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Photo: Search and destroy Troops torch P9-M Marijuana plants - A composite team of soldiers and policemen led by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-12 operatives stormed and destroyed some P9 million worth of marijuana plants in Sitio Ulo BUa, a remote village predominantly occupied by Blaan tribesmen near the contested triangular boundaries of South Cotabato, Sarangani and Davo Del Sur, a belated report from the PDEA-12 Regional Headquarters in General Santos City, said. Philmex, military to build more classrooms - The country's biggest miner has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for the construction of additional classrooms, which will be ready in time for the next school opening. Vietnamese poach in PH waters too - Vietnamese fishermen are also poaching in Philippine waters, sometimes gathering endangered marine species such as sea turtles, according to Sen. Loren Legarda on Tuesday. Get out - A day after Prestdent Benigno Aquino 3rd declared that the country will not go to war over the disputed Panatag (Scarbough) Shoal, China demanded that the Philippines pull out all of its vessels from the area, maintaining that it owns the shoal because it was the first to discover the island. Phi, US may discuss shoal dispute in Washington - The standoff in Scarborough Shoal is likely to be taken up in a meeting on April 30 in Washington between the Philippines' top defense and foreign affairs officials and their counterparts in the United States. Stronger military only way to stop Chinese bullying - Only a modernized military can stop China from bullying the country over the disputed areas of the West Philippine Sea and disrespecting Philippine and international laws, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said Tuesday. M.I.L.F. Assembly ~ The leadership of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has urged Muslim youth leaders to rally behind the MILF in its quest for a peace agreement with the Philippine government. New trouble at Spratlys - The Philippines said Tuesday it had filed a new protest against China in their increasingly bitter dispute over the South China Sea, this time for allegedly harassing an archaeological research boat. Top Zambo drug dealer falls - ANTI-NARCOTICS agents arrested the alleged most wanted


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drug pusher in Zamboanga who had been claiming to be a member of the Armed Forces in a raid in Zamboanga City Friday. Dismantle PAGs, smash crime gangs In Mindanao - Bartolome Philippine National Police chief Director General Nicanor Bartolome yesterday ordered police units in Mindanao to dismantle private armed groups (PAGs) of local warlords and smash organized crime groups (OCGs) to ensure peaceful midterm elections in theisland next year.


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Photo: Pep talk Second warship coming soon, says defense chief - A second modern warship for the Philippine Navy may not come soon enough. Seized Chinese vessels remind PH Navy 'we can do it' - Odd-looking dinghies with markings of the Western Command stuck out like a sore thumb among camouflaged naval vessels line up for the start on Monday of the military component of the annual war games between the Philippines and the United States. People's court or cold-blooded War and friendship Beyond Bataan (2) EDITORIAL/OPINION murder?

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Gunboat diplomacy Balikatan not linked to Scarborough Ang pakinabang ng Pilipinas sa 'Balikatan Exercises' My China Phobia Downgrade our embassy in Beijing Enkuwentro sa Scarborough hindi biro! China mas tumapang vs Pinas

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Hindi natin kaya ang China- PNoy Tuso talaga nitong China Mga dahilan kung bakit hindi tayo dapat umasa sa Kano Huwag matakot sa China


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The ridge of a high pressure area extends across Luzon. Theentire country will be partly' cloudy to cloud with isolated rain" showers or thunderstorms, mostly in the afternoon or evening. Coastal. waters throughout the archipelago ' 17m be slight to moderate. Temperature forecasts: Metro Manila, 23-35 degrees Celsiu ; Baguio City, 14-27; Tagaytaj City, 23-31; Subic and Clark zone, 24-35; Metro Cebu. 2531; Metro Davao, 23~30; and Cagayan de Oro, 24-30. Tidal predictions in Manila Bay: high tide at 9:05 a.m, at 0.59 meter; low tide at 2:38 a.rn, at 0.14 meter. Sunrise is at 5:40 a.m.: sunsetat 6:10 p.m.




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Search and destroy


A soldier and a policeman secures P9M-worth marijuana weeds in a Philippine Drug

Enforcement Agency-led operation in sitio Ulo Bila, ci remote village for Blaan tribesmen located near the contested triangular boundaries of South Cotabato, Sarangani and Davao Del Sur in Central Mindanao.

MALUNGON, Sarangani: A composite team of soldiers and policemen .Ied by Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency-12 operatives stormed and destroyed some P9 million worth of marijuana plants in 5itlo UloBila, a remote village predominantly . occupied by Blaan tribesmen near the contested triangular boundaries of South (otabato, Saranqani'anc Davo Del Sur, a belated report from the PDEA-12 Regional Headquarters in General Santos City, said. PDtA director Aileen Lovitos, in a telephone interview told The Manila Times that the eradication of 8, 200 fully grown marijuana plants on Thursday last weekwas part of the anti-drug agency's intensified campaign against the proliferation of illicit drugs and banned weeds in Central Mindanao Region.lovitos, who also led the SepU012 burning of more or less P2M-worth marijuana plantation in Brgy. Malabod, Malungon,Sarangani said the increasing volume of seized marijuana plants compared to last year's is an indication that the government's all-out war against/Cannabis sativa' is gaining ground.ISAGANI P. PALMA


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THE country's biggest miner has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for the construction of additional classrooms, which will be ready in timeJor the next school opening; Philex Mining Corp., together with subsidiary Silangan Mindanao Mining Co. Inc. (SMMCI), has inked an agreement with AFP's 52nd Engineering Brigade to pursue better quality of education and sustainable peace, among others, for the host communities. "Education provides the opportunity for our children in Surigao defNorte to follow their dreams and rise above poverty/' said Eulalio Austin, Phil.ex president and chief operations officer lilt is our responsibility to ensure that happens, and we start by addressing the basic problem of classroom shortage," he added. The MOAbetween the two parties is anchored on the previously signed agreement late last year allying Philex and the National Development Support Command, the .AFP's peace and development arm. "Through this pact with our peacekeepers, we do not only give 'our host communities' children the oppo~tunity to have access to quality education, but as well forge closer relationship with the military who are armed with shovels and carpentry tools," Austin said. Various school projects in the municipality of Placer will be commenced late this month and shall be finished before the opening of classes. Among the projects in the pipeline are three school projects, including repairs of six classrooms in Barangay Anislagan; eenstructlen of a two-classroom building in Barangay Boyongani and repairs of five classrooms in Barangay Macalaya, all in Placer town of Surigao del Norte. . . Still in the pre-feasibility phase of its Silangan Proje'ct in Surigao Del Norte, Philex~ SMMCjhas implem'ented various projects through its I-HELPProgram, bringing health and sanitation, education assistance, livelihood and skills development, and public infrastructure. JAMES KONSTANINALVEZ G



VIETNAMESEfishermen are also poaching in Philippine waters, sometimes gathering endangered marine species such as sea turtles, according to Sen. Loren Legarda on Tuesday. She condemned the recent "attack" on the country's marine species and called on authorities to intensify security efforts to protect. marine resources. The senator cited a report by the Philippine Navy that its personnel apprehended at least 20 Vietnamese fishermen who' caught some 20 live sea turtles off the coast of Balabac town in Palawan province on April 12. . "This is another alarming incident that threatens our marine biodiversity. We need to be more vigilant. to successfully intercept such illegal activities and prevent massive destruction of our marine resources," she said. "I laud the residents for promptly reporting the incident, which allowed our Navy personnel to immediately act on the situation," the senator added. Legarda urged local government units (LGUs) to be at the forefront in the crusade to protect the country's marine resources. She recalled a disturbing' report last year about poaching activities that ravaged 7,000 hectares of sea bed in the Mora Gulf and the Sulu Sea. The damaged marine life area measured about twice the size
.,' "J




and citizens," she said, of Manila and poachers harvested The standoff between Philipmore than 21,000 pieces of black pine ships and Chinese vessels coral and killed hundreds of marine arose from the discovery of Chispecies, including 161 endangered nese fishermen at the Panatag I turtles, with a market value of about (Scarborough) Shoal. P.35 million pesos. ·We need to strictly and effectively . The fishermen left the' area along ~ with their catch that included giant implement our laws, particularly the clams and live sharks after the PhilFisheries Code of the Philippines, but ippines pulled out its biggest warequally essential is the cooperation ship from the shoal. and coordination between authorities


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DAY after President Benigno Aquino 3rd declared that the country will not go to war over the disputed Panatag . .....~ (Scarbough) Shoal, China demanded that the Philippines pull out all of its vessels from the area, maintaining.that it owns the shoal because it was the first to discover the island. . .'
"Philippine territory is set by a series of international treaties, including the Treaty of Paris However, the embassy noted that the (1898), the Treaty of Washington (1900) and the Philippines did not withdraw its ships. treaty with Great Britain (1930), none of which "Unexpectedly an archaeological vessel was ever referred to Huangyan Island or included this found in the lagoon conducting salvage archaeolisland into its territory," it added. The Chinese ogy. This infringes on China's rights and violates call Panatag Shoal Huangyan Island. relevant international conventions. These activities "Until 1997, the Philippine side has never by the Philippine side raised further grave concems disputed China's jurisdiction of and developof the Chinese side on the situation there," it said. ment of Huangyan Island. On the other hand, "In this context, the Chinese public service' the Philippines indicated on a number of occasions that Huangyan Island was beyond its ter- vessels have to stay there to watch the situation," the embassy said. It urged the Philippines "to ritory. According to international law, including the United Nations Convention on the Law of withdraw all of their vessels from [the] Huangyan the Sea (Unclos), the Philippines' claim of Island area and restore peace and stability there." jurisdiction and sovereignty rights over Huangyan Island with the arguments of Itlos case mulled Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is groundless. Amid the unexpected Chinese demand, Foreign Unclos allows coastal states to claim a 200-nauAffairs Secretary Albert del Rosario invited China tical mile EEZ, but coastal states have no rights to join the Philippines in bringing the dispute to infringe on the inherent territory and before the International Tribunal on the Law of sovereignty of other countries," the embassy said. the Sea (Itlos]. It added that China was' ready to further "The purpose of the exercise will be to discuss the issue with Manila "and try our best ascertain which of us has sovereign rights over to settle the incident properly." • the waters surrounding Scarborough Shoal "Peace and stability should be maintained at 1 ~here Ch.i~ese ships are currently engaging in tAl the Huangyan Island area, with fishing undis- ~ Illegal actrvmes within the Philippine Exclusive . Economic Zone," del Rosario said. ' turbed." the embassy said. "China and the Philippines have differences over "Thewhole world knows that China has myriad the sovereignty of Huangyan Island, but after sev- more ships and aircraft than the Philippines. At eral rounds of consultations, both sides agreed not ~ay's en~, however, we hope to demonstrate that to do anything to complicate or aggravate the situ a- international law would be the great equalizer," tion, Both sides agreed to settle the incident through the DFA chief, who is in Washington, added. . diplomatic means. In view of the complex situation According to him, he will discuss the issue in in that area, China's fir\';'1g boats left on April 13 in his meetings with US officials.


a stateme~t released by the Chinese Embassy in vianila on Tuesday, spokesman Hua Zhang said that l civilian vessel conducting research at the shoal .hould also leave, noting that it has no right to salrage an ancient Chinese wreck. "It is China that first discovered this island, gave it he name, incorporated it into its territory, and exer:ised jurisdiction over it," the embassy added.



