Real Gem Buildtech Private Ltd.

DB House, Gen. A K Vaidya Marg, Goregaon ( East) Mumbai 400063

Pay Slip for April 2011
EmpNo Name Date of Joining Designation Bank Name Bank A/c No Department REG0049 Sachin Korgaonkar 01-07-2010 Site Engineer Yes Bank 011791800002695 2 Current Month Earnings 19,550.00 2,933.00 2,933.00 3,910.00 April-to-date Earnings Basic Rate P.F. No. E.S.I. No. PAN Date of Birth Payable Days Deduction Head 19550 MH/212546/000044 AQWPK7613F 29-08-1982 30 Current Month Deductions 780.00 200.00 April-to-date Deductions 780.00 200.00

Earning Head Basic HRA Conveyance Allowance Special Allowance

19,550.00 Provident Fund 2,933.00 Profession Tax 2,933.00 3,910.00






NET PAY (Rs.): 28,346.00

Rupees Twenty Eight Thousand Three Hundred Forty Six Only.

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