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04-05 IRD and UPO Host International Career Day for Washington D.C. Ninth Graders

04-05 IRD and UPO Host International Career Day for Washington D.C. Ninth Graders

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Published by: International Relief and Development on Apr 18, 2012
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IR RD and UPO P Partner r to Host Inte ernational   Ca areer D Day for r Washington n D.C. N Ninth G Graders s

ARLIN NGTON, VA – Internationa Relief and D al Development (IRD), a majo or implem menter of U.S. foreign assist tance and a le eader in the in nternational sta abilization and dev velopment com mmunity, hos a career d on Wedne sted day esday for ninth graders h who are a part of the United Plann e e ning Organiza ation’s (UPO) POWER pro ) ogram. The stu udents, who al attend high schools in Wa ll ashington D.C Anacostia and C.’s a Congre Heights ne ess eighborhoods, heard from a panel of IRD staff about c , D careers working in internatio developm onal ment: the skill sets such job require, the l bs ance of learnin languages, and the perso satisfacti that comes from ng , onal ion importa learning about other cultures and m g making a diff ference in peo ople’s lives. Th he student also visited booths set up by each of IR ts p RD’s offices, including hea alth, infrastr ructure, logisti stabilizati complian human res ics, ion, nce, sources, and I IT. Student asked quest ts tions about th skills neede and classes they should t he ed take to succeed in each area d a. fe rtant to inspir the next gen re neration and s share with them the “IRD feels it’s impor many opportunities that exist for t o t them in develo opment or in other fields,” said Ingrid Fitzgerald, IR Chief of A F RD Administration “Today’s ca n. areer fair was a chance to give back to our own communi in the same way we help improve the lives of o ity e p e young people worldw p wide.” iative (Provid ding Opportun nities With Ed ducational Rea adiness), UPO’s POWER initi tween grades 7 and 12, encouraging them to pursue hi m igher mentors students bet ion come successf contributin members o the commu ful, ng of unity. educati and to bec About United Planni Organizat U ing tion (UPO): UPO is the Commun Action Ag s nity gency for Wa ashington, D.C and is at the forefront C. e of the fight to improv the lives of Washington D.C. residen Our missi – f ve f n, nts. ion Uniting People with Opportunities is realized t g sthrough our w work in the are of eas educati employm training, h ion, ment housing, and f family service for low-inc es come residen UPO is com nts. mmitted to im mproving the l lives of all Washingtonians and s seeks to be not only a source for g o good but a cat talyst for chan nge.

PO dents meet with h UP POWER stud IRD staff for an In D nternational Car Day. reer

INTERNAT TIONAL  RELIEF & D DEVELOPMENT   |  1 1621 NORTH KENT STREET, 4TH FLOOR  |  ARLINGTON,  V VA 22209  T  703.248 8.0161   |  F  703.24 48.0194   |  WWW.IR RD.ORG 



About International Relief and Development: IRD is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization responsible for implementing relief, stabilization, and development programs worldwide. IRD's mission is to reduce the suffering of the world's most vulnerable groups and provide the tools and resources needed to increase their self-sufficiency. Specializing in meeting the needs of communities emerging from conflict or natural disaster, IRD partners with donors, local organizations, and many others to deliver sustainable services in agriculture, governance, health, and infrastructure. For more information on IRD, visit www.ird.org, and visit the IRD Voices blog to read first-hand accounts from IRD staff in the field. You can also stay up-todate on IRD’s latest news by following us on Facebook, Twitter (@ird_voices), Flickr, or YouTube.


INTERNATIONAL  RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT   |  1621 NORTH KENT STREET, 4TH FLOOR  |  ARLINGTON,  VA 22209  T  703.248.0161   |  F  703.248.0194   |  WWW.IRD.ORG 


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