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tn1~~itll::lti()n."it added.

It was the second invitation from the DFA to China. The first was contained in a diplomatic note sent by Undersecretary Erlinda Basilio to China's Amba~sador to Manila Ma Keqing on Monday. Whtle the department is waiting for China's response to the invitation, Hernandez said that the goven~ment is committed to a diplomatic approach in resolving the dispute, but stands

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On its own
Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Voltaire Ga~min on Tuesday said that the Philippines should not rely on the United States or any of its allies in its attempt to end the dispute. "It is not right that we should always rely on other countries. We need to stand on our own. If they wanted to help they will do it on their ?~n b.ut 1 am sure the Americans will only help If It WIll affect their interest," Gazmin said. Gazmin admitted that the government neglected the Panatag Shoal after the Senate voted to -remove the American bases in 1992. "We have a lighthouse there before and used it as some sort of a bombing site by the Americans when they have still their bases here. It's like a Crow Valley. which means that it is ours," he added. US Naval and Coast Guard ships also used to regularly patrol the area but when the Americans left, the island was neglected because of the military's lack of resources. Gazmin said that the dispute showed the . importance of modernizing the military. Of the P331 billion allotted for the Armed Forces mod.ernization, P164 billion was supposed . to be provided by congressional appropriation unde~ th.e annual national budget or General App:o~natJons Act (GM) and the remaining PI67 billion would corne from different sources induding part of the proceeds that would come fro~ the sale or lease of military camps as provided under the Bases Conversion Act. . RA7898 provides that within fiveyears, from the tirne the law was enacted in 1995 to 2000, PSO billion or PlQ billion a year should be allotted to the APP Modernization Program. However this provision of the law was not followed. r

strong in insisting on its sovereign rights and iurisdiction over the Panatag Shoal. "Sa ngayofl, humahanap tayo ng diplomatic resolution bago idulog sa Itlos. Gusto muna natin makipag-usap sa China tungkol dilO sa Scarborough Shoal ((Fornow, we are trying to find a diplomatic resolution before going to Itlos, We want to talk with China about this)," he said. "Kung ayaw nila pumunia sa Itlos orto any dispute settlement mechanisms under Unci as, ay hindi si/a prepared to validate their claims (If they do not want to go to Itlos or if they reject any dispute settlement mechanism under Unci as, they are not prepared to validate their claims) he added. .The Department of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday said that the Philippine government has also reached out to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) regarding Beijing's incursions and illegal activities at the Panatag Shoal. Hernandez said that documents have already been forwarded to the Asean, composed of the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Brunei Darussalam. "We're not saying that we're okay. There were documents already submitted that we're contesting what happened [at the Panatag Shoal)," Hernandez added. 'China's basis (in contesting the shoal) is weak, that's why we are contesting it." China's daim on the whole West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) is based on historical data, while the Philippines daim isstrengthened by international maritime laws, induding the Unclos. . The issue on the West Philippine Sea has been discussed extensively during the Asean Summit in C~~odia ~herein the Philippines urged the group to mvrte China for talks on how to resolve the issue. Beijing, however, has earlier made it known that it will not be agreeable to a multilateral approach to the issue. It said that it will only negotiate on a bilateral level.



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April 2012

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PhI, US may discuss shoal dispute in Washington
_ The standoff in Scarborough Shoal is likely to be taken up in a meeting on April 30 in Washington between the Philippines' top defense and foreign affairs officialsand their counterparts in the United States, "I'm sure this will be one of the subject matters," Defense Secretary VoltaireGazmin said yesterday when asked if the issue would be discussed in the so-called 2+2 meeting with his US counterpart Leon Panetta and Secretary of.5tate Hillary Clinton. Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario will also be at the meeting. "There are three issues act,ually., The regional issues, and then bilateral and defense issues, then economic cooperation," he told reporters at Camp Aguinaldo. Officials are expected to take the meeting as an opportunity to submit a list of military hardware the country needs to establish a credible maritime defense. The Philippines is reportedly nee gotiating for a third hand-me-down coast guard cutter, a squadron of F-16 jets, communications equipment, and weapons system for its newly acquired warships. Gazmin, meanwhile, said there is no need to seek assistance from the us in monitoring the situation in Scarborough Shoal, called Panatag Shoal by the Philippines. "We don't need to seek help on these things. This (area) is ours," the defense chief said, "We don't need assistance because it is very clear that the area is ours. Based on any law, we will prevail," he added. Last November, Clinton said her country would remain "in the comer" of the Philippines, its "trusted ally.'" The US has also vowed to help the Philippines improve its maritime defense capability. Clinton and Gazmin have also signed the Manila Declaration, in which the US reaffirmed its commitment to the two countries' Mutual Defense Treaty. "We share a common interest in maintaining freedom of navigation, unimpeded lawful commerce and transit of people across the seas and subscribe to a rules-based approach in resolving competing claims in maritime areas through peaceful, collaborative, multilateral and diplomatic processes within the framework of international law," the declaration read. Gazmin said the Scarborough Shoal standoff would have an impact on the freedom of navigation. "There will be an effect because fishermen in the area could not fish. In fad, they are being asked to leave even if that place is ours," he-said.
By ALEXIS ROMERO as flying less than 500 feet over a particular area or target. He said a Chinese fishing vessel was also spotted in the area. When asked if the harvest of the illegal Chinese vessel could be confiscated, Gazmin said: "There is an impasse. You know, any action that is more or.less considered aggressive .will escalate the tension." "Right now, we are after a peaceful solution. We are not looking for a war," he added. Despite these incidents, the defense chief is hopeful that the standoff would be settled peacefully. "I am very optimistic that we will reach a peaceful conclusion, I am sure China will not go to war because of this. We cannot afford a war at this time," Gazmin said. "It is important to have trust and confidence. Both parties should be sincere in the accomplishment of a peaceful solution,' otherwise the impasse would continue," he added. In December last year, the Navy commissioned its newest and largest warship, BRP Gregorio del Pilar, a Hamilton-class US coast guard cutter. It was the same ship which .first responded to reports of Chinese incursion in Scarborough Shoal on April S, Its crew boarded the Chinese .fishing vessels found with illegal harvest of corals, giant clams and live sharks but were prevented from arresting the fishermen and seizing their catch by responding Chinese maritime vessels. The Gregorio del Pilar eventually left and was replaced by a smaller

Tension still high
Gazmin said tensions in the area remain high, citing reports of Chinese aircraftbuzzing a Filipino fishing boat. . "We'cannot identify (what type of plane) but we are certain that a Chinese aircraft buzzed (over the Filipino fishing vessel)," Gazmin said. Buzzing is defined by the military

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and lightly armed coast guard search and rescue ship. "The whole world knows that China has myriad more ships and aircraft than the Philippines. At day's end, however, we hope to demonstrate that international law would be the great equalizer," Del Rosario said. Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez, for his part, said that while the Philippines has been urging the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to take the lead in resolving the West Philippine Sea issue, it has not asked the regional bloc'sintervention ill the Scarborough standoff. "For this particular case, no. But we have been urging ASEAN to take the lead in resolving the West Philippine Sea issue and to help convene the claimant states so we can discuss this issue and find a solution through a rules-based regime, involving a i:nu1tilateral approach in accordance with international law, specifically the UNCLOS," Hernandez said .. At Malacafiang, deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte voiced support for the DFA's move to take the issue to ITLOS "as part of our country's diplomatic solution." "It is in the best interest of all concerned to settle the issue through diplomatic means," Valte said in a statement. The ITLOS'is an intergovernmental organization mandated by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and signed in 1982. The convention came into force on Nov. 16, 1994 with an established international legal framework for" all ocean space, its uses and resources." - Aurea Calica, Pia Lee-Brago
.. -_.-----

Legal solution
Del Rosario, meanwhile, invited China to join Manila in settling the issue before a United Nations-backed tribunal. "1think we should continue to talk in pursuit of a diplomatic solution. At the same time, both China and the Philippines should seriously consider a legal track in terms of proceeding to ITLOS," Del Rosario said. ITLOS stands for International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. "A diplomatic solution would likely be temporary whereas a legal one would be lasting," Del Rosario added. Del Rosario left on Sunday for the US to campaign for Philippine nominee, retired Supreme Court justice Florentino Feliciano, to the International Court of Justice (IC}). The elections will be held in New York on April 27. "In pursuing a peaceful settlement of the Scarborough Shoal issue, we fully intend to humbly invite our Chinese friends to join us in the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea," Del Rosario said. "The purpose of the exercise will be to ascertain which of us has sovereign rights over the waters surrounding Scarborough Shoal where Chinese ships are currently engaging in illegal activities within the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ)," he stressed.



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StmiOard TODAY


~ .1.

