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Sani Gourmet 2012 itinerary/program (English)

Sani Gourmet 2012 itinerary/program (English)

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Published by Peter Minaki
Here's the list of chefs and dates they will be cooking at the 2012 Sani Gourmet Festival.
Here's the list of chefs and dates they will be cooking at the 2012 Sani Gourmet Festival.

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Published by: Peter Minaki on Apr 18, 2012
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Sani Gourmet, opening for the second consecutive year the "New Greek Cuisine" dialogue, focuses on this year’s trend of «100 Mile Practice», which is gastronomy based on products produced within 100 miles from the point of their use. The 100 mile practice is an international trend with ecological dimension and obvious economic implications, since the emphasis is given on seasonal products and local production, which can be considerably enhanced with benefits for the economy. The Sani Gourmet, which has been established as an institution of noble emulation and creativity, acts innovatively once again, developing a general discussion about gastronomy in general and Greek culinary scene in particular. It has become a platform for exchanging ideas and motions which can lead the Greek gastronomy to the next level, spreading the ‘’word’’ both in Greece and abroad. Also, it acts as a keystone to more creative and healthy initiatives on local and national level. And all this, without ceasing to be a celebration of the senses, full of scents and colors which enhances our spirits and minds at a time when inspiration is needed more than ever. We do persist, in spite of the crisis, in choosing our actions with quality criteria, to search for the essence of life in "everyday luxuries", to act more driven from culture. For 10 days, in the Sani Resort, top Greek chefs, local and from abroad, responded to the call of Sani Gourmet to present their inspiration and skills to an audience which has been trained for all these years to be looking for the best. Having as their action space the facilities of Water Restaurant, Sea You Up, Byblos, Tomata and Ouzerie, they will participate in a game designed to bring delight to the palate. Lefteris Lazarou (1 Michelin star), Yannis Parikos, Konstantin Philippou (1 Michelin star), Herve Pronzato (1 Michelin star), Yiorgos Chatzigiannakis, Nikos Boukis, Polychronis Damalas, Sotiris Evangelou, Nikos Katsanis, Dimitris Mavrikos, Chrysanthos Karamolegos, Michalis Lytrivis, Aris Tsanaklidis, Nikos Michail and Gikas Xenakis sharpen their knives and imagination aiming to surprise us. Meanwhile, our sommelier George Loukas will travel us into the secrets of wine.

THE PROGRAMME Lefteris Lazarou 1 Michelin Star chef / Water Restaurant / 11,12,13/05/12 Herve Pronzato 1 Michelin Star chef/ Sea You Up / 11,12,13/05/12 Sotiris Evangelou / Byblos / 12,13,14/05/12 Chrysanthos Karamolegos / Tomata / 11,12,13,14/05/12 Nikos Michail / Ouzerie / 11,12,13/05/12 Yannis Parikos / Water Restaurant / 15,16/05/12 Yiorgos Chatzigiannakis - Nikos Boukis / Sea You Up / 14,15,16/05/12 Nikos Katsanis / Byblos / 15,16/05/12 Michalis Lytrivis / Tomata / 15,16,17/05/12 Gikas Xenakis / Ouzerie/ 15,16,17/05/12 Konstantin Philippou 1 Michelin Star chef/ Water Restaurant / 18,19,20/05/12 Polychronis Damalas / Sea You Up / 18,19,20/05/12 Dimitris Mavrikos / Byblos / 17,18,19/05/12 Aris Tsanaklidis / Tomata / 18,19,20/05/12 Nikos Katsanis / Ouzerie / 18,19,20/05/12

For further information, please contact Georgia Dodou, Communication Manager of SANI SA, using the telephone numbers 2310 317327 and 6948 594046 or the email address georgia@saniresort.gr . Sani Resort, Kassandra, Chalkidiki, Reservation number: 23740 99500. www.sanigourmet.gr, www.saniresort.gr

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