Please compare and contrast the Representative Sam Smith’s rhetoric and the reality of the record.

1) Disappointingly, the alleged fiscal conservative Representative Sam Smith voted "YEA" for eight of eight of Governor Ed Rendell’s Bankrupting Budgets.


2) With his “YEA” vote for Capital Budget Act 130 of 2011, Representative Sam Smith added $1.6 billion dollars in debt to Pennsylvania’s Forgotten Taxpayer’s financial burden and, simultaneously, voted millions for billionaire corporations: Comcast, Janney, Teva Pharmaceuticals, ShopRite, Franklin Mint and $850,000 to Philadelphia Democrat Chaka Fattah's Philadelphia House of Imoja and $1,970,000 to Philadelphia University‐Arlen Specter Library (line 505) and $10,000,000 John P. Murtha Center for Public Policy Cambria County (line 506). Project List Approved by Representative Pileggi and Governor Contrary to Representative Sam Smith’s opportunistic rhetoric, the reality of the record is that Representative Sam Smith is NOT The Forgotten Taxpayer’s BFF.

Sources: RendellBudgetVotes2003to2010 Act 130 Comcast, Janney Investments, Teva Pharmaceuticals, ShopRite, Franklin Mint ACT 130 $850,000 to Chaka Fattah's House of Imoja