Stronger military only way· stronger ... to stop Chinese bullying

The Aquino administration on Tuesday challenged China to tothe UN if it really believed in' the strength of its territorial claims. off Zambales province. Manila ,"It is in the best interest of . says that is well within the Phil- I all concerned to settle the issue through diplomatic means," depBy Florante S. Solmerin the territorial dispute in the West ippines' 200:-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone. Philippine Sea and said it had uty presidential' spokeswoman "We cannot resolve this on the ONLY a modernized military asked the International Tribunal Abigail Valte said. . . basis of the UNCLOS if one parcan stop China from bullying the on the Laws of the Sea to rule :"We support the Department ty [China] does not want to coopcountry over the disputed areas of on the recent brush with China ofF oreign Affairs' position to erate and face the International the West Philippine Sea and dis- in the We t Philippine Sea. bring the Panatag Shoal [ScarCourt of Justice," Gazmin said. On Monday, the commander respecting Philippine and interborough Shoal] incident before "As far as we are concerned, national 'laws, Defense Secretary of the Northern Luzon Command, the International Tribunal on the we are always ready and push- . Law of. the Sea as part of our Voltaire Gazrnin said Tuesday. Lt. Gen. Anthony Alcantara. vising for this but they don't like it. He said the government had ited the officers and crew of the country's' diplomatic solution to Their only basis of claiming the been exhausting all peaceful country's biggest warship, the the stand-off" means to resolve its spat with BRP Gregorio del Pilar, which is area is 'history'." Foreign . Affairs spokesman The volatile situation at the China over the disputed areas, but docked in Poro Point in La Union, Raul Hernandez said if China Panatag Shoal is far from 'over China was being uncooperative, The warship was pulled back from decided not to respond, it could as two Chinese maritime surveil"Well, the third option is a.tense standoff with· Chinese vesonly mean Beijing "is not ready lance vessels returned to the area credible deterrence: upgrade the sels in the Scarborough Shoal last to validate their claims." on Sunday and were joined by capability of our Armed Forces," week. "If they are ready, they should another fishing vessel on Mon-. Gazrnin on Tuesday said ChiGazmin said. come with us and have the interna was more inclined to bully its . day, "But again, this is not directnational body resolve the issue. "Iwo ships of the Philippine ed towards to China or any of neighbors than to re olve the is. They said their claims are very Coast Guard and MY Sarangani, the countries in the region. This sue on the disputed areas lawfulstrong, then let's go to ITLOS," a :private vessel: doing research, is for our protection to make ly and regally under the United Hernandez said. were also in the area. sure that our laws are enforced Nation Convention o'rt the-Law The tribunal is an independent A Chinese aircraft buzzed and we are able to protect our of the Sea. judicial body established bytbe the Philippine vessels MonThe Scarborough Shoaf. territorial waters. United Nations Convention on day,triggering a diplomatic The Aquino administration on which Manila calls the Panatag the Law of the Sea to settle disprotest. .' jmtes in the interpretation of the Tuesday challenged China to go Shoal, is about 65 nautical miles On Friday" the two Chinese Next page to the United Nations to resol e convention. maritime surveillance . ships Both the Philippines and china . helped eight Chinese fishing are signatories to the UNCLOS, vessels escape from the area China claims all of the West. with their illegal harvest of gi. Philippine Sea as a historic right, ant clams, corals and endangered including those that the Philipmarine species after the BRP del pines says is well within the Pilar' pulled out from the area. country's exclusive economic ~.I.LF~SSEMBL The Philippine warship corzone recognized by the United nered the eight Chinese fishing Nations. With Joyce Pangea PaGENERALSANTOS CITY - The vessels Tuesday last week, but fia)'es and John Anthony Conleadership of the Moro Islamic . the two Chinese surveillance vescepcion Liberation Front (MILF) has sels prevented them from arresturged Muslim youth leaders ing the poachers. to rally behind the MILF in its



quest for a peace.agreement with the Philippine government, Speaking' to more than 50 Moro youth leaders at their plenary assembly in Cotabato City recently, Mohaqer Iqbal, the MILF peace panel chairman, hinted that there are indications that the peace negotiation will drag OFFle on amid the contentious issues I...._----I raised by both panels. "I'm not optimistic and, nor pes~imis~ic. I'm just always objective With the peace process and negotiations. (Joseph Jubelag)

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April 2012 ~

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THE Philippines said Tuesday it had filed a new protest against China hi their increasingly bitter dispute over the South China Sea, this time for allegedly harassing an archaeological research boat. '. The protest was over an incident at Scarborough Shoal, the same area of the sea where Chinese vessels blocked a Philippine warship from arresting the crew of eight Chinese fishing boats this month, the government said.' . "We lodged the protest yesterday afternoon" with the Chinese ambassador in Manila, said Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez. "The harassment of the vessel is part of the continued intrusion and illegal activities being done by China in our area," he told AFP, He said the Philippine-registered M/Y Saranggani was "harassed by Chinese ships and aircraft" while on Scarborough, which is about 230 kilometers (140 miles) from the western coast of the Philippines' main island of Luzon. Hernandez said Saranggani was manned by scientists,..including nine French nationals. No other details were available about their research and when they specifically arrived in the area, but Hernandez said the research boat was still there.

"It is doing research, which is well within our rights," Hernandez said..' . A spokeswoman for the French Embassy in Manila said it would not give any details or comment about the case, China claims all of the South China Sea as its own on historical grounds, even waters approaching the coasts of the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. The rival claims have been a source of regional tensions .for decades, although the Philippines and Vietnam have accused China over the past yeiir of becoming increasingly aggressive in asserting its position. . On AprilS, the Philippines found the eight Chinese fishing boats at Scarborough Shoal, and deployed its warship to arrest the crew. China quickly deployed three civilian maritime vessels that took turns in blocking the warship. In a bid to calm the situation, the Philippines pulled back its warship and replaced it with a coast guard vessel late last week, and the fishing vessels sailed away over the weekend. Hernandez said a lone Philippine coast guard boat now remained in the area on Tuesday, facing off with two Chinese civilian ships. AFP

Top%ambo drug dealer falls
ANTI-NARCOTICS agents arrested the alleged most wanted drug pusherin Zamboanga who had been claim·ing to be a member of the Anned Forces in a raid in Zamboanga City Friday. Philippme'Drug Enforcement Agency chair Undersecretary Jose S. Gutierrez, Jr. said Nadzul S,Alih,32, alias "Katindig" and "Cpl.Ismail Asmadi" was the leader of the AlihDrug Group known for illegal drug trafficking in the city. "Alih ranked number one in the list of targets in the whole of Zamboanga province and number three in the regional targets, His arrest would greatly affect the supply of shabu in the province (of Zamboanga J," Gutierrez said .. PDEA Regional Office 9 director Adzhar Albani said Alih yielded a loaded. 9mm caliber pistol and several identification cards including those from the Armed Forces, Armed Forces and Police Savings and Loans Association, Inc. or AFPSLAI, and Air Force Material Wing Savings and Loan Association-Inc. or AMWSLAI. The agents said that while the suspect was being trans. ported to the Zamboanga City Regional Trial Court, they noticed a sports utility vehicle tailing them prompting them to call for back-up. Alfred Dallzon .

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CAMP Panacan, Davao City .~ Philippine National Police chief Director+General NicanorBartolome -yesterday ordered police units in Mindanao to dismantle private armed groups (PAGs) of local and smash organized crime groups (OCGs)to ensure peaceful midterm elections in the island next year. -,_-=-_ IPage 2

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Bartolome, accompanied by members of his command group, was interviewed by People'e Tonight during- a lull in the turnover _ceremony for new commanding general of the Eastern Mindanao. Command (Eastmincom) between Lt. General Jorge Segovia and outgoing Eastmincomchief Lt. General Arthur 'I'abaquero. -, . _ . Bartolome' said his entourage, -consis-Ung of members of his command group, dropped by during the ceremony so he can also personally gremsego'fl'a; obis rnistah from the 'Mapitagan Class' 1980 of the 'philippine Military Academy, . . "Marami kaming problemang napag-usaparrandI was also briefed about the situation here," Bartolome said, -referring to his meetings with his police commanders. " _ Bartolome: said he has instructed the PNP to go after PAGs and OCGs. "Malapit na ang eleksyon at gusto nating tiyakin na ito ay magiging mapayapa sa pamamagitan ng 'pagdurog' sa mga grupong itongayon pa lang," 'he added. . . -Bartolome said he also plans a similar visit to the Visayas where he would also call for the same region. wide command conference to also address the peace and order- situation there.


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Pe-p talk. tt. Gen. Anthony Alcantara (in fatigues) pep up the crew of -~ the-BRP GregoriO del Pilar which hosted a command conference of the . milltiUy's Nothern LUZonCommand at the Poro Point port yesterdilll: 10 FI nilANl'E ~_ !l.O.LMERr rt _

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Second warship. coming soon,. says defense chief
By Dona Z. Panibugan A SECONDmodern warship for the Philippine Navy may not come soon enough. Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin told reporters yesterday that a hew high-endurance cutter from the US Coast Guard was expected to arrive in the .country within the second quarter of the year. Earlier reports said the Philippine Navy will acquire the former USCG Dallas which was decommissioned recently. It is a sister ship of what is now the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, acquired in June last year but arrived in the country in September. It is now the biggest war- 138 contracts ship in the Navy fleet. Gazmin also said the DepartThe second cutter was origi- .ment of National Defense nally expected to arrive early this (DND) was almost done in year. 'We will get it within the preparing half of the 138 conyea;" said Gazmin, adding he tracts worth P70 billion to achad' been assured by US officials . quire major. hardware and "that we will be able to get it." equipment for the military Gazmin and Foreign Secre- within the next four years. tary Albert del Rosario will be in The DND targets to finish all the United States April 30 for 138 contracts by July this year talks with US Defense Secretary so they can be submitted to Leon Panetta' and Secretary of President Aquino for approval, State Hillary Clinton on bilater- and then to Congress for budget al defense and economic issues. appropriation. The contracts in"Maybe it will be nice if I can elude the acquisition of fighter ride (on the new ship) on myre- jets, warships and modern turn home," Gazmin said in a equipment to boost depleted Defense Press Corps forum. military assets, especially of the .Their bilateral talks will take Air Force and the Navy. place as the standoff between Philippine and Chinese ships in the Panatag (Scarborough) .Shoal entered its second week. "I'm sure this will be one of the subjects," Gazinin said when asked if the impasse will betaken up. But he downplayed the possibility of an outright US assistance on the matter. "Let's be practical. From their point of view; if it'sin their interest, they will act in order to assist us. But if it is hot in their interest, I'm . sure they will not act. Sowhat we :will do is [focuson our] capability upgrade. They will offer equipment that would be able to addressthese areas;"Gazminsaid.


