4-18-12 FROM Robert Quinn 18 Lakeview Drive South Haines City, Fla. 33844 TO Chairman Darrell Issa House Oversight Committee 2347 Rayburn HOB Washington, DC 20515 Dear Mr. Chairman; Before I get into the body of my request for action on your part concerning national security I want to give you a piece of advice because I am embarrassed to be a patriotic Republican when I see your committee being continuously treated by the Obama regime as though you have no real power and they can ignore our constitution at will and drag you on down this road until your constitutional powers have been completely absorbed by the regime. My advice is this and I guarantee it will work; WHEN THE OBAMA REGIME REFUSES TO PRODUCE THE WITNESS YOU WANT SIMPLY ADVISE THE REGIME THAT YOU WILL INVITE SHERIFF JOE ARPAIO AND HIS TEAM OF INVESTIGATORS TO APPEAR INSTEAD. I guarantee you this will work but if it doesn’t it will open the door to getting rid of this greater national security problem which is much more important than your current agenda. Thus far I have had no response from you concerning my letter of 3-12-12 dealing with the most critical national security matter this country has ever faced in its entire history. I am fed up with being respectful and in turn being treated with total disrespect while I see my country and our Constitutional Republic being destroyed by this usurper and his band of Marxist czars who is turning our Whitehouse into a total dictatorship while you cowards in congress cower in fear of being politically incorrect and called a racist if you were to actually perform your constitutional duty and responsibility. Man-up you coward before it is to late and my country and my grandchildren’s future is totally destroyed. Sincerely Robert Quinn

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