame. You could also burn candles and incense in this area. If your lust for fame is so all consuming that it is negatively affecting your life. you can use any of the eight cures to ‘liven up’ the energy of your fame and reputation sector. A water feature would be a wise choice if you seek both greater fame and greater wealth. This is the energy of intellectual investigation. The energy of the Li Trigram will naturally be manifested if you are simply pursuing your creative destiny as a human being and concentrating your efforts on mastering your life goal. a little water might not be a bad idea. Earth energy in this . the Li trigram is representative of deserved recognition. high sustained activity. Choosing goldfish as the residents of your bowl will encourage the fire element as well. will become known for their skill.

One of the functions of a good relationship is that we learn about these destructive tendencies and hopefully learn how to leave these tendencies behind. we will progress further as human beings if we are forced to engage with others and evolve to meet our potential. There is something about a life that is shared with someone else that is more meaningful than a life spent all on our own.74 sector will bring a center to a wildly fluctuating reputation and wood energy will help you to ‘break in’ to the area in which you would like to achieve your good reputation. Not only do we enjoy the closeness. chances are you would still like the opportunity to share your life with someone who loves you and whom you love in return. The same actor above may want to keep scripts in this area. Objects that are unique to your particular area of expertise may help to encourage the energy of the fame sector. Though it may in some cases be easier to hold onto negative patterns and live alone. Object Placement for the Love and Marriage Sector… To enhance the energy of this sector you can use any one of the eight cures. is also a very powerful force and one that most human beings don’t enjoy experiencing at all. would encourage wood in their fame sector to help them take their first steps toward their ultimate goal. intimacy. a policeman would keep his uniform in this sector. A professor would put lesson plans in the fame sector. Kuen Trigram Southwest Color-Pink Sector-Love and Marriage Love is the most powerful force in the world. however. and a concert pianist would store their sheet music in this sector. Fire will help to increase the passion of . In the search for love. There is very little Feng Shui can do for you if you are infatuated with someone who does not return your feelings. An actor trying to land their first big role. but by engaging in an intimate relationship with someone else. Loneliness. The elements will help you to achieve specific goals. Even if you aren’t the type to want to eventually get married. and support that a partnership can provide. we are forced to confront negative patterns in ourselves and in our mate. But proper Feng Shui in your love sector may help you to be able to move past your infatuation and explore other romantic possibilities. human beings have tried every thing from love potions to love spells to specially designed voodoo objects in order to try to find the partner that is right for them or to force another person to return their unrequited love. Nearly all the Holy Scriptures agree that the creating force of the universe is an entity based in profound love.

the direction of sunset. The color pink will also help to enhance the energy of your love and marriage sector. however. Water will help you and your partner to connect on a deeper level. Neither children nor any creative project can separate itself from what came before. the Dwei trigram is located directly across from the Family trigram. If you happen to already be in a relationship with a partner who can’t stand the color pink (many males and females have a strong aversion to the color for some reason). It is the sector responsible for children and creativity. the Chinese color of mourning and death. a combination of red and white stripes will work to strengthen the energy of this sector. Bookends separated by books may mean that you will remain separated from your future mate. Wood will help to get a new romantic relationship started while metal will help to create a deeper connection in one that your already have. two matching trees. however. the realm of the ancestors. You should avoid matching bookends in this sector. which is the energy of contraction. but it is associated with the metal element. This trigram is also associated with the west. not sunrise. On the Bagua.75 your relationship. Two identical statues. Pairs of anything in this sector will encourage your to pair off as well. not of new life (wood energy). If you are specifically looking to increase your chances of getting married. there are many Feng Shui recommendations. unless they are touching. Dwei Trigram West Element-Metal Color-White Sector-Children and Creativity The Dwei Trigram is a bit confusing upon first examination. or two small fountains will all help to move you closer to the altar. Earth will help to stabilize a rocky relationship. Children depend on the past for their very . and its signature color is white.