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Seized Chinese vessels remind PH Navy 'we can do it'
Inquirer Southern Luzon
PUERTO·PRlNCESA CITY-Oddlooking dinghies. with markings of the Western Command stuck out like a sore thumb among camouflaged naval vessels lined up for the start on Monday of the. military component of the annual war games between the Philippines and the United States. The dinghies looked different because they were Chinese fishing boats seized by Philippine Navy patrols during numerous cases of Chinese incursions into Philippine territory The boats have been commissioned into the Naval Forces West, a branch of the Philippine Navy tasked with guarding against further Chinese incursions. "It is not always that the Chinese get away like they did in Scarborough," said a Navy officer

By RedemptoD. Anda

TWO OF AT LEAST four former Chinese dinghies seized from poachers in recent years and are now commissioned as Philippine Navy vessels R£PEMPTO ANDN!NQUIR£R SOUTHERN who asked not to be identified He was referring to the escape of all eight Chinese fishing boats amid a standoff in Scarborough Shoal, 230 km west of Zambales province in Luzon.


''Yes, those (Chinese) boats in our possession mean we it," said CoL Neil Estrella, spokesperson of the Western Command. Philippine and US officials .were, nevertheless, careful not to (This is the 10th time that the exercise was held in Palawan.) . The public relations officers of both sides have exerted more effort to defuse questions on the impact of this year's exercises on tension between the Philippines and China over their' claims in the Spratlys. "We're not here scouting out: sites (for bases). I understand this seems to be a popular speculation but we're not hunting out sites," Lt. Ray Ragan, a US military spokesperson, said at the outset of medical missions in impoverished Palawan communities two weeks ago, Still, some of the objectives of the amphibious military exercises have attracted the attention of medir and activists. such as Pa- L I' 5287 5295 malr.xaya, a fisherfolk group that oca. , had accused the United States of preparing to develop Palawan as a de facto naval base.


. spin this year's ratcheted-up edition of the Balikatan exercises into a muscle-flexing event against China's aggression currently on display at the Scarborough Shoal. 'We've been doing this (joint military exercises) every year ... This is just part of a continuing mission of the US military;" said US Marine Capt. Staci Reidinger at a press briefing on Monday. Reidinger is the Exercise Balikatan 2012-Palawan US Forces public affairs officer but he is normally assigned to the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona, as director of public affairs. With more US troops participating in the exercise done annually for the past 28 years under the Mutual Defense Treaty OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBLI( and Visiting Forces Agreement, close to 1,000 personnel have built more school buildings and increased medical assistance this year than in previous years.




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People's courts or cold-blooded murder?

On February 2, 2008, Vicente S. Ferrazzini was shot repeatedly bycommunist assassins when he stopped his car at a red light in downtown Davao City; in the southern Philippines. The 44-year-old businessman was rushed to the hospital, where he died two days later. The New People's Army (NPA), which has been waging a Maoist insurgency throughout the Philippines for more than four decades, justified Ferrazzini's murder by saying he had been allowing the military to set up camps on one of his family's properties. . .. Targeted killings like this by the NPA are not new. The NPA was founded 43 years ago as the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, making it one of the longest-running Communist movements in the world. Since its inception, it has carried out such killings as.part of what it calls "revolutionary justice." This "justice" is often meted out after a conviction arid sentencing by what the NPA calls its "people's courts." The latest to fall to the NPA's form of justice was Patrick Wineger, a Filipino businessman of Swiss descent who was shot dead on March 7 in Kidapawan City in Mindanao. The NP A, in a statement a ~ay later, accu~ed Wine&er of being a m~litary "asset" and said he had been Involved ill the fatal shooting of an Italian priest, Father Fausto Tentorio, on October 17 in his garage in the nearby town of Arakan, The NPA claims that Wineger had referred to Father Tentorio as a communist supporter at a public rally several months before his killing. . On April 9, the NPA released what it called an "indictment" of Wineger, as well as of President Benigno Aquino III, military officials, and members of paramilitary forces, for Tentoria's murder. While the NPA has so far stuck with its pronouncements seeking to justify Wineger's killing, it decided to apologize for Ferrazzini's murder after its own investigation deter,

mined that the grounds for the death sentence had been insufficient. While the NPA offered to compensate Ferrazzini's family -- the killing proved to be a major setback for the NPA in southern Mindanao - it is unclear whether disciplinary action was taken against those responsible. , Common article 3 of the 1949 Geneva Conventions, which applies to all warring parties in the Philippines, prohibits passing sentences without a judgment by a regularly constituted court, "affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples." The 1977 Additional Protocol specifies that the court must be independent and impartial, and the accused shall have the right to be at the trial and present a defense, among other guarantees. . The NPAhas sought to give credence to its "justice" by claiming its revolutionary courts follow "legally acceptable principles," which" are applied and the rules of criminal procedures are undertaken under the prevailing guerilla war conditions." Its penal code, the NPA saidin a letter to Human Rights Watch in October 2011, "prescribes; among other penalties; the imposition of capital punishment for grave crimes which have inflicted huge damage to the masses and the revolution." In its statement on the NPA's 43rd anniversary on March 29, the Communist Party's central committee urged the NPA to carryon dispensing "justice.". It asserted, as it has in the past, that "the broad masses of the people strongly demand the arrest, trial and punishment of the landlords with blood debts, all the human rights violators, the plunderers, ringleaders of criminal syndicates in drugs, human trafficking and cattle-rustling and operators of enterprises that ruin the environment, agri- . culture and livelihood of the people." . The longstanding failings of the Philippines' justice system,

which permits .members of security forces and powerful warlor~s to commI~ c~untless. abuse~ wi0 ,~mpunity, have helped ~o~lve the NPA s revolutionary Justice a measure of credibility in lawless rural areas. Thus the NPA claimed, in its letter of apology to the Ferrazzini family, that while the Armed Forces of the Philippines had a "terrible record of fraud and fabrication, deceitfulness and deception," "self-criticism" was "a hallmark of the principled standpoint, viewpoint and method of the revolutionary movement." But in pra~tice t~e pe?ple's courts are anything but an indepen?ent and ~mpartia] tnbunal. Philip Alston, the former United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions, reported that the NPA'scourt system was "either deeply flawed or simply a sham." The procedures the NPA claims to follow make a mockery of real justice. Their executions are nothing short of cold ~lo~ded mu~de:. Most of those accused of political crimes are tned In absentw without their knowledge. Those in the NPA's ~ustody - whether. captl~red soldiers or accused spies - are l~kely to f~ce a t~al In which they or an appointed representative are gIVen little real chance to present a defense. And of cour~e the whole process, from beginning to frequently grisly end, IS under the NPA's control. . By p_re.tendin~that it is operating a realjustice system, when In fact It IS car:ymg out blo~~y.vigilante justice, the NPA only OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHJEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Email add: ( adds to the mIser;: of the Filipino people directly affected by the country's long mt~rnal armed conflict. If NPA leaders pride themselves on. carrymg f~rth the aspirations of the Filipino masses, they WIll stop holdmg sham trials and shooting people down in the streets. r- /Elaine Pearsor: is the deputy Asia director at Human Rights Watch. _13_10Wher on TWItter at @PearsonElaine)

