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Contoh Kalimat Present Tense

Contoh Kalimat Present Tense

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Published by Muhamad Nur Irfan

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Published by: Muhamad Nur Irfan on Apr 19, 2012
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Contoh kalimat present tense: 1. My name is Andre. 2. The sun rises from the east. 3.

I usually go jogging every Sunday. 4. My father's name is Abdurahman. 5. Cats are mammals. 6. Goats eat grass. 7. The sky is blue. 8. Tigers are carnivore. 9. We eat using our mouth. 10. Joko always plays badminton every Saturday. Contoh kalimat Present Perfect Tense:
1. Budi and Agus have worked here for five years. 2. I have called you several times this week. 3. I have gained five pounds since I started my diet. 4. I have never tried to raise chickens. 5. Have you read the book yet? 6. I have seen that movie twenty times. 7. They have had three tests in the last week. 8. I have been to Bandung in the last year 9. Rina has not finished his homework yet 10. The army has attacked that city five times.

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