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Types Of Interview Videos For Business

Types Of Interview Videos For Business

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Published by David Jenyns
Utilizing business interviewing videos help promote your products online. Are you using it to your advantage? Click here for more.
Utilizing business interviewing videos help promote your products online. Are you using it to your advantage? Click here for more.

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Published by: David Jenyns on Apr 18, 2012
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Types Of Interview Videos For Business

Interviewing the industry big wigs = instant credibility. Online video is very important to your marketing efforts. Two very powerful types of interviewing videos involve industry leaders and interviewing customers for testimonials. Interviewing Industry Leaders Aligning yourself with industry leaders can have many benefits and this can begin with offering to interview them. One of these benefits is that it gives you instant credibility. When someone has made it to the top of his profession, he is usually more than happy to share the steps it took to get him where he is today. When you have lined up an interview, think about the questions you are going to ask. Ask them the questions you want to know the answers to. Ask them how they got started, what passions led them to take those first steps along their career path. Finding out what their philosophy is and who are some of their mentors will no doubt provide some very interesting points of discussion. Then you can go into what are some of the challenges they have faced along the way and what have they done to overcome those challenges. Towards the end of the interview you can ask them what advice they would give a novice about to enter their field, and what does the future hold for them. What is the next step in their career path?


Testimonials Another very useful type of using interviewing videos for any small business owner to make is one of testimonials given by satisfied customers. You can talk ad finitum about the benefits of your product or service, but if a customer does this, he can relate to another potential customer in a far more positive way. The potential customer sees the testimonial and thinks, he is just like me. He had the same problem and he found a solution for that problem. It gives your business instant credibility. When you get a testimonial, it also gives you valuable insight into what is important to your customers. You may have thought that   price was the thing which was most important, but they may say during their testimonial that just having someone spend some time with them and really understand their problem was the most important thing. This is valuable information which can help you shape any future marketing campaigns using interview video. It is a good idea to give your clients ample warning that you will be asking for a testimonial if they are satisfied on completion of a job. At the beginning, when you are first making contact with the, explain that you will be seeking a testimonial. If you uphold your end of the bargain, most people will be very pleased to give you a sincere and heartfelt testimonial. During the testimonial, you can ask them what the situation was like for them before they found you. Next, what made them choose you from all those services available? What was the result they found from working with you and finally what does it mean to them now. You can also ask them what advice they would give to someone looking to work with your company and then is there anything else they would like to add? Both these types of interviewing videos add instant credibility to your business. Go ahead and get started on these types of videos and your business will benefit. Are you looking for more tips on running an effective video marketing campaign for your business? Click here to know more about it. You can also watch this video to know more about the types of interview to use for your business videos.


Why You Should Use Video Marketing To The Fullest

Blend videos into your web marketing. The ‘Will It Blend?’ series of online videos have certainly made an impact on the market. This online video advertising series includes over a hundred videos, many of which went viral. The question was asked whether a Blendtech machine could blend various objects ranging from bottles of after shave to Justin Bieber dolls. It was proven by these videos beyond a shadow of a doubt that the machines could blend anything that was asked of them. We can learn some useful lessons from these ‘Will It Blend’ videos. We can Pre-empt Customer’s Objections and Questions Customers want to know if they can believe the claims made by the business offering a product or service using online video production. Blendtech machines are marketed as being super powerful, but how can the prospective purchaser be sure that these claims are true? In times gone by, the seller would take pictures, write pages of copy or spend a fortune on television advertising to show that what they say about something holds water. By making a simple online video advertising  campaign, the marketer can prove that his claims are credible, and the customer won’t be disappointed once they decide to go ahead and purchase whatever is being offered. Video Is More Effective than Text. You can claim that anything is true by simply saying it. But where is the proof? If you can demonstrate exactly how a product works by allowing the prospective customer to see it in action, they will have confidence that the solution they are after is in fact achievable. Through video, the seller is able to answer questions, address frequently asked questions, promote his products, introduce his company or clearly demonstrate how something works. The human connection between the customer and the marketer is able to be established and maintained through this remarkable means.


Videos Can be Entertaining as Well as Informative. Many people far prefer to watch a video to reading a page of text. You the marketer can take full advantage of this preference by constructing a video that is both informative and entertaining. Think of the Old Spice ads which have gone viral. They provide valuable information about a product as well as being outstandingly entertaining. Sales of the product have gone through the roof as a result. The ‘Will It Blend’ campaign has been equally successful, proving beyond question that the machines are up to their job of blending in a highly original and effective fashion. Video has Enduring Impact People remember the ‘Will It Blend’ videos. This effect will last a lot longer than any number of photos or pages of facts. The ‘Will It Blend’ campaign has been a lasting and effective online video advertising campaign. Think about what an impact such a series could have on your own business. If you can create some hook which the public have never seen before and deliver your information in a pithy, entertaining, yet informative manner, you could achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. It is well worth investing in online videos to exploit the market and grow your business. Would you like to use online video advertising to get more customers for your small business? Click here for more tips. Looking for additional tips in doing video marketing for your business? Watch this video today.