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The entrance to the museum of the two-story struc:.tore greets visitors with a similar message: "Freedom is not free. It is paid for with the. blood. of fighting men and stained with the tears of loved ones left beBy ANA MARIE PAMINIUAN hind." Viloria called the memorial hall "a monument to ; peace and friendship." Retired Lt. Gen. Ernesto Carolina, administrator of the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO), told me that about 20 percent of PEFTOK veterans are still Not too long ago Filipino solalive. diersfought the Chinese in a Ramos, who toured the facility with P-Noy, told battlefield. One episode in that i "me there were no Women soldiers in PEFTOK, but war was documented, with the most of the Red Cross volunteers from Manila who 44-member Philippine team killentertained the troops were women like Rustica .ing 16 Chinese soldiers in a batt~e Carpio and Rosa Rosal. He also mentioned "Joan for control of a hill with strategic Page" - only our entertainment editor Ricky La importance. knew anything about her, telling me she was an . Two of the kills were attributed American actress. Ricky said Page made a movie to '" 24-year-old Army second for Sampaguita Pictures in the early '50s, called lieutenant named Fidel Ramos, h liAng-Asawa Kong Amerikana (My American Wife)." leader of the reconnaissance platoon under the 20t : The leading man was Oscar Moreno, father of acBattalion Combat Team of the Philippine Expeditiontress Boots Anson Roa, ary Force to' Korea (PEFTOK). .. . South Korea's Ministry of Patriots and Veterans AfSeven F-86 sabre jet fighters of the US Au Force fairs financed the construction of the memorial; the dropped napalm bombs over eneu:y li?es as Ramo~' land was provided by the Philippine government. platoon overran the spot c.aUe?Eerie Hill, wher~ ChiNearby is the site for a four-story Human Resources nese communist troops, fighting alongside t~euISoDevelopment Center, to be built with a $7.5-million rean communist allies, had built bunkers. Startmgw1:th grant from the Korean International Cooperation artillery; the Filipinos moved in, lobbing grena~es, firAgency (KOrCA), with the S,OOO-square-meter land ing .30 caliber~achjne guns. as .well as Ml Gar~nd provided by the PVAO. rifles and Browning Automatic RIfles, and then usmg To be completed in 2014, the training center will be ·their bayonets in close quarters combat. the third to be built by KOICA in this country. A voIt was May 1952..PEFTOK w~s fo!med at the be, cational training center in Davao City and an IT cenhest of the United Nations - the first tune that the UN fer in the Quezon City Polytechnic University, which dispatched for,:,~s to war. - as Koreans fOc:~ht ~nd opened in 2005, have produced about 3,000 graduheaded for partition of their country. The P~lhppmes ates so far. was the third among 16nations, after the United Sta~~s Korean Ambassador Hye Min Lee, who presided and Australia, to send troops to Korea. Of 7,420 FIhover the' groundbreaking for the training center in ·pino combat troops, 112 were killed ~n action, 229 Taguig, told me, "This is a small return for the big wounded, 16 missing and 41 taken as prIsoners of war. . assistance' given by the Philippines in Korea." · People in what would later become South Korea At the memorial hall, Lee also noted that the two remember those days. Park Sung Choon, the country's countries "share common values of democracy and minister of patriots and veterans affairs, noted that freedom." · Filipinos "fought for a country they never knew and The center in Taguig will be used mainly for techthey never met." . nical and vocational courses administered by the Park was in Manila for the inauguration of the Technical and Educational Skills and Development : PEFTOK-Korean War Memorial Hall last March 29 at Authority (TESDA). Among the courses to be ofthe Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City. fered are animation, digital game programming, Speaking through an interpreter, Park recalledthat mechatronics servicing, instrumentation and conhis country was one of the po~rest ~, the world durtrol servicing. ing the war. Now South Korea IS As~a s,~ourth largest The spacious structure will be useful for TESDA, economy, and the country, Park said, owes a great which can train only about 2,000 Filipinos nationwide .' debt of honor" to those who helped make this posevery year because of lack of facilities and resources. sible. .. Such skills are needed if we want to catch up with "Freedom is not free," Park said in ceren:omes atthe Korean economy. South Korea is now the third tended by President Aquino, whose father Ninoy covlargest source of foreign direct investment in the Philered the Korean War as a teenage correspondent for ippines, our fifth largest trading partner, one of the. ·the Afanila Times.· . .-._._._ biggest sources of aid, and the largest source of tour-i I counted only about 15 veterans. of the war, Ramos :t' Oacl ists, __j [ . included, who were at the ceremonies and heard Park ._'__ Consider where the South Koreans were when 2Lt. . , thanking "those who made. the .ultimate sacrifice so Fidel Ra. as was fighting in their war, and where the m ·that we may live in "freedom.". . Philippines was at the time, and consider the progress Paterno Viloria, president of the PEFTOK Veter~ns both countries have since achieved. AssociationInc., told the Koreans at the cerem011l:S, These days we can't even hold on to poachers in "We were with you during the war and we are WIth Philippine waters and keep away intruders from our ' you in this time of peace.'~ * '" . _14.territory. ------------~-~-----~


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War and friendship'


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Beyond Bataan (2)



LASTFRIDAYI began to take you on a tour of the Chinese Cemetery's war memorials, my way of commemorating the many heroes who resisted Japan's invasion of the Philippines. The Chinese Cemetery has four (not three, as I mentioned in my last column) sites with memorials for these patriorsl I already described the first one, which honors eight sniff members of the Chinese .consulate who were arrested in PINOY Manila in January 1942 by the invading Japanese Army and were executed weeks later, on April "/ ; 17, for refusing to Michael L. Tan ..' collaborate, The exe__..__ cution took place in the Chinese Cemetery; in front of the graves that had already been dug. The execution of the consular officials was a violation of international law and the Chinese government, both the Guomindang and the communists that took over in 1949, . have made sure that the Chinese people would not forget that incident and Japanese aggression. There was a flurry Of activities in Nanjing these last few weeks to honor these eight martyrs, who are now buried together in a special cemetery. Here in.the Philippines we have lulled ourselves into amnesia with World War II. April 9 was poorly commemorated despite it being the 70th anniversary of the Bataari deli!ttl march, where 24,000 captured Filipino and American. s~ldiers died. A reader, Melane Manalo, e-mailed to point oat the irony of a monument that has been put up at the site where the march began. It is called the Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower. . .J Indeed, I sometimes think there are more memorials to Japanese soldiers who died in the Philippines than to the Filipinos, Chinese and Americans who died resisting the invading troops, Which takes me back to the Chinese Cemetery memorials, . still well kept but hardly visited. Besides the memorial to the Chinese consular staff, there is a Martyrs' Hall, put up tn memory of nine local Chinese businessmen who were executed two days before the Chinese consular staff, also at tHe Chinese Cemetery. ;) As early as 1931, as Japanese troops began to occupy pans of China, local Chinese businessmen in different parts of the Philippines launched a boycott of Japanese goods and also raised funds to help Chinato fight the Japanese. The Japanese retaliated when they occupied the Philippines, arresting 42 6f the leaders in Manila and executing nine of them-Go Kiu Ltt, Uy Lian Ta, Sy Kaw Ki, Tan Diao Ting, So Chay An, Dy Lisn Tiao, Gan Bun Cho, Dy Hok Siu, Chua Phai Kiang C>vn(}§e ,.. granddaughter e-mailed me to remind me of these maJ:~) and, last but not least, Vi YuTung, the publisher of the CJri~e~e-.-, ----------------------Commercia1._News, which still exists_today. - . ~. ~dd. no. (02) 892·1693, Local: 5287, 5295


The Japanese retaliation against local Chinese was to 'Continue throughout the war. Many prisoners in Fort Santiago who were tortured and killed were Chinese. As the Japanese realized they were losing the war, they began to vent their fury on civilians, particularly local Chinese. There were,Sel[eral massacres of the Chinese: the worst San P<}1:i~~, Laguna, where some 650 Chinese were bayoneted and 'l:!~headed on Feb. 24, 1945. - :j The Japanese Army targeted the Chinese because.tt1any~f them were in the underground resistance. Antonio TaEts "The Chinese in the Philippines During the Japanese O<:~pation 1942-1945" writes that like their Filipino comrades, "the Chinese guerrillas conducted sabotage, gathered military intelligence, carried out propaganda work, helped in the escape of prisoners, as well as engaged in actual fighting,"'ro Close to the Martyrs' Hall is a cluster of memorials to hoAor Chinese, Filipino and American guerrillas. There were ~ many names on the mem6rials, each with their hometown-in China, that I could not count them. "r . In another part of the Chinese Cemetery; closer to the o~ 'honoring the consular staff, there is a separate memorial fQr the Philippine Chinese Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Force</roare . popularly known as Wah Chi (also sometimes spelleilWha Chi). This memorial even has a plaque in Filipino put tip'by the National Historical Commission, The special mentien comes because the Wah Chi fought side by side with Filipino guerrillas, more specifically the Hukbalahap or Hukbo~g Bayan Laban sa Hapon (People's Anti-Japanese Army). ' The Wah Chi guerrillas were of working-class origin, many of them members of a labor union with close ties to Fflipino socialists and communists who fanned out to Central Luzon, mainly Nueva Ecija and Pampanga, to fight the Japanese. .. There were many battles between the Japanese and the Wah Chi-Huk guerrillas, ineluding the liberation of the entire town of Santa Cruz in Laguna. In the final days of the war, Chinese guerrillas joined Filipino and American forces ·to free more than 2,000 Filipino and American prisoners ofwar in Los Banos, Laguna, And in.February and March 1945, the Wah Chi guerrillas.again helped fight the final battle to regain Manila. . World War II was a turning point for many of the local Ct\inese. In "Tsinoy: The Story of the Chinese in Philippine Life'," an ex-guerrilla, Chua Bon Bieng, is quoted as saying: "I didn't do it for China, but for the land where I grew up."




Missing memorials


I visited the Chinese Cemetery twice in the last month, nl\lt just to get more information about the guerrillas but also ,!O pay homage to these heroes. Walking through the cemetery grounds, I realized too there are no memorials to Filipinos who were also executed in the area of the Chinese Cemetery in 1942. One of them was Josefa Llanes Escoda, founder of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines and one of our earliest fern.inists. She is believed to have been executed near the Chinese General Hospital, which is close to the Chinese Cemetery. Her remains, and those of other Filipino patriots, have never been found. Neither is there a memorial to mark a battle fought on Feb. 5, 1899, a day after the Philippine-American War broke out. American troops had gone into Tondo to fight Filipino rebels, and the battle reached the Chinese Cemetery and endedIn La Lorna. The Filipinos lost this battle, but this was to be the first of many examples of fierce resistance against foreign invaders. We have to find ways to remember. Last weekend a Chinese journalist from the Nanjing Modern Express, Wang Yingfei, sent me links to newspaper articles and newscast videos covering the memorial activities for the Chinese con·sular staff. The photographs and videos were moving, espe. dally one of the grieving widows of the staff at the exhumation, standing behind boxes with their husbands' remains. There were also family photos from happier times, stark reminders that the consular officers were in their prime, with very young children, when they were executed. They, and the leaders of the boycott-Japanese-goods campaign, as well as the guerrillas, could have collaborated With the invaders and lived comfortable lives with their families, Instead, they chose the more difficult path ofliving according to their principles, and paid with their lives.

ub diplomacy
:1Nthe wakeoflast week's standoff with :the Chinese in the Scarborough Shoal, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said Tuesday that only a modernized : military could stop China from bullying , the country over the disputed areas in . the West Philippine Sea. As the civilian official overseeing ..the P40'-billion military buildup, . the secretary offers a position we can understand. Recent acts by the Chinese, which Manila rightfully views as intrusions into its ,sovereign territory, might certainly have beep. discouraged by the presence of' a credible, military deterrent. On the other hand, we suspect the Defense chief might be overstating