it is also the color of death and can have a negative impact on your chances of conceiving. Metal energy in this area can be used to heal the child within yourself. you may want to decorate this section with the color white. and love in your relationships with them. We must help mold them so that they will be able to grow into effective. Baby books. or your latest novel!). A little metal energy in the bedroom will help to take the passionate fire energy between you and your mate and contract it into the metal energy of a new life. compassionate people. If you have a painting you’re working on. In the same way. Both must be refined and shaped as we would refine a piece of metal. Be careful using white in this sector if you are having problems conceiving a child. let it rest overnight in your creative sector and you may wake up in the morning knowing exactly how to proceed. old toys. place any ‘works in progress’ in this sector. Both children and creative works come to us in a raw form. We must teach our children everything they need to know to survive and thrive in our individual culture. we must continue to fine-tune our creative works until they are the best that they can possibly be. If you are trying to conceive a child. The color white helps to remind us that no new life can emerge without others passing away. Perhaps you had a traumatic childhood. you will be encouraging their creativity as well.76 inception and will continue to depend on the past until they are of an age to care for themselves. If you are one of the many adults in the world who have forgotten how to play. The energy of the Dwei trigram can be used to encourage your own inner child. or perhaps your inner child is still very much alive and is mentally holding you in the past and keeping you from moving forward. To enhance creativity further. To hone in on your own creativity. Object Placement for the Children/Creative Sector Metal will be the most influential element for this sector. The quality of metal energy makes sense as well. If you already have children and simply want to encourage peace. and their arts and crafts projects are also good choices. especially in your bedroom. Use metallic objects and square shapes in this area to encourage good relationships and to promote the overall health and well being of your offspring (whether they be little girls and boys. the quality of your life will be greatly enhanced by a little metal in your creativity sector. White is the signature color of metal energy and will help you to stay focused on the creative process and sustain your creative energy. metal energy will be very useful in your children sector. By hanging their drawings and childhood artwork in this section. place their pictures in this sector. Though white is the color of metal. . harmony.

allowing you to be a positive force for those who may need your assistance. Travel can even help bring together different cultures and reduce the violence that can result from a lack of empathy and insight. Chyan Trigram Northwest Color-Gray Sector. discovery. The element of fire will help you to attract like-minded people and will help you to fuel your own helpful nature. Use the elements of both metal and wood to help form new relationships and use the element of water to help strengthen bonds from the past. It also provides us the opportunity to help others enhance their awareness. Object Placement and the Helpful People/Travel Sector Everyone could use a few more ‘helpful people’ in their life. This is the energy of the Chyan Trigram. place pictures of admired people in this area. and who have you helped in return? To achieve strength and power in your life. If you are specifically hoping to make contact with a mentor. Travel is part of this trigram in the sense that our travels are also journeys of understanding. It seems there just aren’t as many helpful people around as there used to be. who were the helpful people that encouraged you to become the person that you are today. This problem is at its worst in large cities where people will often live in adjoining apartments for years and never even learn their neighbor’s name! To attract helpful people into your life. and play. In today’s world. we often live far away from our families and old friends.Helpful People And Travel The Chyan trigram is the trigram that represents strength and power. Entering into different cultures and unusual surroundings helps us to come to a deeper understanding of the world around us. Communities aren’t as close knit and people are generally more distant than they were fifty years ago. In other words. while keeping childish fears from encroaching on your adult life. It looks at where you have received your strength and how generous you have been in sharing that strength with others. you will continuously need to be nurtured and aided by others and you will need to keep that energy flowing by supporting the efforts of those who need your help. use metallic objects and the color white in this sector. If you are seeking greater wisdom.77 To encourage your inner child to let go of old wounds and to allow the adult you to move forward. place the . Placing a picture of yourself as a child in this area can help you to recapture your childish feelings of joy. If you are seeking professional guidance. decorate this sector of your home in gray or silver colors. place pictures of well-known leaders in your chosen field.

