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UNU-INWEH INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME Specific Internship Opportunity within the Coastal Zone Ecosystem Programme
Terms of Reference Under the specific guidance of the Programme Officer, Coastal Zones, the incumbent will develop and implement the following products: • • • • • • • Organize the Persistent organic pollution data for the White grunt fish in the Caribbean (2009-2010 data) – prepare graphs and summary charts. Use the meta data from this project and input this into an online database on marine and costal initiatives for the ‘Caribbean environment programme”: Organize the Meso American Barrier Reef project data on recruitment monitoring on coral reefs of coral, fish and lobster (2 years data form approx. 8 sites): organize and create summary sheets and graphs for on the web. Assist in finding statistics and data, interpreting and summarizing this data for developing a policy brief for the Arabian Gulf marine environment. Assist in writing and editing parts of a mangrove policy brief. Assist in the search for and the development of parts of curricula for a tropical coastal environment course (online). Develop a brochure for the coastal zone programmes programme.

Requirements: • Eligibility requirements as per ( & • Excellent computer skills. Experience with basic database and data processing programmes (excel, MS Access) • Basic editing and product design programme skills (indesign, publisher, acrobat, adobe etc). Interested candidates should apply by following the Application Procedures /
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