. matters to his department's advantage, After all, we might argue that such a deterrent did in fact already exist in the Scarborough Shoal when eight Chinese fishing vessels poached on Philippine waters to gather clams, corals, live sharks and other protected marine species. Crew members of the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, the country's largest warship, had in fact boarded one of the Chinese vessels and documented their illegal catch. But two Chinese mantime surveillance ships later approached and positioned themselves between the Gregorio del Pilar and the Chinese r--------------------fishing vessels, thus preventing the OFFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBliC AFFAIRS- Email add: oacpa_hp arrest of the erring Chinese fishermen, ~



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the Foreign Affairs Department said. After a standoff that lasted several days, Manila pulled back its warship, and the Chinese fishing vessels sailed away with their illegal loot intact. Clearly, the military deterrent had not worked-because it was not seen .as credible, or perhaps because the Chinese had surmised that we did not have the political will or the military muscle to make good our threats. In the aftermath, President Benigno Aquino III declared that Manila would not go to war with China over the' disputed shoal, and that it chose to de-escalate the stand-off by replacing its warship with a civilian Coast Guard vessel. The administration, meanwhile, has

challenged China to go to the United Nations with the Philippines to resolve the territorial disputes in the West Philippine Sea, a call that Beijing is likely to ignore, as it has in the past. After all, from .' the 'Chinese perspective, there is no upside to going to the UN or an' international court if it can already have its way in the disputed waters of the West Philippine Sea. . If a military solution is unacceptable and diplomacy continues to fail, Manila must find a new way to bring Beijing to the negotiating. table. or nothing will change. The Chinese will continue to treat the disputed . waters as their own,' and act as if we were intruders in our own territory.



jeludemaritime exercises, a fact j that did not escape critics of the (From page 71 ~ '. Rey lLangit . . : annual activity and. caused sur- I . . li . I' mise that these are designed to This draft code of conduct Will i intimidate the Chinese.forces in have to be agreed. upon by all ! Philippine territory. However, Ma- . ~~N f'!lembe~s, before ~n~~.II jor Garcia reiterated, "Balikatan rzaticn With China can be initiexercises is (sic) not geared to- ated, Ambassador Hernandez HE annual Balikatan joint wards or against any nation" and explained,_ . military exercises between that they are designed to foster . The standoff and the ongoing . d St t-'-i camaraderie rather than armed dispute over the Spratly Islands Philippine and Unite aresst troops opened Monday a~d will conflict, . have prompted some to sugge :. last until Aprll 27, according to Foreign Affairs spokesperson tapping our aIIies sueh as th e ~ . Major Emmanuel Garcia, Armed Raul Hernandez, in an interview I UnitedStates to resolvethe issue, Forcesspokesperson for the exerin the same radio news program,' Ambassador HernandeZsaid that cises said in an interview over my said that the Philippine governour allies are already helping us to morning radio program in DWIZ ment is resolving the issue via achieve a minimum defense pos882AM, diplomatic channels which inture and that the Philippines can eludes negotiations with the MaJ·orGarc·la said that specuresolve the issue by canti· nUlng lations that the Balikatan exer-, Chinese embassy in Manila and f . to pursue the dipIomatlrc mechacises are connected to the ongo-. through the Ministry 0 Foreign nisms currently being.employed. ing standoff between Philippine i Affairs in Beijing with the PhiliP; Let's hope these will be enough Coast Guard vessels and a Chi-:: pine envoy in the Chinesecapital. to put an end to the long drawn nese'surveillance ship in Scarbor-: Government efforts also include lout problem of other nations eni ough Shoal are untrue, The millworking with .th~ oth~r sme~ber~ croaching on our sovereignty, ! tary exercises had been pl~nned . of. the A:soclatlon 0 ou eas . : years ago,Major Garcia said ~n? _ ASianNations (ASEAN)to prepare. . . added that the sites of the activi-) a draft of ac~de of con?uct for Ipa@yahoo,com _ Tel no. (02) 892.169~ ties - Puerto Princesa in Palawan, I the use of th . South China Sea. i.":' --_ , Nueva Ecija, and Camp Aguinaldo ~i (Continuuron page 8) I '~5295 : in Quezon City - are far from th~ _ . area in question, whieh is 124 kilometers off the Zambales coast.


'. Kasangga Mo ang Langit

I' 'The activities this year will in-

La ng it

~ .

BaHkatannot linked to Scarborough







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Dear Joey, . ANG mga grupong Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, International League of Peoples Struggle at Bayan ay binabatikos ang . ika-28th na "Balikatan Exercise" ng Armed Forces of the Philippines at United States Armed Forces. Magsasagawa pa raw sila ng pag-aaklas, Hindi kaya nakikita ng mga ito ang kagandahan at kapaki-pakinabang ng layunin ng exercise na ito sa pagitan ng bawat bansa? Pinalalakas ang ugnayan ng bawat isa sa pamamagitan ng "military inferoperability". Bawat bansa ay makikinabang sa isa't isa, May patutunguhan ang gawaing ito, hindi lamang sa militar, bagkus mas higit sa ating sambayanan, Ang mga mahibirap nabayan tuiad sa kanayunan ng Palawan at sa ilang bayan ng Luzon ay matutuitmgan sa pamamagitan ng pagtatayo ng mga siIid-aralan, pagsasagawa ng "medical, denta1, veterinary civic action missions" na ang magbebenipisyo ayang ating mgakababayan sa kanayunan. Hindi lamang ito, magsasagawa rin sila ng "Command Post Exercise" kung saan tutukuyin niIa ang kaibahan at kalutasanng II1ganakaraang kalamidad na nangyari sa ating bansa at sa mga darating pang kalamidad . Angmga lalab.ok sa "Command Post Exercise" ay ang National Disaster Coordinating Council, Office of Civil Defense, Metro Manila Disaster Coordinating Council, AFP, United States Agency for International Development at United States Pacific Command. Kasama rin sa lalahok ay ang United Nations Country Team, United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, World Food Program, International Federation of the Red Cross at ang Philippine Red Cross. Hindi ito biro-birong mga ahensiya at grupong lalahok sa . I "Balikatan Exercise". Sila ay nagsama-sama upang balikatin, . I tukuyin at solusyunan ang mga pangangailangan ng sambayanang Pilipino. Pagkatapos, babatikusin lang ngating mga makakaliwang grupo? Nasaan naman ang "sentido-komon" ng ilan Dating kababayan? Tayo na nga ang tutulungan, tayo pa ang nagbibigay ng masamang kahulugan sa kanilang pagkakawanggawa? Jpagsantabi ang anumang political agenda, ituon muna natin ang atinglayunin mas makakabuti sa ating sambayanan, - Cirilo A. Ruiz ng Makati City

. Ang pakinabang rig Pilipinas ' sa 'Ba1ikatail Exercise'


Tama si Mr. Ruiz sa kanyang damdamin, Ang China aug dapat banatan ng mga militante dahi! sa pang-aagaw nito sa ilang babagi ng ating teritoryo at pagkalat ng shabu rig Chinese nationals sa ating bansa.


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April 2012

The Natlollal


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HE way I see it, if we ever get into a shooting war with -~ '....~-China, we cannot expect any country among our neigh-. bars to come to our aid. Sure, we '1 }J)a not totaflY against the have all sorts of agreements with the Association of South East removal qf the mifitaD' bases. Asian Nations (Asean) but the f¥"hat I find distressing is that one country that we Pinovs know JJJP did tbis mindft' 1-vithout will not let'us down is th~ United States of America. aiD' thought that this act q{ naIn fact, when we closed down tionalis: bravado J'jJouldleave us the American bases in our country, since, as it turned out, the Sendifensefes, against our enemies. ; ate that booted out the bases had neither anr plans on what to do with what was left behind in these former bases nor where we would served to them on a silver platter. get the funds to have enough The Left in Metro Manila will equipment to address our defense needs. continue to hold demonstrations ,\"'e can onlv thank God 'that against the United States embassomeone like 'Dick Gordon was sy and against America, To what around to tell the rest of us what end? Would they be acting as a we could do with the naval base fifth column for China? \'{,'ill they become, in the event in Subic Bay in his city, Olongapo, of a shooting war, a guerrilla force which we also evcntunllv did for Clark, after much of the' area had for China? first been looted by our own miliWhy not? We had Pony's who tary, were Japanese sympathizers in \X,'hat we really lost then was World War II and who served what the militan: bases in our tertheir Japanese masters in whatever ritory provided -- a deterrent to they wanted to do with the Philother countries with possible deippines, Why should the modern signs on the Philippines, Pinoy be any different from the If we still had the U.S, Militarv Pinov during the American era in Bases in our terri ton', would Chithis country? nese trawlers and other fishing Those who worked for the Japanese hated the Americans, \'\-'e do vessels dare enter Philippine seas? \X'ithout the U.S. military bases in not lack for the young who also hate America with the same pasOUf country, the Chinese and just sion as those kids in what was about everyone else can enter our then a colony of the U,S,A, territory with impunity and forage in whar should be our exclusive 200-mile ocean. I W.IS not totally against the remO\~\1 of the militarv bases. \'(;'hat '. I find distressing is tl;at we did this mindlessly, 'without any thought that this act of nationalist bravado would leave us defenseless against our enemies. Clearly, China will continue ro test our resolve as a countrv knowing that the politician who will make a deal with them is only waiting for the chance to deaf. Then,theycanhaveth~ countty~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


