Chief of the Defence Staff

Delence National Headquarters Ontario Ottawa, K1AOK2

de Chefd'6tat-major la D6fense
g6n6ral de Quartier nationale la D6lense Ottawa(Ontario) KlAol(2

/O eprrt2012 Mr.Gordon Jenkins NATOVeterans Organization Canada of 35 Biscayne Court Ottawa, ON K2E5R9 n , (Js€6 r DearMr. Jenkird .

I wouldliketo takethisopportunity thankyouandthe NATOVeterans to yourrecognition the contributions CF members Organization Canada of for of of andfor fostering promoting interests all veterans.I wouldalsoliketo and the of thankyoufor raising issueof supporting veterans withpriority the our access to (VAC).OurVeterans long-term carefromVeterans Affairs Canada needto know will thatas theyleave military proper adequate the that and supports be in place for themif, andwhen,theyrequire assistance. Thisissuewas addressed recently Rear-Admiral Andrew Smith, Chiefof by (CMP), Military Personnel in who is the primary contact the CF withVAC. He comaking chairs Governance a Steering Committee whichis the maindecision bodyfor jointprograms services and between CF andVAC. The the and for Governance Committee establishes annualjoint objectives priorities the was two organizations. lastmeeting thisGovernance The of Committee in November 2011 andat the meeting, RAdmSmithidentified gap in VAC's the , legislative long-term settings.He noted thatthe authority surrounding care provides whichhave legislation bedsin facilities only access contract to who for veterans agreements provincial with health authorities War service pension.He qualified are receiving disability or a served overseas, income are policy pressure requires further and that alsoemphasized thisis a legislative of careprograms in termsof the modernization health discussion decisions and in VAC.


National D6fense Defence nationale



I willcontinue stress needto ensure the necessary (bothlongto the that care termand immediate) available our veterans. are committed pursuing is for We in this legislative authority changeto the Veterans HealthCare Regulationsto ensure consistency support all Veterans (those todayandthoseof f of for of tomorrow) long-term for care.

-l* t-"t(



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