Connect With Your Customers Using These Online Marketing Tips

Answering FAQs – can you handle the truth? You realize that internet marketing videos are a great tool to have, but what should be the actual content of these videos? There are two particularly effective types of web videos that are relatively easy to make especially when your topic is about online marketing tips. The first is a FAQ video, and the second are Q & A videos.

You can upload these on YouTube put them on your website or on Facebook. They will be welcomed and appreciated by your customers. FAQ Videos These types of videos provide instant content. You can give any question life by simply making a video answering it. You can anticipate the problems and question that your prospective customers may have. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what may be troubling them. How much will the product cost? What colours do the t-shirts come in? Where can I park? How long before I get delivery? Anything like that you can turn into a video. It is more engaging to see someone actually talking about online marketing tips than simply reading about it.  An emotional connection is set up between you the presenter and your prospective clients. Utilize this connection to your advantage. Make each single question one stand alone video. People have short attention spans, so give them only as much as they can handle in one go. At the end of your short video you can include a call to action. Here is the answer to your question, now if you want to get hold of this product, pick up the phone now or call in at our showroom, for example. Q & A Videos A good way to structure Q & A videos is to address the top ten questions that your clients ask you and the top ten questions that they should ask. Create video responses to each of these questions using online marketing tools  and upload them to YouTube. You can address such questions as does it work, is it worth the money, when can I expect results, how much work will it be for me, I can’t afford it, can’t I do it myself, have you had any failures and is there a guarantee? Answer these questions and then put them throughout your website. If your client asks you the question, you can send the link back or record a new response and send it to them. Script It Before you record a video, you want to be very clear in your own mind what the question is that you’re answering. Then, write out the explanation and think of the responses you can give to possible objections that people may have. Your prospective client may object that the whole process will take a lot of time, but you can easily counter this by voicing their objection and then answering, that no, in fact it won’t take a lot of time because we take care of all of the details for you. At the end, you can call for your customers’ response. You can see, these are the online marketing tips and questions we’ve been asked, but we’d like to hear from you if you have any further questions, you may say. Create either one of these types of videos and see your business grow. These are effective tips on how to use the power of online video to reach out to your customers. If you want to learn how we do internet video marketing for our business, visit our channel at Youtube.com/theseomethod today.

Give your business an boost by connecting with your customers through promotional videos. Watch this video today.

Top Insights On Creating Branded Videos

Help create a strong brand with your videos! As a small business, should you be aiming for your videos to go viral or should you just concentrate on making well put together branded videos? For your business, it is important to concentrate on your brand as much as possible. To be perfectly frank, it is not really possible to simply make the decision that your video will become viral. It is up to the world to decide that, and all you can really do is make the very best video you are capable of.  Also, it is more often that the video which goes viral, is not really selling anything. People don’t usually like to send videos which are selling something to their friends. The more usual video to go viral is the one like that of Chris Crocker who in 2007 implored the viewer to ‘leaveBrittanyalone’. That video certainly went viral but it had nothing to sell, no hidden agenda. Sometimes, although rarely, a brand will get lucky and go viral. An example of such a video is the Old Spice ad featuring Isaiah Mustafa as ‘the man your man could smell like’. After 71 years, the Old spice brand had the reputation of being an old man’s brand. The new videos went viral and breather new life into something when had been seen as past its use-by date. There is of course a huge difference between the Chris Crocker video and the Old Spice series. The Old Spice ads were a carefully coordinated and orchestrated branded content series of videos rather than viral videos. There is obviously a strong marketing message in them and although they may be seen as entertaining in their own right, their effects are longer lasting than the ‘short, sharp shock’ effect of viral video marketing. Some of the best branded content will be in the form of a series of videos rather than just a single, one-off video. They will be carefully structured, orchestrated and planned, not haphazardly thrown together and put out there to ‘see what happens’. If you are an online small business owner, your efforts will be better spent planning a carefully structured series of branded videos than hoping one of your videos will suddenly be picked up by the viewing public and ‘go viral.’ Your video may be lucky enough to be sufficiently entertaining to be suddenly viewed by million world wide, but this is something you cannot really plan for, and anyway, the effects may not last very long.


A branded video is more about telling a story and giving information about a product or service. It will have a long term effect and make the viewer connect with the brand. It is a message that you are trying to get across and it is usually more niche than a viral video. The Old Spice ad is now taking advantage of the viral aspect by getting the actor Isaiah Mustafa to answer questions put to him through tweets. However, this is the exception to the rule, and not many ads will take off in the way that this one has. It is much better to carefully plan your series of branded videos than to hope for the one in a million chance that it will take off virally. There are a lot of ways to promote your videos if you only know the techniques in doing so. Just click here for more tips on creating viral and branded videos for your business. You can also watch this video for additional tips on creating branded videos today.

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