My China phobia






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Downgrade our embassy in Beijing
.three Chinese vessels and an aircraft There's even more reason now not overhead, .our coast guard vessel could to send septuagenarian ambassadoronly watch helplessly while the thieves nominee Domingo Lee. Let's recall took off with their loot. unnecessary embassy staff and just Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario leave the current Charge d'Affaires and is a picture of calm during his press key personnel. For sure Beijing will do' briefings on the impasse at Scarborough. the same, downgrade or even close its That is as it should be. He's exhausting embassy in Manila in a tit-for-tat move. all 'diplomatic avenues available to But so what? Having an embassy in prevent the explosive situation from each other's capital does not seem to be turning into an incident that would incur working. We can both reopen when the the loss oflives. situation returns to normal. So far, it has only been a loss offace What about the big Chinese market on the Philippine side. But our foreign for our export products, the huge loans office officials should. really start (but corruption tainted deals like NBNthinking out of the box. The Chinese ZTE) and financial aid? won't leave Scarborough Shoal now Any respectable thinking Filipino that they have gotten a toehold on it. would think we can survive without Predictably, the Chinese will call the Chinese. What we won't be able to the Philippine-US "Balikatan" war survive is to have a Chinese occupation exercises, which started yesterday near of territory that's internationally the disputed waters, a provocation. . .recognized as ours. I'm not trying to foment sinophobia. This may sound' like an outlandish But the Scarborough situation shows we idea .But why don't we relocate all should be scared of the Chinese more the squatters (oops, . informal settlers than the Americans contrary, to what's , the politically correct phrase) to the being mouthed by the militants in front Kalayaan group of islands and support of the US embassy. them with the government's "Pantawid There are two diplomatic options sa Kabuhayan" program? That may open to us. First, our Philippine Mission seem outrageous since they may not in New York should ask for an urgent want to go. They don't even want to go meeting of the proper UN body to defuse to Carmona, Cavite But they brave the the situation. Obviously, the feeble efforts bullets in strife-tom Syria, Libya and by our foreign office are not enough. Yemen. Let's replace our ambassador to the UN Perhaps at the extent of provoking with a more seasoned diplomat adept the Chinese, we could send more at international politics. Anyway, the troops to the Kalayaan Islands if we present ambassador to the UN, Libran .truly want to assert our sovereignty. Cabactulan, is due for recall having been Otherwise, let's host an invasion as the on foreign assignment too long. Scarborough situation has the makings This may seem too drastic but of one, and welcome the Chinese with a calibrated response would be to open arms-if not splayed legs, like the downgrade our embassy in Beijing. bar girls of Olongapo,

LISTENING to Senators Joker Arroyo and Gringo Honasan suggest we enlist the help of our American friends in the current standoff at Scarborough Shoal, one would think they have always been on that side of the ideological fence. Well, the Chinese are practically at our door steps, 150 nautical miles off Zambales , the nearest coastline to Scarborough and within the 200-mile economic exclusion zone under the United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Sea. With one aircraft 'to back it up, the three Chinese ships are not yet an annada. But their presence in Philippine territorial waters, (the nearest Chinese coastline is thousands of miles away) is an affront to our sovereignty. It's bad enough that our only warship, a refitted, hand-me-down US Coast Guard cutter, withdrew from the scene of the confrontation purportedly to refuel and get some fresh supplies. The BRP Gregorio del Pilar was replaced by a smaller civilian vessel. That's like bringing in your kid brother to fight the neighborhood toughie. Meanwhile, the eight Chinese fishing boats caught poaching in Philippine waters were able to sail away with their bounty of giant clams, endangered corals and a huge catch of fish that could have fed the poor people living near the coastline of the West Philippine Sea. With the menacing presence of


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April 2012


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Enkuwentro sa Scarborough
hindi biro!
MAY kaibigan aka na kagagaling lang ng Hong Kong. Ikinuwento niya sa akin na sa mga pagkakataong nakakapanood siva ng TV kapag gabi na at mga balita ang palabas, main it ding binabanta ang tensyon sa Scarborough Shoal, a Huangyan Island kung tawagin nila. At natural, dahil mula sa panig nila nanggagaling angmgabalita, tayo ang lumalabas na masama sa nagaganap na sitwasyon. Partikular na rita ay ang pagdating ng BRP Gregorio del Pilar sa lugar, para arestuhin ang mga iligal na rriangingisda na galing China. Ayon sa kanila, nagtungo lang daw ang mga bangka para umiwas sa isang bagyo bago burnalik ng China. Pero wala raw silang bina.banggit kung ana ang laman ng mga bangka! Sakit naman daw isang barko de giyera ang pioadala ng Pilipinas? Patunay lamang daw na handa na ang Pilipinas na makipag digmaan dahil isang barko de giyera nga ang pinadala, sarnantalanq surveillance vessels lang ang pinadala ng China! At talagang hindi nila tinatanggap ang anurnanq pagaangkin ng sinumang bansa sa Scarborough, at sa kanila raw iyon. Nagpapakita pa-nq mgasinaunang mapa, pati na mga rekord ng kasaysayan hinggil sa luqar, Kung hindi ka raw Pilipino at napapanood mo ang mga balita na nilalabas sa Hong Kong, maniniwala ka na mali at kasalanan lahat ng Pilipinas! Maaaring may punta silaukol sa pagpapadala ng SRP Gregorio del Pilar sa lugar. Ang barkong ito ang pinaka-bago at modernong barko de giyera ng Pilipinas ngayon. Para bang nilabas na kaagad ng.Pilipinas ang alas. Pero sa aking pagkakaalam, nasa lugar na yun ang barko natin nang matanggap na may mga bangka sa Scarborough na tila nangingisda ng iligaL Kaya naman nagpunta para mapabilis ang paghuli sa kanila. At nahuli nga, at nakita pa ang mga nakuha na nila mula sa dagat. Ang hindi nilabas na ulat ng China ay ang kanilang pagresponde rin sa sitwasyon, kung saan hinarang din nila sa isang kilos na palaban ang ating mga tauhan na umaaresto sa mga mangingisda! Hindi nqa siguro mga barko de giyera ang nandun galing China, pera hindi ako naniniwalang hindi sila arrnadol Hindi rin nila inuulat kung gaano kahanda ang China na makipagpatayansa lugar, katulad n9 nangyari noong 1988 sa Spratlys. Katunggali naman nila ang mga taga-Vietnam. Nagkaroon n9 enkuwentro, at nang matapos ang putukan, 70 Vietnamese ang patay at dalawa sa kanilang barko ang pinalubog ng China! Hindi rin inulat na nakatakas ang lahat ng kanilang banqka tangan-tangan na ang mga yaman ng dagat! Hindi biro ang maklpagsapalaran sa bansang ito. Kung gaana mapanlaban ang North Korea sa mundo, hindi nalalayo ang China. Ang diplomasya ay pangalawang pamamaraan lamang para sa China. Mas gustong solusyunan ang mga problema sa pamamagitan ng banta, babala, pananakot, panliligalig dahil sa laki at lakas ng rnilitar, Hindi natin kayang harap-harapan tapatan ang China sa larangan ng militar na lakas. Kailangan diplomasya. Isang salita na mahirap intindihin ng China. , 1./


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. Mas naging matapang patrol those areas," ayon daw ang China pagpa- . kay Gazmin. sok sa teritoryo ng PilipiSinabi ni Gazmin na nas rnatapos na lumisan binu-bully ng China ang sa bansa ang mga base Pilipinas dahl I sa kakumilitar ng Estados Unidos langan nita ng kapabilidad noong 1991 . at mga kagamitang panInamin ito nl Defense digma kung saan ay minaSecretary Voltaire Gazmin rnarkahan ang teritoryn na pero sa kabila nito, hindi nasasakupan ng bansa. raw kailangan ng Pilipinas Sa kasalukuyail ay ang tulonq ng Amerika mataas pa rin ang tensa giyera laban sa China syon sa Scarborough dakaugnay I1g Scarborough hi! dalawang survefllance Shoal dahil ito'y atin. ships ng Chinese ang "When the US bases nagbabantay ngayon sa wer·e still operating in lugar. Bukod dlto, may Subic, Zambales and dumating pang isangfishClark Field, Parnpanqa ing vessel n9 mga Intsik aU of our maritime areas sa kabila ng pagpull-out are tree from intrusions sa Jugar ng waJo sa mga as US forces help us ito kamakailan.


Habang ang Philippine Coast Guard ay may BRP Edsa Dos at ang MY Sarangani vessel na may lulang 10 archeologist ·na mga Pranses na inawtorisa 119 National Museum para sa kanilang pag-aaral at isang Piney fishing vessel. Kamakalawa, rnulZone ng bansa. Samantala hlnarnon log hinarass ng Chinese ng Pilipinas surveillance ship .at air-. kahapon ang China na dalhin na craft ang mga mangisa lnternatlonal Tribunal ngisdang Piney matapos pahagingan (buzzing) at on the Law of the Sea palayasin ang mga ito . (ITLOS) ang usapin sa pinaq-aaqawanq Scarborsa lugar ng maaktuhang nangingisda sa inaangkin ough upang magkarooo ng mapayapaog pag ng mga itong Scarborough aayos. (Joy CimtoslE/le Shoal na saklaw ng 200 miles Exclusive Economic Fernando)

. Hindi natin kava ang China - PNoy
UMAMIN si Presidente Noynoy Aquino na hindi natin kaya ang military force ng bansang China. Aniya "ka_hit a pitikan s ng ilorig" hindi nann kaya ito. Nagpapakato.too lang si PNoy. Ano ba naman ang panama natin sa isang bansang isa nang superpower sa ekonomiya at militar? Wala talagang remedyo kundi idulog ang problema sa Spratlys sa isang diplomatic forum. Ibig sabihin, tipunin ang mga bansa ng United Nations at humanap ng kakampi. Tingin ko naman lahat ng mga bansang naghahabol sa Spratlys ay kakampi sa atin.

Maaaring walang kahlhinatnan sa madalian pero . makapipigll sa ana mang posiblenq komprontasyon ng dalawang bansa na kung mangyayari ay baka tuluyang rnauwl sa pagsakop ng China sa Pilipinas. Nanawaqan na ang Pilipinas SaChina na IduJog sa International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) ang usapin sa Scarborough 0 Panatag Shoal sa West Philippine Sea. Ganyan lang. Apela, apela, pera diringgin kaya ng China ang atlng mga panawagang mahinahon? Anang Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). upang magkaraon ng mapayapanq kasunduan ang Piliplnas at China sapinag-aagawang Panatag Shoal, iniimbitahan ang China na sumamasa paghahaln ng reklamo sa ITLOS. Delaying tactic lang ang puwedeng remedyo riyan at naniniwala ako na ilang salinlahi pa ng mga Presidente ang rnagmamana sa problemang ito. . Korek ang DFA sa pagsasabing bantog ria sa buong mundo ang China na sangrekwa ang mga barko at sasakyang panghlmpapawid na pandigma. Eh tayo? Pera hope springs eternal wika nga. Buo pa rin, ang pag-asa n9 pamahalaan na mas mangingibabaw ang pag-


(Sundan sa pahina 5)

AKSYON NGAYON ..,. Mula pahina 4
obserba ng China sa international way ang giyera porke di natln law na mas mabuting "equalizer" . kaya. Sabi nga ni P-Noy "Jaw-law sa mga usapin sa pag·aagawan na lang at hindi war, war," Ano ba ng teritoryo, ang ibig sabihin ng jaw-jaw? Hindi Kaya ana mang panduduru naman siguro Jaw-Jaw Binay gaya ang gawin sa attn ng China, no ng sinabi niBrat Pig. Hehehe.


