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Investm ment Analy ysis and Po ortfolio Man nagement
 Objectives of Investme Decision ent ns ; nstraints; Goals of Investors. Introduction; Types of Investors; Con Financial M Markets Introduction, Primary and Secondary Markets; Tr , d y rading in Sec condary Mark kets; Money Market; Rep pos and Reverse Repos; Bon Market; C e nd Common Stocks." Fixed Incom Securitie me es Introduction-Time Value of Money; S Simple and Compound Interest Rates Real and Nominal Inter C s; N rest Rates; Bond Pricing Fun d ndamentals; B Bond Yields; Interest Rates; Macaula Duration and Modified ay a d Duration Capital Mar rket Efficiency Introduction; Market Effic ; ciency; Depa artures from the EMH Financial A Analysis and Valuation Introduction; Analysis of Financial St ; tatements; Financial Ratios (Return, O Operating an Profitabilit nd ty Ratios); Valu uation of Com mmon Stock Technical Analysis." ks; Modern Por rtfolio theor ry Introduction; Diversification and Portf ; tfolio Risks; Equilibrium Models: The C E M CAPM; Multifactor Mode els: The Arbitrag Pricing Th ge heory. Valuation o Derivative of es Introduction; Forwards and Futures; Call and Put Options; Fo ; a t orward and F Futures Pricin Option ng; Pricing; Blac Scholes Formula . ckF Investment Management ; P folio Manage ement; Costs of Managem s ment Introduction; Investment Companies ; Active vs. Passive Portf – Entry/Exit Loads and Fees; Net As F sset Value; Classification of Funds; O C Other Investm ment Compan nies; e nt ed Performance Assessmen of Manage Funds

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