colors that are manifested in soil. and reds. A strong. balanced. central energy. A balanced center enhances the functioning of all the other trigrams and leads to health. but by the symbol of Ying and Yang intertwined in harmony. T’ai Chi is the name given to describe this balance. If at all possible. Wood destroys earth in the destructive cycle and will undermine the strength of the center. tans. our bodies.Ying and Yang Color-Yellow Element-Earth The final sector of the Bagua is not represented by a trigram. They are perfectly balanced and proportional and each one contains a little seed of the other. helpful people. good fortune. You can also store your travel books and itineraries in this sector as well as any meaningful souvenirs from past trips. Subtle touches of the fire element can help to fuel positive energy (fire creates earth in the creative cycle). and harmonious center is the most important element within any home as well as within each person. They will cause the energy of the center to be unstable and overly active. Object Placement for the Center Sector To encourage stability in your life and to give a strong foundation for the other eight trigrams. Plants and flowers are a great choice for decorating the center of a room or home. place images of your dream destinations in this sector. or other admired spiritual figure in this sector. Yellow is the signature color for the center. the perfect harmony of Yin and Yang. Remember. happy families and children. They come from the earth and naturally encourage strong. Avoid using wood elements. they stimulate ch’i and will deflect any negative sha that may be aimed into the center of your home. but you can also use muted browns. even artificial plants and flowers can be used so don’t . This is why it is so important to pay special attention to the center of our homes. use the earth element in this sector. If you are seeking spiritual guidance. and overall success on our life journey. make sure that there are no stairs or bathrooms located in this section of your home. and our spirits. In addition. try placing an image of Mother Theresa. positive. Gandhi. but an overabundance of fire should not be encouraged as it can raise the energy of this sector to an undesirable level.78 images of wise people from history. or to help make the most of a planned trip. Painting the area in earth tones is a good place to start. The Center (T’ai Chi) Symbol. To increase your opportunities for travel.

Final Thoughts on the Bagua The Bagua is not only helpful in learning how to arrange objects. we can learn how to balance our elemental energy and create the most fortuitous conditions possible for a long and happy life. Sometimes it can be easier to observe our strengths and weaknesses when we break our lives down into smaller. Since no human being is perfect. it is a useful tool for enabling us to more closely examine our lives. we can begin to become aware of areas where we may be lacking in essential energy. there is always one element that is significantly weaker or stronger than the rest. mind. No matter how well rounded you may be. therefore. This means that our future is not predetermined.79 despair if the center of your home doesn’t receive adequate light for growing live plants or flowers. more manageable sections. The challenge of our karma. By cultivating self-knowledge. Hopefully you will be able to use this ancient map to remedy energy deficiencies and make the most of your natural sectors of power. Perhaps the Bagua can help you to discover the forces at work in your own life. is to balance our elemental energy to avoid potential dangers associated with our personal elemental imbalance. we are all born with elemental energy imbalances. you can counteract this tendency by encouraging the water element in yourself and your surroundings. . This is how the Bagua can help us to control our fate. This fate (or karma) was manifested in the balance of the five elemental energies within the person’s body. In ancient China it was believed that a person’s fate was decided at birth. By taking a closer look at each of the eight trigrams as well as the energy of the center. and spirit. Though an excess of fire energy in your personal karma may put you at a higher risk for ‘burning out’ early and perhaps even dying at a young age.

This is why we must be empowered seekers. It is our job as students to seek to understand and assimilate these contradictions as best we can. you must use your intuition to apply the guidelines of the practice to your own life in a way that is the most useful and powerfully to you personally. but always return to the center of truth within yourself for the final word on any Feng Shui decision. There are hundreds of books. the Tao Te Ching. Though many religions and mystical practices will claim that strict obedience to the ‘rules’ is the only way to achieve personal blessing. you will find that many of the sources contradict each other. In Feng Shui. All spiritual writings emphasize the importance of seeking direct guidance from a deeply personal source. several instructional videos. but is to be expected. There is not a single mystical text or art in the world that is not at times seemingly contradictory.80 Moving forward with Feng Shui How to Advance your Practice… If the ideas in this book have intrigued you and you feel drawn to advance your knowledge of the ancient art of Feng Shui. . and spirit. In Christianity it is the Holy Spirit that will lead you to personal truth. So enjoy your search. and that at times individual sources will even contradict themselves! This can be frustrating. As you continue to dig through the information available. and seek your own unique enlightenment. the texts of these traditions will lead us in a different direction. Whether it be the Bible. increase your knowledge. Use your intuition to apply the rules of Feng Shui in a way that will bring harmony and balance to the energies of your home and to your own personal mind. and even Feng Shui institutes and personal consultants who can more closely address your personal needs. or the teachings of the Buddha. using our own personal spirit given intuition to interpret the information that we are given. or little Buddha. you yourself must become a bodhisattva. You’ll be amazed how far you can go with a few guiding principles and a sense of self-faith. body. In Buddhism. there are more resources available now than ever before in history. all mystical traditions are filled with inconsistency and seeming paradox. however.

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