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April 2012

Pahina. _\.C_~ __


taloga nitong China·

, Noong Biyemes ng ga- "pwede ba huwag muna gumawa ng kung anong bagay bi (Abril 13) nag-usap si Fo- sa Scarborough shoal na ikakagulat ng isa?" Ibig sabihin, reign Affairs Secretary Al- status quo, Pumayag si Del Rosario, . bert del Rosario at si ChiLaking Del Rosario ng kinabukasan, natangnese Ambassador Ma Ke- gap niya ang report ng Coast Guard na habang nag-uuqing tungkol sa sitwasyon sap pala sila ni AmabassadorMa, bumalik pala ang isa sa Scarborough Shoal, 124 pang barko ng Intsik sa Scarborough Shoal. Kaya dala'nautical miles mula sa lamwa na ang barko nila doon samantalang isa lang ang sa bales. lnaangkin din ng ChiCoast Guard, na ang Scarborough Shoal Umalis na rin ang lahat na fishing vessel ng Intsik kahit.napakalayo sa kanila. , at hindi na- nakumpisa ng Coast Guard ang mga kinuha May nahuli kaslng \'Ia- nila. Marami doon rnga "endangered species" na ipinaglong fishing vessels ng mga babawal ng pamahalaan na kunin sa karagatan. Intsik noong Abril 10 ang BRP Gregorio del Pilar ng Hindi lang 'yun, Meron pang puting eroplano aug InPhilippine Navy, tsik na nagpapaikut-ikot sa barko ng Coast Guard. TalaTumawag kaagad ng saklolo ang ruga Intsik at dumagang nananadya. ting ang tatlong barko ng Chinese Marine Surveillance, Meron pang isang parka ang Intsik na nagha-harass ang sibilyan na ahensya nila na nagpapatrol at nagpoprong isang barko na nakarehistro-sa Pilipinas na may sakay tekta ng kanilang karagatan, na slyam na Pranses na gumagawa ng archaelogical surAng policy ng Pilipinas sa ganitong sitwasyon, kung vey sa ibang parte ng karagatan ng Pilipinas, slbilyan na barko ang nand un, sibilyan din ang ating ita'Di ba gawain ng traidor? , tap at. Kaya umalis ang armadong BRP Gregorio de! Pilar Noong Lunes, nagsampa na ng pormal na protesta ang at puma] it ang barko rig Philippine Coast Guard, aug ating Pilipinas sa China sa kanilang pinaggagawa, Sa Amerisibilyan na ahensya na nagbabantay ng ating karagatan. lea ngayon si Del Rosario at iniimbitaban niya ang China Nang Biyernes ng gabi, tig-isang barko ng sibilyan ng na dalhin ang kanilang problema sa Scarborough Shoal Pilipinas at China doon saScarborough Shoal. Nakaalis at sa iba pang teritoryo na pareho inaangkin ng Pilipinas na ang lima sa walong fishing vessels. at China sa United Nations._ , Nagkasundo si Del Rosario at si Ma na hindi dapat huTama 'yun, Hindi dapat dinadaan sa laki at sa armas, mantong sa bakbakan 0 giyera ang sitwasyon, Kaya lang Sa sibilisadong mundo, batas ang pairalin at sa United Nations dapat mag-usap, pareho silang ayaw mapahiya sa.kanilang mga mamamayan. Walang gustong maunang urnalis doon. Hindi sila nagkasundo. Ewan nga ba kung bakit hinBlog:www.e! di na lang sila sabay umalis? Sabi ni Ambassador Ma, E-mai1:ellentordesillas@gmaiLcom


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Pahina. _{:.:....__--_

Mga dahilan kung' bakit hindi tayo dapat umasa sa Kana
SA rnga nakaraan kong column dito sa PM at Ang Pilipino Star NGAYON. sinabi kong kailangan natingmagkaisa at burnangon bilang isang bansa para hindi tayo apihin kahit na alin mung bansa. Sinabi ko rin na realidad ng buhay na ang mahihina ay inaapi at ang katotoharrang isa tayong mahina at rnahirap na bansa kaya tayo pinagtutulakan ng Chinatungkol sa SpratJys at Scarborough Shoal. Malinaw naman na pag-aari natin angmga teritoriyong ito at ang pinakamalinaw na patunay rita ay ang lapit ng mga islang ito sa ating bayan. Nanindigan rin ako 'na bukod sa kailangan nating umahon sa kahirapan at palakasin ang ating ekonomiya ay irnportante ring magkaroon tayo nang malakas na armed forces. Sa kasalukuyan, ang Air Force natin ay literal na puro Air at walang Force samantalang ang Navy narnan natin ay nagkaroon ng medyo bagong barko daw na benta sa atin ng mura ng rnga Arnerikano pero pinaglumaan pala nila at ginamit pa sa giyera sa Vietnam. Ang bagong darating na barkong pang giyera natin na libre naman daw at gaJing rin sa Kano ay as usual luma rin at katulad ng BRP Gregorio del Pilar na Vietnam vintage pa. Mga kababayan, ang giyera sa Vietnam ay 30 taon na ang nakalilipas. Imagine kung gaano ka-luma ang naturang barko. Pero sinabi ko Tin at uulitin muli na hindi tayo dapat urnasa sa mga Amerikano 0 sa iba p1H1gkaratig bansa, Kung magkokontra ang interest ng bansa natin sa kanila, natural sariling interest' nila ang aasikasuhin nila. Tingnan n'yo na lang ang super tahirnik, ang nakakabinging katahimikan ng mga "kaibigan nating Amerikano" sa mainit na sitwasyon sa Scarborough. Bakit nakakabingi ang katahirnikan nila? Isa bang dahilan nita ay ang super lapit ng ekonorniya nila ngayon sa China at ang ginagawa nilang rnagkatulong na pagpe-pressure sa North Korea? Nagtatanong lang po. Si President NO"lJ1oyAquino ay personal ring nakita na ang Indonesia ay meron nang mga F -16 fighter jets na galing sa US, ang ban sang "kaibigan" natin, ang pinakaimportanteng partner natin pero bakit tayo isang bulok at uugud-ugod na barko ang ibinigay, oops, ibinenta nila, Halatang may pinapaboran ang US, ganundin ang liang bansa sa Southeast Asia. Tatlo 0 apat sa bansa rito ay tumangging magkaroon ng iisang paninindigan ang Asean ukol sa usapm ng Spratlys. Iba kasi sana kung magkakasama tayo laban sa dambuhaJang China pero umayaw ang Cambodia, Laos, Burma at isa pang bansa. . Malinaw 11'0. sa sikat ng araw, umayaw ang apat na bansa at nanahimik ang ruga Arnerikano dahil inaalagaan nila ang personal na interest. Tayo mga kaibigan dapat ganundin, wala tayong aasahan kung hindi sarili natin kaya uulitin ko, magkaisa tayo at bumangon .

Huwag matakot sa China
NANININDIGAN ang China na sila raw ang nagrnamay-ari ng Scarborough Shoal na rnalapit sa Zambales. Dahil dito, nag:deklara ang Malacanang na handa nitong ayusin ang gusor sa isang .mapayapa at diplomatikong pamamaraan. . Perc hindi dapat na magpakita ng takot ang Pilipinas sa China 'kahit sabihin pang higante at makapangyarihan ang bansa. May .karapatan tayo na ipaglaban aug nasabing isla. . Hindi man rnakakayang Iabanan ang China sa parnamagitan ng giyeraay maari naman tayong humingi ng saklolo sa iba pang . rnga bansa na kasapi ng UN. Binu-bully na ang Pilipinas at sa katunayun ay naglabas na ang Chinese embassy ng pahayag na kailangang lisanin daw ng lahat ng Philippine vessel ang Scarborough shoal dahil kanila raw teritoryo . ito at ito ay pinangalanan nila noon pa bilang Huangyan island. Hindi naman siguro papayag ang United Nations na apihin na lamang ang Pilipinas ng Chinakung kayapuwede pumalag sa ibang parnamaraan. , Alam naman nating lahat na bukod sa pangseguridad ay rna: aapektuhan ang ating kalakalan kung rnakakalaban natin ang china. I Pero prinoprotektrahan naman ng UN at ng international : community ang isang bausa tulad ng Pilipinas laban sa sinumang



. mang-aapi. Dapat mag-ingay nang husto ang Pilipinas. Makabubuting huwag tantanan ng ruga mi litante ang Chinese Embassy sa Maynila. Sumugod din ang mga ita sa Zambales para prorekhan ang mga barkong pandagat ng Pilipinas na nagbabantay sa Scarborough na pinalayas ng China. Kung bindi natin rnakakaya sa marahas na laban ang China puwede riaman tayong pumalag sa parnamagitan ng boses at pagkuha ng simpatya sa iba pang dayuhang bansa na kinikilala nating kaalyado tulad ng Amerika, Huwag basta basta rsuko ang nasabing isla at gawin ang lahar ng mapayapang pamamaraan para maresolba ang nasabing problema. . Samanrala, makakabuting magtalaga na nga si P-Noy ng pennanenteng ambassador sa China dahil hindi nga makalusot sa commission on appointments si Amb. Domingo Lee. Ito ay para mas lalo pang mapaigting ang relasyon ng Pilipinas at China at mabigyan nang makatarungang solusyon ang pinagaagawang Scarborough.

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